Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Rockets vs. Raptors; Ocean vs. Economical (UPDATE)

This next post as well as the photo's won't mean that much to you if you haven't been reading this blog on a fairly regular basis, butt I'll still try to make enough connections for you to figure it out... or at least get you on the right path.

Note the first photo above of my Statscounter for Pronoiasecret that I just took.  You need to expand on it to see what I see-- Stewart McKelvey, who just so happens to bee the law firm who've been hanging around for a number of years now.  They represent the Economical Mutual Insurance Company here in Nova Scotia, who were my insurer at the time of my motor vehicle accident in 2000, butt nott any longer, for reasons I won't get into!!!

Hmmm that's audd, Stewart McKelvie don't usually venture to this blog... I've noticed that they venture on my Toumai blog tho.   So note the post that they logged in on:

Visit Page:
 and go back and read the post for yourself because it's pretty telling... especially when comparing these next two photo's, the one at right was taken from today's Globe and Mail-- the Raptors player trying to make a quick get away with the ball and a Rocketts player looking like he's been taken by surprise.  Good photo, makes it look as tho the Raptors have it over the Rockets butt the real proof in the synchro-pudding is the final score shown above the photo-- Rocketts beat the Raptors.

The second photo at left was taken from the post mentioned above re: Marc Swayze and Judy Garland.  Maybee you don't see what I see between the tow images... perhaps being an artist helps me to catch the visual synchronicity.   So consider the key points-- bird of prey (vulture) in comic cover mostly red in color vs. bird of prey (raptors), mostly red in color; Opponents look as though they are taken by surprise (and they are); It "appears" that the birds of prey are in control (at the moment "in play" they each have the upper hand); We know the end result due to the depiction of superhero's coming to the rescue in the first image and the score at the top of the photo in the second image.

Keep in mind that as of late there has been a cluster synchronciity  surrounding "birds of prey" and anything to do with "rock's/stones".

The message that the inner twin world are conveying here is that the in the human scheme of things, the "predatory type" who prey on innocent victims will nott get away with it, they may enjoy a bit of a "hay day", butt it won't belong before they are kept in check by a more powerful force.  As you can see, that's been the case throughout history-- the repeated rise and fall of powers.  The inner twin world have been there right along, manipulating the human predatory nature to serve their end... they simply had to work with what they had at their disposal.  Now, times are different, world wars are no longer an option, butt still they need to move us forward and so the only way this can be done is by their "coming out" and "communicating" to us.  That is why the inner twin world staged my motor vehicle accident and all the horrors I experienced with Economical and Stewart McGelvey and the other firm that Economical uses McKinnis and Cooper-- that's right, Economical hired 3 lawyers from two separate law firms to force me down.  And throw in a fourth lawyer for Raymond Sullivan-- the driver of the vehicle who struck mine.   Then we have a Judge-- Associate Chief Justice Deborah K. Smith, who just so happens to have a long history working for McKinnis and Cooper, yes that's right, she worked for a big law firm that Economical is using... and so where's the democracy there?!   Then of course you have the only media out there covering this story nott covering the story, at least none of the aspects that I point out, Bruce Wark does not speak for the down trodden, he's part of the gang... part of the down trodders.

So here I am making all kinds of accusations for years... YEARS!!   And nothing, absolutely nothing is happening out there.  No one has lifted one iota of a finger to remove this blog and why should they, after all, as you can see well enough for yourself, it generates little if any response.   This is as it is meant to-- designed by the inner twin world.  Think of it this way, for those of you who take in the story of Jesus (real or otherwise), he was in the same boat-- he was drug through the "stations of the cross" and his own mother watched as her son breathed his last breaths... AND DID NOTHING!!  What loving caring mother could simply sit and watch... where's the army of followers.  Everyone is under control, THAT is the message.  Complacency and Fear are an immobilizing tonic that the inner twin world use to manipulate events, BUTT... and it's a bigg one, they also know how to create the reverse and we know our history enough.

