Wednesday, January 30, 2013

ZZ's poT , BB's King, Mayzee's Daizee...

Zig ZagI wonder if fans are aware that the inspiration for the name, "ZZ Top", had come from two brands of rolling paper and a tribute to blues legend Z.Z. Hill.     

According to one source (Here), Z.Z. Hill (born Arzell Hill) states that the distinctive initials were fashioned after those of B.B. King. 
Due to "patterns" and/or "cluster patterns", that crop up "seemingly" out of the blue and in rapid fire succession, the band, ZZ Top, the blues legend Z.Z. Hill, B.B. King and many others, have come together to play  a key role ("roll") in this post.  
Inuksuk in the vicinity of
Kuujjuarapik, Quebec.
Patterns exist in nature, and even more amazing, is the fact that many animals mimic some of these patterns, devising tools, weapons and toys, as revealed by one site (Here).  As for humans, we take mimicking nature at a whole new level, enabling us to do extraordinary things, like survive in hostile environments, and develop intricate means of communication.  An earlier method of communication used by the Inuit peoples of the far north consisted of stones piled in meaningful arrangements called inuksuks.    Sign, codes, script and vocal languages are just a few of the many ways we communicate, and since languages are based on patterns, even  ancient/complex script as found on the Rosetta Stone, have been decoded.  

After a motor vehicle accident in 2000, I became much more aware of my surroundings, and in a very different way than usual.  I began to notice "patterns", that most people tend to view as coincidence and/or  synchronicity, which I admit to having done in the past, despite the fact that neither of these words are true descriptions of the amazing patterns that I investigate.  In all fairness though, the patterns do "resemble" coincidence and/or synchronicity, and so that is why I've used the words in the past, albeit taking care to at least state that it wasn't synchronicity in the usual sense. 

In 2009 I began a blog named, "Toumai" in order to document and make available for public view, the "patterns" and/or "cluster patterns" both past and present, that in early 2001 I became aware of for the first time, .  In 2012, I started this blog and continued  documenting the patterns here.   What I've come to learn, is that the patterns often interconnect.  In other words, there's a definite "flow" similar to that found in language.  Just as letters connect into words, and words connect into sentences, hence enabling fluent/meaningful speech, the patterns I refer to, work essentially the same way.  Simply put, the patterns are a means by which an intelligent/hidden group, are in the process of "coming out" and opening a channel of "communication" to us.     

Many of  the patterns occurring over the past few weeks and as documented in this blog,  have involved Identical Number Sequences ie: 111, 222, 333, 444, ... and the list goes on.  The fact that they happen in rapid fire succession, is a 'lead' in itself, and since a recent post  involves the twin "88" cropping up under strange circumstances, I regard this as a lead as well.  Note the following excerpt re: "88"/"double Star" pattern as found in January 29th post entitled, "Bell Starr (Myra Maybelle) and Sally Star (Alleen Mae Beller)" and which concerns the January 27, 2013 death of radio/tv personality Sally Star
I did find the name connections between Belle Starr and Sally Star (Ayleen Mae Beller), strange, and I wondered if maybe Sally Star's stage name had come from Belle?  So, I ventured back to Sally Star's web page to read it through, note the following excerpt:
  • Besides her TV career and recording career, Sally appeared in the Three Stooges feature film, The Outlaws Is Coming, as sharpshooter Belle Starr.
So there was a reference to Belle Starr in regards to a film she acted in, butt nothing was mentioned as to why she changed her surname to "Starr".   There was information from the films wiki page that stood out.  Note the following: 
Release date(s)
  • January 1, 1965
Running time88' 12"
In particular, note the Running time.  I'm assuming 88' 12" means 88 minutes 12 seconds. 
As with twin letters, twin numbers tend to play a key role in generating patterns.  I have also discovered that each number on my computer keyboard shares the same key as a particular symbol.  I have found that these symbols often factor in as far as the overall communication... they can be used as a cipher.   Take for instance the number 8, which shares the same key as the *astrisk*... a twin 88 is equivalent then to twin **.  It's interesting to note that Sally Starr was a television, film and radio "star".  Once you read my last few posts, you'll come to understand the meaning behind the twin starr**... how Sally Starr is a "double starr".  
Then on checking the statistics in regards to my blogs, I discovered that over the last month, my Toumai Blog had received 888 viewers.   

 It's apparent that I'm being prompted to do something... butt WHAT?!

That's when it dawned on me that September 1st and 2nd will occur in the next 2 and 3 days.   To most, these two days are like any other, butt to those who are aware of  the inside story, the dates stand out in a unique way.  Note this Wikipedia excerpts/links:  
  • February 1st is the 32nd day of the year, with 333 days remaining (334 in leap yrs).
  • February 2 is the 33rd day of the year. There are 332 days remaining  (333 in leap years). 
Since 2013 isn't a leap year, there'll be 333 days remaining in the year on February 1st, with February 2nd being the 33rd day.  Now, if this was a leap year, the sequence of 3's, occuring on February 2nd, would be more spectacular-- the 33rd day of the year with 333 days remaining... it's extraordinary when you think about it, that this occurs simply as a result of the speed of the earth spinning on its axis and circumventing the sun at  precise speeds.  It's also interesting to note that on November 28th and 29th, a similar 333/33 cluster occurs once again during leap years:
  • November 28 is the 332nd day of the year (333rd in leap yearsThere are 33 days remaining.  
  • November 29 - is the 333rd day of the year (334th in leap years) There are 32 days remaining.
What most people aren't yet aware of, is that distinct patterns have been hidden in plain sight.  Take for instance the intricate/"inter connecting patterns" that I discovered a few years back, involving the number 3 and 8.   The first of the interconnecting patterns is is noted when counting your fingers starting with a baby finger and continuing in sequence until you end up with the other baby finger at #10, and then note how 3 and 8 each fall on a 'middle' finger.  The second part of the interconnecting pattern involves 3 being the picture half (the right side) of 8, which then enables us to be perfectly correct in stating that, "3 is half of 8" (in the cryptic/graphic sense as opposed to  mathematics where of course, 4 is half of 8).   This is just one of many "patterns" have cropped up over the years.  Patterns that I know now were purposely designed and implemented.  

So I consider the recent patterns that have cropped up 'seemingly out of the blue' that  involves Identical Number Sequences, and in particular I consider what they mean as potential clue's and/or leads.   So this is where September 1st and 2nd (re: 33/333 days)  factor in.  I also keep in mind that the Identical Number Sequences had involved triple numbers ie: 111, 222, 333, as well as another involving "twin" 88.  As well, this next photo at right below from my Stats page on January 30th, reveals an Identical Numbers Pattern, found in my Toumai blogs stats, third column under "This Month", where the number of viewers this recorded this month is 888 (click on the photo to expand).

