Friday, February 27, 2015

March 30

As a followup to my previous post I decided to google "deaths in march 30, 2011", and the first thing brought us was:
Assassination attempt - Reagan came close to death, the team's quick action—and Parr's decision .....March 30...
I wasn't expected anything like this.  Except now that I think about recent pattern-clusters... like the "Bang! Bang!" pattern-cluster, I can see that the inner twin world were building up to this event.  It simply fits.
So going to the Assassination attempts wiki page:
Note the number 69-- another design influence of the inner twin world... a signature of sorts given that the 6 and 9 are the same except upside down from one another-- a symbol of our conjoined bodies and "complimentary opposite" worlds.  There is a message in the numbers that I've posted about earlier so I won't go into that.    Note the following:
Note from James Brady's wiki page:
James Scott "Jim" Brady(August 29, 1940 – August 4, 2014) 
His birthday is an addition to the recent "August 27, 28, 29, 30, 31/ Date Sequence" pattern-cluster.

Note this next excerpt involving the assassin's motive:
  • While living in Hollywood in the late 1970s, he saw the film Taxi Driver at least 15 times, apparently identifying strongly with Travis Bickle...
Note the following involving one of the actors of the film:
  • Leonard Harris as Senator Charles Palantine (September 27, 1929 – August 28, 2011[1])
We have another addition to the "August 27, 28, 29, 30, 31/ Date Sequence" pattern-cluster.
Note this next excerpt from the Assassinations wiki page:
ABC temporarily renamed the lead character of The Greatest American Hero from "Ralph Hinkley" to "Hanley",[59 
Shocked Americans gathered around television sets in homes and shopping centers.[52] Some cited the alleged Curse of Tippecanoe, 
  • The name Curse of Tippecanoe (also known as Tecumseh's Curse, thePresidential CurseZero-Year Curse, the Twenty-Year Curse, or theTwenty-Year Presidential Jinx) is used to describe the regular death in office of Presidents of the United States elected or re-elected in years evenly divisible by twenty
The curse involved 7 Presidential deaths, the near death of Reagan, and President George W. Bush who remained alive during his stint, and then again he wasn't elected.   This is likely no coincidence or curse, butt the smoke and mirrors of the inner twin world.  It's unclear why they didn't continue with the smoke and mirrors when it came to Reagan, because most certainly, if they wanted him to die like the rest, they would have made it so.

Sharknado and March 30

So I mentioned a little bit about my "Shark" pattern-cluster on my Facebook Timeline and a friend tells me not to watch "Sharknado".  I've never heard of it until now, and so I venture to the films wiki page discover the following:

  • Cassandra Lynn "Cassie" Scerbo (born March 30, 1990)
  • Ian Andrew Ziering(born March 30, 1964) 
  • Jason Lawrence Simmons (born March 30, 1976 
Three of the films actors celebrate the same birthday, March 30.  

Tomaszewski RIIP: The Frank Truth

The Deaths in 2015 site lists under February 27:
What stands out is his surname given the prefix "Tomas" from "Thomas" in origin means "Twin", and so an addition to the "Thomas/Twin Things" pattern-cluster.  As you can see by the titles of my last two posts, the name Thomas has cropped up more than usual during my investigations.  Like sequences of 2's, the name Thomas is a particular trade mark signature of the inner twin world and so this is automatically a heads up to investigate further.

On trying to figure out the etymology of the suffix, "zewki", I found the Polish word "zew" means "call" and "ski" means "of", so the cryptic communication becomes "twin of call".  There's also the fact that "ski" is also an English word (as purposely influenced by the inner twin world) that essentially means "skiing on snow", the etymology of which comes from an earlier word that means "split"... a word that cropped up in a recent post.    In fact, the "zew" in like fashion is phonetically identical to "zoo"... a place for animals... a word that in origin means "life".  So the cryptic phrase becomes "split life"... which makes cryptic sense when you realize that we are all chimera humans-- consisting of an inner and outer twin life in what appears to be a single body... we are essentially split lives and as such split/parallel worlds.