As I have stated before, world war is no longer an option, butt the inner twin world are now using a new tactic... and waging a new war.  They have put it out there, what we need to do to end this war... how to end the brutal ways of the past where mothers/parents watch and mourn as their children perish before their very eyes... where Kingdoms and Queendoms reach a pinnacle and fall... where great civilizations are brought to their knees (usually by populace/slave uprisings) because power does as it always had in the past-- become more and more corrupt until falls in on itself.  That should speak volumes to us... that the "powers that bee" still don't know how to build civilizations that can stand and withstand.   It is time for the inner twin world to take their rightful place then... that is how they see it, and I as a victim of power abuse/corruption, welcome their intervention.  Perhaps I won't be around to see how all of this works out in the end, this coming out  and communicating is after all part of a process that I have no idea as to the time line and how I fit into all of this.   My sense is that I will see a lot in my time.  My hope is that I will live to see the TUSSH being built by one and all... or at least enough people getting involved at such a scale that one and all are able to be saved.  As I've stated before, it's of no use for a few of these structures to be built for the simple reason being that a panicked population will try to rob/usurp it when disaster strikes.  There has to be enough of these units built to respond to the survival needs of all.   This simply makes good business sense.

So, if the "birds of prey" and the "birds preyed on" want to bee "free birds", then much needs to be done in terms of getting on board with the inner twin world, otherwise expect a lot of misery on both sides.          

Jakes Gerwel RIIP; 66 ^^HOUSE HOUSE and Sychrociity (UPDATE)

Because 2012 is a leap year, there are 366 days, and now note this wikipedia's excerpt re today's date:
November 28 is the 332nd day of the year (333rd in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 33 days remaining until the end of the year.
Associated Press - In this May 11, 1999 file photo, South African
President Nelson Mandela, left, and Jakes Gerwel, right, pose for a
photograph in Cape Town, South Africa. Officials say Jakes Gerwel,
a longtime friend and aide to former South African President Nelson
Mandela died early Wednesday, Nov. 28, 2012. He was 66.
Today is the 333th day of the year with 33 days remaining!!   Note the first person to be listed on the Deaths in 2012 site under November 28:
Jakes Gerwel, 66, South African academic and corporate executive, complications following heart surgery.[1]
That's quite an array of identical number.  

In their bid to come out and communicate to us, the inner twin world create patterns that many are oblivious to and so simply chalk these up as coincidence and/or synchronicity.  Of course it's true that we can expect a certain amount of these strange occurrences in our lifetime, butt what most people aren't yet aware of, are "false synchronicity"-- what seems to be synchronicity on first appearance are in fact distinct patterns generated by an hidden/intelligent source.   Even though I'm fully aware of this, I still refer to these as synchronicity, albeit I usually also make it clear that the ones recorded in my blogs are generated by the inner twin world.   Still, I really should choose a more appropriate word... or at least coin a new one that sets apart this synchronicity imitator from the real thing.  It could very well be that my inner twin was trying to tell me this, by causing me to miss-type synchronicity as "synchronciity" almost every other time I type the word.

In the last few weeks I've made several references to "identical number sequences cluster synchronicity".   Perhaps I should rephrase:"identical number sequences cluster synchronciity" ... or maybee  I'll use an acronym-- "INSS"... or add a little touist: "IN$$" (you're more apt to "get it" as you read on).

Over the last two weeks this  identical numbers synchronciity has grown to what I refer to as a "cluster bluster category".  This was so profound that I wondered if the inner twin world were simply "going with the flow"-- building up to November 28th--the "333rd day of the year (33 days remaining).   Since I've already decoded the meaning behind the numbers by using my computer key board as a cipher, and because I know that the main crux of their message, I had a good sense as to where they were headed.

While researching for my Toumai Blog, the inner twin verified via synchronciity that the number 3, which shares the same key as the # (number) symbol on my computer key board has a cryptic "other meaning".  It appears as a "weft" pattern, so I've  come to understand the symbol to mean "weave, fabricate, build", with the key word being "build".  In many previous posts and some very recently, the number 33 has cropped up and when this occurs, I generally tie in the fact that the Free Masonry Organization place a high emphasis on the twin 33.  It is without a doubt in my mind, that via the inner twin world's unique ability to influence our thoughts and actions without our being aware, they were able to influence the Mason's 33; design our present day calendar system; design our Arabic numeral system in such a way that the 333 pattern could be used as part of their cryptic communication to us when the time was right.