So with those patterns in mind I then ventured to Wikipedia's  February 2  information page, which pertains to  historical events, births and deaths of notable individuals that occurred on this day.  On perusing the section entitled "Deaths", and specifically under the year 1988, one  person stood out, Marcel Bozzuffi, note the following information provided:
1988 – Marcel Bozzuffi, French film actor (b. 1929)
Since 1988 is a leap year, Marcel Bozzuffi had passed away on the 33rd day of the year, with 333 days remaining.   Now then, note the two sets of twin letters-- "zz" and "ff" in his surname.  Given previous pattern clusters involving names/words that include "twin" letters, I consider this as being another added to the pile.   Note as an example, my spelling "butt" in place of "but" (which came as a result of a pattern surround the name "Butt"), and as a second, note how a good many of my posts in this blog when a Death is announced in the title, will have "RIIP", as opposed to "RIP".    Just recently, my January 29th post entitled, Bell Starr (Myra Maybelle) and Sally Star (Alleen Mae Beller), 
include  cluster patterns that had cropped up in relation to the recent death of tv/radio personality,"Sally Starr", and on reading the post you'll discover patterns involving words and/or names, such as Bell/Belle and Star/Starr.  Note the double "rr" in Starr and "ll" in Bell. 
1963 photo postcard of Oliver O. Oliver (Ray Rayner),
Bozo the Clown (Bob Bell),
Sandy the Clown (
Don Sandburg), and Ringmaster Ned (Ned Locke)

Another thing that stood out, given that it was in keeping with posts/patterns involving "clowns", is that the first half of Bozzuffi sounds like "Bozo".  Note the photo at left that I found on Bozo the clowns Wikipedia page (Here).  Note the caption where "Bob Bellis named as Bozo the Clown.

So what are the chances that by following the leads in the patterns, that another "Bell" would crop up ... "seemingly" out of the blue?! 
Note as well, the excerpts below, taken from Bob Bells wiki page (Here):
  •  Robert Lewis Bell (January 18, 1922 – December 8, 1997)
  • "Bozo" evolved into "Bozo's Circus" on September 11, 1961 as a live, hour-long telecast.
  •  At the same time Bell was hosting WGN's after school Three Stooges show where he played an old man named Andy Starr who ran a neighborhood theatre called the Odeon where he showed the Stooges shorts.[2] 
As you can see, I highlighted in in large bold, the items I consider as falling into existing cluster patterns that have arisen in my posts.  The first excerpt above reveals a twin "22" in the year, this particular number has featured prominently in many posts, hence generating a major cluster pattern.  The second involving the date 9/11-- the same day as terrorist attacks that involve the "twin" towers in New York City, both of these 9/11's don't fall on a leap year, and as a result, there are 111 days remaining in the year, note the following wiki info:
September 11 - is the 254th day of the year (255th in leap years) in the Gregorian
calendar. There are 111 days remaining until the end of the year.
Bob Bell as Bozo with
Cooky the Clown (
Roy Brown)
I also found this next photo (at right) on Bob Bell's site that reveals Cooky the Clown as "Roy Brown", his surname "Brown", adding to another major patter-- a cluster that includes "Brown", "shades of Brown, ie: Dunn" .  For the record, note at the bottom of this post, below, the 29 titles/links of posts and their corresponding dates, that include additions to and make up a major "Brown Cluster Pattern".  Note this excerpt below, taken from Roy Brown's wiki page (Here):
Roy Thomas Brown (8 July 1932 – 22 January 2001) was anAmerican television personality, puppeteer, clown and artist best known for playing "Cooky the Cook" on Chicago's long running Bozo's Circus.
Again, the tell-tale "22" appears in the day of his death-- 22 January, and note his middle name "Thomas", note the etymology is "twin":
   Thomas: Greek form of the Aramaic name תָּאוֹמָא (Ta'oma') which meant "twin".
Now going back to the double 'ff' and 'zz' in the surname, Bozzuffi, that I consider to be subtle clues warranting further investigation.  In fact, there was something that had grabbed my attention in a more profound way than the subtle clues, one that involved the double "zz" specifically.  First of all, consider the fact that the letter "Z"(zed/zee) is not commonly used in words or names, and secondly consider that the letter "Z" had cropped up in relation to actor Stanley Augustus Hollowaywho I had investigated and who was also a subject matter in my recent January 30th post entitled, "Bernard Horsfall and Anselm Hollo's Double RIIP Connection".  It should be noted that Bernard Horsfall and Anselm Hollo as per the title, are among the notable's listed on the Deaths in 2013 site, having both passed away on January 29th.
During the writing of the post, I learned of Stanly Holloway's son, also an actor, note the following taken from his wiki page (Here):
As you can see, a number of "Z's" occur in relation to Julian Holloway.  So,  just prior to coming across Marcell Bozzuffi who is listed under the section entitled "Deaths", on the February 2 Site (Here), I was already aware of the two films, Z-Cars and Captain Zed and the Zee Zone, that Julien acted in!!  I had noted an emerging pattern, butt had passed it off at the time because I hadn't noticed a connection with the topic of my previous post.

Now then, note what I found on actor Marcell Bozzuffi's Wiki Site (Here) under the section entitled, Partial filmography
  •  Z (1969)
Now we're making connections, with a definite pattern cluster taking shape.  The film   "Z", obviously "fits", and in the way that I describe above, one flowing into and interconnecting with others.

I ask that you to bear with me as I bring forward yet another pattern that I uncovered while in the process of retrieving the above information re: Stanley and Julian Holloway
George married Bell's daughter Florence, and they had two children, Millie and Stanley.[10]
George being Stanley Holloway's father, and "Florence", his mother, whose maiden name was "Bell", which rings a bell considering my last three posts document a a cluster pattern concerning "bell" and "belle", each cropping up as a result of following  leads.  Note the following list of some of the most recent dates and corresponding titles (link included in each title) that include the name/word "Bell":
As a quick mention, the last post above re: "22 Foot Ballers Die in 6 days RIIP", involves two "bell's" that I hadn't noticed before.  It's likely that these "hidden" Bell's are likely the first in this recent cluster, note the following excerpt from the post:
Stats 6 (34 deaths in 31 Days July 1-31)  
22. Eric Bell, 82, English footballer (Bolton Wanderers), complications from Alzheimer's disease.[258]
And then note the following excerpt taken from Eric Bell's wiki page (Here):
Eric Bell (27 November 1929 – 22 July 2012) was an English football wing half who played in the 1950s. He only played for one club, Bolton Wanderers, for the whole of his senior career...
Now note the following etymology re: "Bolton" as per the above Bolton Wanderers:
Bolton: From any of the places in England called Bolton, meaning "house settlement".
In regards to the above etymology of Bolton, the suffix, "ton", being the reference to "settlement" (aka "town"), with the prefix "Bol" being the obvious reference to "house", and now with that in mind, note the following etymology:
  • boll (n.) Look up boll at Dictionary.comO.E. bolla "bowl" merged with Middle Dutch bolle "round object," borrowed 13c., both from Proto-Germanic *bul-, from PIE *bhel- (2) "to blow, inflate, swell" (see bole)
  • bell (n.): Old English belle, common North Sea Germanic (cf. Middle Dutch belle, Middle Low German belle) but not found elsewhere in Germanic (except as a borrowing), from PIE root *bhel-  "to sound, roar."  
In the above, note the PIE (Proto Indo European) root *bhel for both boll and bell.  Obviously, the prefix Bol in Bolton is related to 'boll' and 'bole'... and then 'bell', hence the name Bolton in origin was likely Bolltown or Boletown... from earlier root origin: "Bheltown".  

Then note my January 17 post entitled, "Thomas Watson Rings a Synchro-Bell, and in particular, note the following excerpts: 
  • It's time to bring in a little of my own experience at this time. The recent twin 33 and 333  luster means something to me personally as well, namely, it reminded me of the motor vehicle accident of 2000 that I had been involved in.  
  • On January 25, 1915, Watson was at 333 Grant Avenue in San Francisco to receive the first transcontinental telephone call, placed by Bell from the Telephone Building at 15 Dey Street in New York City. President Woodrow Wilson and the mayors of both cities were also involved in the call.[3]
Note the collage of photo's that were taken by my son after the motor vehicle accident.  Note the CYK 633,  which could be taken to mean "psyche 633"-- as in "psyched out car accident".   The license plate belongs to the other driver-- Mr. Sullivan.   The "twin" 33 at the tail end is a tell-tail sign for sure.  Take into consideration that the road where the accident occurred runs along a peninsula of land called  "Upper Prospect", which is flanked by a "twin" road/peninsula called "Lower Prospect" (aka Terence Bay).  Both of these roads connect to the 333 highway.  

