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William Blass and Wilhelm Brasse RIIP

My October 28 post references a cluster of notable "Williams" who had passed away within a few days, they are as follows:
October 24th:
Bill Dees, 73, American musician and songwriter ("Oh, Pretty Woman", "It's Over"), brain tumor.[60]
October 23rd: 
October 22nd:
October 21st
William Walker, 99, British fighter pilot (Battle of Britain), stroke.[97]

So 6 notable Williams had passed away in 4 consecutive days, a little more than what beats the odds even when taking into consideration the names popularity during the early 1900's.  From among the list,  are two that I haven't yet posted about, William Blass and Sam Williams.  This post will investigate William Blass.

On venturing to the "Most Popular Names" site (Here), I noticed that William was still most popular in Quebec, but then I noticed that "Liam" had become most popular in some of the other provinces.   Liam is the last four letters of William... very audd, usually when a name is "shortened", the tendency is to use the first portion... such as Will and/or diminutive, Bill.   Keep in mind that William originally comes from "Will" meaning "desire" and "Helm" meaning "Helmet protection".  So in a roundabout way, Liam is "Helm".  Note the following etymology:
 helmet Look up helmet at Dictionary.commid-15c., perhaps a dim. of O.E. helm "protection, covering; crown, helmet" (see helm (2)). But Barnhart says from M.Fr. helmet (Mod.Fr. heaume), dim. of helme"helmet," from the same Germanic source as helm (2). "Middle English Dictionary" points to both without making a choice. "Old English helm never became an active term in the standard vocabulary of English." [Barnhart]
helm (1) Look up helm at"handle of a tiller," late 13c., from O.E. helma "rudder; position of guidance, control," from P.Gmc. *halbma- (cf. O.N. hjalm, O.H.G. helmo, Ger. Helm "handle"), from PIE*kelp- "to hold, grasp" (see helve).
helm (2) Look up helm at"a helmet," c.1200, from O.E. helm "protection, covering; crown, helmet," and perhaps also from cognate O.N. hjalmr, from P.Gmc. *helmaz "protective covering," from PIE*kel- "to cover, to hide" (see cell). Italian elmo, Sp. yelmo are from Germanic.
Now then, moving on to William Blass.  First of all note that he died on the same day as Wilhelm Brasse, and also note the similarity between the names Brasse and Blass.  One of the things that you soon discover if you should ever choose to studying etymology (origin of words/names), is that the letters "L" and "R" found in a good many words are "interchangeable".  You can imagine, that as European countries began to merge, there were a number of differences among a wide variety of cultures that needed to be tended to, language being one.  When two languages merge, you often get a hybrid/mixture emerging and since some letters, namely consonants, were hard to pronounce, shifts occurred.  The French don't use the sound of "th" and so when they do, it comes out sounding more like "D".  The same is true about "R", some languages don't contain an "R"and so when these people try to make the sound, it comes out as "L".   So that is a very plausible explanation for the "interchangeability" of certain letters in our word origins.

