Friday, April 28, 2017

333 Check-Ching Mate

My earlier post today involving an investigation of the name "Ion", brought me to the following post, Check Mate, and excerpt:
  • Richard Réti (28 May 1889 – 6 June 1929)
  • Viktor Lvovich Korchnoi[3] (23 March 1931 – 6 June 2016) 
  • Ion Rațiu ( 6 June 1917 – 17 January 2000)
    The first two are notable persons mentioned on Wikipedia's Chess page... hence the post title. That "chess" crops up is no coincidence... or that last night I watched Queen of Katwe,  a film depicting the true story of a Ugandan girl living in the slum of Katw who takes the world by the horns, becoming a chess prodigy.

    On the films wiki page, two stand out:
    • Esteri Tebandeke (born 16 May 1984)
    • Sean Francis Bobbitt (born 29 November 1958) 
    First of all, Esteri's birthday is the same as Rob MacGregor's... another key player in the inner twin world's "Starr Family Production"... who crops up a number of times in this blog including the very first.  Bobbitt's birthday occurs on the 333rd Day of the year with 32 days remaining hence an addition to the "Identical Number Sequence" pattern-cluster... as well as the "Off By One" pattern-cluster... as in one off from 333/33 which occurs on November 28 during a leap year.

    The number 3 plays an important role in the inner twin worlds communication... as do all the numbers.  Sharing the same key as the # number symbol that is also a graphic representation of woven fabric, it serves as a means for the inner twin world to communicate fabricate--"BUILD".  And this now brings me to the MacGregor's post made yesterday, "Tripping on 3s", note the following excerpts of two comments to the post:
    • At the time of his early death from cancer, my Dad had become a 33rd-degree Master Mason... 
    • Just a thought on 33 – Christ died (or ascended) when he was 33. In I ching 33 is the hexagram for Retreat – “not angrily but with reserve.”
    Since there was a "33rd Chess Olympiad" in 1998, and because the list of players is long, I decided to narrow my search by going straight to the Women's Results section, and because the MacGregor's are from US (Wellington Florida), I narrowed my search again to the first player mentioned in the US Players section:
    10 United StatesBelakovskaia
    Note from Belakovskaia's wiki page:
    • Anjelina Belakovskaia ( born May 17, 1969[1])
    We now have a "May 16(x2), 17, __/Date Sequence" pattern-cluster.   And so bridging the May 18 gap... and cutting to the chase we arrive at:
    Irene Hunt (May 18, 1907 – May 18, 2001) 
    Will that do for you... she died on her birthday!!   And do note the "Ire" in Irene.

    I think the second comment on the MacGregor's post is dead on: Retreat is in order... and watch it MacGregor's: that you don't go tripping on the 3's scattered throughout your escape route!!