Mr. Sullivan has been called on to pay a price, as has ACJ Smith, and everyone else linked to this court case... and I have paid a price.  It's time the sacrificing of peoples lives for the purpose of coming out and communicating to us, to be over.   It's time for us to move on.  It will be a big leap for mankind to take, butt it's essential.

While on the subject of Watson and Alexander Graham Bell, it's interesting to note his date of death: 
Alexander Graham Bell (March 3, 1847 – August 2, 1922) 
As you can see, another "twin" digit year, "22", a particularly strong trademark signature of the inner twin world.  And note as well, that Bell's wife was named "Mabel".

Getting back to Julian Holloway's mother, Florence, whose maiden name was "Bell", note another "bell" that crops up via the etymology of Florence:   
  • Florence: literally "blooming," from  florere "to flower" (see flourish)
  • flourish: (v.) c.1300, "to blossom, grow," from Old French floriss,  figuratively "to flourish, be prosperous," from flos "a flower" (see flora).
  • Bellis perennis
  • flora (n.): 1777, "the plant life of a region or epoch," from Latin Flora, Roman goddess of flowers, from PIE *bhel- (3) possibly identical with *bhel- (2) "to blow, swell" (see bole)
So, the root of Florence is *bhel, which is related to bole and our modern "bell/belle".  These multiple  connections to "bell"-- cluster pattern,  is an obvious heads up, a clue/lead, encouraging me to investigate  further.

So, we've established that "Florence" and "bell" are linked to the same root word: *bhel.  Keep in mind that the sound of "bh" is similar to our modern "ph" and "f", both of which came later, the word "bell" as we know it today evolved in time to have the hard "b" beginning.  Now you can see the earlier connection between "bell" and "flora/florence" when you consider that flora in origin had sounded and was spelled "bhel-ora".

It should be noted as well that on following the leads during writing my recent January 29th post entitled, "Bell Starr (Myra Maybelle) and Sally Star (Alleen Mae Beller)" , I arrived at a notable person named "Flora", note  the following: 
Note the double "88" in the year of her death. 
At the time, I wasn't aware that the root origin of Flora is "bhelora" with prefix "bhel" being the same root origin of "bell".  Note this excerpt taken from my November 24th post entitled, "Macho Camacho RIIP; Born May 24 (221 Days Remain)", which gives the etymology of my name MAY as well as my thoughts:
  • MAY: Derived from the name of the month of May, which derives from Maia, the name of a Roman goddess. May is also another name of the hawthorn flower. It is also used as a diminutive of MARYMARGARET or MABEL.
The name Mabel rings a synchro-bell.  This is my particular part in the mighty inner twin scheme of things... this blog and my Toumai blog are meant to serve as the tolling bell that echos to the world... to wake and rise.  At this point in time its toll is relatively soft, meant to be heard by a few at first, butt it will continue to toll louder and louder until everyone has no choice butt to hear. Keep in mind, that this is a metaphor... and that with each strike of the bell was brought about by an inner twin who has sacrificed their conjoined lives as part of the plan to save our conjoined lives and world.  
As can be garnered by the above, I was making a connection between my name, May, and the word "Bell" via Maybel.  There is one other recent post that I recollect involving the name "Flora", my October 12th post entitled, Flora Thibodeau 111, Acadian Canadian from Rogersville!!!, note this excerpt : 
 "Twin" names such as this seem to be a theme today, considering as well, that my first post today involved France's 111year old super centenarians (of which there are 6 living today), two of whom are named "Suzanne" Since the original meaning of the name Suzanne, is: a Lily and/or a Rose, there also appears to be a  "flower" synchro-cluster in the works, since Flora's first name obviously means "flower".  In fact, flowers seem to go hand in hand with super centenarians, note my recent post (Here), which talks about 111 year old Melva Radcliffe and flowers!!!   It's no accident as well, that the emblem of France is the Fleure de Lis (the Lily Flower).
Sign outside B.B. King's Blues Club on
Beale Street, Memphis

 As well, if you skip back to the top of the page, there's a part where Z.Z. Hill states that the inspiration for the distinctive initials in his stage name were fashioned after    B.B. King.   Note this photo at right, retrieved from B.B. King's wiki page--a neon sign advertising B.B.Kings Blues club, and in particular note the name of the street where it's locateds--Beale Street, Memphis. 

 Now note the excerpts below taken from an etymology source (Here) regarding the name Beale:
Meaning"handsome man"; "fair, beautiful"; "son of Bel"; "bee-hill"
Note these other etymology sources referring to beal
beal (n.) Look up beal at"mouth of a river or valley," 1818 (in Scott), from Gaelic beul "mouth."
ball (n.1) Look up ball at"round object Old English *beal, from or corresponding to Old Norse bollr
So as you can see, "Bel" factors in, as does the word "beautiful" in the first excerpt above.  It just so happens, that the translation for the French word "belle", is beautiful.  Found on the same site, is list of notable Beales, where one in particular stands out:
Fleur Beale (born 1945), New Zealand teenage fiction writer known for her novel I am not Esther
Then note the following from Fleur Beale's wiki page: Fleur Beale (née Corney) (born 22 February 1945) .  As you can see, the twin "22" has cropped up again!!  And as per the book that she's renown for, note the following etymology:
Esther: Possibly means "star" in Persian. Alternatively it could be a derivative of the name of the Near Eastern goddess ISHTAR. 
So now we have the word/name "star" cropping up once again, "seemingly" out of the blue.

Now, getting back on track with actors Julian Holloway and Marcell Bozzuffi, who as you may recall, share a common ground in regards to letter "Z" found in films they had acted in.   On visiting their Wikipedia information pages, I noted other films that each had been involved in and which I regard as falling into the "pattern" I reference.  Note the following films that Julian acted in: 
And then note the following films that Marcell acted in:
Beginning with the film "Elizabeth R", note the use of "R".    Apparently the "R" represents "Rex"... she was a queen after all, butt this "R" has other significance that I'm aware of, which you'll see by this excerpt from my January 27th post entitled, "Sally Starr (Alleen Mae Beller) RIIP and Nyota Uhura--Star Freedom"
This emphasis on the letter "r", reminds me my post of  May 9, 2012 entitled , Hello...Helllloooo... R U there? (Here),  which references the letter "R" along with the phonetically identical "Are":
Insofar as my posts go, the word "HOUSE", and more specifically what I refer to as theTUSSH-- the Two United Structure System Home, end up being the focus.   In the case of the double "rr" at the tail end of Sally's surname "Starr", I consider this to be another "cryptic" way of drawing emphasis to this specialized house.  What plays in my mind at this point, is"Star House".   
Note the following etymology: are (v.) present plural indicative of be, from O.E. earun (Mercian), aron (Northumbrian); see be
So "are" is related to "be", which if you go back and look at the titles of some of my recent posts, you'll see that 'be", "bee" and the letter "B" has featured prominently.  Also, yet another letter/word duality crops upp mysteriously out of the blue in relation to "are" (R).   If you go to the wiki site concerning the origins of letter "B" (found Here)you'll discover that it originates as a hieroglyph originally called "Beth" which in earlier times meant "HOUSE".
Glenda Jackson as Elizabeth I
So what you can garner from the above, is that the letter "R" had been singled out in my previous post and now it's being singled out again via the film "Elizabeth R".  Not only that, note the other connection where the excerpt refers to Beth as meaning "HOUSE" (as does "B" and "R"/"ARE") and now note, the suffix of Elizabeth is BETH!!