I wasn't able to find either Blass nor Brasse in the online etymology of names source, but note the following from the on line etymology dictionary... perhaps you can see the long and "short" of it:
blaze (n.1) Look up blaze at
"bright flame, fire," O.E. blæse "a torch, flame, firebrand, lamp," from P.Gmc. *blas- "shining, white" (cf. O.S. blas "white, whitish," M.H.G. blas "bald," originally "white, shining," O.H.G. blas-ros "horse with a white spot," M.Du., Du. bles, Ger. Blesse "white spot," blass "pale, whitish"), from PIE root *bhel- (1) "to shine, flash, burn" (seebleach (v.)).
brace (n.) Look up brace at
early 14c., "piece of armor for the arms," also "thong, strap for fastening," from O.Fr. bracebraz "arms," also "length measured by two arms" (12c., Mod.Fr. bras "arm, power;" brasse "fathom, armful, breaststroke"), from L. bracchia plural of bracchium "an arm, a forearm," from Gk. brakhion "arm" (see brachio-). Applied to various devices for fastening and tightening on notion of clasping arms. Of dogs, "a couple, a pair" from c.1400.
brachio- Look up brachio- at
before a vowel, brachi-, word-forming element meaning "arm," from Gk. brakhion "arm," perhaps originally "upper arm," lit. "shorter," and from brakhys "short," in contrast to the longer forearm (see brief (adj.))
brief (adj.) Look up brief at Dictionary.comlate 13c., from L. brevis (adj.) "short, low, little, shallow," from PIE *mregh-wi-, from root *mregh-u- "short" (cf. Gk. brakhys "short," O.C.S. bruzeja "shallow places, shoals," Goth. gamaurgjan "to shorten").
brief (n.) Look up brief at Dictionary.comfrom L. breve (gen. brevis), noun derivative of adjective brevis (see brief (adj.)) which came to mean "letter, summary" (specifically a letter of the pope, less ample and solemn than a bull), and came to mean "letter of authority," which yielded the modern, legal sense of "summary of the facts of a case" (1630s).
brief (v.) Look up brief at"to give instructions or information to," 1866;
brass (n.) Look up brass at
O.E. bræs "brass, bronze," originally in reference to an alloy of copper and tin (now bronze), later and in modern use an alloy of two parts copper, one part zinc. A mystery word, with no known cognates beyond English. Perhaps akin to Fr. brasser "to brew," since it is an alloy. It also has been compared to O.Swed. brasa "fire," but no sure connection can be made. Yet another theory connects it with L. ferrum "iron," itself of obscure origin. 
blase (adj.) Look up blase at
"bored from overindulgence," 1819, from Fr. blasé, pp. of blaser "to satiate" (17c.), of unknown origin. Perhaps from Du. blazen "to blow"

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Dwarf and Hobbit Galaxies, and an Inner Twin World

Considering my last few posts that had a synchro-focus on "small particles" as well as "small meteors", which finally led to the Sagittarius Dwarf Galaxy, I decided to research a bit more on the topic.  I would like to mention before hand,  that the galaxy had stood out because of the fact that it was in the process of colliding with and being absorbed by the Milky Way.   At the time, Astronomers were only aware of one this one, which as you can garner from my Toumai Blog in 2009.

The condensed formations of stars that you see in the bottom of the photo at left, is a dwarf galaxy. The reason why the stars "appear" so congested, is not due to its actual size, after all, a dwarf has only a few million stars whereas the milky way has hundreds of millions.  What makes the difference, is that from our perspective here on earth, we are looking up at somewhat of a cross section of the dwarf galaxy which is better explained by the image I put up in my previous post (see the artistic rendering at right below ).

Note the little dot that represents our sun (where both u and i are located), that appears to be positioned in the well formed, and as we envision it,  the Milky Way Galaxy, which we have long considered to be "our" galaxy".  Then note the other circular lines that are intersecting the Milky Way at different locations, with one in particular intersecting at the area where we are located.  All we are able to see via modern telescopes, are the intense cluster as per the photo above, and now you can understand why the area of clustered stars... we are looking at a cross section of a long string of stars-- remnants of a galaxy in the process of breaking up, most of which will eventually be absorbed into the Milky Way.
Note the following excerpt taken from a Wikipedia Article re: Dwarf Galaxy  (Here): 
The Milky Way has more than 20 known dwarf galaxies orbiting it, and recent observations[6] have also led astronomers to believe the largest globular cluster in the Milky Way, Omega Centauri, is in fact the core of a dwarf galaxy with a black hole in its center, which was at some time absorbed by the Milky Way
As you can see, times have changed and new discoveries have been made.  In fact, today Astronomers are aware of one that is even closer to us than the Sagittarius Dwarf, the Canis Major Dwarf Galaxy.

The Dwarf Galaxy article goes on to mention another even smaller galaxy called a Hobbit.

Note the following from the Hobbit wiki page:
Tolkien believed he had invented the word "hobbit" when he began writing The Hobbit (it was revealed years after his death that the word predated Tolkien's usage, though with a different meaning).
One of the things that is evidenced by the field of etymology (word/name origins), is that a good many words fall out of usage over time, and so it can also be extrapolated that before recorded time there are a vast amount of words that no longer used that we are not aware of.  Still we simply understand and know this simple truth in the same way that we can look up to the billions upon billions of stars and know that somewhere out there, is a planet like earth... one that is able to sustain life as we know it... and perhaps one that already has life... intelligent life.  