So part of the message is "to build", butt there is far more involved with the number 3 than what first meets the eye.  The 3 makes up half of 8 just as much as 4, except in this case, it's the graphic sense as opposed to the mathematical, with 3 making up the right half of 8.  This is yet another secret encryption of the inner twin world. designed with the purpose of reflecting our uniquely hidden/conjoined dual nature.  The inner twin world consider themselves to represent the left side of 8 or the "reversed 3", and they consider us to represent the right hand of 8 or the "regular 3".  The reference in so far as "building" goes, is a message to us... that we in our outer world need to do our part in building what it is that the inner twin world expect... and encourage (that's putting it mildly).

If you've read even just the last couple months of posts, you'll get a good sense of what it is that the inner twin world want us to build, and they have let it be known often enough by creating cluster synchrociity's around sequences of 6 ie: 66 and 666.  The 6 on my computer key board shares the same key as the ^ (roof) symbol, which I have since come to understand as a cryptic representation of "shelter/protection/House".  I have also since come to understand that the 66 means the TUSSH, an acronym for the "Two United Structure System Home", which is nott just any home, butt a house specifically designed to protect both our worlds from a nemesis that the inner twin world knows awaits on our horizon, a nemesis that we in our world should be aware of ... have been made aware of, butt continue to remain oblivious to.  I other words, we lack the will to do what is necessary and right in order to protect our loved ones and our future.

Because of our negligence, the inner twin world are forced in a position to wage war against our outer world in order to "bend" us.  This is not your usual war, given that when one person sacrifices their life in their inner world for their joint cause, their outer twin perishes as well.  What they are doing, and hence the reason behind my creating this blog as an offshoot of my blog Toumai, is they are generating "timely deaths" in conjunction with other synchronicity's in order to communicate.  Via this method they are sure to get out attention, communicate as well as show their seriousness in the matter.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Lary Swoboda RIIP: Lary, Larry ...Laurel Tree

For well over a year now, my posts often record what I refer to as a "Off by One" or "one off" cluster synchronicity.  The first one that I recollect occurred when I was doing a bit of research on my Toumai blog checking for "twin numbers ages" among those who had been aboard on the night of the Titanic sinking.  I decided to go this route given the rash of cluster synchronicity's that had occurred surrounding "identical number sequences".  Note the following excerpt taken from my April 12, 2012 post: The La Roche Passengers (Titanic Synchronicity 1: 
A 22 years old named "La Roche", was a Titanic survivor!? 
2nd Class
£41 11s 7d

The reason why this stood out is due to the fact that previous to this, I experienced a cluster synchronicity surrounding the word/name "Rock", in fact, the post gives a list of links that refer to each one.  So then note this excerpt taken from  my April 14,2012 post, entitled:  Concordia Discordia (Titanic Synchro part 6; UPDATE 2)

Note these stats re Titanic victims:Sig. Battista Antonio Allaria age 22, body #221 (note the 'one off')I decided to check out who was body 222 and found this: Mr. Frank Goree, age 42, body #222.   It's as though we are being told-- "frankly gorey"!!

So there you have it, the "one off" in this case making an appearance.  Since then, one off clusters have occurred frequently.  

The "Off by One" clusters can also involve more than just numbers, for instance, there's the name Larry, which we know is generally spelled with two R's, excerpt for in the case of this recent addition to the Deaths in 2012 site on November 25th:
Lary J. Swoboda, 73, American politician, member of Wisconsin State Assembly (1970–1994), heart attack.[14]
 What makes it even more interesting is that my post yesterday concerned a Larry:  Larry Hagman RIIP; Hag, Hex and Six.  Now note this excerpt from Lary Swoboda's wiki page: 
Swoboda was born on May 28, 1939 in Luxemburg, Wisconsin.[2] He was Roman Catholic and was a member of the Society of the Holy Name and the Knights of Columbus. 
Given the above, he now also fits into the "born in May" cluster synchronicity as of late (which also involve the numbers 222, 221 and 223).    What I also found to be synchro-relevant, is his involvement with the Knights of Columbus... considering my recent mention of the Knights Templar.  So is the Knights of Columbus "Off by One" when held in light to the Knights Templar?!  It seems so, when you consider that it came into existence due to the Masonic group discriminating against   Catholics/Christians - disallowing them to join.