On going back to the second sentence at the top of this post, it states the following: 
According to one source (Here), Z.Z. Hill (born Arzell Hill) states that the distinctive initials were fashioned after those of B.B. King.  
As you can see,  Z.Z. shares a connection to B.B., and so a connection also exists with "Beth" (meaning "House" in origin) which is the original name for the letter "B" as per the following etymology:
  • beta (n.) Look up beta at second letter of the Greek alphabet, c.1300, from Greek, from Hebrew/Phoenician beth
  • bethel (n.) Look up bethel at 1610s, "a place where God is worshipped," from Hebrew beth El "house of God," from beth, construct state of bayit "house."
It appears that the "double/twin" BB then, would be "house emphasized"-- a reference to not just an ordinary house as we know it today, butt a special house.  On reading my posts you'll find many that make reference to the TUSSH-- the Two United Structure System Home.  As an example, note my recent January 16th post entitled, Martha Greenhouse (RIIP) and a Green house, and in particular, note this excerpt: 
Consider these facts: the previous post involved a cluster of "twin" number synchronicity's, which had also focused on the numbers 66 and 666, which had been deciphered (long ago) as referring a specialize house referred to as the TUSSH (Two United Structure System Home).  As explained in many of my posts in both my Toumai and Pronoiasecret Blogs, the TUSSH is essentially a specialized "Green House"-- a fully enclosed Bio-dome. 
This is the inner twin world's way of driving their message home.  In other words Martha's death had been "timely", her own inner twin influencing their conjoined deaths to occur at this precise moment in time in order to assist with what it is they are trying to communicate to us here in the our "outer twin world".  
Now getting back to the film Elizabeth R, that Julian Holloway acted in, note this next excerpt taken from the movie's wiki page: 
Glenda May JacksonCBE (born 9 May 1936) is a British Labour Party politician and former actress
In particular, note her middle name, "May"... the same as my own name... one that can be  added to the Mae/May's cluster pattern occurring in posts as of late, some of which can be garnered from titles already mentioned above,ie: my January 29, 2013 post entitled : Bell Starr (Myra Maybelle) and Sally Star (Alleen Mae Beller) . 

Now I'd like to bring your attention to the following excerpt taken from Queen Elizabeth I wiki page (Here)
Coronation15 January 1559
The day of Elizabeth's coronation is meaningful to me personally, because both my son and my life partner were born on the 15th of January.  They are 22 years apart to the Day!!  So what are the chances of that occurring ?!  Just over two weeks ago, they were 33 and 55 years old respectively.  And note as well twin numbers and in particular, the twin "22" are "signature trademark" of the inner twin world-- a "twin" theme to draw attention to their/our conjoined "twin" relationship.  
Russel Means

The next film that Julien Hallow acted in (as per the above), is "Remember WENN,", given the little "play with words" and the twin "NN", it's definitely worth looking into.  After viewing the movies wiki page, I detected a "pattern" with the name Russell Means, who had a part in the film, AND, who was the subject of my October 22nd post entitled:  Russell Means, "Little Red One", Synchro-RIIP and Mayflower II .  The title has its own play with words, given that literally, the name Russel means "Little Red One".  and if you don't believe me, check out this etymology from  the Behind the Name site (Here): 
 RussellFrom a surname which meant "little red one" in French.
I find that the etymology of words and names often add to existing patterns as well as  assist with deciphering the meaning behind the patterns, namely, what it is that the intelligent source behind the patterns are trying to communicate.  I think its fair to say that given the cluster pattern involving the letter "Z" (Zed/Zee), its etymology should be investigated;
zed (n.) Look up zed at Dictionary.comc.1400, from Middle French zede, from Late Latin zeta, from Greek zeta, from Hebrew zayin, letter name, literally "weapon;" so called in reference to the shape of this letter in ancient Hebrew.
So, at this point, the word "weapon" now factors in.  Butt the question is, what is the meaning?!  Especially with the double "ZZ" that is connected with BB/RR... hence the TUSSH?!   Likely more connections/patterns will crop up to help clarify. 

So on venturing to the film "Z-Cars" wiki page, I noticed that at the top of the list under the heading, "STARRING"(in box at right), was the name James Ellis, which stands out when you consider the following excerpt taken from my previous post (Here):   
Ruth Ellis (9 October 1926 – 13 July 1955) the last woman executed in the United Kingdom
So what are the chances of the surname Ellis cropping up twice on the same day?!  It's not a common name after all.  Note the etymology: 
  • ELLIS (1 ): From Elijah, from the Hebrew name אֱלִיָּהוּ ('Eliyyahu) meaning "my God is YAHWEH".
  • ELLIS (2): Derived from Welsh elus meaning "kind".
So now we have the words "Kind" and "God" factoring in, along with "Weapon" and the "TUSSH".  What this conjures up in my mind in regards to the first two, is an image of "God" that many religious folk have-- kind and yet disciplinary.   So then, is this a way of communicating and/or way of making reference to a similar type of relationship that is occurring -- between the intelligent "hidden" source behind the patterns and those who they are trying to communicate to-- namely, us?!

Note the following from James Ellis's wiki page:
Ellis's first marriage was to actress Beth Ellis. They had two sons and a daughter and were divorced in the late 1960s. In 1976 Ellis married his second wife, Robina, by whom he had another son - Toto.
Now we have another "Beth" cropping up... which as we now are aware, means "HOUSE" in origin.  And there's the the second son named "Toto", which when breaking up into syllables, becomes to-to... a cryptic version of two-two, or 22.  Since another name "Robina" has cropped up let's check the etymology: 
Robina feminine form of  Robin, from Robert :  the Germanic name Hrodebert meaning "bright fame",
As for the film "Z" that Marcel Bozzuffi acted in, it was base on a 1966 book written by author Vassilis Vassilikosabout the life and death (assassination) of democratic Greek politician Grigoris LambrakisThe title stands for the first letter of the Greek word "Zi" 
("[He] Lives!"
Poster of the film Z by Costa Gavras

Strange the authors "double" name, and note this excerpt: 
On May 22, 1963, shortly after he had delivered the keynote speech at an anti-war meeting in Thessaloniki, two far-right extremists, Emannouel Emannouilides and Spyro Gotzamanis, driving a three-wheeled vehicle, struck Lambrakis with a club over the head in plain view of a large number of people and (allegedly) some police officers. He suffered brain injuries and died in the hospital five days later, on May 27.
The lethal blow taking place on May 22nd, holds significance in more ways than one.   Consider this:  immediately after the last stroke of midnight on May 22nd and through to the last stroke of midnight on May 23rd, there are 222 days remaining in the year!!  Obviously, the inner twin world had a hand in planning and implementing the assassination of Grigoris Lambrakis.   And at this point in time, via the cluster of Z's, they're now laying out their 22/222/May day cards!!  

