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Magee, McKay, MacJay and Free Mayson

  I've discovered that when following the leads related to various notable deaths, pattern-clusters often interconnect.  As a point in example, the portion of my previous post entitled, "Rocky Jones RIIP: Rocky Road to Justice",  involved research on Rocky's given name, "Burnley". Note the following excerpts from : 
  • ... generally believed to be derived from "Brun Lea" meaning "meadow by the River Brun". 
  • First found in Lancashire, where Burnley dates back to 1122... 
Identical number sequences such as 1122 are particular inner twin trade mark signatures... and in this case, I consider this to bee a bit of a heads up to gaze a little closer.   My first thoughts before discovering the"Brun River" origin, and because I was already aware that "ley" was "field/meadow" in origin, was that the prefix of "Burnley", was an obvious reference to "burn"... as in to burn with fire.  So to try and clarify the issue, I paid a visit to the River Brun's wiki page, and that's where I noted the following:
The River Brun is a river in eastern Lancashire. Rising at the confluence of Hurstwood Brook  and Rock Water
As you can see, we have yet another "Rock" to add to the "Rock/Rocky/Roche/Stone" pattern-cluster. I considered this another lead, encouraging me to scrutinize the River Brun wiki page some more, and that's when I noted the following:
The excerpt stands out for many reasons.  First of all, January 14th is one day shy of January 15th, the birthday of both my son and life partner, making this is an addition to the "Off By One" and the "Targeting Family Birthday" pattern-clusters.  Note the name, "Chris Gee".  For one, my son is "Chris", and secondly the "Gee" surname stands out given the maiden name of my children's paternal grandmother, MAGEE, note the etymology
Variant of MCKAYAnglicized form of Gaelic Mac Aodha meaning "son of AODH": From the old Irish name Áed, which meant "fire". 
It's audd that "fire" would crop up... given "Burnley".   It's also interesting that according to the above,  the origin of Magee is McKay, especially given that Gee and Kay are phonetically similar/identical to "G" and "K", the 7th and 11th letters of our English alphabet respectively.  Butt it doesn't end there, note this excerpt from another name etymology source:
The second possibility is that it derives from pre 10th century Old French "Geai" meaning the Jay bird, and would thus have been given as a nickname name to someone who was "a bright chatterbox". 
Read more:
So we nott only have "Gee" and "Kay", butt "Jay" as well!! Note the etymology of Jay:
jay (n.)c.1300, common European bird (Garrulus glandarinus), from Old North French gai, Old French jai "magpie, jay," from Late Latin gaius "a jay," probably echoic and supposedly influenced by Latin Gaius, a common Roman proper name 
This is audd,  given the recent "bird/byrd" pattern cluster, note my post entitled, "Harry F. Byrd RIIP: Get tough. Get even. And play dirty"

There's another thing that stands out about the "G/Gee"-- the fact that the letter "G" plays an important role in Free masonry... a subject that had cropped up in an earlier post today, note the following excerpt from my post entitled, :
The 33 has other meaning-- I'm reminded of the Free Masons who hold the twin 33 in high regard-- the levels that a Mayson can attain.  Note the etymology:
  • mason (n.) Look up mason at Dictionary.comc.1200, "stoneworker" (as a surname, early 12c.), from Old French massonmaçon "stone mason" (Old North French machun), probaby from Frankish *makjo or some other Germanic source (cf. Old High German steinmezzo "stone mason," ...
Note as well, the mention of "stone" in the above, this is yet another addition to the "Rock/Rocky/Roche/Stone" pattern-cluster.

Now coming back to the excerpt re: 

It's interesting that the article concerns the issue of Burnley's Brunly River being polluted... interesting because as it turns out, the word "brun" originates as "brown"... a brown, murky, polluted river.  It appears from the article, that the citizens of Burnley have done an exemplary job redeeming themselves and cleaning up the mess.  

What this reminds me of, is how the TUSSH-- the Two United Structure System Home, is a specialized, fully enclosed eco-system-- essentially a mini world, that will enable us to make the least amount of foot print in the world, while looking after our most basic needs.  

Rocky Jones RIIP: Rocky Road to Justice

Among those listed on Wikipedia's Deaths in 2013 site under July 29th is:
The Death of Rocky Jones hits home in more ways than one, and even though Rocky and I come from the same neighbourhood, Halifax County, this alone isn't enough to warrant further investigation.   It's his "nickname" Rocky that serves as as the next important lead that opens the door, given the significant "Rock, Rocky, Stone" pattern-cluster cropping up in recent posts.  Even the title of my recent July 19th post is revealing, "Peter Appleyard RIIP: a Rocky Appleyard.  The title includes "Rocky" due to the etymology of the name Peter
  • Peter: ...from Latin Petrus, from Greek Petros, literally "stone, rock,"...
Peter means "Rock".   There's more, note this excerpt from my post made two days ago at 
Its the place name "Roxburgh"... note how the prefix "Rox" is similar to "Rocks"... which is fitting since burgh means mountain  This is the newest addition to the "Bocks/Box; Sox/Socks; Rox/Rocks Pun/Rhyme" pattern-cluster,which had just cropped up today while following the leads generated by notable persons recently added to the Deaths in 2013 site under July 29th!!
As you can see from the two posts mentioned above, the inner twin world are leading up to something, which now includes the "timely" death of Rocky Jones.  There is something else worth mentioning, something that concerns his nickname Rocky.  As I followed the leads in writing my previous post, a "nickname" theme emerged, note this next excerpt from the post entitled, "Ossie Schecteman RIIP: Knicks, Nicknames and Mooning 33 :-)(-: " :
The Deaths in 2013 site includes under its July 30th list:
It's a bit audd, the nickname Knicks, and then Ossie.  Definitely enough to warrant further investigation.  Note the following
  • The New York Knickerbockers,[1] commonly referred to as the Knicks 
What's really audd about Knickerbockers, is the suffix "bockers"... given my recent July 29th post entitled, Gaze at Bock's Aug 25.  See what I mean, we now have a "Bocks/Bockers" pattern-cluster.  
Jones nickname "Rocky", is in keeping with the theme.  Note this excerpt taken from a news Article re,-activist-Rocky-Jones-passes-away/1
His activities with Toronto’s Students Union for Peace Action in the 1960s earned him the nickname “Rocky the Revolutionary” ...
Rocky the Revolutionary on the rocky road to justice... as am I, as is my inner twin "Tou"... as is the inner twin world.  So this is yet another stone unturned... another shred of evidence... and more than enough to warrant further investigation.  Note the following excerpts from Rocky's wiki page

  •  Burnley Allan "Rocky" Jones (August 26, 1941 – July 29, 2013)was an African-Nova Scotian and an internationally known political activist in the areas of human rights, race and poverty.
That his birthday, August 26, occurs just one day after the birthday of my grand daughter, "Addy" (nickname for Addisyn), adds to the "Off By One"  and "Targeting Family Birthdays" pattern-clusters.  In fact, the July 19th post mentioned above re "Peter Appleyard RIIP: a Rocky Appleyard"  (, also mentions August 26th, note the following excerpt: 

  1. Peter AppleyardOC (26 August 1928 – 18 July 2013)... 
Peter Appleyard born on the same day as Rocky Jones. 

There's more to this than what meets the i.  Perhaps something will crop up on further investigation, maybee even something that will help with my Appeal at the law courts... Rocky was a lawyer after all... maybee even from the grave he can still come to the aid of the down trodden. 

Note this next excerpt from Rocky Jones wiki page: 
In 1997 he successfully argued the groundbreaking case of R. v. R.D.S. before the Supreme Court of Canada. This case set a precedent for race related litigation and contextualized judging.Guelph University bestowed an Honourary Doctorate of Laws to Jones in 2004.
Now that has me curious... maybee...

Note the following links: 

Note this excerpt from
[14] Similarly, in Dussault and Bourgeat, Administrative Law: A Treatise (Vol. 4), 2d. ed., (Carswell,Toronto: 1990), it is stated, at pp. 299-300: To have a decision by a public officer or agency set aside for bias, it is thus not necessary to prove without a doubt that prejudice or interest was present; only the existence of circumstances likely to give rise to an apprehension of bias need exist. As explained by Dickson J. of the Supreme Court in Kane v. Board of Governors of the University of British Columbia in discussing the sixth proposition upon which the appeal was based: The court will not inquire whether the evidence did work to the prejudice of one of the parties; it is sufficient if it might have done so."
I do feel the rhythm... there's something in this that's very important...  sure wish Rocky was still alive... maybee he would be able to help... are there any other Rocky's out there with a law degree that can help... and to boot, a Judge Sparks would help as well.

It's interesting to note the etymology of Rock's first name Burnley, note this excerpt from the House of Names site re
The name is generally believed to be derived from "Brun Lea" meaning "meadow by the River Brun".  
Going to the online etymology dictionary, I keyed the word "brun" into the search box, which brought up the following
brunet (n.) "dark-complexioned person," 1887, from French brunet, diminutive of brun "brown," which is from a Germanic source (see brown (adj.)).
Note as well, from the same source note the etymology of lea
lea (n.) Old English leah "open field, meadow, piece of untilled ground," earlier læch, recorded in place names, from Proto-Germanic *laukhaz (cf. Old High German loh "cluster of bushes," and probably also Flemish -loo, which forms the second element in Waterloo), from PIE *louquo- (cf. Sanskrit lokah "open space," Latin lucus "grove," Lithuanian laukas "open field"), perhaps from or related to *leuk-"to shine, be bright" (see light (n.)). 
Adding to this, is the fact that "Greenlee" is the middle name of my grand daughter Addy. Note the etymology from

The meaning of the name Greenlee is From The Green Field
The etymology dictionary gives a different version:
lee (n.) Old English hleo "shelter, cover, defense, protection," from Proto-Germanic *khlewaz (cf. Old Norse hle, Danish , Old Saxon hleo, Dutch lij "lee, shelter"). No known cognates outside Germanic; original sense uncertain and might have been "warm" (cf. German lau "tepid," Old Norse hly "shelter, warmth"), which might link it to PIE *kele- (1) "warm." As an adjective, 1510s, from the noun.
And note from the same source re
green (n., adj.) Old English grene "green, young, immature, raw," earlier groeni, from West Germanic *gronja- (cf. Old Saxon grani, Old Frisian grene, Old Norse grænn, Danish grøn, Dutch groen, Old High Germangruoni, German grün), from PIE root *ghre- "grow" (see grass), through sense of "color of living plants." 
I get the sense of a field that is freshly ploughed (brown and barren), and then I get a sense of a field that is producing -- green indicating growth.  I consider this a way for the inner twin world to say that they are preparing the way for the future-- a brown field indicates a clearing/ploughing which of course is a necessary a step to bring about a green field-- one that produces for our needs... and other animals of course.

Also, to research more,  simply key in "Rocky" to the search box at the top of either my Pronoiasecret Blog and/or my earlier Toumai Blog and you will get a birds eye view of the amazing scope of this pattern-cluster.  Note for instance this excerpt taken from my 2012 Toumai post entitled, The La Roche Passengers (Titanic Synchronicity 1; UPDATE):

Each of the following in the List provided, is a link, date and title of the 13 above mentioned posts that reveal cluster synchronicities surrrounding the word/name "ROCK" and French equivalent, "LA ROCHE": 
1. , WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 29, 2012,  Rocky Balboa D-TOX 
 2., MARCH 2, 2012Rocky Marciano and Frankie Farrell  
 3., MARCH 25, 2012Rocky's Eye of the Tiger 
4., MARCH 25, 2012Pierre LaRoche, Mick Rock and the Rocky Horror Picture Show  
 5., MARCH 26, 2012, Pierre LaRoche means "Rock the Rock"
 6., MARCH 28, 2012, Alcatraz, the ROCK 
7., MARCH 29, 2012, Flights 191 and 1910 Rock Island Train Wreck?! 
 8., MARCH 30, 2012The Roche Sisters, Maggie (Might) and Terre (Earth)  
9., MARCH 30, 2012Mighty Earth Rocks= Mighty Earth Quakes?!  
10., APRIL 1, 2012,  Rolling Rock Lager and MMM Synchrosecret  
11., APRIL 4, 2012Helen Reddy and Rock Candy Memory Lane  
12., APRIL 6, 2012Rock Around the Clock-Bill Haley-original song-1955  
13., APRIL 10, 2012Rockeye II Cluster Synchro Cluster Bomb


Ossie Schecteman RIIP: Knicks, Nicknames and Mooning 33 :-)(-:

The Deaths in 2013 site includes under its July 30th list:
Ossie Schectman, 94, American basketball player (New York Knicks)
It's a bit audd, the nickname Knicks, and then Ossie.  Definitely enough to warrant further investigation.  Note the following
The New York Knickerbockers,[1] commonly referred to as the Knicks 
What's really audd about Knickerbockers, is the suffix "bockers"... given my recent July 29th post entitled, Gaze at Bock's Aug 25.  See what I mean, we now have a "Bocks/Bockers" pattern-cluster.

Note the following from Ossie's wiki page :

  • Oscar Benjamin "Ossie" Schectman 
So his real name was Oscar.  
Note the following info regarding the word Knickerbocker from

Knickerbocker, also spelled KnikkerbakkerKnikkerbackerKnickerbacker, is a surname that dates back to the early settlers of New Netherland that was popularized by Washington Irving in 1809 when he published his satirical A History of New York under the pseudonym "Diedrich Knickerbocker".
Note the following from Diedrich Knickerbocker's wiki page
Washington Irving (April 3, 1783 – November 28, 1859)
This is nott the first time that November 28th has cropped up in the last few days, note the following info from
November 28is the 332nd day of the year (333rd in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 33 days remaining until the end of the year. 
Since 1859 was nott a leap year, Irving "Knickerbocker" died on the 332nd day with 33 days remaining, hence this is an addition to the "Off By One" pattern-cluster (one off from 333/33). An indication that we're on track.

Now getting back to Ossie, note this next excerpt from his wiki page:
The twin numbers 66 and 33 I consider to bee possible inner twin leads, and so gazing closer at the names, only one stands out-- Leo "Ace" Gottlieb, namely, his first and middle names... butt mostly because his nickname "Ace" is singled out.  Leo is an addition to the recent "Leo/Lion" pattern-cluster and Ace because of the phenomenal  "Flying Ace" pattern-cluster

So note the following from Leo's wiki page:
Leo "Ace" Gottlieb (November 28, 1920 – August 1972) was an American basketball player.[1][2]
Again, on following the leads, we have the date of November 28th cropping up!!  This time, 1920 is a leap year and so Ace was born on the 333rd day with 33 remaining of the 366 day year.

Given the "nickname" theme, I checked out the site, note this excerpt:
The compound word ekename, literally meaning "additional name", was attested as early as 1303.[4] This word was derived from the Old English phrase eaca "an increase", related to eacian "to increase".[5] By the fifteenth century, the misdivision of the syllables of the phrase "an ekename" led to its reanalysis as "a nekename".[6]
So, even the word "nickname" is a nickname... sort of!!   I also noted the following link from the nickname wiki page: List of sportspeople by nickname,
re  (, note the following that stood out from the list:
Obviously, it was the "33" that stood out, given the "33/333" pattern-cluster theme as of late.  Note the following from Moon's wiki page:
Moon and I share the same birthday-- June 13th.

The next person to stand out from List of sportspeople by nickname:
  • "Basketball Jesus" = Larry Bird, American power forward
Well, considering the recent "Jesus" and "Byrd/Bird" pattern-clusters, this is significant, note the  title/link of my previous July 30th post Harry F. Byrd RIIP: Get tough. Get even. And play dirty., and then note these two recent posts   Christian Benítez RIIP; the 27 Club & 11!!, and Frank Moretti RIIP; Son Crucified on a Jet ....

Larry Bird 1 Lipofsky.jpg
Larry Bird
Okaay, so think about it, "Harry Byrd" passes away yesterday, and now, on following the leads stemming from Ossie's "timely" death, which also occurred yesterday, we arrive at a "Larry Bird".  This has inner twin infiltration written all over it!!  Note the following excerpt from Larry Bird's wiki page re
Larry Joe Bird (born December 7, 1956) is an American former NBA basketball player and coach and the current team president of the Indiana Pacers.
No. 33 
So we have yet another 33 to add to the "33/333 Identical Number Sequence" pattern-cluster.