Note the following from his wiki page
Bohdan Tomaszewski (born August 10, 1921 in Warsaw, died February 27, 2015 
Note the following regarding his date of birth:

August 10 - is the 222nd day of the year ... days remain...

‎It is now perfectly obvious, Tomaszewski's death was "timely"-- influenced by the inner twin world as part of their means of "coming out" and "communicating" to us at this point in time.  One of the things communicated is that they are at war against our world... not your usual war though when it means sacrificing their own lives in fulfilling their mandate.  Note this excerpt from his wiki page: 
 He participated in the Warsaw Uprising, as a soldier of the Home Army (nom de guerre “Mały”).
What stands out quite simply is the place name "Warsaw" which breaks down into two words "war saw".  In fact, the word "saw" cropped up in a recent post, note the following from my Feb 23 post, Luca Ronconi RIIP (Part 5): MONEY$ HONEY$ (UPDATE)
It's interesting that the words saga is related to "saw" (n.2), and also meaningful that "saw" is also used in two other ways: past tense of "see" and "to cut"...
So one has to ask why the inner twin world had influenced the word "saga" (story) to be connected to "saw"... albeit this particular saw meant "a saying" in origin.  Still, the inner twin world influenced the various definitions of saw: a saying/story; to cut; have seen.  They did so to assist with a specific communication ... all of the definitions wrap up into one communication ie: "have seen saga cut".  Again, this is obvious to me because I've been following the communication for quite some time and I've learned the art of interpreting.

The saga that the inner twin world have seen cut is a reference to their saga-- their existence and their herstory cut from our outer twin knowledge.  For quite some time, there has also been an ever growing  "Frank/Deep Dark Blunt Truth" pattern-cluster, that I've come to interpret this as meaning that the war they are waging has to do with forcing the hands of "powers that be" to start telling the truth of the inner twin world that they have become privy to.  The inner twin world are particularly targeting journalists and media personnel... like Tomaszewski.  Because they know that this is the resistance they have to break down before the Frank/blunt  truth will even be entertained let alone  broadcasted to the public.  Now having said that, it is as the inner twin world have planned it to be, because they have the power to come out in a great splash if they choose, butt they are doing it their way... what they figure is the best way and so they are in the process of trying to bring the "right/write/wright" people around and on board -- they are getting their ducks in a row (even though I can't see beyond that I'm the one and only duck).

There is one other connection with 'saw" that I'd like to make, and that's with the recent "Shark/Ray/Terrifying Gill/Fish ..." pattern-cluster. In the Shark and Ray family they each have a "saw-shark" and a "saw ray"(sawfish) .  How this applies at this time, well your guess is as good as mine.

So Tomaszewski was involved in the Warsaw uprising, and so our next lead.  From the Warsaw Uprising wiki page, note the following taken from the Background section:
We have one point from which every evil emanates. That point is Warsaw. If we didn't have Warsaw in the General Government, we wouldn't have four-fifths of the difficulties with which we must contend.
—German Governor-General Hans FrankKraków, 14 December 1943[13]
The surname in the above is addition to the recent "Frank/Deep Dark Blunt Truth" pattern-cluster and so he is a lead worth investigating, note from his wiki page:
Hans Michael Frank (23 May 1900 – 16 October 1946) was a German lawyer who worked for the Nazi Party during the 1920s and 1930s, and later became Hitler's personal lawyer.
Now note the following regarding his birthday:
 May 23 -  the 143rd day of the year (144th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 222 days remaining until the end of the year.
We have yet another addition to the "222/Identical Number Sequence" pattern-cluster, a particular inner twin trade mark signature... albeit the opposite end of the date spectrum from August 10 as per the birthday of Tomaszewski.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Thomas'... Part 2: Lots of $$$$ Needed 4444 ...