So what else can be associated with the Z's?!  For one, it's the last letter of the alphabet and so could be a symbolical reference to an "end" of something?!   DEATH is a form of ending, AND a great majority of the patterns that are documented in my posts have cropped up as a result of the"timely deaths" of notable persons.  Another thing that  many Z's imply to me is sleep-- ZZZZZ... which usually occurs at the "end" of the day.  Of course who's to really say what constitutes as the end and beginning of the cycle.  We do know that the 24 hours are divided in half to include day and night... and that sleep zzzz, to humans, generally occurs at night.

So, could the sense be re: night/sleep, that we are most vulnerable at night and especially when we're asleep, because if a danger lurks and we aren't prepared, the result could be the "end" for us. Keep in mind as well, that a multiple of zzzz's are used in comic strips to indicate something other than snoring, butt a "B" would have to accompany: "Buzzzzz", which implies a type of noise... such as a bee... orr, an alarm clock , orr a door BELL!!   So the word "bell" comes full circle.  Each of the "buzzz's" are a similar noise that have in common one thing: they "prompt" us.   The buzzz of a bee warns of its presence and prompts us to guard against a stinging attack; the buzzz of an alarm clock prompts us to wake; the buzzz of a door bell prompts us to go and see who's paying a visit. 

Now that the word "bee" has cropped up, I'm reminded of earlier posts, note in particular the two titles/links below and excerpts pertaining to each :

First one being my November 29th post entitled, "RIIP, 333 Synchro Rhyme and Reason", note the following excerpt:
Just out of curiosity, I decided to check out those born on this day-- Nov 28, who are presently 33 years old.  
Note the following from her wiki page (Here)-- excerpts from her list of Filmography, that also stood out:
  • B-Girl 
  • Hawaii Five-0
For one, the acronym DEBS rings a synchro-bell since a cluster synchronicity surrounding the name "Deborah" has cropped up before, where I noted  the etymology of Deborah to be "bee" in origin, and  the letter "B" had formed another cluster synchronicity as well as the name "Beth" (the letter B is originally called "Beth") which means "HOUSE".  The letter "D" can also be found in a number of posts re: a cluster synchronicity (note my June 22 post entitled: A Chickadee's 23 D's vs 6 D'sand note, the letter D shares the same key on my computer key board as the $ dollar sign!!
The second post being my September 28th post entitled,  Lynyrd Skynyrd-Free Byrd vs John Lennon- Free Boid 
Of course the words "bee" and "be" factor in somehow... and I can't help but be reminded of the name Debby (or Debee).  Note the etymology of DeborahMeans "bee" in Hebrew. And of course, I can't help but be reminded  of my court case... given that the Judge's name is, Deborah (Deborah K. Smith ACJ), and nor can I forget her "stinging" Decisions, even though I sure would like to!!  Unlike Mohammed Ali, she doesn't dance like a butterfly, but she sure stings like a bee... so perhaps its best that I stay out of her "bee hive hair"!!  Okay, so she really doesn't wear a beehive hairdo, at least one that's not visible to the naked "i", but to the inner twin "ii", it's as plane to sea as stars R at nyght!!!
WOW, there seems to 'b' much more to 'be' garnered today from the above "bee"!! 

Going back to the ZZZ's and notably the film mentioned above re: Captain Zed in the Zee Zone", note the following excerpt:
Captain Zed and the Zee Zone  CITV television series. When children go to sleep its Captain Zed and his partner PJ job to prevent children from having nightmares in the dream zone. The 26-episode series was animated by the Collingwood O'Hare studio
Definitely the sense of "Zee Zone" in this case, is "sleep".  And of course I followed the lead re: O'Hare, given that  words such as "Hare", "Hair","Heir", "Harry" and "O'Hare"... and even related words such as "beard" and "barber", have occurred in rapid fire succession, forming a major pattern cluster in my Toumai Blog.   On venturing to the O'Hare Animation Studio's wiki page, I discovered that it was started in 1988, so we have another "88" to add to the growing pile.  And then I noticed something else, three cartoons from among the list that stood out:
Each of the titles factor in. Note the first title, and especially the "Daisy", which appears to be in keeping with the "flora/florence" aka flower theme.  Then note the name Mayzie.  If you read my last two posts you'll discover a major cluster pattern involving the name "Mae" and "May"... and, not to mention my name being May... in fact, there have been times when I've been called "Mayzie".   Note as well that Mayzie could just as easily be spelled "May-Zee" and Daisy as Dai-Zee, hence we have two more "zee's" (albeit via it being phonetically identical) to add to  pile. 

Now, Daisy-Head Mayzie reminds me of the song Dizzy Miss Lizzy, and on going to the songs wiki page (Here), I noted the following:   
On following the next lead re: Larry Williamsin's wiki page, I noted the following: 
 Lawrence Eugene "Larry" Williams (May 10, 1935 – January 7, 1980[1]
As you can see, the Beatles released their album Help!on the same day that Larry Williams was born -- May 10th.  Note the etymology of Larry's middle name:

  Eugene: from the Greek word ευγενης (eugenes) meaning "well born".
He was "well born" .. born on a day that would have "other" greater meaning.

 Hmm, the Wikipedia excerpt I posted above, regarding Actress Glenda Jackson who played the part of "Elizabeth R", indicated that she was born on May 9, 1936.
Glenda May JacksonCBE (born 9 May 1936) 
If I'm correct, there is a possibility that the dates above re: May 10, 1935 and May 10, 1965, and finally May 9, 1936, may share something unique in common, after we follow the leads. Note the following:
  • May 9  is the 129th day of the year (130th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar, there are 236   day remaining until the end of the year
  • May 10  is the 130th day of the year (131st in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 235 days remaining until the end of the year.
Since May 9, 1936 was a leap year, there are 130 days remaining in the year.  Since May 10, 1935 and May 10, 1965 are not leap years, there are 130 days remaining in the year.   So there you have it, the common ground --a cluster pattern involving "130 days" arising in the midst of following leads that have cropped in the midst of writing this post.

Now while on the subject of Daisy Head Mayzie and Dizzy Miss Lizzy, I can't help butt be reminded of a movie called Driving Miss Daisy.  Since Jessica Tandy played the role of "Daisy", I decided to check out her wiki page, where I then noted the following:
Tandy and Hume Cronyn at the 1988 Emmy Awards
Jessie Alice "Jessica" Tandy (7 June 1909 – 11 September 1994) 
Of course there is the obvious, the anniversary of her death falls on the same day as the terrorist attacks of 9/11, butt then how many people know the "other" fact surrounding this day:
  • September 11  is the 254th day of the year (255th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 111 days remaining until the end of the year.
So as you can see, this pattern fits into the Identical Number Sequences pattern cluster, and that it crops ups while in the midst of following the leads, is nothing short of astounding.  As you can see, there is a flow... the patterns can be deciphered and we can learn this obvious language.  Of course it is a highly cryptic language and so will take a lot of mind bending thought on my/our part.

