Thursday, February 28, 2013

Ramon Dekker RIIP, Sidney Dekker Take a Peek (Update)

Wikipedia's Death of 2013 site records the following:
Ramon Dekkers, 43, Dutch kickboxer, eight-time Muay Thai world champion.[15]
It was his surname that stood out... not a common one, and so it was pretty easy for me to remember that I had mentioned this surname quite awhile back in my Toumai blog, and so I keyed in "Dekker" into to the search box which brought up the following information:
January 15, a Plane crash, 2 A-bombs and SynchronicityJan 10, 2010
He also gave the pilot a replacement copy of a library book lost on the flight, Just Culture: Balancing Safety and Accountability, by Sidney Dekker.[111] (Dekker... deck-- roof) Now going back to the paper, there is also another ...
To read the entire Post click Here.

If you read my last post you're probably as shocked as I am.  Note this excerpt from my previous post
Those who've read my recent posts are aware of a "January 15"pattern-cluster, which is literally that-- January 15 cropping up in materials as a result of having followed the  leads that other pattern-clusters brought to the surface.  January 15th stands out on the personal level as well, given that my son and partner were born on this day (22 years apart).
This is the 8th time that January 15th has cropped up in the last 6 weeks!!

As you can see by the 2010 post excerpt above, I had made a connection with the name "Dekker" and the word "Deck".  Note the following etymology:

That deck means "ROOF" in origin is interesting when you consider the "Roof" pattern-cluster that has been an ongoing theme for a number of years and up to this very point in time.   There is meaning to the pattern-clusters, and if you're new to this blog and you'd have to read the Header at the top of my Toumai blog to even begin to know what I'm talking about.  
deck (n.) a nautical word, from ver- "fore" +decken "to cover, put under roof," from Proto-Germanic *thackjam (related to thatch, q.v.). 
deck (v.2) "knock down," c.1953,
deck (v.1)"adorn" (as in deck the halls), early 15c., from Middle Dutch dekken "to cover," from the same Germanic root as deck (n.). 
Unge AndersenNote the cover of the book (pictured at left) regarding the 2010 post excerpt above re: A Just Culture, by Sidney Dekker, which the Mayor had given the Pilot for his part in miraculously landing the plane on the Hudson River, saving all 155 on board.   Now compare the books cover to the poster ad for the film "Young Andersen" (pictured at right), which was included in my previous post.

The similarity between the two is obvious enough, especially if you've read my posts in the last couple of weeks, butt in case you don't quite get it, note this next excerpt from my previous post, Chris Peters RIIP, Peter Steen RIIP and a Hammers...:
On perusing through the list of  movies Steen had acted in, one stood out in particular due to the film's poster ad pictured at right.  The picture of a man-- young Andersen, 'peeking' one eye through his fingers as though he's afraid of looking at something that's in front of him.  This is very meaningful, especially since the recent death of musician Kevin Peek, noting in particular his last name, and consider the following excerpts from my February 21 post entitled, Kevin Peek and Zelandonii RIIP :
On trying to find information about the author of Just Culture, Sidney Dekker, I found a particular interesting article (Here) and excerpt:

The book focuses partly on how responses to incidents and accidents, that may be perceived as unjust, can create fear and silence and reduce willingness to report, rather than learning and improving.
In a time, when it is more and more common to treat human error as a crime, it is an interesting reading material not just for airline pilots, but for all people in safety-critical work.
Another thing worthwhile mentioning, is yet another pattern-cluster happening in the moment concerning the above mention movie ad re: Young Andersen, given that it portrays the life of Hans Christian Andersen and something I had mentioned in passing in my January 2010 post as mentioned above, note the following excerpt:
 In fact, when I think about it, it’s odd that Cath, Gill, Chris, Erin and even our dog Bailey (since passed) were all born in January. I’m the odd one out (born in June)... hmmm, there seems to be a pattern here with this “odd person out”/”ugly duckling” scenario.
So note the mention of the "ugly duckling" in the above... Hans Christian Andersen wrote "The Ugly Duckling" (Here)
... a literary fairy tale by Danish poet and author Hans Christian Andersen (1805 – 1875). The story tells of a homely little bird born in a barnyard who suffers abuse from his surroundings until, much to his delight (and to the surprise of others), he matures into a beautiful swan, the most beautiful bird of all. The story is beloved around the world as a tale about personal transformation for the better.[1] “The Ugly Duckling” was first published 11 November 1843 
Considering that my last post involved many "Peters", I had thought that maybe the "Peter Piper" tongue twister somehow factors in, butt I didn't bother going down that road, butt now, it just dawned on me that the word "deck" rhymes with "peck"... and come to think of it, note how the "d" and "p" are like "mirror images" of each other... complimentary opposites, which is very much in keeping with the inner twin world weirdness, so check it out:

peter piper picked a peck of pickled peppers  AND  deter dider dicked a deck of dickled dedders


Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Chris Peters RIIP, Peter Steen RIIP and a Hammerstone

The photo at right is the back cover of  CAA's 2013 Spring edition Magazine that Cathy had been reading this morning, and it wasn't until she had left for work did I notice the image at right staring up at me.  I could hardly believe it, right there in in bold black and grey letters were the words "There's no grey area in some decisions"!!  You'll understand my reaction once you've read this excerpt from my previous post entitled, Schultz/Judge Pattern-Cluster Continued:
Although it's not a long line, the Deaths of 2013 notes the passing of two actors named "Gray" in the last couple weeks: 
Perhaps the sense is that the "gray" are the inner twin world (aka: gray area, meaning "not yet clear"... 
If it wasn't for the "gray area" mentioned in my previous post, the image I saw this morning would have been just another ad and the words wouldn't have had any significance.  Those who don't know better would tend to pass this off as coincidence or synchronicity, butt my research over the last few years proves otherwise.  I refer to events such as the above, as "Pattern-Clusters", with this particular one falling into the "Black/Gray/Swartz" category.  For those who are newcomers to this blog, it would be a good idea at this point to read the intro at the Header of my Toumai Blog (Here).

The cryptic way that the inner twin world communicates to us in our outer lives and world is difficult to follow let alone decipher, and so as I've stated before in previous posts, it's always best to "leave no stone unturned"... and in particular the scary ones.

Over the course of many thousands of years of evolution, it's more than evident that the inner twin world have developed a means of communicating with one another that is beyond us at this stage. For now, and only where we are concerned, they communicate by generating cluster-patterns.  From what I gather, this is the best they can do under the circumstances, the circumstances being that they reside within us and so naturally there are limitations, one being that they can't ... or for whatever reason, they don't choose to speak as we do, and nor do they need to.  What they are able to do, is influence our thoughts and actions in such a way that we aren't aware, and because of this, they are able to generate pattern-clusters that form a  cryptic communication designed specifically with us in mind.  In many ways, it's similar to sign language.

Those who've read my recent posts are aware of a "January 15"pattern-cluster, which is literally that-- January 15 cropping up in materials as a result of having followed the  leads that other pattern-clusters brought to the surface.  January 15th stands out on the personal level as well, given that my son and partner were born on this day (22 years apart).

Cathy and I have been together 20 years, and now when I think about all the factors leading up to our meeting, I know without a shadow of doubt that it was prearranged by the inner twin world.  The fact that Cathy and my son, Chris, share the same birthday, enabled the inner twin world extra leverage that they would need when it came to the time of finally break through to me.  Now, in the last 6 weeks, this day has cropped up 7 times!!  It's pretty hard to ignore something that hits so close to home.

So with that in mind, this morning, as with most mornings, I ventured to Wikipedia's Deaths in 2013 site and noted the following had been added under February 27:    
Chris Peters, 63, Australian business/community leader, 2012 Canberra Citizen of the Year,cancer.[4]
The first thing that stood out is the name Chris... the same name as my son, and the second thing that stood out was the surname, given the occurrence of a "Peter/Stone" Pattern-Cluster, hence I'm already familiar with the fact that the etymology (original meaning) of the name Peter, is "Stone":
Peter: Derived from the Greek Πετρος (Petros) meaning "stone".
So this exactly what I mean by a scary stone.   What has become obvious to me over the years, is that many of the pattern-clusters occur as a result of timely deaths of notable individuals.  In other words, some inner twins are sacrificing their lives and in the process that of their outer twin, in order to generate pattern-clusters.   I don't like that this happens and I especially don't like it when they involve my loved ones.  I have no choice but to accept the reality that they are able to influence events in their lives, with my worse fear being that they can make an accident happen as they have done in the past... more than once.  The inner twin world  will do whatever they feel needs to be done in order to keep me properly on track, which is to continue what I'm doing here and now.  The only saving grace in this precarious situation is that I came to understand their underlying motive very soon after becoming aware which I won't get into at this point in time, except to say that the cluster-patterns are a means for the inner twin world to "come out" and "communicate" to us, and regardless of their motives, we would do well to listen and heed what they have to say.