I can't help butt think about the famous horse that recently passed away-- GoNative, and then before that
Whobegotyou on September 12th entitled, Whobegotyou and May 23/222 Cluster Synchronicity 
 ... which had involved an off by one cluster:

Whobegotyou first race that he won on May 23rd (222 days left in the year), he died on Sept 12, 2012 (110 days remaining) so “Off by One” re: Sept 11 is 111 day remaining in year; also his last race was Sept 10, 2011 (112 days remaining in the year) so “Off by One” again.
Okay, so consider the fact that Gonative was euthanized recently because of a broken leg—which could essentially seem to be off “Off by One”,  as in one leg is "off"… which in the end resulted in his demise… his timely demise.   This reminds me of the rash of  synchro-leg-breaks and the synchro-boot clusters.

I'm not entirely sure of what this recent cluster means in its entirety, butt I'm sure that it relates to "Building the TUSSH"... which will require much math, masons and money.  And do note the emblem of the Knights of Columbus at left... the four triangles in the background could easily represent a square pyramid... given that a tetrahedron-- triangular pyramid and other geometric forms have cropped up in synchronicity in the last while.  And then note this crest belonging to Lary's other group, the Society of the Holy Name... note the "black and white" theme... again this can be added to the recent "black and white" cluster synchronicity. 

 Perhaps this black and white emblem represents the "two sides of the cross" that most people aren't aware of-- that Jesus had (whether he is a real or fictional character matters nott)... and each and every one of us have an "inner/conjoined twin".  I suggest that the "second coming" is actually a cryptic reference to the "coming out" of this inner twin and their secret world, which you see occurring in the here and now. 

The etymology of the name Larry shows it coming from : 
 laurel (n.) Look up laurel at Dictionary.comc.1300, lorrer, from O.Fr. laurier (12c.), from L. laurus "laurel tree,"
Tree clusters have occurred over the last couple of weeks.

The Greek word for the laurel is "Daphne"... which is a name used today... audd, when you break it down into two syllables you get "Daph-ne"... which is phonetically identical to "daff- knee"... or "stupid/bum knee"-- the inner twin world drawing more emphasis to the "Off by One".  As the inner twin world have demonstrated, they hold much power over our bodies... can make or break us... what good are we if half our bodies -- if the inner twin world no longer participate ... refuse to make their knee bend or straighten when it ought to... what if they refuse to use their own "temple" to match our own ... what will happen then?!

We need to wake up to the fact that the subconscious is nott our's butt that of a hidden/conjoined twin who is able to think independently as well as influence our thoughts and actions with out our being aware, hence they create patterns such as the ones you see in this post and blog... what we tend to refer to as "synchronicity" is really "smoke and mirrors".