And then I'm reminded of Disney... mainly because it's phonetically similar to "Dizzy", and because of a play with words  that I'll use every now and then to poke fun... usually when my artwork is becoming a little "overdone/animated", then I'll say: "I think I'm  having a Dizney Spells".   Who knows, maybe you're having a dizney spell right now!!  Any how note this excerpt taken from Walt Disney wiki page:
Disney was born on December 5, 1901, at 2156 N. Tripp Avenue in Chicago's Hermosa community area to Irish-Canadian father Elias Disney and Flora Call Disney
The above mention of "Tripp" Avenue, with its twin "pp", hasn't passed me by.   Walt's mom is named "Flora"... so how many does that make?!  Definitely a small bouquet.  And then check out her maiden name, "Call" (hmm, to bellow ... to call). Note the etymology: 

call (v.) from PIE root *gal- "to call, scream, shriek, shout" (cf. Sanskrit garhati "bewail, criticize;" Latin gallus "cock;" Old High German klaga, German Klage "complaint, grievance, lament, accusation;" Old English clacu "affront;" Old Church Slavonic glasu "voice," glagolu "word;" Welsh galw "call")

 Note as well, the twin "22" in her day of birth as per the following excerpt from Flora's wiki page (here): 
Flora Call Disney (April 22, 1868 – November 6, 1938) mother of Walt Disney and Roy Disney.
Now for the cartoon-- Harry Bucketful of Dinosaurs.  There is something about dinosaurs.  The subject has come up in previous posts, mostly in regards to their non existence-- the nemesis that kicked their bucket.  And speaking of bucket's, I'm reminded of the fact that for this blog, I generally use the Trebuchet Font... the suffix sure sounds like "bucket" to me.  Until now I never thought about looking up the origins of the word.  Note the following:
trebuchet (n.) Look up trebuchet at
"medieval stone-throwing engine of war,"  from trabucher "to overturn, overthrow" (11c.), from tra- (from Latin trans-, here expressing "displacement") + Old French buc "trunk, bulk," from West Germanic *buh- (cf. German bauch"belly").
bucket (n.) Look up bucket at
mid-13c., from Old French buquet "bucket," " originally "belly" (buckets were formerly of leather as well as wood), both from West Germanic *buh- (cf. Dutch buik, Old High Germanbuh, German Bauch "belly"), from PIE *bhou-, variant of root *bheu- "to grow, swell" (see be). 
 belly (n.) Look up belly at Dictionary.comOld English belg, bylg (West Saxon), bælg (Anglian) "leather bag, purse, bellows," from Proto-Germanic *balgiz "bag" (cf. Old Norse belgr "bag, bellows," bylgja"billow," Gothic balgs "wineskin"), from PIE *bholgh-, from root *bhelgh- "to swell," an extension of *bhel- (2) "to blow, swell" (see bole).
Note this excerpt taken from "The Secret Show " wiki page:
The show stars two secret agents, Anita Knight and Victor Volt as they try to save the world from the latest threats to civilisation. They work for the secret organization, U.Z.Z,
Note the misspelling of civilization, which involves the letter z... orr lack there of.  The  U.Z.Z. cropping up gives us more ZZ's to add to the growing pattern of Z's!!  Note the following excerpt from the Common Sense Media site (Here): 
THE SECRET SHOW chronicles the unyielding battle between a covert agency called U.Z.Z. (the good guys) and ultra-secret T.H.E.M. (The Horrible Evil Menace), a group striving to -- what else? -- take over the world.
Hmm, I suppose the sense of U.Z.Z is "YOU'S GUY'S"... or better putt, "YOU'Z  GUY'Z" !!
With all these Z's buzzing about and reminding me of "sleep", I'm reminded of another recent post where singer Serena Ryder had cropped up, with the emphasis being the chorus to one of her songs: Wake up little sleepy head, your black and white needs a little bit of red".  So, I'm more apt now to consider the main crux as being "sleep", with perhaps Red and Zed rhyming for a specific reason that has yet to be clarified.  Note the etymology: 
  • zed (n.) from Hebrew zayin, letter name, literally "weapon;"
  • red (1)  from PIE root *reudh
So in trying to bring this around to what the inner twin world might be trying to communicate, my take is that they are able to create a "smoke screen"... by controlling and releasing body chemicals at precise moments, they are able to lull/paralyze us (similar to the mechanism at work with the "fainting goat" breed) in such a way that the inner twin is then able to control the body (as the outer twin watches perplexed).   As to how such mechanisms come into being, you can be sure that natural selection played a role, along with "help"-- from the inner twin world re: selective breeding. 

This would explain their ability their uncanny ability to generate patterns.  It also explains how they are able to bring about "timely deaths" that in turn generate the patterns.  Take for example, one of my previous posts that reveal a "111 Identical Number Sequence"  pattern involving WWI Flying Aces : 
  • The Red Baron (2 May 1892 – 21 April 1918), German pilot and top ace of World War I, died in battle on the 111th day of the year 
  • Wilfrid May (April 20, 1896 – June 21, 1952) was the final allied pilot to be pursued by the Red Baron.  May’s birthday of April 20thfalls on a leap year, making it the 111th day of the year.  
What I'm stating, is that the 111 pattern was not coincidence, butt that they were designed and generated, and in saying this, I'm also claiming that the "DEATH" of the Red Baron had been "timed" to precision in such a way as to coincide with Wilfrid May's "BIRTH", which had also been perfectly "timed", so that on that fateful day of April 21, 1918, another day that had been perfectly "timed" as well, would generate the 111 pattern that they would from that day on, share in common.  And it doesn't end there, note the rest Flying Ace 'other' history: 
  • Billy" Bishop (8 February 1894 – 11 September 1956), top Canadian ace in World War I, died on 9/11, after which there are 111 days remaining in the year. 
  • Snoopy,  fictional birthday has been established as August 10, 1950, the 222nd day of the year. 
The death of Billy Bishop was also perfectly "timed" as is evident.  This was to designed in such a way that would draw attention to the Terrorist Attacks of 9/11 which was yet another perfectly "timed" event, an event that included the destruction of "TWIN" TOWERS no less.  How many people are aware that as of September 11, 2001 there are 111 days remaining in the year?!  That Snoopy's (fictional dog/Flying Ace)  birthday lands on the 222nd day is also no mere coincidence.  As I have explained earlier Identical Number Sequences are "trademark signatures" of the inner "twin" world.  Consider the Red Baron's day of birth-- "2 May"  and then note the name of my Blog that documents pattern clusters such as these that I began in 2009-- "Toumai" (aka "Two May").   Note, the name Toumai was designed and implemented by my own inner twin "Tou" and their world.  Wilfrid May and I share a common name "May" as per the design of the inner twin world.      