The only sure thing it seems, is that nothing is ever as it seems in our world and universe.

To those of you who have read my posts, should find this whole idea, a bit familiar.   In much the same way, our bodies have absorbed the body of our "inner conjoined twin", hence the subconscious mind as we know of it, butt obviously NOTT the entire story.  The subconscious mind is not ours, but that of our inner twin who are able to influence our thoughts and actions, hence they are the ones behind synchronicity... working together as a cohesive unit-- a parallel world to our own, they generate synchronicity because they are trying to "come out" and to "communicate" to us now and at this point in time where we should be able to examine the evidence and so essentially, "see them"... as we are now able to "see  Dwarf and Hobbit galaxies", for what they truly are-- not a part of the Milky way, but a separate galaxy altogether.

With this new knowledge, the question becomes, what Galaxy do we originate... and of greater importance at the moment, which twin has the ultimate say and control over our conjoined minds?! 

111, iii, and Synchro-Sandy-Storm Auddity!!! (UPDATE 2)

Last night after turning on the tv, the movie "Anna's Storm" was about to play.  I didn't recall the title, but after a few minutes of watching, I knew that I'd seen it before.  

So what are the chances that my recent October 22nd post entitled : Bill Dees RIIP, Frank Ifield, Susan Boyle and Henny Penny (Here) had concluded with "penny sized meteorites", and then this movie airing on tv two days later, would involve a cluster of small meteors-- "debris from a larger meteorite" as one of the characters in the movie informs.   The post also mentions the "Sagittarius Dwarf Galaxy", a topic that I cover in numerous posts, and if you key in "Sagittarius Dwarf Galaxy" to the search box of my Toumai Blog, a total of 16 posts are referred to, and because I spelled "Sagittarius" wrong ie: "Saggitarius" in some posts, there's more, such as my October 7, 2009 post entitled:  Cherokee Tears and the Saggitarius Dwarf Galaxy... a Synchronicity message (Here), which I highly recommend that you read.  Finally, if you key in the word "meteor", 4 other posts are brought up.    

the Sagittarius Dwarf Galaxy being
absorbed by the Milky Way
I decided to continue watching the movie, given that perhaps I had missed something.  The only thing that stood out, was a simple thing really-- the main character had her house for sale and via the real estate sign I was able to determine the company's name as "Double Star" (which I pointed out to Cath who was also watching).  What also seemed audd, was the image of only one star on the sign... at least that's what I garnered in the spit second when the sign took center stage with the sign being taken down-- the main character no longer wishing to sell/move away. 

This is not the first time that synchronicity and meteorites have gone hand in hand.  Note one of my earliest posts found in my Toumai Blog dated August 29, 2009 (Here) entitled, A Slip of the Tongue... or Not?! Part 17: Synchronicity, A Connected Voice, note this excerpt: 
Naturally, I would then look for the magazine with Einstein on the cover. I found it, but another magazine had caught my eye—Astronomy (featuring the Milky Way)—this is of particular interest to me. Since locating info on the ‘Sagittarius Dwarf Galaxy’ (found on the internet about a year ago), I have looked to substantiate this via a myriad of recent publications... I could find nothing on the subject... NOTHING!! I rifled through the magazine and low and behold, is an article (albeit very small) with a picture which shows it intersecting (its residual strand being absorbed by the Milky Way). Nothing is mentioned about the fact that this is all happening right over top of our own solar system. Nothing is mentioned about the concern by others (lay enthusiasts) who have rational theories as to the likelihood that our solar system is from the Sagittarius Dwarf Galaxy and we are now being swept into the Milky Way (hence why the Mayan calendar after the year 2012 is no longer reliable (Mayan astronomers of old knew about this event... that ‘our’ stars ... their familiar universe that was used to mark time would change so drastically after this period, that this would no longer be a reliable method. The Mayans records show that time does not go beyond 2012, and many doomsayers have considered that this is may be the end of the world.

Further along, the magazine, much more is said about the ‘Andromeda Galaxy’ which is set to collide with the Milky Way in the distant future (?!).