Monday, November 26, 2012

Larry Hagman RIIP; Hag, Hex and Six

Listed under November 23rd of  Wikipedia's Deaths in 2012 site:
Larry Hagman, 81, American actor (DallasI Dream of Jeannie), complications from throat cancer.[26]
You can find synchronicity in the wake of Larry Hagman's passing, except you have to be in the right place and time and have a keen inner eye.  His surname isn't very common, or at least I haven't heard it used for anyone other than Larry.   It's definitely "audd", and  even though it's not used much, today we understand "hag" to mean an "old cantankerous woman/witch"... nott many people would handle being  called a hag very well today.  Butt, since synchronicity likes audd, "hag" has been given center stage, and in order to understand what I mean by this, I have to take you back to my post of November 24-- Macho Camacho RIIP; Born May 24 (221 Days Remain), where the word "hag" first crops up: 
What seems audd to me, is that the prefix of Hector-- "Hec" reminds me of "hex" (meaning six), and then the PIE root *segh, that is mentioned above under the etymology of "scheme" reminds me of the word "six".  So then note the etymology of "six":
And note what cropped up when I entered "hex" into the online etymology sites search box: 
hexagon (n.) Look up hexagon at Dictionary.com1560s, from L. hexagonum, from Gk. hexagonon, from hex "six" (see hexa-) + gonia "angle" (see knee). 
 six Look up six at Dictionary.comO.E. siex, from P.Gmc. *sekhs (cf. O.S. seks, O.N., O.Fris. sex, M.Du. sesse, Du. zes, O.H.G. sehs, Ger. sechs, Goth. saihs), from PIE *seks (cf. Skt. sas, Avestankshvash, Gk. hex, L. sex, O.C.S. sesti, Lith. sesi, O.Ir. se, Welsh chwech). 
hex (v.) Look up hex at Dictionary.com1830, American English, from Pennsylvania German hexe "to practice witchcraft," from Ger. hexen "to hex," related to Hexe "witch," from M.H.G. hecse, hexse, from O.H.G. hagazussa (see hag). Noun meaning "magic spell" is first recorded 1909; earlier it meant "a witch" (1856).
What's very auddd, is the mention of the word "Knee" under the etymology of hexagon.   Given that in my last post I had also focused on the fact that the name "Neil" is phonetically identical to the word "Kneel". 
And so there it is, the word "hag" is nestled in the etymology of  "hex" above.  Okay, so then note this excerpt taken from today's November 26th post, Dinah Sheridan RIIP; A Templar Time Synchro-Connect:
  Last night,  there were only two names under November 25th,  both revealing a small synchronicity that I also remarked about to my partner.   Note the following: 
What I had detected in each of their names was a "number".   Simeon's middle name "ten" is obvious enough, and the prefix "Sex" found in "Sexton" although not so obvious, means "six".  Because the etymology of six had recently cropped up in a previous post, I was aware of this, note the following taken from an online Etymology source: 
six Look up six at  O.E. siex, from P.Gmc. *sekhs (cf. O.S. seks, O.N., O.Fris. sex, M.Du. sesse, Du. zes, O.H.G. sehs, Ger. sechs, Goth. saihs), from PIE *seks (cf. Skt. sas, Avestan kshvash, Gk.hex, L. sex...
Do note the Greek "hex" in the above etymology of "six"!!  So what are the chances that three individuals would die within three days of each other, each of them sharing in common the number 6 existing in their name via etymology definition?!

I decided to check the etymology of Hector (as per the first excerpt above), note the following:
HECTOR Greek ‘Εκτωρ (Hektor), which was derived from ‘εκτωρ (hektor) "holding fast", ultimately from εχω (echo) meaning "to hold, to possess". It was historically common in Scotland, where it was used as an Anglicized form of Eachann.

EACHANN: Means "brown horse" from Gaelic each "horse" and donn "brown". It was sometimes Anglicized as Hector.
The mention above of "donn"-- the color brown is more than meaningful given a cluster synchronicity as of late around the color "brown", not to mention specifically the color "Dunn" which is most often used to describe the color brown in regards to a horse.  Note as well, this excerpt from the Deaths in 2012 site, passing away on the same day as Larry Hagman:
 Go Native, 9, Irish-bred racehorse, euthanised after broken leg.[24]
A brown horse!!

In regards to the "dunn" cluster synchronicity mentioned above, note this excerpt taken from my post of November 13 entitled, Brown v. Dunn and a Big Brown NO...!! :
Over the last 2-3 months this blog has recorded a number of  Deaths involving notable individuals who have "Brown", "Dunn", or diminutives of these, in their names.  The following three post titles alone, include the names of the most recent, all having passed away between Nov 6th-9th:

Dinah Sheridan RIIP; A Templar Time Synchro-Connect

Dinah Sheridan
The primary mandate of this blog is to  investigate recent notable deaths that occur in conjunction with synchronicity, and as a result, I will often venture to Wikipedia's Deaths in 2012 site as many as two or three times a day.  Last night,  there were only two names under November 25th,  both revealing a small synchronicity that I also remarked about to my partner.   Note the following: 
What I had detected in each of their names was a "number".   Simeon's middle name "ten" is obvious enough, and the prefix "Sex" found in "Sexton" although not so obvious, means "six".  Because the etymology of six had recently cropped up in a previous post, I was aware of this, note the following taken from an online Etymology source: 
six Look up six at  O.E. siex, from P.Gmc. *sekhs (cf. O.S. seks, O.N., O.Fris. sex, M.Du. sesse, Du. zes, O.H.G. sehs, Ger. sechs, Goth. saihs), from PIE *seks (cf. Skt. sas, Avestan kshvash, Gk.hex, L. sex...
This morning when I checked the Deaths in 2012 site, I noticed that actress Dinah Sheridan passed away on yesterday, November 25th.  If she had been added to the site last night, I would've noted the "train" synchro-connection with yesterdays post, note the following from the Deaths in 2012 site:
Transport/Railway, film
Sally Thomsett, Jenny Agutter and Bernard Cribbins in The Railway Children
   Dinah Sheridan, 92, English actress (The Railway Children).[6]
So then note the title of yesterdays post: 
Chocolate Train & John Taine Ring a Synchro-Bell (UPDATE)
After going to Dinah's wiki page I immediately noticed another synchro-connection and then another.  In order for these connections to make sense to anyone who hasn't had a chance to read yesterdays post, a little background is in order.   

Yesterday, the day had begun as usual, Cathy and I hunkered in front of Elmira, our  trusty wood stove, toast, coffee and the Puzzle Baron-- online crypto-quotes.  When we solved the puzzle, and proceeded to hit the “check it” button, the Puzzle Baron brought up a bell curve revealing how well we did in comparison to others, as well as other information ie: your timing  and a little blurb about the author.  In this case and as the photo in yesterdays post reveals, it had taken us 888 seconds and the author was Eric Temple Bell, mathematician and sci-fi writer under the pen name John Taine. 

Since the last few days involved a  cluster synchronicity of  identical number sequences, I considered this 888 seconds as an addion as well as a heads up— a nod to encourage me on, and so I posted a photo that I had taken of a page in the November 22, 2012 edition of the Halifax Metro.  What had impressed me, was an article about a chocolate train  reportedly 111 feet long.   

I had noticed another interesting connection with Eric’s surname “Bell”, given that the name “Maybel” and the word “bell” had cropped up in my previous post—forming a little  “synchro-echo”.  Then note this excerpt taken from yesterdays post which I had updated later that morning:
UPDATE:  I just went to the images site, this time I had googled "images of train bells" and low and behold the first photo of a trains bell that I click on reveals an October 21, 2012 article (Here) entitled: Trains in Temple--By Rachel Parks, Sentinel Leisure Editor.  Audd ... considering Eric Bell's middle name being "Temple"!!
So now then, going to Dinah Sheridan's wiki page note the following: 
 Sheridan made her film debut in 1937, and frequently appeared on television. She played Jane Huggett in The Huggetts Abroad (1949) and appeared as "Steve" in two Paul Temple films. 
So, for the name "Temple" to appear a third time is a row is a definite synchronicity.  Not to mention that this time it was in conjunction with a recent notable death.

Note the following information re: the two Paul Temple films that Dinah Sheridan acted in: 
§  1948 Calling Paul Temple (based on Send for Paul Temple Again) starring John Bentley as Temple, Dinah Sheridan as Steve and Margaretta Scott .[1]   Paul Temple is called in to help Scotland Yard  track down a serial killer who has murdered several wealthy women. 
§  1950 Paul Temple's Triumph (based on News of Paul Temple) A 1950 British crime film directed by Maclean Rogers and starring John Bentley, Dinah Sheridan and Jack Livesey.[1] It was the third in the series of Paul Temple films. Temple is on the trail of a gang of international criminals trying to steal atomic secrets.
I tend to follow any synchro-lead I detect, and what I a name in the second film, Paul Temple's Triumph, that is mention on the films wiki page, note the following