So now, getting back to the pattern involving the series of Z's and "twin" ZZ's.   The band "ZZ Top" comes to mind, which I consider to be a lead-- in other words, another distinct pattern influenced/generated by the inner twin world.   So going to the bands site (Here), I retrieve the following excerpt:
 ...their odd name came from one or more of the following - the two brands of rolling-paper, Zig-Zag and Top - a tribute to blues legend Z.Z. Hill - or Gibbons seeing the  words running together on a bill board. Even more bizarre, Gibbons and Hill sport two of the longest beards in show business, while Frank Beard is clean shaven.
So now we have "Hill" and "Zig Zag" which serve as leads and part of the communication equation.   I recollect the term "zig zag" cropping up while researching for a post that involved Flying Aces and a "111" pattern (Here).  I also included the last sentence in the above excerpt re: their audd beards... and that band member Frank Beard had no beard!!   Considering this as a possible lead, I decide to check out Frank's wiki page, note the following: 
  • Frank Lee Beard (born June 11, 1949) drummer in the American rock band ZZ Top.
  • Beard was formerly with the bands The Cellar Dwellars
  • When ZZ Top started, Beard was known by the nickname "Rube" and was credited as "Rube Beard"
Note each of his names: Frank, Lee and Beard are names/words that have cropped up  numerous times, forming distinct cluster/patterns, and note the twin "11" in his birth date.  Due to the rhyming of "Cellar Dwellars", there's a likelihood that this factors into the overall communication as well, so note the following etymology: 
  •  dwell (v.) Old English dwellan "to mislead,, lead astray," from Proto-Germanic *dwaljanan (cf. Old Norse dvöl "delay," dvali "sleep;" Middle Dutch dwellen "to stun, make giddy, perplex;" Old High German twellen "to hinder, delay;" Danish dvale "trance, stupor," dvaelbær "narcotic berry," source of Middle English dwale "nightshade"), from PIE *dhwel-, from root *dheu- (1) "dust, cloud, vapor, smoke" 
  • cell (n.) early 12c., "small room," from Latin cella "small room, store room, hut," related to Latin celare "to hide, conceal," from PIE root *kel- "conceal" (cf. Sanskrit cala "hut, house, hall;" Greek kalia "hut, nest," kalyptein "to cover," koleon "sheath," kelyphos "shell, husk;" Latin clam "secret;" Old Irish cuile "cellar," celim "hide," Middle Irish cul "defense, shelter;" Gothic hulistr "covering," Old English heolstor "lurking-hole, cave, covering," Gothic huljan "cover over," hulundi "hole," hilms "helmet," halja "hell," Old English hol"cave," holu "husk, pod"). 
Note the following excerpt regarding one of ZZ Top's songs called TUSH: 
The title is a double entendre, referring both to slang for buttocks (with the connotation of "a piece of ass"), and slang for "luxurious" or "lavish", according to a 1985 interview with Dusty Hill in Spin Magazine.
Until now, I wasn't aware of this songs title, however I do have a TUSSH story of my own, note the following excerpt taken from my February 26, 2010 post entitled, "HELP IS KELP ?"
This morning I woke with the intent of downloading schematic drawings of what I've come to call the -- " Two Structure System Home"(TSSH)... hmm, it just occured to me, the acronym "TSSH" sounds like "TUSH" (etymology-- tush "backside, buttocks," an abbreviation from Yiddish tokhes, from Heb. tahat "beneath." ) ... hmm, interesting on multiple levels... definitely from the inner parallel world of Tou.
So as you can see, the inner twin world are coming full circle, drawing on the various patterns that they designed and incorporated in the fabric of various lives/events and at various points in time.  In regards to the "zig zag" connection to the Flying Aces as mentioned above, note this excerpt from Brown's wiki page: 
... Richthofen turned to avoid Brown's attack, and then, instead of climbing out of reach of ground fire, remained at low altitude and resumed his pursuit of May, who was still zig-zagging, as he had not noticed that Richthofen had been momentarily distracted.
For the record, Richthofen, by the way, is the Red Barons birth name. So, zig-zagging was used as a strategy to avoid being shot down when the enemy is on your TUSH.   

Now getting back to Marcel Bozzuffi the actor,  and patterns found in regards to other films he acted in:
The French connection wiki page offers a bit of a clue re the following: 
French Connection II is a 1975 crime drama film starring Gene Hackman and directed by John Frankenheimer.  
Box office
Do note the 4,444 at the end of the box office figure!!   And if you follow the next lead-- clicking on the link to Gene Gene Hackman's wiki page and to the excerpt I posted below, you'll see that his birthday is TODAY!!
Eugene Allen "Gene" Hackman[1] (born January 30, 1930) is a retired American actor and novelist. 
So what does the title "French Connection" mean to me personally?!   Well, since we're on the topic of "May's", my first name May does have a "French connection"... given that my full first name is  hyphenated (it's trendy for French Acadian's to give their children hyphenated names ), mine is May-Monique, with Monique being the French version of Monica which means:
Latin moneo "advisor" and Greek monos "one".
So, it seems that I'm the one... I'm being asked to give my Tou Sense Worth.  Okay so here goes.
My inner twin,Tou, and the inner twin world wish to convey that they intend to remain at war against us in our outer world,  and they will continue to do so until which time everyone "gets it".  What this means, is that they ARE "coming out" whether we want them to or not, and only because it factors into their overall plan, which is to communicate an all important message and to ensure that we respond accordingly.  
This now brings me to the last cartoon from the three mentioned above re: Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurswhich ties in with the 88's also mentioned above, which, if you've read my last two posts, equates with **-- asterisks .. twin stars. As well, there's the other film above re: Heaven on One's Head, which also ties in, and if you haven't already done the math, then read on.   
We already know what happened to the "bucket full of dinosaurs" in the worlds past,  their bucket got kicked!!  Asteroids and Meteors have kicked up a fair share of dust on our planet since the get go.  Simply check out the craters on the moon and you get a pretty good picture of the ensuing devastation.   These nemesis' haunted the past,  and they are set to do so once again because it is a patterned event, just like glacial and inter-glacial episodes of our present day Ice Age are patterned events.  So, whether it's hail the size of pumpkins landing on our sleeping heads, or billions of asteroids the size of  Henny's pennies, we need to prepare... we need to safe guard all that's important, all that is essential to our survival down to the nitty gritty soil that we tread on and take for granted, and we need to do that before our own sorry bucket get's kicked.  Okay, so yes, our inner twins are giving us a licking, butt from all that I gather, it's not how they want it to be.  It's just that there's no other way to wake us up before it's too late. 
My October 12, post entitled, "Flora Thibodeau 111, Acadian Canadian from Rogersville!!!"
involves another French connection via Acadian Super-centenarian, Flora Thibodeau, and as you can see, her name follows the flower theme.   What you'll find in the post, is the "Hollow Way"-- the meaning behind the name patterns as of late.  I don't know how much more specific they can get?

The drawings I re-posted here.  The first one at left,  reveal the stages of building what I refer to as the TUSSH-- the Two United System Structure Home.  This particular one is designed to be situated on permafrost land, and in fact, is built within a pingo mound.   I conceived of the design while writing what I at first believed was a fictional novel.  Now I know otherwise.

As our ancestors attempted to survive the harsh North during the previous glacial winters, they had to be ingenious.  The first question that entered my mind at the time, was how did they stay warm, with wood being scarce to non existent... and what about shelter?!  Then it dawned on me, that permafrost land is anything butt flat in a vast land where palsa's and pingo's abound.   Pingo mounds, are hills the size of volcano's, butt with a core of solid ice.  The core could easily be chipped and/or melted away, enabling a hollow... a "hollow way", one in which they could then nestle their homes.

Once the hollow was made, the bottom of the home in much the same way they constructed their coracles-- the first type of boats ever used, round bottomed boats made like a basket, but very tight and water proof, because it is designed to float.  The reason why it was necessary to float the home, was so that like the flowers of the tundra, it would be heliotropic-- it could move to face the sun which would provide them with necessary light and warmth.  Then at the very center they could build a tower-- a central heating system.  The type of fuel utilized was more than abundant-- reindeer meat.  The tower is a giant composting unit designed to contain the purifying meat which in turn produced heat and a gas bi-product which could be collected in a large bag made of animal skins sewn perfectly together-- completely air tight.

Then the next question was how to build the roof.  Using a combination of resins (they would have to travel to the tree line at some point to collect) and carageenan/irish moss from the sea, they could make a clear roof that could be cured by pressurizing and heating it in a press mold. Since gas rises, this gave them that perfect opportunity to harness the power for this purpose.  Once the roof is complete and attached; the water added to float their home, and a system of petals arranged like a flower--opening by day to reflect sunlight and closing off at night for added insulation.  It's not a bad design... and its only one of many ways in which to make a fully contained ecosystem home that is wholly organic.

