Sunday, April 16, 2017

Autism and Vaccine Controversy

As a followup to my recent April 10 post, 7 Doctors and Maxwell Buttram, note this excerpt:
This is not the first time I've heard of controversies surrounding vaccines, where many, including experts,  claim that there's plenty of evidence to suggest that the ever increase in new vaccines being added to the dose correlates with the ever increase in autism
I also wondered why the controversy even exists... surely, if there's an issue, the increase in autism must  have become apparent via the "control group", which in turn would have raised a red flag followed by investigations and public notifications?!  And then my critical mind kicked in with a scarey thought: if the control group did bring this to light and the public notified, surely parents would refuse to have their children vaccinated... and THIS I realize, would piss off the Pharmaceutical industry who would lose big $$$ if the public got wind.  And then there's the issue of Doctors and Governement agency's that have long supported the vaccination regime-- is it possible that they were aware and chose to turn a blind eye?!  The bottom line is that there are many powerful groups with much at stake.  Even the public could lose in the end-- a rampant distrust in the medical profession could prove disasterous, after all, much good comes out of Health Service providers.

It dawned on me that if the results from control groups are being "white washed", there is another way to get around the issue... another type of control group where we can see for ourselves.  Knowing that particular religious groups don't vaccinate their children, and so I Googled using the first group that came to mind : "Mennonite's don't vaccinate". Now take a look at the first item brought up by Google:

The Article came out in 2009 from another paper written May 4, 2005.  Now grant you I did venture to the author's wiki page, and it doesn't paint a very nice picture of the man... and then again maybe that's because he's pissed off the wrong people... and then again maybe he's not a nice guy.  The bottom line is, what if he's right about this?!  If unvaccinated  Amish children don't have autistism, or the rates are vastly lower, this WOULD certainly be a red flag -- a finger pointing in the direction of vaccines, and so warranting investigation on whether or not vaccines are the culprit.  And so now the question, is, where are the investigations into the Amish community.  How come public watchdogs aren't on this like a dirty rag?!  GOOD QUESTION!!

AND, there's another side to be considered in all of this, so stay tuned...