Since the name "Peter" has now come onto the stage, I consider this a potential lead, and so I decided to go back through the Deaths in 2013 site perusing the month of February to see if perhaps a stone had been left unturned.   When I came to January 7th, I noted the following
   Peter Steen, 77, Danish actor.[365]
This must have been added much later after his death, because I wouldn't have overlooked the three inner twin markers that I noted at a glance.  First of all, I knew that the name "Peter" means stone, second, I also knew his surname "Steen", a diminutive of "Stein", also means "stone".  Note the following from the Behind the Name etymology site:
Steen: From Stein: From the Old High German word stein meaning "stone". 
Peter Steen's twin age at death, "77", is another obvious inner-twin marker/signature.  And there's one more item, note the [365] reference number, a number sequence that has "other" significance when considering that there are 365 days in a year.  No doubt the inner twin world are trying to communicate something with this, butt what?  The only thing I can think of at the moment, is that to say there are 365 days in the year is not the entire truth, given that during leap years, there are 366 days.   Since 2013 isn't a leap year, another day won't be added at the end of February as is usual during leap years in our Gregorian calendar... we can actually say today, that tomorrow is the last day of February.

Following the link to Peter Steen's wiki page, I note the following:
Peter Steen (22 January 1936 – 7 February 2013)[1] was a Danish film actor. Steen was born in Randers, Denmark, and appeared in over 50 films from 1964 on wards.
What stands out now, is the day of January 22nd.  Not only because 22 is a particular trade mark signature of the inner twin world, butt because his birthday is one off from my daughters birthday which is the 21st, hence falling into what I refer to as the Off By One Pattern-Cluster category.   On reading some of my recent posts you'll discover that the Off By One Pattern-Cluster has involved the birthdays of virtually everyone in my immediate family... including the dog (since passed).

Unge AndersenOn perusing through the list of  movies Steen had acted in, one stood out in particular due to the film's poster ad pictured at right.  The picture of a man-- young Andersen, 'peeking' one eye through his fingers as though he's afraid of looking at something that's in front of him.  This is very meaningful, especially since the recent death of musician Kevin Peek, noting in particular his last name, and consider the following excerpts from my February 21 post entitled, Kevin Peek and Zelandonii RIIP :
Note this next excerpt taken from Peter Steens wiki page:
In 2004 Steen won a Bodil Award as best supporting actor for the 2003 film Arven (The Inheritance).
This focus on the movie Arven could be another lead and so I click on the link to the films wiki page where I then note the following:
  • The Inheritance (DanishArven) is a 2003 Danish film directed by Per Fly
  • Release date(s)
    • 21 February 2003
The release date is meaningful because February 21st is the same day that I posted the above mentioned post re: Kevin Peek and Zelandonii RIIP.  This is how the inner twin world works, they generate pattern-clusters such as these, meaningful pieces of a much larger communication.   The inner twin world seems to be emphasizing this connection between Kevin Peek and Peter Steen.  The movie Arven (Inheritance) is a dark film about a man who is on a path that will ultimately lead to great losses and even his premature death, but he doesn't seem to have the will to take hold of his life and change the path he's on.  Even the poster ad for the film is dark... and designed as though one is 'peeking' in on the main characters life.  The black and grey tones are in keeping with the dark themed pattern-clusters as of late.  It`s likely that the inner twin world are warning us about the path we are on... where we lack the will to change on our own, which is why they are doing whatever is necessary to make sure we get off that path that by the nature of our "twinship", they are on as well.  

