Thursday, April 6, 2017

Heart of Stone

So why the "5" (see previous post)?!  Note the following etymology:
  • five (n.) ... PIE *penkwe- (source also of Sanskrit panca, Greek pente, Latin quinque, Old Church Slavonic peti... Old Welsh pimp)
There seems to be a bit of a cryptic communication via: pente, peti and pimp.   So lets check out the etymology again:
  • pimp (n.)  "alluring in dress" ...  " color, beautify."... " rascall, scoundrel 
  • pent (adj.) "kept in, confined," 1540s, variant of penned... pen 
  • petty (adj.) ... "small," ... Old French petit "small" (see petit).  
"Small pent up colourful scoundrels"!!

Speaks volumes... AND to drive it home, the inner twin world have a heart of stone for them.  Note this excerpt from the MacGregor's post today:
She hurried in a few minutes later. “Mom, you aren’t going to believe what happened. In the stall, I set my cell phone on top of the toilet paper holder and look what I found.”
With these words on the back: