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See the C in the Sea!!

Many of my posts make reference to "rebound", which is short for:
The image that you see at left came from the Post Glacial Rebound Wikipedia page.  It proposes a "theory": that the area in blue is land that's rising, which I agree with, and it further hypothesizes that the yellow-red area is land that's falling, and this is where I disagree.

The yellow-red areas on the North American Plate, had been covered in glacial ice during the last glacial period, and even though not as high as what accumulated further north (the blue sections), it would have depressed the land because the incredible weight  melded the snow together into a "sheet" of ice.  The image at right, comes from Wikipedia's - the Last Glacial Maximum.  The area in grey shows the extent of the Glaciers during the previous glacial period and so verifying what I say.  As you can also see, glaciers also occurred in Eurasia and Antartica.

Using the hollow rubber ball example that I used in a recent post, we can understand our present day situation better.  If you press a finger tip into the ball it will depress in that area, however, put a
quarter under the same finger and press again, the quarter then disperses the pressure to its outer edge.

The geological/scientific term used to describe our current Ice Age is the Quaternary glaciation.
Scientists estimate that it began 2.58 million years ago and that it occurs in100,000 year cycles that , include an 80,000 year glacial period followed by an 20,000 year interglacial period (approximate). As for the main reason for this Ice Age, note  from the Quartenary glaciation wiki page:
Isthmus of Panama developed at a convergent plate margin about 3 million years ago, and further separated oceanic circulation, closing the last strait, outside of the polar regions, that had connected thePacific and Atlantic oceans.
A strip of land had slowly risen up from the sea and joining North and South America together.   This strip of land diverts currents that once circumvented the globe, now driven Northward and bringing with it moisture laden winds that fell as snow in the northern hemisphere.  Although the 'experts' list other possible causes, this is without question, the main one.  And the last time I looked, the Isthmus of Panama is still there.  This means the cycle will continue, and as for global warming, this will bring it on with that much more ferocity.   I don't hear any warnings and I don't hear about preparations that need to be taken, without which will leave those living along the coastal regions of South Atlantic US vulnerable, because it's the land there that was free of ice, that will sink exponentially in a final force equivalent to the "pop" that will happen in the far North-- a reverse pop being a "bob" (as mentioned in my recent April 27 post, Winston Hill RIIP: Wade, Bob and More Row ).  

The glacial periods come about as a result of sea temperature rising to just the right degree.   The water was the right temperature as the earth entered its present day Ice Age and first glacial period. What ends the glacial periods after 80,000 years, is from my opinion, is caused by a sudden an earth shattering event-- Ice accumulating to the point that the weight pushes through the earths crust where it is weakest. The resulting flash explosion from ice/water hitting lava would have literally shook the earth and shattered the glaciers while sending spumes of steam into the air.  A massive melt would have ensued.  From this began the first interglacial period, one that lasted approximately 20,000 years.  This cycle came to an end as the land at the outer rim of the Norther American Plates that had not been covered by the glaciers, land that is under water.  The very edge of these plates that are re settling, are rubbing against its neighbouring plate, causing friction that in turn generates heat.  In the same way that the rebound occurs more rapidly as time goes on, the plate edges resettling at a faster rate as well, causes friction and inevitably, hotter water.  And when it becomes hot enough, it kickstarts the next glacial period.

Earth is experiencing rising water temperatures as we sit.   And the temperature will continue to rise until it brings on the next glacial period.  The greater snow fall takes longer to melt, and the longer the snow remains, the more sunlight is reflected into outer space and so cooling the planet.  This cooling causes glaciers to grow even faster.  In the meantime, sea water still evaporates due to friction as the rim of the tectonic plate's beneath the ocean begin to "bowl upward once again as glacial weight increases, not to mention added heat generated from newly opened vents spewing lava into the sea.   A hotter sea equates to more evaporation and in turn more salt that's left behind-- salt is heavier than water and so does not evaporate, it sinks, and it's this sinking that propels the great conveyor belt of currents that much faster.  The currents in turn generate wind: more hurricanes and blizzards...and more snow than we can even begin to imagine.  Now grant you,  snow in the farther north does not melt as fast as snow in the more southern reaches of the Plate, hence it is true that the glacial ice in the far north would have been more and heavier.  So, not entirely flat like the quarter used in the example, it would have taken on a curved shape both top and bottom, somewhat like a magnifying glass. Regardless of its shape, it formed a solid mass and so pressure would still be dispersed to the glaciers outer limit.  For instance, Canada's province of Nova Scotia, where I live, had been covered by the glacier, and so had been depressed, not as much as the farther North, butt this means that it's positioned to rebound and not the other way around.

Much of the information you/I have been given is nothing more than an elaborate lie.

Recently I came to a web site called Earthquake Facts, and to the following info:
    Even a small plate movement can trigger major earthquakes
It makes sense.  A rebounding of the earths plates are quakes that for the most part have been low on the Richter scale, so low and continuous that those of us living in the areas don't feel the activity.   This rebounding no doubt triggers bigger earthquakes elsewhere.   The earths crust as with any curved flexible object that had been depressed, will rebound when the pressure is released.  The rebounding  begins slowly with ever increasing momentum as time goes on, and as long as nothing intervenes (like the onset of the next glacial period) the rebound will simply continue to its final "pop".

Now I come to the inner twin world.  It makes sense to me, knowing how they work, that they would have influenced the lives of notable persons who work in "earthquake" related fields.   So this brings us to the Earthquake wiki page and to the Seismologist's who made important inroads. My investigation led me to about 7 notable Seismologists, butt these three share something in common:
Today being April 30th makes the dates highlighted in green, meaningful, AND then the birthdays of Milne and de Rossi together with Richter's date of death generates a "September 30, October 30, _____, December 30/ 30th Day Sequence" pattern-cluster.  This is a typical pattern-cluster generated by the inner twin world via their slight of hand activity-- their profound ability to influence our outer thoughts and actions without our being the slightest bit aware.  This type of clusters is designed to prompt us into bridging the gap-- investigating the wiki page of November 30th.  Because the list of Notable Events, Births and Deaths are long, we're generally expected to investigate the years having 3 identical numbers at the  end.   There were a small handful, with one standing out above the rest: 

His year  of birth being a twin '55 is one heads up.  Note from his wiki page:
  • Donald Scott Smith (13 February 1955 – 30 November 2000)
His date of birth is one off from Valentines Day, and so an addition to the "Off By One" pattern-cluster, this is another typical cluster, designed to communicate that we are "off track", and in this case because Valentines day is about "love", we're off track in so far as love goes.  And that's interesting considered he's renown for playing in the ban "Loverboy".  So note this next excerpt:
On November 30, 2000, he was sailing his boat, the 11-metre (36.09 foot) Sea Major,[5] with two friends off the coast of San Francisco near the Golden Gate Bridge, when a freak 8-metre (26.25 foot) wave swept him overboard in shark-infested waters.
This is very telling, note the name of his boat "Sea Major" is a play on the name of the music note "C Major", which I talked about in my post,  Elias Demetracopoulos RIIP (Part 2): See Sea Sling. As I explained, the inner twin world designed  "See", "Sea" and "C" to be phonetically identical in order to generate a cryptic phrase re:  "See the C in the Sea".  The "C" strategically designed to be the graphic image of a giant cresting wave, so "See the giant wave in the sea"!!   

I decided to investigate the "C Major" wiki page, note the following excerpt: 
Another lead, note from Haydn's wiki page:
  • (Franz) Joseph Haydn[n 1] (31 March[n 2] 1732 – 31 May 1809)
Considering John Milne's death (see above) is July 31, we now have a "March 31, May 31, July  31/ 31st Day Sequence" pattern-cluster (April and June have 30 days).  A perfect sequence of 3!!

Note this next excerpt from Donald Scott Smith's wiki page: 

  • After Loverboy disbanded in 1988, Smith was part of the band Dangerous, along with Mike Reno andBrian MacLeod.

The twin '88 in the year is a heads up, and the band name "Dangerous" another.  Note from the wiki pages of the two mentioned: 

  • Mike Reno (born Joseph Michael Rynoski; January 8, 1955)
  • Brian Oliver MacLeod (June 25, 1952 – April 25, 1992)
All three of the dates are meaningful.  January 8th is the birthday of my step son and so an addition to the "Targeting Family Birthdays" pattern-cluster.  June  MacLeod's date of birth and death generates an "April 25, ___, June 25/ 25th Day Sequence" pattern- cluster.  And June 25th is particularly meaningful given the following:

Michael Jackson died on June 25th, and this death is meaningful because his "timely" death is the focus of the very first post in this blog:

Michael Jackson's death and the related pattern-cluster event leading up to it, is why I started this blog that focuses mainly on the "timely" deaths of notable persons.   

MacLeod's date of death is also meaningful -- April 25th, given that Richter's birthday (see above) was April 26, only 4 days ago.Taking this as a prompt, I went back through my posts, note the following title of my recent April 26 post: Vladimir Yulygin and Rudolf Wessely RIIIIP : less lie good win.  Definitely, they are at work!!  

Now going back to the wiki page of Seismolgist John Milne's note this excerpt: 

AwardsLyell Medal (1894)
He had won the prestigious Lyell Medal, AND, the name Lyell has a cryptic phrase within:  "lie Elle", this is another typical English/French combination that translates into "her lie".  The "her" is a reference to the inner twin world who consider themselves as "matriarchal" in complimentary opposite fashion to our "patriarchal" outer twin world. So there is a definite "Lie Theme" pattern-cluster in the works.

On going to the Lyell Medal's wiki page, I found the following: 
is named after Charles Lyell.
Now note from Lyell's wiki page:
Sir Charles Lyell, 1st BaronetFRS (14 November 1797 – 22 February 1875)
His date of death is an addition to the "Targeting Family Birthdays"  pattern-cluster given that February 22nd is my grandson's birthday.  Yes, this is what it looks like-- they have influenced my life and those surrounding me in a profound way... and that is why I'm here 'wrighting' this post and this blog to begin with.   Note from Lyell's wiki page:

InfluencedCharles DarwinAlfred Russel WallaceThomas Henry HuxleyRoderick Impey Murchison

Checking out each wiki page for birth/death dates, one stands out: 
Patten Roderick Impey Murchison (22 February 1792[2] – 22 October 1871) 
There is one other thing to consider about February 22nd.  When my grandson turns 8, the date will be 2/22/22.

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Mark Farmer RIIP (Part 2)

Continuing on from my previous post, and continuing to follow leads associated with Mark Farmer's 'timely' death, I had arrived at the wiki page of "Intent to Kill",  and to two of the films actors: 
  • Betsy Drake (September 11, 1923 – October 27, 2015) 
  • Herbert Lom  (11 September 1917 – 27 September 2012)

 I did record the "9/11 Birthdays (x2)" pattern-cluster, however, there is another.  Their dates of death generates a "September 27, October 27, _____/ Date Sequence" pattern-cluster.    This is a typical cluster.  The gap included is in keeping with the inner twin world's way-- their propensity for generating clusters that involve groups of three or more.  The cluster is strategic design, a means of  prompting us to bridge the gap by investigating the wiki page of the missing day, November 27.  Because the lists of Notable Events, Births and Death found there are long, the inner twin world generally expect us to limit our search by investigating the years having three identical numbers at the end.  The first one to crop up is found in the events section: 
And in the Deaths section there's quite a few:
  • 2000 – Uno Prii, Estonian-Canadian architect (b. 1924)
  • 2000 – Len Shackleton, English footballer and journalist (b. 1922)

I threw in the last one simply because the name "Billie Bird" is Audd and very inner twin like

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Mark Farmer RIIP: Drake's and Grange Hill Green

The Deaths in 2016 site lists under April 26:
There are several reasons for choosing Mark Farmer for this post.  For one, the name Mark is derived from Mars, a mythological God of War, butt there's more to Mars than meets the eye:
Mars: ... the god of war and also an agricultural guardian
So why is it that history focuses on the war side and not the agricultural?!  So a hidden meaning exists behind the name Mark Farmer: Agricultural Guardian Farmer.  And the"Agricultural Theme" pattern-cluster, doesn't end there.  It actually began with my previous post, note the following excerpts:
  • Richard Haydn (10 March 1905 – 25 April 1985) 
  On Haydn's wiki page are two films that stand out:
The name Richard Haydn breaks down into a cryptic: "rich earth" (the "ard" relating to aardvark- meaning "earth pig" in origin); and  "hay den". Both names, and then the "Green" in the films title, are additions to the "Agricultural Theme" pattern-cluster.   The etymology of the name Haydn shows it coming from "Haydun" which means "hay hill", and so we also have an addition to the recent "Hill" pattern-cluster

Mark Farmer acted in the tv series, "Grange Hill" which is also an addition to both clusters mentioned above.  Note the etymology:

  •  grange (n.)  "group of farms, small village," also "a granary, barn"

So Grange Hill is essentially a granary barn/farming community on a hill.  We go next to Mark Farmers wiki page, note the following:
  • Mark Farmer (22 May 1962 – 26 April 2016)
The date of May 22nd is meaningful, an addition to the "Identical Number Sequence" pattern-cluster as well as an addition to the "Off By One" pattern-cluster given that May 23 is the day of the year where 222 days remain.   Also in my previous post, May 23 had cropped up:
  • Dorothy Spencer (February 3, 1909 – May 23, 2002)
The name Spencer means "one who dispenses food", with "spence" in origin meaning "pantry".  The name Spencer reminds me of Princess Diana who's maiden name was Spencer.  There's no doubt that she factors in and so for the record, note her info:
  • Diana Frances (née Spencer; 1 July 1961 – 31 August 1997)
Her date of death stands out, given that it's the birthday of Megan MacGregor, who is another key player in the "Starr Family Production", as is her mother Trish MacGregor, who became the focus of my previous post.

I decided to visit the "List of Grange Hill cast members" wiki page, and because it's a very long alphabeticized list, I decided to limit my search to the "F" section... because it's in keeping with Marks surname that starts with an "F".  There are 11 notable persons mentioned in this section and so we have another heads up.  On perusing the 11, two stand out:
The surname Foote is an addition to the "Foot/Foot Injury" pattern-cluster, which Megan and her father Rob fall into, given that both had broken a foot (not by accident, butt by design-- inner twin influence).  To read posts concerning the "foot" cluster, these ar two most recent: 

And the surnames Fleet and Foote jive together... everyone wants "fleet feet", especially in times of danger where running or swimming is required.  Note from the wiki pages of the two:
  • James Edward Fleet (born 11 March, 1954)
  • Georgia May Foote (born 11 February 1991) 
Their birthdays generate a "__, February 11, March 11/ 11 Day Sequence" pattern-cluster.  This is a typical cluster.  The gap included is in keeping with the inner twin world propensity for generating clusters in groups of three or more.  The cluster is strategically designed as a means of prompting us to bridge the gap by investigating further. This entails us venturing to the January 11 wiki page.  Because the lists of Notable Events, Births and Death found there are long, we generally limit our search by investigating only the years having three identical numbers at the end.  Note the following:
  • 1999 – Brian Moore, Irish-Canadian author and screenwriter (b. 1921)
Note from his wiki page:
  • Brian Moore (25 August 1921 – 11 January 1999)
His birthday is an addition to the "Targeting Family Birthdays" pattern-cluster given that August 25 is my granddaughter's birthday.  It's interesting to note that "Greenlee" is her middle name, and so adding to the "Agricultural/Green... Theme" pattern-cluster.
His pen name "Michael" stands out, given that the name connects to the MacGregor's via the very first post to this blog, that concerns a pattern-cluster generated between the MacGregor's and I surrounding the "timely" death of Michael Jackson.  Note the etymology of the name Bryan:
  • Bryan:  possibly related to the old Celtic  bre meaning "hill", or by extension "high, noble". 
Going now to the wiki page of  "Intent to Kill" (film) , one of the actors stood out:
You'll understand why after reading the title of my previous post made yesterday:
So what are the chances of "Drake" cropping up twice in such a short span of time?!  This is another strategic design influence...and further evidence that Mark Farmer's death is "timely"-- perpetrated. Note this excerpt from Betsy Drake's wiki page:
  • Betsy Drake (September 11, 1923 – October 27, 2015) 
Her date of birth is an addition to the "Notable Day" pattern-cluster... and we all pretty much know what 9/11 is a symbol of, butt not many know of the other symbols within the event-- the "Twin" Towers and the fact that there are 111 days remaining after 9/11, to name butt 2.  As well, we have another 11.  I perused through the rest of the films actors, and note what I found
  • Herbert Lom  (11 September 1917 – 27 September 2012)
We have a "9/11 Birthdays (x2)" pattern-cluster in the works.   The inner twin world intend to let us know via these signatures, of their intent to kill-- they are and have been waging a war against our outer twin world (the other side of Mars), and the first step in bringing this war to an end, is to wake up-- be aware of it.  