As a followup to my previous post note from the wiki page of Thomas Wolfe's novel,  "Look Homeward Angel":
The publishing company name "Scribner" stands out given the etymology means "writer of the court"... so someone who keeps records, and isn't that what a publisher does?!  Note from Scribner's wiki page:
Note from the wiki page of Charles Scribner I :
  • Charles Scribner I (February 21, 1821 – August 26, 1871) 
His birthday AND date of death are both additions to the "Off By One" pattern-cluster, as in one off from the birthdays of my two grandchildren: my grandson's birthday being February 22nd and my granddaughters being August 25th.

Note the following regarding  Scribner's sons:

ChildrenJohn Blair Scribner (1850–1879)
Charles Scribner II (1854–1930)
Arthur Hawley Scribner (1859–1932)

And namely the following info from the wiki page of the first:
John Blair Scribner (June 4, 1850 - January 21, 1879)
His date of death is an addition to the "Targeting Family Birthdays" pattern-cluster given that January 21st is my daughters birthday.    Note from John Scribner's wiki page:
He married Lucy Ann Skidmore (1853-1931)
Such an audd surname... especially since it's winter and I live on an icy slope... that has since become icier with the freezing rain the other day.   A lot of "skid more" on the slippery slope going on in more ways than one.  Her first name has a little cryptic phrase within re "Lu see"... is there a certain "Lu/Lou/Lew..." that we need to be watching out for.  I guess we need to investigate further.  Note from Lucy Ann Skidmore's wiki page.
BornLucy Ann Skidmore
July 4, 1853
New York City
DiedMay 2, 1931 (aged 77)
Her birthday is an addition to the recent "July 4" and the "4/Four/For/Phor/$..." pattern-clusters.

Keep in mind that 3 US Presidents died and one was born on July 4th... which is also Independence Day in the US.  And the older daughter of President Obama who is the 44th President, also celebrates her birthday on July 4th!!!!   That's a lot of July 4 fireworks!!!  As well, Skidmore's date of death is meaningful re "2 May" which is a cryptic phonetically identical version of my first blog "Toumai"... an African word meaning "Hope For Life", butt also a cryptic combination of my inner twin "Tou" and my name May.

Note this next excerpt from the wiki page of the book Look Homeward, Angel:
Look Homeward, Angel: A Story of the Buried Life is a 1929 novel by Thomas Wolfe.
The part "A Story of the Buried Life" has that inner twin feel.... especially since their lives and parallel world is "buried" within our own bodies and world... and they literally kept themselves buried away from us... at least that is until now.  This is their "coming out" and "communicating" to us.

What we have long considered to be "our" subconscious, is really the conscious mind of  our inner twin who is able to think independently as well as fully able to influence our thoughts and actions so seamlessly and without our being the slightest bit aware, that they are able to generate the pattern-clusters that they are now bringing to the forefront... I'm transcribing... I'm simply a "scribner".

Note from Thomas Wolfe's wiki page:
Note from Baker's wiki page:
  • George Pierce Baker (April 4, 1866 – January 6, 1935)[1] 
He was born on April 4th... or 4/4/66.  Another addition to the "4/Four/For/Phor/$..." pattern-cluster.   Keep in mind the twin 66 in the year, this too factors into the cryptic communication-- the number 6 shares the same key on my keyboard as the ^roof symbol-- a design influence of the inner twin world, which communicates "shelter", butt two together re 66/^^ is more than your usual shelter, it's a cryptic reference to what the inner twin world refers to as the TUSSH--the Two United Structure System Home, a specialized self enclosed home (a mini earth to provide our necessities of life).