So why is this event which affects all of us being down played? That is the question. This is the reason why our ‘collective consciousness’ – our inner twin parallel world is now working overtime— at least that is my take on it... for what it’s worth. This, what we are experiencing and are brave enough to open our eyes to (angel Michael – the angel of chivalry) is all part of the great plan – to bring us to this moment in time where we could then comprehend what this parallel inner world already knew ( and have been making provisions for).
Now then, take note the title re: my October 22nd post as mentioned above, where the surname "Ifield" is mentioned.   This name finds itself in the post title for the simple reason that when following the synchro-trail, it had cropped up and stood out to me for several reasons, some of which I mention in the post.  One of the things that I hadn't mentioned, is that the name "Ifield" reminded me of my April 22, 2012, Toumai post entitled: Peace Field vs Meteorite & Volcanic Fields (Here).  

What you get a sense of from having read the post, is that synchronicity links together two completely different disasters via the word "field" to describe, ie: meteorite field and volcanic field.  However there are other connections that are now worth mentioning-- that volcanic debris (ie: "Cherokee tears")  and certain meteorites (ie: the much smaller moldavite) have a "glass like" quality, not to mention that these both rain down from over head (Henny Penny fashion): Cherokee tears occur when a volcano erupts, spraying out tiny balls of lava into the air that upon hitting cold water, are able to retain their ball shape which then hardens into "glass" near instantly.  Moldavite on the other hand, is caused by a planet exploding, where it's molten core is then "sprayed" out into the freezing cold confines of space.  In both instances, the great majority of "debris" are no bigger than a penny!!

What I would like to bring to your attention now, is the 111 cluster synchronicity that recently occurred.  The number 1 is very much similar in appearance to the letter I, and in fact, when we type out the number one in Roman Numeral's, we use the letter I.  Since we have recently ventured on the subject of "small/penny sized meteor's), and now since the letter "I" has also cropped up in the surname "Ifield" (I-field), this brings us to consider the "small" letter "i".  So note the small "dot" over the little bar.  This appears to be yet another influence by the inner twin world.  Since the letter "I" is also used when referring to ourselves, I'm sure that the inner twin world are trying to draw our attention now to the threat that we each "personally" face. Note as well that whenever posting about a death, I use RIIP in the title-- I use the twin "II", because of the truth that I am aware of-- that when one of us dies in our outer world, another dies from the inner world.  We are not just one individual, we are two... we are not just "I", we are "II" or if you will, "ii".   

While writing this, I can feel the windy residual effects of hurricane "Sandy", the name of which appears to have been influenced by the inner twin world.  Simply put, sand are minute particles, some of which are specifically used in the manufacture of glass!!  The etymology of the name Sandy comes from "Alexander", which adds to the recent cluster synchronicity that has formed in relation to this name.  Note the following:

 From Behind the Name site:   
 Alexandra: Feminine form of ALEXANDER. In Greek mythology this was a Mycenaean epithet of the goddess Hera, and an alternate name of Cassandra. 
Hera: Uncertain meaning, possibly from either Greek ‘ηρως (heros) "hero, warrior"; ‘ωρα (hora) "period of time"; or ‘αιρεω (haireo) "to be chosen". In Greek mythology Hera was the queen of the gods, the sister and wife of Zeus. She presided over marriage and childbirth 
Alexander: Latinized form of the Greek name Αλεξανδρος (Alexandros), which meant "defending men" from Greek αλεξω (alexo) "to defend, help" and ανηρ (aner) "man" (genitive ανδρος).

 From the etymology dictionary site: 
sand (n.) Look up sand at Dictionary.comO.E. sand, from P.Gmc. *sanda- (cf. O.N. sandr, O.Fris. sond, M.Du. sant, Ger. Sand, not recorded in Gothic), from PIE root *samatha- (cf. Gk. psammos "sand," L. sabulum). Metaphoric for "innumerability" since O.E. Sand dollar is from 1884, so called for its shape; sand dune attested from 1830.

sandy Look up sandy at Dictionary.comlate 15c. as a nickname for Alexander; 1520s as "having hair of a yellowish-red color," from O.E. sandig "of the nature of sand" (see sand + -y (2)). Both senses combine in the colloquial use as the typical name for a Scotsman (1785).
Strange that the root of "sand" is  *samatha, which is phonetically similar to the name "Samantha",  a name that originates as a combination of "Samuel" and Latin "anthos" which means "flower"(so we have yet another colorful flower to add to the "cluster synchronicity of flowers" category.  I'm  now reminded of the word "flour"... another very small particle, lots of it, that originated as something larger... butt not that much larger--from the seed of particular flowers, namely grain.