Since we're on the subject of agriculture/towers/war, there is something that you should know about the new Tower that replaced the Twin Towers of New York City:
They substituted the tinted glass with "clear" glass, essentially enabling to convert it into a very tall "Green" house should they ever have the need.  The question is, how can one very tall building feed all of America?!  The answer: it's only designed to feed a select handful of the "power elite".  Either they know something that most of the populace doesn't know, or the inner twin world have set this in place-- a goad of sorts to spur on the rest of the population.  Now having said that, the tower structure is just one design and in so far as the danger that's to come, it's not the best, butt it is far better than our present day homes.   It's in the best interest of all concerned, even the power elite, to protect the populace... to protect industry and our food requirements.   This is the aim of the inner twin world, hence the war they are waging.

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Vladimir Yulygin and Rudolf Wessely RIIIIP (Part 2) Bananarama Drake

Continuing from my April 26 post, Vladimir Yulygin and Rudolf Wessely RIIIIP : less lie good win,
note this excerpt: 

1946Cluny Brown 
On the Cluny Brown film wiki page, three of the film's cast/crew stand out due to the cryptic meaning found in their names as well as dates: 
  • Joseph LaShelle, A.S.C. (July 9, 1900 - August 20, 1989)
  • Thomas Hervè Job-Iyock (born 20 August 1984)
  • Edwin Justus Mayer (November 8, 1896 – September 11, 1960) 
First of all, since my father's birthday is August 20, we have two additions to the "Targeting Family Birthdays" pattern-cluster, and we have an "August 20" pattern-cluster in the works. Reading my posts over the last few weeks will help you to understand the cryptic meaning in the names.  The only date that will stand out to most of you is Mayer's date of death, 9/11, an addition to the "Notable Day" pattern-cluster.

Another actor in the film, Richard Haydn,  stands out given his date of birth, the anniversary of which was just two days ago:
  • Richard Haydn (10 March 1905 – 25 April 1985) 
  On Haydn's wiki page are two films that stand out:
We have one addition to the recent "Canine Theme" pattern-cluster and another to the "Colour Theme" pattern-cluster.  Investigating The Green Years wiki page and then the wiki pages of cast and crew:
Tom Drake as Robert Shannon  (August 5, 1918 – August 11, 1982Jessica Tandy as Kate Leckie  (7 June 1909 – 11 September 1994) 
The two actors have a cryptic connection to author Trish MacGregor, another key player in the inner twin worlds "Starr Family Production", given that she shares the same birthday as Jessica Tandy, June 7th, and then note this excerpt from her wiki page:
 Patricia Janeshutz MacGregor writes most of her award-winning mysteries under the pen name of T.J. MacGregor. As Alison Drake she wrote five novels
So note her pen name "Drake", and then note the actor mentioned above re Tom Drake.  Both names contain a cryptic communication.  Tom Drake: twin male duck; and Alison Drake: a lie son male duck.   Note the five novels Trish wrote as Alison Drake:
I detect a cryptic phrase in their titles, one that reflects on the danger that the inner twin world has been warning of.  It's interesting to note that Trish MacGregor lives in Florida, an area single out as part of the danger zone.  The "High Strangeness" is a cryptic reference to "high water".  And out of curiosity I investigated lagoon's and found this:
Now that takes the banana rama cake!!  Note the title of my April 7 post: Bananaman, Bannana Man Band, Bananarama Tally Ho.

For the record, the rest of the cast and crew:
  • Christopher Severn (August 21, 1935) 
  • Samuel "Sam" Hoffenstein (October 8, 1890 - October 6, 1947) 
  • Cyril J. Mockridge (August 6, 1896 - January 18, 1979) 
  • Charles Boyer (28 August 1899 – 26 August 1978)
  • Jennifer Jones (March 2, 1919 – December 17, 2009)
  • Dorothy Spencer (February 3, 1909 – May 23, 2002)
  • Florence Bates (April 15, 1888 – January 31, 1954)  
  • Sara Ellen Allgood (October 31, 1879 – September 13, 1950) 
  • Ernest Cossart (24 September 1876 – 21 January 1951)
  • Una O'Connor (23 October 1880 – 4 February 1959) 
 So many pattern-clusters.