Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Now We Are Six

My previous posts investigation of the Tinker Tailor nursery rhyme, resulted in the following:
  • In Tom Clancy's novel, "Rainbow Six", the rhyme is used in ...
  •  Thomas Leo "Tom" Clancy Jr. (April 12, 1947 – October 1, 2013)
  • TODAY is April 12... Tom Clancey's birthday...  how 'timely' is THAT!?  
Today being Tom Clancy's birthday is just the beginning. What strikes me now, is the "Six" in the title of Clancy's novel.  Note from the Alternative Version of the Tinker Tailor wiki page:
And there's MORE about the number 6 that occurred just before my previous post.  It will take a little explaining, so bear with me:   I had googled "Rich Man Poor Man", expecting to find the rhyme, butt the  Rich Man Poor Man tv mini series was presented.  Things like this happen often, and I know from experience that it's a design influence... a strategy of the inner twin world... and a heads up.   So, I perused the list of cast on the tv Series wiki page, looking for anything that stood out, until I arrived at two who are listed one after the other:
They both have "George" in their names.  It may not seem like much, except that earlier today I made a point to keep an eye open for any "George" that crops up.  As to the significance behind "George", the following excerpt from todays post, Bobby's Buckle's and Bubble's, will enlighten you:
  • Charles Coffin Little (July 25, 1799–August 11, 1869) 
  • James Brown (May 19, 1800 – March 10, 1855) 
the "Coffin Little" is disturbing.  And his first name, Charles, the first thing that came to mind ... and given the recent "Crown/Jewel Theme" pattern-cluster, is Prince Charles.   And there is a cluster that Stands out that we need to consider.   Since my mothers date of death is July 23, we now have a "July 23, _, 25/Date Sequence" pattern-cluster.  If you read this blog then you know that this  type of cluster was designed as a way of prompting us to investigate further.  So bridging the July 24gap: we use the "1 Main Formula" as per usual, and of course taking into consideration the "one off" curve ball tossed into the mix ...  we arrive at:
  • 2001 – Georges Dor, Canadian author, playwright, and composer (b. 1931)
  • Georges Dor (March 10, 1931 – July 24, 2001)
We now have a "March 10(x2)" pattern-cluster.  And a cryptic "George's Door".   And I'm now reminded of little Prince George, the grandson of Charles !!  Note form his wikipage:
  • Prince George of Cambridge ( born 22 July 2013) 
And we now have a "July 22, 23(x2), 24, 25/Date Sequence" pattern-cluster. 
We have a very definite"George" pattern-cluster.  Now note the following info from the wiki pages of the two cast members:
George Maharis Route 66 1962.JPG
Maharis in the Route 66 publicity
photo, 1962
BornSeptember 1, 1928 (age 88)
Astoria, QueensNew York, U.S.
So George Maharis died at the twin age of 88 and Lynda Day George was born in '44.  And nothing prepared me for the image I found on George Maharis' wiki page.

The big and bold "Route 66" is unmistakable!!   This is a purposeful design, a communication: "the way is 66".  It's cryptic and so needs further deciphering, and this is where the numbers on my computer key board come in.  Each number shares a key with a symbol, as per the inner twin world design influence.  In the case of the number 6, it shares the same key as the ^ "roof/hat" symbol, and it's purpose is to communicate "shelter"... like the roof of our home and the hat on our head.  Butt the twin 66 is much more:  a cryptic reference to a new type of home, what the inner twin world refer to as the TUSSH-- the Two United Structure System Home, and if you want to learn more about this home, then key TUSSH in this blogs search box, and read the treasure trove of info.

The name of the character parts played by the two cast members, the Quayles, stand out. For one, the name consists of a cryptic "Quay less" aka "Key less/dock less", and is also a cryptic "Quails"-- brown game bird. Note the etymology:
  • quail (v.)  ... "to fade, fail, give way," from PIE *gwele- (1) "to throw, to pierce" (see quell). Or from obsolete quail "to curdle". Sense of "lose heart, cower"
  • quail (n.) migratory game bird, 
The "lose heart, cower" part sure hits home.  It's hard for me to "wright" the truth when the communication becomes DARK, such as with this case where "little Coffin" is associated with Prince George.  And although I believe it does no good to bury one's head in the sand, I sometimes become overwhelmed to the point that I dig in my heels ... and plunk my head fair-and-square in the sand!!  Butt I always come around... head in sand is by far scarier, and it's a tactic that leaves you unaware, unprepared and unprotected.