There's more to add to this topic of "small" particles, some of which rain down on us, note the following which consists of my entire February 18, 2012 post entitled, Hartley 2, the Peanut Comet (Here)... probably my shortest post ever:  
After google searching "odd peanut pictures", I was presented with Comet Hartly 2... and yes, it is peanut shaped.   Odd gets Audder when I just had to investigate Comet Hartly 1... makes sense, where there is a 2 there must be a 1. 495296main epoxi-1-full full.jpg
Comet Hartly 1 was discovered by the same person, Malcom Hartly on June 13... which happens to be my birthday.
Malcolm Hartley, comet discovererThe inner twin works in mysterious ways!!
Not as small as a peanut... a word that we often use to indicate something "small", but shaped like a peanut.

This post had stemmed from two other, one that was posted just previous, on February18, entitled: Hysteria from the Peanutt Gallery (Here), and another posted on February 15, entitled: Charles Schulz ; Charles Smith Synchro Deaths (Here).  Charles Schulz being the creator of the famous "Peanuts" cartoon had led to further "peanut" research that brought about other synchronicities... such as the one mentioned above.  

So then, note the title of my recent October 9, 2012 post entitled: 111 Cluster in the Peanut Gallery!!! (Here), note these excerpts:
 On the heels of a recent cluster synchronicity involving triple identical numbers (one of these being 111), that also includes Peanut's character Snoopy (here), note the first line on page 111 of the book I'm reading, A Thousand Acres, by Jane Smiley. 
Note this excerpt taken from the Peanut Gallery's wiki page:

peanut gallery was, in the days of vaudeville, a nickname for the cheapest (and ostensibly rowdiest) seats in the theater, which was all too willing [in the view of the performer] to heckle the performer. The least expensive snack served at the theater would often be peanuts, which the patrons would sometimes throw at the performers on stage to show their disapproval.
Audd tou, that the synchronicity would occur at the precise time that I was being heckled from this blogs  "peanut gallery".  Not to worry, I welcome peanuts... gives me a chance to throw them back ;-)(-;

Okay, don't you find it a wee bit of a synchro-auddity, that the exclamation mark "!" looks like an upside down "i", not to mention that it also shares the same key on my keyboard as the number 1... hence 111 equates with !!! ... now what to make of  THAT?!!!

Keep your i's open folks, there's likely more iii's to follow.


On my conclusion of the above, I decided to attend to the task of cleaning up the desktop of my computer, given that I often use the space to document synchro's that I want to revisit or maybe even post about later.  The first one I came to was entitled "111", which contained the following: 
On September 26, I had just finished meeting with my bookkeeper and was about to go to town on some errands, but as I got into my car and looked at the time, I saw that it was 1:11.  I can't help but consider sequences of 1's that appear like this, to be a warning, one that the inner twin world have pre established with Swiss Air Flight 111 having crashed in this area.  So, with this in mind, I changed my plans and headed home instead, with the intention of doing some synchro-homework, hence my post re: RIIP: Bettye Lane, Betty Kaunda, Elizabeth Percy.
What occurred to me then, but only because of the mention of "book keeper", was my partner, Cathy's, recent discovery of her own book keeper suddenly passing away during the summer.  I recall going with her once to his place and noting the number of his house--111 !!!   As I recall, the post featured a cluster synchroncity surrounding the name "Betty"... and circled around to "Beth"-- a name/word that refers to our letter "B" meaning "HOUSE". 


Just a bit more in regards to the etymology of the word sand as per the above, is its inclusion of "sand dollar", which I consider to be an addition to the "money cluster synchronicity" that is recorded in my recent October 22nd post entitled : Bill Dees RIIP, Frank Ifield, Susan Boyle and Henny Penny (Here), the first post that I mention above.