One of the other things I find audd, is the name of the films director, Per Fly,   Of course it likely translates as something entirely different in his language, butt what comes to my mind immediately, is For Flying... Fly Around... Fly Through.  Clicking on the link in his name, I note the following from his wiki page: 
Per Fly Plejdrup (born 14 January 1960) is a Danish film director, generally credited simply as Per Fly
Note the date of January 14th, which fits in with the Off By One Cluster pattern-cluster as first mentioned above.  As noted in my February 25 postJudge Polozola RIIP /January 15 Pattern-Cluster , in the Updated section at the end of the post, it reveals that January 14 had cropped up twice in previous posts, along with January 15 cropping up a whopping 5 times (taking into consideration my previous post, two more have been added to the recent pattern-cluster making it a total of 7.  This January 14 makes 3... keep in mind that it fits into the Off By One pattern-cluster due to the significance of January 15, and given that the two clusters are occurring within this small window of time, is nothing short of astounding. 

On getting back to the reference regarding "Fly", I can't help butt be reminded of how I have often stated that the inner twin world are essentially offering us wings to fly (metaphorically speaking)... and literally when you consider that they were there with the Wright brothers.  We have achieved so much since moving up the ranks to modern man-- Homo Sapien Sapien.  We are what we are because of a mutation that enabled us to grow not a "bigger" brain, butt to have two brains that are intrinsically connected-- an inner and outer twin brain living and working together.  We are who we are because of this unique symbiotic relationship.   We cannot be separated, butt with that said, our inner twin's are fully capable of wrecking havoc in our lives if they so chose.  All they have to do is suddenly stop cooperating.  If they aren't able to achieve their goal, then plan "B" comes into effect.  You do not want to know what that would be, however if you read my posts of the last month, you'll get the drift... butt I'll say this, it involves reverting back to the stone age.  We will lose our technology ... we simply won`t have the time or the brain power to fly a jet, drive a car, play the guitar or ride a bike, because those who survive will be too busy trying to survive, and THAT is why we need to pave the way for the inner twin world to come out and for their communication to reach the masses... that is why I'm here... at least part of the reason.     

Peter Steen's wiki page mentions that he won the Danish Bodil Award, which I discover to be named after two renown Danish actresses, both of whom had the same first name, Bodil.  That in itself has inner twin written all over it, so I ventured to the etymology of names site and discovered the following:
Bodil: From the Old Norse name Bóthildr, derived from bót "remedy" and hildr "battle".
Note how the definition of the name implies a battle that is considered a remedy. They are in their own cryptic way, letting us know that they are waging a war against us for one reason and one reason only-- as a remedy... they are fixing us similar to the way a doctor resets a broken bone... except this is many times more extreme.  The fact that they are dying in the warfare being waged, indicates how serious and desperate the situation is, and we need to think seriously abut waking up and gathering our wits... and helping others do the same before its too late.  There are many people who simply won`t be able to handle the concept of an inner twin, butt with that said, there will never be a perfect time for this truth to come out, and perhaps it is a bit premature butt all indications from the inner twin world's communication is that they must come out and get us on board now if we're going to survive.

Going back now to the "Young Andersen" Films wiki page (Here), note the following:
Young Andersen (Danish: Unge Andersen) is a two partDanish television serial directed by Rumle Hammerich and co-written by Hammerich and Ulf Stark.
What is meaningful, is the surname Hammerich due to the word `Hammer`that lay within.  The name Hammer has cropped up lately and I noted these in previous posts due to a pattern-cluster surround the deaths of two Judges coupled with the fact that the surname "Schultz" (my daughters married name), means "Judge" (note my last two posts discuss this). Note this next excerpt from Hammerich's wiki page (Here):
Jens Peter Hammerich, better known as Rumle Hammerich (born 16 November 1952), is aDanish film directorscreenwriter and film company director.
What needs to be taken into consideration from the above, is his middle name, Peter, which as you now know means "stone", so consider the greater communication to be "stone hammer".  Think about what it implies... when did you last use a stone hammer.  Precisely.  Communicating "stone hammer" at this point in time is a way of verifying just exactly how far they intend to go with this war... a war that will bring us to our knees and reverting right back into the stone age.  The elaborately carved wooden hammer gracing the top of the mahogany desks that help a judge to maintain order in the court, will be replaced with a stone one, butt look at the bright side, there'll be no need of lining the desk with bullet proof material.

