Wednesday, April 12, 2017

High Man Low Man Rich Man Poor Man ...

Continuing from my previous post, note this excerpt:
  • Hyman Philip Minsky (September 23, 1919 – October 24, 1996)     
Hyman stands out... it's the name first of all in that it cropped up a few days ago.  And his date of death also stands out in that it's one off from October 25, a meaningful day given that 3 members of my life partners family  are born on October 25 during different years. 
The post referenced made on April 6 : Hi Man High Man , note from the post:
Continuing from my previous post, we left off with an "April 15"(x9) and a May 19(x6)" pattern-cluster, the latter involving singer:
  •  Joey Ramone (Jeffrey Ross Hyman) (May 19, 1951 – April 15, 2001)
And do note the "May 19(x6)" pattern-cluster !! And then note from my previous post:
  • James Brown (May 19, 1800 – March 10, 1855) 
Brown makes it 7!! And its also an addition to a cluster in my previous post, making it now a:
a  "May 15, 16, _, 18, 19(8)/ Date Sequence" pattern-cluster.  
As for  Hyman Philip Minsky, his name contains a cryptic: "hi/high man friend min sky", a way of saying "high ground...friend... less sky".  The "less sky" is a cryptic reiteration of ... and puts added emphasis on "high ground".   Minsky's wiki page contains a list of names in the sidebar, four stand out due to the cryptic communication, note from their wiki pages:
And clusters emerge, first we have a "June 19(x3) pattern-cluster... with the 3rd being the very first post to this blog, which was made on June 19, 2012...and so drawing attention to the post.  And we also now have an "October 7, _9, ..15(x2).. 19... 24, 25(x3), _, 27, 28/ Date Sequence" pattern-cluster.... with the others having cropped up in my other earlier posts today.  Within the cluster are two gaps that are open game as per the rules: can be investigated, or we can wait to see if continuing the investigation will bring others to the surface.  Note re the first of the four names:   Henry is a form of "Harry"... a cryptic "hairy", and his entire name generates a cryptic "hairy sigh mons"-- an English/French combination that's typical of the inner twin world-- the French "mon" translates as "my" ... the "s" (plural) is a way of including both (inner and outer twin), and so we get "my/our hairy sigh"...
 and this jives with the "twin fears" communication in the previous post.  The 'sigh' is not one
of relief given that it's coupled with 'hairy', and so implying exasperation... hopelessness.

The sur name Hyman  is uncommon, and so we have a "Hyman" pattern-cluster in the works.  Note one of the etymology definitions of the name: Hyman: Life.  On venturing to the Hyman surname wiki page, I discover that another version of the name is "Heyman" and "Heymann".  Perusing the lists, I selected the ones who stood out and then ventured to each of their wiki pages and the
following info:
  • Ben Zion Hyman (October 22, 1891–1984) 
  • Robert Andrew "Rob" Hyman (born April 24, 1950 
  • Trina Schart Hyman (April 8, 1939 – November 19, 2004)  
  • Edward Heyman (March 14, 1907 – October 16, 1981)  
  • Tomer Heymann (born October 12, 1970)  
  • Philip B. Heymann (born October 30, 1932) 
  • Carl Heymann (Oct. 4, 1854)
  • Werner R. Heymann (14 February 1896 – 30 May 1961)   
  • Klaus Heymann (born 22 October 1936) 
Clearly the higher number of October's is strategic: we have more to add to the cluster!!
  • " October 4...  7, _9  ..12..15(x2)16..19... 22(x2), _,  24, 25(x3), _, 27, 28, _, 30 / Date Sequence" pattern-cluster
  And note the birthdays of Ben Zion and Klaus that generates an "October 22(x2)" pattern-cluster, so the cryptic phrase in their names are connected...serve as leads, let's decipher: Ben(time) Zion(? ) Hy( hi/high) Man ; klaus(conquering people / close)  hey(exclaim/make hay)  Mann (many men) .  So we need to investigate Zion.  I recollect that its a mountain.  On the Zion wiki page is the following:
If Semitic, it may be derived from the Hebrew root ṣiyyôn ("castle") or the Hebrew ṣiyya ("dry land," Jeremiah 51:43)  
So the communication becomes " time castle/ dry land  high man... conquering people make hay".  The "make hay" is short for the saying "make hay while the sun shines".
The term "Zionism" coined by Austrian Nathan Birnbaum, was derived from the German rendering of Tzion 
Note from Birnbaum's wiki page:
Nathan Birnbaum  ( 16 May 1864 – 2 April 1937) 
And so the cluster expands again:  a  "May 15, 16(x2) , _, 18, 19(8)/ Date Sequence" pattern-cluster.  

Coming back now to one of the names listed above re:

Note the following definition of his surname, and note how the name Chaucer crops up as an example of an earlier use of the world... and then note from Chaucers wiki page:

Wray : 1.To reveal; to disclose.
To no wight thou shalt this counsel wray.

Geoffrey Chaucer (1343 – 25 October 1400)