Music by

Both his first and last name add to recent cluster synchronicity's surrounding the words/names "stone/rock/Peter" (Peter means "stone/rock" in origin), "field/lee/leigh", "black".  Keep in mind as well, that a major cluster category concerning a myriad of colors has occurred as of late, the last being a "conjoining" of  "black and white".  Note the following etymology: 
Stanley is both a family name and a masculine given name dating from the 11th and 12th century English contractionof 'Stoney Meadow' (Stone/Stan Leigh). It is also the name of a number of places, and has other miscellaneous uses.
Note the following from Stanley's wiki page:
Stanley Black OBE (14 June 1913 – 27 November 2002) was an English bandleader, composer, conductor, arranger and pianist. He wrote and arranged many film scores and recorded prolifically for the Decca label (including London and Phase 4). Beginning with jazz collaborations with American musicians such as Coleman Hawkins and Benny Carter during the 1930s,
Stanley Black (Solomon Schwartz) was born in 1913 in White chapelEngland.
So as you can see, we have a "black and white" that can be added to the "black and white" (re White Chapel) cluster.  Keep in mind that even though it appears that he changed his name, the surname Schwartz means "Black" in German.  There are many more synchro-connections in the above, which I won't go into, butt if you read my posts over the last three months, you'll see them for yourself.

The other film that Dinah Sheridan was noted for, the Railway Children, also reveals a name-- a fellow actor in the film, that falls into the "stone/rock/peter" cluster synchronicity category, note the following:
Peter Bromilow (21 April 1933 CheshireEngland - 16 October 1994 Los Angeles CountyCalifornia) was a British-born actor.[1]
What you need to be aware of at this point is that not only does his name Peter add to the ever burgeoning cluster, butt note his year of birth-- twin 33 and as well, note the day-- April 21st... and then note this wiki excerpt:
April 21 is the 111th day of the year (112th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 254 days remaining until the end of the year.
As you can see, more is added to yet another cluster synchronicity-- the  "identical numbers" category and more specifically, to the 111 sub-category.  Note the following etymology :
TEMPLE: From a surname which originally belonged to a person who was associated with the Knights Templar, a medieval religious military order.
Dinah: Means "judged" in Hebrew 
Sheridan: From the Gaelic name Ó Siridéin meaning "descendent of Siridean". The given name Siridean means "searcher".
Bromilow: is derived from the Old English word bromleigh which means clearing where brambles are found.
 From the Behind the Name site: The name Bromilow was not found. Names that sound similar to BROMILOW:
BROWNLOW     English
The Templar synchro-connection I find particularly interesting given Stanley Black's birth name being "Solomon", after all, the Knights Templar had set up camp on top of Solomon's Temple.  Note this excerpt from wikipedia: 
The Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon (LatinPauperes commilitones Christi Templique Solomonici), commonly known as the Knights Templar, the Order of the Temple or simply as Templars, were among the most famous of the Western Christian military orders.[4] The organisation existed for nearly two centuries during the Middle Ages.
The '33 found in the year of Peter Bromilow's birth, forms another synchro-connection when you consider that the Free Mason's are supposedly linked to the Templar's of old,  and that there are 33 levels that a Mason can attain.

Perhaps the inner twin world are calling all Templar's and  Mason's to put their math, building skills and acquired money to good use, namely the use that the inner twin world intended... not to mention the intention of God/Goddess/Nature.  This brings us to the word "temple", it tends to mean two things-- a place of worship and the little "soft" spot on each side of our head where the brain lay directly behind, note the following:
The word "temple" as used in anatomy has a separate etymology from the word temple, meaning "place of worship". Both come from Latin, but the word for the place of worship comes from templum, whereas the word for the part of the head comes from Vulgar Latin*tempula, modified from tempora, plural form ("both temples") of tempus, a word that meant both "time" and the part of the head. Due to the common source with the word for time, the adjective for both is "temporal" (both "pertaining to time" and "pertaining to the anatomical temple").
Strange that the word "time" is related to the "temples"(anatomy).  Perhaps the sense is that it's time for us to use our brains, as in both... our conjoined brains brought together in perfect synch with one another.  There's only one way to achieve this synchronization, and that's by coming face to face with our own inner twin and beginning to understand what makes them tick.