Note the following Wikipedia page (Here) that gives the definition of a Hammerstone:
In archaeology, a hammerstone is a hard cobble used to strike offlithic flakes from a lump of tool stone during the process of lithic reduction.[1] 
And considering that the inner twin world took into consideration that they would be using a hammer to drive their message home, note this next excerpt taken from Wikipedia`s "Hammer" information page (Here)  :
The hammer, being one of the most used tools by Homo sapiens, has been used very much in symbols and arms. In the Middle Ages it was used often in blacksmith guild logos, as well as in many family symbols.
It is no mere accident of fate that the Judge overseeing my case is Deborah K. "Smith"!!

I'm pretty used to putting my fears aside for the sake of being able to do my best in this arduous task of  trying to bring the inner twin world and their message to the light of day, and through all of it, what has become most  obvious to me is the lengths that the inner twin world have gone through in order to ensure that their message gets out in the way that it has.  I've suffered the brunt of this in one way ... none of this is easy... butt I'm lucky when you consider that others haven't fared so well.  At least I'm alive... still hammering my finger tips on this key board day and night, not just because I fear what the inner  twin world will do to bring me on track, butt mostly because I don't like the idea of plan 'B'... I like plan A... hmm, or should that be their cryptic CAA plan (as in 'See AA'-- meaning both our worlds working together on the first and better way to save the day).  

There's still a bit more that I need to touch on regarding some of the films that Peter Steen acted in.    On his wiki page it mentions that he acted in over 50 films, and yet only 12 are listed:

Note the very first one called "To"... what an audd name for a film, butt not so audd when you consider that my own inner twin is name "Tou" (as per my Toumai blog... with May being my name... and the word Toumai meaning "Hope For Life")... there is a reason why we have so many to, too, two, 2, and Tou... each were purposely designed to factor into the communication equation.  So then note what crops up when I venture to the film's wiki page:
To is a 1964 Danish film directed by Palle Kjærulff-Schmidt
Will you look at that... another Smith, Germanic version!! I notice on his wiki page that he directed the 1966 film called:
Once There Was a War (1966)
The film coming out in 1966 brings me back to the list of films that Peter Stene acted in as per the above.  Three of them were 1966 films as well... I can only understand the one that's titled in English, "Neighbors".  And then there's the 1977 film called "Going for Broke".  All of these fit into the communication equation and from what I can gather, what they're saying is that they want us to be neighborly about the situation-- come hell or high water they're coming out and if it takes going broke in the process, then so be it.  They have made up their mind.



On perusing through the Deaths in 2013 site I noted that an actual renown "blacksmith" had just passed away, not the following information from his wiki page (Here)
L. Brent Kington (July 26, 1934 – February 7, 2013) was an art educator and visual artist who worked in blacksmithing and sculpture.[1] Kington was a product of the studio craft movement in jewelry and hollowware. In 1969 he served as the first president of the Society of North American Goldsmiths.[2] He is frequently hailed as the man responsible for the blacksmithing revival which took place in the late 1960s and early 1970s.[3]Kington taught at Southern Illinois University Carbondale from 1961 to 1997 

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Schultz/Judge Pattern-Cluster Continued

Given the "Schultz/Judge/January 15" pattern-cluster in my previous post,  I decided to go to the Schultz Wiki page to sleuth around.   Keep in mind as well, that the name "Schultz" fits in with the "Z/Zee/zz" pattern-cluster that predominates my posts since it began on January 30, 2013.
First, the date the show was aired, January 15!!    Second, it's meaningful that they're twins, when you consider that in more ways than one,  I've Got a Secret Tou, note the following taken from the Header of my Toumai blog:   
The Genetic discovery of "Tetragametic Chimera humans", reveals that parts of our body can belong to a twin. This gives room to consider the subconscious as belonging to a twin. The research involved in this blog and my new Pronoiasecret blog provides evidence that proves what "appears" to be synchronicity in many cases, are patterns generated by inner twin's working together in a bid to "come out" as well as "communicate" to us at this point in time.
Keith and Kevin also acted in The Long Gray Line,  a 1955 film.  The phrase "The Long Gray Line" is used to describe, as a continuum, all graduates and cadets of the US MA at West Point, New York.
Although it's not a long line, the Deaths of 2013 notes the passing of two actors named "Gray" in the last couple weeks: 