If you venture to the wikipage re: sand (Here), it speaks about the many types of sand... and presents close up photo's of sand indicating its wide variety of color... there's even amber and black sand.  This reminds me of a trip that Cath and I took to NewZealand, to a particular beach that had black sand... and interestingly, black tinted seashells, and then another trip to exploring the shores of Grand Manan Island (not far from our home in Nova Scotia),  where we discovered beach sand to be a dusty rose color .    A definite addition to the "color cluster    

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Notable Willam's Oct 21-23 RIIP

There were a few more notable Williams that passed away between Oct 21-23, but one in particular takes precedent because he, like the other Williams mentioned in previous posts, had been involved in World War II.  Note this wiki excerpt: 
Wilhelm Brasse (3 December 1917 – 23 October 2012) was a Polish professional photographer and a prisoner in Auschwitz during World War II. He became known as the "famous photographer of Auschwitz concentration camp"
 After the 1939 German invasion of Poland and occupation of Brasse's hometown Żywiec, in southern Poland, he was interrogated by theSchutzstaffel (SS). He refused to swear allegiance to Hitler, and was imprisoned
He tried to escape to Hungary and join the Polish Army in France but was captured, along with other young men, at the Polish–Hungarian border and deported to KL Auschwitz-Birkenau as prisoner number 3444.[3][4]
Note his prisoner number-- 3,444.  These numbers mean something other than being a tell tale signature mark in "Kilroy was here" fashion of the inner twin world.   Since number 3 and 4 share the same key on my computer as the # and $ respectively, the numbers can be equated to #$$$, a sequence of symbols that better enable us to decipher the meaning behind the numbers.  The # symbol is as it appears--a cross hatch/grid which indicates "weave"/"build", since the grid is a foundation of sorts, this number/symbol can be regarded as an "action"-- the action required in beginning to "build".  The $$$ is simply as it appears as well, with the meaning being-- "divert funds toward  building.   Of course if you've been following my blogs, what our inner twins and their world want us to build, is what I've come to refer to as the TUSSH-- the Two United Structure System Home.

The photo above of Wilhelm holding up one of his photo's should speak volumes to each of us.  This is what mankind is capable of.  The only reason why Hitler and his Nazi party were able to get away with  murder... the slaughter of innocent people... children even, was because of delirium, a sickness that is widespread throughout greater society.  We back away from bullies... we give them room to flourish, we turn a blind eye to their reign of terror and what`s worse, is that a good many will join their ranks.  Hitler and his Nazi party could only do what they did because they had the backing of the greater majority of the German population and the army.  How did this happen and how do we prevent it from ever happening again.

 I've seen enough in my own back yard, to know that the crazy "war mongering" cycle is beginning to  happen all over again-- where powerful bullies begin by taking over segments of society, forming a web of secret golden handshakes that enable them to inevitably control the masses.  As these bullies become more power corrupt, the cycle will come to a head... as it always does... but the question is, can we afford another World War?!   It will take a miracle to break this vicious cycle... and that's where the inner twin world come in.  They are at this moment and for the first time, letting us know that they are at the helm and always have been.  They are effectively bringing about the necessary changes  that are purposely designed to save our conjoined world and future.    

William Walker RIIP and Nose 2 Nose with Tou

Today I ventured to the Deaths of 2012, with the objective of bringing the wayward "Williams" mentioned in my last posts out of the wood work, when I came to this man:
Brave: William Walker looking at the nose of a Spitfire - the type of plane he was shot down in in 1940
William Walker nose to nose with a Spitfire

William Walker, 99, British fighter pilot (Battle of Britain), stroke.[63]

I remember coming across his name earlier, but I don't remember seeing his occupation.   So, not only do we have the death of another fighter pilot, but the death of another notable William!!

Spitfire LF Mk IX, MH434, flown by Ray Hanna in 2005.
This aircraft shot down a 
Fw 190 in 1943 while serving
222 Squadron RAF.
William Walker passed away on October 21st, just two days before French fighter pilot,  Roland de la Poype who I posted about yesterday.  Two fighter pilots passing away within two days of each other constitutes as synchronicity, especially when you take into consideration my recent posts documenting a cluster synchronicity of World War I flying Aces coupled with the recurring number 111.

