Thursday, April 13, 2017

Do YOU Believe in Magic?!

And because of the "Magic/Music Theme" pattern-cluster, I'm reminded of the songs,  "Do You Believe In Magic by the Lovin Spoonful.  Note this excerpt from the songs wiki page:
Note from the films wiki page:
June 25, 2001 – December 4, 2002
That it was released on June 25th is meaningful given the following from yesterdays post, Cookout 2:
So you can say that Farrah Fawcett used our faucet.  Note from Farrah's wiki page:
  • Farrah Fawcett (February 2, 1947 – June 25, 2009)
Farrah was born one day off from the 33rd day with 333 days remaining and so an addition to the "Off By One" pattern-cluster.  And she also died on the same day and year as Michael Jackson: 
  • Michael Jackson (August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009)   
And if you venture to the very first post to this blog, , made on June 19, 2012, you'll discover  more than what you bargained for.    
On the films wiki page, one name in the side bar stands out above the others:

Narrated byFrances McDormand
 It's the cryptic phrase in her name re "Frank/blunt truth "son/mc" door man/hand".
Well, if you read  my June19 poste mentioned in the excerpt, then you will know about the MacGregor's fall from Grace, and you will also begin to decipher at least in part, the above message. Note from her wiki page:
  • Frances Louise McDormand (born June 23, 1957) 
And one of the main cast stand out:
  • Mae Whitman: (12-year-old Emma 'Grace' McKee, Hannah's best friend)
  • Mae Margaret Whitman (born June 9, 1988)
It may not seem like much... at least not until you become aware of Trish MacGregor's birthday-- June 7.  So we have two clusters : a "June 23, __, 25" and "June 7, __, 9" Date Sequence" pattern-cluster.  And both clusters are additions to a larger cluster in my previous post, expanding it now to:
"June 2, ..., 7, _, 9, ..., 12, 13(x3), 14(x3), 15(x4), ..., 21, 22, 23, _, 25(x3)Date Sequence" pattern cluster.
And there's one other thing that concerns the name of the band, Lovin Spoonful-- it's an addition to the "Spoon" pattern-cluster, note from my recent April 11 post, Robert Forward Ho:
His surname stands out... re "wither spoon"... it is cryptic so bear with me.  Consider the "bowl" shape of the spoon... and consider as well the "Bowl Theme" pattern-cluster that's a cryptic way for the inner twin world to communicate the danger that now lay with the North American Plate, in that it had "bowled" upward at the edges as a result of the last glacial maximum, and is now rebounding and resettling... or in other words "withering" ... the "edges are falling down".  Her name indicates that in Nova Scotia we are safe, however not so in areas that are close to the plate edges... such as Florida where the MacGregor's live... and that is why the inner twin world chose the MacGregor's as key players in the "Starr Family Production"... and that also explains why they influenced their surname that contains a cryptic "mac great/grey gore"... and Rob's name is related to "Bob" which is also a word that means "float"... he and his family ... and all those living and visiting Florida will be "bobbing" if something is not done to prevent the loss of life.