Perhaps the sense is that the "gray" are the inner twin world (aka: gray area, meaning "not yet clear"... which is somewhat true when you consider that the overall general public still aren't aware that we all possess an inner/conjoined twin, let alone be aware that many have sacrificed their lives-- a long line of gray, for a great cause ).
Now for some of the other notable Schultz out there:
My February 25th post title,Paul McIlhenney RIIP and the "Hot/Pepper/Pep" Patt..., includes the word "Pepper" which corresponds with the pepper above re: "Soul Pepper Theatre Company".
 My February 20th post title,Elspet Gray RIIP and Black/Swartz Adder Addition reveals shades of gray/black, and note, Swartz is German for Black,  corresponding with Conrad Black/Shades of Black.
My February 15 post title,Meteorite Strike And The "Z" Pattern-Cluster (UPDA. ,corresponds with the above mention of Three penny Opera as per the following post excerpts:  
  •  The second thing that stood out in regards to the Billy May excerpt above, was the  film, Pennies from Heaven  What immediately came to mind is "Henny Penny"
  • Not only that, butt I've previously posted a "money/penny/meteorites" pattern-cluster to my Toumai Blog on October 30, 2012, note the following post title and excerpt: 111, iii, and Synchro-Sandy-Storm Auddity!!! (Here)
  • Alby Schultz (born 1939), Australian politician: In 2003 he lost an eye in an accident with hydrochloric acid while cleaning a swimming pool filter, and in 2004 he had a prosthetic eye fitted.[6][7] 
My February 17th post title,  Eric Ericson and A Glass Eye, and other posts correspond with the above mention of a prosthetic eye.   

  • Andrew Schultz (born 1960), Australian classical composer has written operas  Black River (1989), Going Into Shadows (2001) (see: Black River (1993 film starring Aboriginal mezzo-soprano Maroochy Barambah As a tribute to her Aboriginality she took the names Maroochy (meaning "black swan") and Barambah (meaning "source of the western wind").

She married a Brown which fits into the extensive "Brown pattern-cluster" which has occurred over the last couple of months.  Note as well, the "z's" in "Pulitzer Prize" hence fitting into the "Z" pattern-cluster.
  • Dave Schultz Canadian ice hockey player David William "The Hammer"[1] Schultz
The word hammer is significant re: JUDGES Hammer (order in the court)
The Judge preciding over my case is named Deborah... which means "Bee" the letter "B" is "Beth" in origin which means "house" as does the 66 in her year of birth (6 sharing the same key as the ^ "roof" symbol, which in a cryptic sense, is a "house", and on reading my posts you'll discover that 66 is a reference to a specialized fully enclosed and self sufficient bio-dome house. 
His date of birth fits into the "Off By One" pattern-cluster given my daughters birthday being January 21st.  
There has been a recent "Cat/Cath/Catastrophe" pattern-cluster.  The surname "Murdock" has also cropped up a number of times recently during investigating pattern-clusters.
My partner Cathy just had surgery on her hand, she decorated the cast into a dog that she called Fargo.  Note the WDAY TV ... equivilant to V-DAY times two (significant when you realize who is generating the patterns)
First of all, note the "Z's".  As well, this is an addition to the recent "Flower/Lily/Rose" pattern-cluster as per my February 24th post, Emma McDougall RIIP, Blackburn, 

Note, he died on this day 15 years ago.  The fact that he was from Illinois is meaningful when you consider my recent February 25th post, Mary Ann McMorrow Chief Justice RIIP and Tou-Morro... ,  where Illinois plays a key role.  Note his twin age of 88 at death.  And then there's the Nobel Prize.  Note how it breaks down into "No Bel"... there's a reason for that. The type of bell that the inner twin world are looking is just that... the one with two "LL's".  Their Bel and our Bell put together makes a "Bell"... as in a hollow/enclosed "bell pepper" ... which is essentially very much like the design of the TUSSH-- the Two United Structure System Home, and it is for this reason, that they are willing to sacrifice their lives to get this all important message across and to ensure it gets built in the Nick of Time.    

To be continued...