Walker had flown a Supermarine Spitfire, and so I ventured to Wikipedia for more information (Here), where the first photo embedded with caption, is this one pictured at right.  Audd don't you agree, the BOZO... with first O depicted as a bulls eye?!  Definitely an inner twin "trixter" feel to that.  And also note the 222 Squadron mentioned in the caption.  I thought the Spitfire photo seemed familiar and so I keyed in Bozo into the search box of my Toumai Blog, which brought me to a May 9, 2011 post entitled: (Harried 22), Mother Mayhem and a Doodle Bugs Clowning?! (Here)

As I've stated before, multiple sequences of 2's such as this 222, are often used by the inner twin world, at least that's my Tou sense worth.  It's completely evident to me that although Walker had lived to the ripe old age of 99, his death had been perfectly timed by his inner twin and the inner twin world.  In other words, these synchronicities were designed to come forward at this particular point in  time, in the same way that my own inner twin is influencing me here and now.

There is no doubt in my mind as well, that Walkers age at death--  twin 99,  also factors in to the overall communication.  Since the 9 shares the same key on my computer as the left bracket "(" , and considering that this is also used to make the "unhappy" emoticon :-(  , I take it to indicate that the inner twin world are not very happy.  

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Roland de la Poype and Flying Aces Synchro (UPDATE)

The topic of my previous post involves a cluster of notable individuals named William who passed away within a short span of one another.  I had also mentioned that I chose not to post the cluster earlier because of the name being very common I didn't regard it as being synchronicity, that is, not until "Bill Dees" appeared in the Deaths of 2012 list.

Roland de la Poype
And then today, on perusing the Deaths of 2012 site, I notice that a WWII flying Ace had recently been added to the list: 
Roland Paulze d'Ivoy de la Poype (born 28 July 1920  in France - deceased 23 October 2012).  
Okay, so he's not a William, but as you read further, you'll be surprised with what crops up out of the blue.  

Popeye on a Spanish
Republican Air Force
 Polikarpov I-16.
Poype is an audd surname to say the least.   It sounds like a cross between "Popeye" and "Pope".  Strange, I decided to venture over to Popeye's wikipage and found this photo with caption (at right). Note this excerpt taken from the Polikarpov 1-16 wiki page: 
 Full scale work on the TsKB-12 prototype began in June 1933 and the aircraft was accepted into production on 22 November 1933, a month before it took to the air
Note the date highlighted in gold-- 22/11/33, definitely evidence of the inner twin world leaving their mark.   And speaking of Flying Aces and Popes, I wrote a post not long ago, that included Billy 'Bishop', Canada's top flying Ace of WWI, note this excerpt: 
  • The Red Baron (2 May 1892 – 21 April 1918), German pilot and top ace of World War I, died in battle on the 111th day of the year
  • Wilfrid May (April 20, 1896 – June 21, 1952) was the final allied pilot to be pursued by the Red Baron.  May’s birthday of April 20thfalls on a leap year, making it the 111th day of the year. 
  • Billy" Bishop (8 February 1894 – 11 September 1956), top Canadian ace in World War I, died on 9/11, after which there are 111 days remaining in the year.
After rereading the excerpt, I just realized that two of the names have a synchro-connection to the name "William".  For one, the name Wilfrid, shares the same prefix as William.   Note the following etymology: 
 Wilfrid: "desiring peace" from Old English wil "will, desire" and frið "peace"
Then there's "Billy" Bishop, his first name being a  diminutive of William.   So could this be a heads up from the inner twin world?!  Am I expected to investigate the "William connections" further.  Perhaps the sudden rash of notable William deaths is a way for the inner twin world to say that I had missed something.   I can't help but wonder if they're also trying to convey that they desire peace.  It seems to me that they've grown weary of sacrificing lives in a bid to shake and wake us?!  I'm certainly growing weary... I would very much like to see this horrific war come to an end.  

I decided to google a list of Canadian Aces of WWI with a particular goal in mind-- to look for "Williams"... or at least one that stands out from the crowd.  There were 34 Canadian Aces who had William (or diminutive) in their name, from among a list of 384 who were recorded as having 5 or more victories.  The name was also popular back then it seems.