There are details that aren't shown in the schematics, such as the doorway.  The only way in and out is via the same opening that the tower protrudes.  A spiral stair way circling the tower is the way in.  a system such as this not only enabled them to survive the winter, but they could grow food within.

All that's required is ingenuity, people, and hard work.  This is what is needed in order to survive the nemesis that lurks out there.  It's not that we aren't aware of the dangers out there, and its not that we don't have the wherewithal to know that self contained living units are the best, most economical, most eco friendly and safest type of home that can benefit people the world over.  It is drought proof, monsoon proof, winter proof and for the most part, it is asteroid proof-- allowing us to survive and breath when otherwise we wouldn't be able to ... and we would perish just like the dinosaurs did over 60,000,000 years ago.  This is why the inner twin world are trying to shake and wake us from our lackadaisical attitude.  It's because of our inner twins and their world, that we have achieved so much in such a short time. we have the power and now we need the proper shield and armor to protect our loved ones and ourselves, and that is what they are ensuring by coming out, by communicating and by going to war against us today.   Personally, I would like to see this war come to an end so we can quit wasting valuable time, energy and resources, and begin carrying some of the responsibility ... to  become helpmates to our inner twin and their world  and in our "joint" cause.


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UPDATE: I had to put up this cryptoquote that the Puzzle Baron site spit out on September 2nd. Note in the past year since Cath and I started going to this site to do a few cryptoquotes every morning,  they've never put up a quote before from someone who passed away on the same day.  Note the quote was by Bertrand Russell

Bertrand Arthur William Russell, 3rd Earl RussellOMFRS[1] (18 May 1872 – 2 February 1970).  

Since 1970 is not a leap year, Feb 2nd in this case falls on the 33 day, with 332 days remaining.  Of course in this case it falls into both the Identical Numbers Pattern Cluster and the Off By One Pattern Cluster.

This next photo below at left, is taken of the Name etymology re: Bailey, this name was among a list of names similar to Beale, and if you click on the photo to expand, you'll see that as of today, this name rates as the 88th most popular name in the US.  Note the list of names that sound like Beale:

BA'AL   m   Near Eastern Mythology
BAAL   m   Near Eastern Mythology
BAILA   f   Yiddish
BAILEE   f   English (Modern)
BAILEY   m & f   English
BALA   m & f   IndianHinduism
BAYLEE   f   English (Modern)
BÉLA   m   Hungarian
BĚLA   f   Czech
BELI   m   Welsh Mythology
BELLA   f   English
BELLE   f   English
BEULAH   f   BiblicalBiblical HebrewEnglish
BILE   m   Irish Mythology
BILHAH   f   Biblical
BILL   m   English
BILLIE   m & f   English
BILLY   m   English

  The Genetic discovery of "Tetragametic Chimera humans", reveals that parts of our body can belong to a twin. This gives room to consider the subconscious as belonging to a twin. The research involved in this blog and my new Pronoiasecret blog provides evidence that proves what "appears" to be synchronicity in many cases, are patterns generated by inner twin's working together in a bid to "come out" as well as "communicate" to us at this point in time

It should be obvious to you by now, and after having read the above evidence/proof, that the pattern clusters had been set in place due to inner twin world had designed and then initiated/planted them for the purpose of coming out and communicating, with the primary goal being to effect necessary changes in our outer world in order to best ensure our joint survival and especially that of the future. 

With that said, there is absolutely no doubt that the accident of 2000 which relates to the Court Case now before the Supreme Courts re: May Ocean vs. the Economical Mutual Insurance Company and Raymond Patrick Sullivan, had been deliberately staged by various inner twin’s as per the plan of the inner twin community/world. Enough evidence exists in this blog and my Toumai blog alone, to prove this.   The legal case now before the Supreme Court as it rests now, does not serve me justice and nor does it serve justice for my inner twin, Tou, and their world. 

Associate Chief Justice who is overseeing this case has denied a motion for this research to come forward as well as other motions pertinent to ensuring that at the end of the day, justice is arrived at. 

The Appeal Court Judges have stated that I have the right to conduct and argue my case as I see fit. In the very beginning and throughout proceedings, I have stated both in writing and verbally, that my case before the court and in regards to damages as per the Accident AND as per the Negligence of Economical overlap.  My claim is that Economical’s treatment toward me as well as others operating within the Auto Insurance “umbrella/network”—ie: the Minister of Insurance, The Insurance Bureau of Canada, Defendant Lawyers, Associate Chief Justice Smith, the Media, Journalist Bruce Wark, Dr. Smith—Economical’s Accident Reconstruction Expert, Dr. Rosenberg—Economical’s psychiatrist, Dr. Brunet—ACJ. Smith’s hired “Forensic” psychiatrist  most recently the Appeal Court—note I was not notified about the second court hearing after the most recent Decision of Justice Linda Oland, I received the letter in the “mail” after it had taken place!!  

ACJ Smith in her most recent correspondence states that I had a choice in psychiatrists when she ordered that I undergo psychiatric evaluation in order to determine whether or not I am mentally capable and thus legally allowed to self represent myself.  ACJ left me NO other option other than seeking a “Forensic Psychiatrist”—in other words, a psychiatrist regularly hired by the courts to give testimony, which means there is a bias in favor of the Judicial system who pays their way.  Dr. Brunet is a Forensic Psychiatrist who therefore is reliant on a “happy relationship” with the judiciary and especially ACJ Smith who is the Associate Chief Justice.  ACJ Smith by ordering the psychiatric assessment in the first place had been actively sending a message to any Forensic Psychiatrist ‘chosen’, that they need to create more of a “question” to my mental status so that at the end of the day, people would disregard anything I have to say, and thus allowing ACJ Smith to twist things in such a way that favors the existing system that is wholly unconstitutional.

The list goes on as to all those working to uphold a highly abusive system that is lucrative for the individuals I have thus far mentioned.  Those within the ranks of every day citizens are being target—exploited without being aware, hence the abuses I have been made to suffer, constitutes as Gross Abuse and so against my/our Civil Rights and Freedoms as provided by way of the Canadian Constitution.

With all of that said, there is far more at play than what meets the eye.  There is my body of "Research" as documented in both my Pronoiasecret and Toumai Blogs.  The patter clusters found within constitutes a language and testimony from an Expert in the field-- my inner twin Tou and the inner twin world.   These posts contain their voice—a testimony that they were behind the accident of 2000, and that they influenced all events of that night and all drivers involved in such a way that the accident occured exactly as it had.   Simply put the accident enabled the inner twin world a means to come forward, because they believe that is what was needed to wake us up to the truth. The inner twinworld have influenced events within the court system as a means to keep me doing what it is that they want me to do—documenting the patterns—their voice in my blogs.  

Although help would greatly be appreciated from my outer world in regards to the court battle that I’m in the midst of, it’s not necessary.  I have come to understand the concerns of the inner twin world and I have come to respect their incredible intelligence and power.  They are at war with us, and it will continue to escalate, of that I'm quite sure, until which time we wake up to their call and do the work they deem necessary.  We are nott in a negotiating position.  

I wish to avert the war that is occurring… to put a stop to what I consider as being needless suffering and death, and I wish to put my own energy toward the design and perhaps building of a new specialized self enclosed "bio-dome" home, butt most of all, I believe my role is to encourage others toward that end.  That is why I have forfeited my case --in order to stay on top with documenting the inner twin voice in my blogs.  This is what really matters… it’s called hierarchy of needs.      

Posted by  
Tou and May