Friday, April 14, 2017

A Vicious Triangle vs A Winning Rainbow

After finishing my previous post, I perused Adele's site and came to a comment made by Trish MacGregor (Here): 
Trish says (March 26, 2017 at 9:47 am): I LOVE this image. Nicely done, Adele!

Adele Aldridge says (March 26, 2017 at 1:47 pm): Trish – life is weird. When I was working on this line image is when I bashed my car. I think this is called, living the I Ching. Not always so good.
Abracadabra written in a
triangular form as represented in
 Encyclopædia Britannica
The part that mentions Trish's last post caught my eye... especially the "Triangle"... since it cropped up in yesterdays post, Abracadabra, where Adele is first mentioned.
  • abracadabra:magical formula...  Abraxas, name for god...  a word of power. It was written out in a triangle shape and worn around the neck to ward off sickness
 As you can see, triangle is mentioned.  And on the Abracadabra wiki page it too mentions a triangle (see at right).

The MacGregor's post contains an image of the Bermuda triangle:

The North American Plate
And what I find striking, is the that it's obviously taken from a satellite image.  You can plainly see the shoals ... AND,  you can see the the edge of the North American tectonic plate.  One corner of the triangle is directly over the edge, and another points at Florida, and the third points at Bermuda.

There has been another triangle of sorts that has come to mind-- the trinity... as in the "Father, Son and Holy Ghost" of Christian doctrine, and only because of a recent "GHOST" pattern-cluster, one that's still in draft form... one that began with the publisher "Charles Coffin Little" (founder of  Little, Brown and Company) who cropped up in my recent April 12 post, Bobby' Buckle's Bubble's:
  • Charles Coffin Little (July 25, 1799–August 11, 1869)
And as a follow up on THAT,  a ghostly thing just happened to me, just a few moments ago... as I took a much need break to the John... er "Jenny", where I always have a book, the one that was there is "How To Win At Feminism"-- The Definitive Guide to Having it All ... AND THEN SOME!   It's a light/fun read of short, silly anecdotes.  AND, when I randomly opened the book, the page I looked down on spoke volumes.  Note the bottom third of the page re: BOO! THE PATRIARCHY IS A SPOOKY GHOST.

Now this isn't normally a book that I would buy for myself... it's sort of youngish, butt I thought it would be nice to get it for my daughter.  I didn't feel comfortable enough to bring it when I visited at her home in Abu Dhabi-- just the thought of Airport security checking my luggage and finding IT... and sending me back home book 'n all, was enough of a deterrent.  Any how, there's definitely a "Ghost Theme" pattern-cluster in the works.

Since I was photographing the page, I decided to photograph the back of the book to show you another reason why after humming and hawing for what seemed an eternity before buying the book, I finally turned it over and read the back, namely the :
* How to Do More with 33 Cents Less!
 And of course identical number sequences are another inner twin trade mark signature.

And finally, as I was flipping the book around, I was taken by complete surprise (see photo at left) with the outer edge of the pages-- the colour of a rainbow... another addition to the recent "Rainbow/Colour Theme" pattern-cluster.