What I was surprised to discover, was that the most decorated Canadian Ace was not Billy Bishop, butt another "William", note the following:
William George Barker VC, DSO & Bar, MC & Two Bars (3 November 1894 – 12 March 1930) was a Canadian First World War fighter ace and Victoria Cross recipient. He is the most decorated serviceman in the history of Canada, and indeed in the history of the British Empire and Commonwealth of Nations.
4, 9, 15, 28, 66 (RFC); 139, 201 (RAF)
VC (1894-1930)
What I found interesting as well, was that one of the squadrons was number 66, hence another synchro-connection to my last post and addition to the "sequences of 6" cluster synchronicity.  Note as well this excerpt concerning another Ace named William: 
Lieutenant William Myron MacDonald was an American-born Canadian flying ace.    
While assigned to 66 Squadron, MacDonald flew as a wingman for William George Barker, the great Canadian ace.[4] MacDonald was credited with destroying eight enemy airplanes between 24 May and 15 August 1918.
William MacDonald's first victory occurred on May 24th, note the following:
May 24 is the 144th day of the year (145th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 221 days remaining until the end of the year.
Not only is there a "twin 44" in the above excerpt, but the 221 days remaining in the year fits into the "Off by One Cluster Synchronicity" (one off from 222).  If you go back and read my last post, you'll become aware of the fact that "Off By One" clusters have occurred a lot lately!!

Interesting that the etymology of "Barker" reveals the original meaning to be "a person who tan's hides", with "tan" being "oak tree" in origin (because the "bark" of Oak was used to tan hides), but what's really interesting is that the etymology site I refer to claims that the word "bark" originates from the "birch" tree... audd?!

William Barker only lived to 36 years of age, having greatly suffered from war injuries-- shot in both  legs and his elbow was completely blown off!!  Perhaps this is the main reason he was decorated more than Billy Bishop-- "medal propaganda"-- a way to pump up soldiers going into battle ... encouraging them to risk their lives for the sake of medals and honor that will benefit the recipient for the rest of their lives... if they survive.  Obviously the sacrifice of lives was mandatory back then, otherwise how would Hitlers regime have been brought to an end?!   The great question of our era is, how do we bring the Hitler's of the world to their knees if we can we can no longer afford to wage war.   The Atomic Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki has changed the face of war, and as long as modern warfare is with us, we need to look at other ways in which to deal with atrocities.

It's interesting that you don't hear very much about the individuals flying bombers... no medals of honor for such a deed.  I guess its one thing to be proud of shooting down another man but its another thing when when the bombs you drop kill innocent children-- "casualties of war" so they claim!!

Out of curiosity I googled the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and discovered that the second atomic bomb dropped on Nagasaki occurred on August 9, 1945.  Note the following:
August 9 is the 221st day of the year (222nd in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 144 days remaining until the end of the year.
As you can see, here we have the 144 days cropping up once again, not to mention 221, but this time reversed from May 24 stats as per the above.  As you can also see, this day fits into the "Off By One" Cluster synchronicity. 

The twin "44" has played out a number of times as of late, and given that the 4 shares the same  key as the $ on my keyboard, I see this as representing the "COST".   I also consider the "Off by One" cluster synchronicities that the inner twin world have generated, as indicating that because people are still not "getting it"... many still turning a blind eye "i", then a bigger price will have to be paid... the cost of both World Wars combined will pale in comparison.  Perhaps my last post that mentions Henny Penny, with "pennies" being a kind of "cost metaphor" re:  minute destructive forces in the form of penny sized meteorites... and perhaps even in the form of even smaller destructive forces, such as "atom" splitting at such an intense rate that entire cities are wiped out with a single blast.

More than anything, we need an atomic explosion of love... and what I mean by this is not a big gigantic rush of feeling, but we simply put our greatest asset to its full potential-- our brains.  We need to see the truth and the reality of our conjoined situation and we also need to take a real hard look at the troubles in our world and universe, and then we need to get our priorities in sync with that of our inner twins and their world.  We need to do the right thing... what is right for the future, we need to act for the sake of our children, our loved ones, and for ourselves.  We need to end to this war so we can move forward together and prepare for the inevitable battle against a common enemy  that looms on our conjoined horizon.