There were a number of other nicknames that stood out:

 He was nicknamed both "Earl the Pearl" and "Jesus".

Hap stood out mainly because of his real name Harold Hairston... so why call him Hap or Happy with a name like THAT.  His wiki page gives a clue as to where his nickname may have originated, note these excerpts: 
  • He was a member of the 1971–72 NBA championship Lakers, a team that won 33 games in a row,
  •  He had a small role in the 1981 Happy Days episode "Tall Story," ... 
Note the following re the Happy Days wiki page
Happy Days is an American television sitcom that aired first-run from January 15, 1974 to September 24, 1984 on ABC
January 15th is the birthday of both my life partner and my son... hence yet another addition to the "January 15th/Targett Family Birthdays" pattern-cluster.

Goose stood out because "cooked goose" cropped up in a recent post, note the following from his wiki page: 
Reece "Goose" Tatum (May 31, 1921 – January 18, 1967) 
January 18th is my brothers birthday.

So what to make of all this?!  As per previous post, because the number 3 shares the same key on my computer key board as the # symbol... a symbol that has the cryptic meaning of "weave/construct/build", I consider the inner twin message to bee a reference to building the TUSSH... which of course is the nickname for "The Two United Structure System Home"

The 33 has other meaning-- I'm reminded of the Free Masons who hold the twin 33 in high regard-- the levels that a Mayson can attain.  Note the etymology:
mason (n.) Look up mason at Dictionary.comc.1200, "stoneworker" (as a surname, early 12c.), from Old French massonmaçon "stone mason" (Old North French machun), probaby from Frankish *makjo or some other Germanic source (cf. Old High German steinmezzo "stone mason," Modern German Steinmetz, second element related to mahhon "to make;" see make (v.)). But it also might be from, or influenced by, Medieval Latin machio, matio (7c.) which is said by Isidore to be derived from machina (see machine). The medieval word also might be from the root of Latin maceria "wall." Meaning "a Freemason" is attested from early 15c. in Anglo-French.
It's interesting to note the similarity between the word "mason" and the French word "maison" which translates in English as "house".

It's also interesting re the play with name/words "Mays Sons".  Now that I'm aware of the inner twin world, my three children (1 son, 1 daughter and a step son) is now 6-- three son's and three daughters... three sets of conjoined twins.

The number 33 is also significant because this is how many vertebrae are in the human spine.  I consider this as factoring into the overall communication as well... perhaps its a way for the inner twin world to encourage us to "have spine"... of for that matter, bee like the spineless jelly fish... well a specific jelly that is

Two species of scyphozoan jellyfish live in Jellyfish Lake, moon jellyfish (Aurelia sp.) and the golden jellyfish (Mastigiassp.).
Jellyfish Lake is around 12,000 years old. This age estimate is based on the depth of the lake (about 30 meters), an estimate of the thickness of the sediment (at least 20 meters[4]) and the rising sea level since the end of the last ice age. About 12,000 years ago, the sea level had risen to the point that sea water began to fill the Jellyfish Lake basin.[5] 
Simply put, the two types of jelly fish in Jellyfish lake have learned to adapt.  They have no need of stingers because there are no prey... the golden jelly is truly unique in that it grows its own food within its own body... its virtually a green house that floats to the surface during the day to gather sunlight for its internal garden and then at night it migrates to gather nitrogen (fertilizer) from the lakes murky bottom ... they have an enclosed eco system:
The golden jellyfish rotate counter-clockwise as they swim at the surface, presumably to provide even exposure to the sun for the symbiotic algae in their bodies.[2][11] 
The moon jellyfish do not have an organized horizontal migration pattern. At night they migrate to the surface presumably to feed. The copepods that make up a significant portion of the moon jellyfish diet in Jellyfish Lake also migrate to the surface at night.[2]
So the golden jelly is vegetarian whereas the moon jelly is a meat eater.
We are all humans, butt there are differences... in much the same way as the two jellyfish living in the same lake.  Hence why the term Lions and Lambs.  Just as the two jelly's of Jelly fish lake evolved/learned to carve out each their own particular niche so as nott to pose a threat to the other in their limited confines, we have yet to evolve/learn to do the same... hence why the inner twin world are making their move to finally "come out" and "communicate" to us today.