Note this next excerpt from Thomas Wolfe's wiki page:
  • On his return voyage in 1925, he met Aline Bernstein (1882–1955), a scene designer for the Theatre Guild. Bernstein, 18 years his senior, was married to a successful stockbroker with whom she had two children. In October 1925, she and Wolfe became lovers and remained so for five years.[6] 
Note from Aline Bernstein's wiki page:
Aline Bernstein (December 22, 1880 – September 7, 1955) was an American costume designer. She and Irene Lewisohn founded the Museum of Costume Art.[1]
The twin 22 in her date of birth is a heads up, and the date of Dec 22 had cropped up in my previous post hence generating a "December 22" pattern-cluster.  And note who she partnered with: Irene Lewisohn... so "Lu see"... do you see the "Lew" prefix?!  Note from Irene Lewisohn's wiki page:
Irene Lewisohn (September 5, 1886 - April 4, 1944) 
We have definitely found our "Lew"!!   Irene died on George Baker's birthday and so generating an "April 4" pattern-cluster... and  her date of death is none other than  4/4/44, and so an addition to the "Identical Number Sequence" pattern-cluster , and addition to the "4/Four/For/Phor/$..." pattern-cluster.  So my Tou Sense Worth:  

"Lots of $$$$$$$$$$$ Needed 44444444444 the TUSSH"!!!

Thomas Hamilton, Thomas Mullen, Thomas Wolfe, Thomas Myers, Arthur Thomas Myers, Tyr

Two surnames have recently cropped up repeatedly, forming a "Hamilton" and "Hooper/Cooper" pattern-cluster.  So I Googled famous Hamilton's, focussing on only the first two pages brought up and looking for one who stands out most :

It certainly makes sense since the name "Thomas" means "twin" and so an addition to the "Twin Things" pattern-cluster.  Note the following from his wiki page: 
Hmm, I too am Canadian.  Note from his wiki page under the section entitled Paranormal investigations
  • In 1919, one of T.G.’s twin sons, Arthur, died at the age of three, a victim of the Spanish flu.[12]
So another addition to the "Twin Things" pattern-cluster.  Keep in mind that his son's name is an addition to the "Arthur/Arctic/Bear" pattern-cluster.  Note the etymology: 
  • Arctic from arktos "bear
  •  Arthur: ... artos "bear" combined with viros "man" orrigos "king".   
That "Arctic" crops up is "timely" considering the "North Man" concerns of my previous post re: Norman Panama, Melvin Frank, Dore Schary RIIIIIIP: Frank Scary Door Panama to Northman.  

Since Arthur died from the Spanish Flu, I ventured to its wiki page where I noted the following: 

We now have two more additions to the "Thomas/Twin Things" pattern-cluster.  Note this excerpt from the wiki page of "The Last Town on Earth":
It won the James Fenimore Cooper Prize for Best Historical Fiction in 2000
Okay... now THAT takes the cake... we have an addition to the "Hooper/Cooper" pattern-cluster.  Keep in mind that the cryptic communication derived from this particular name is "we have you over a barrel".    So then, note from James Cooper's wiki page
  • James Fenimore Cooper(September 15, 1789 – September 14, 1851)
His birthday and date of death form a "September 14, 15/Date Sequence" pattern-cluster.   We are definitely on the right track.  Note this next excerpt :
First of all, the place name "Burlington" stands out given that I have a friend who lives in Burlington (Canada), note this excerpt from its wiki page:
So we have another "Hamilton" cropping up on following the cryptic inner twin leads!!

Note from William Cooper's wiki page:
William Cooper (December 2, 1754 – December 22, 1809) was an American merchant, land speculator and developer, the founder of Cooperstown, New York. 
Note his date of birth and death re "12/2" and "12/22", so all we need is a "12/12" in order to use up all the 2's in the month of December.  So note this next excerpt from William Coopers wiki page:
On December 12, 1774, in Burlington, he was married 
So there we have it... I don't know exactly what I'm going to call this particular cluster?!  How about a "12/2; 12/12; 12/22" pattern-cluster.  Keep in mind that sequences of 2's are a particular inner twin trade mark signature... and of course as with any artist, there's often embellishment!!

Note this next excerpt from Thomas Hamilton's wiki page:
  • ...having read Frederic William Henry Myers's book Human Personality and Its Survival of Bodily Death, encouraged her husband to investigate the phenomenon.
Note from Myer's wiki page:

  • Frederic William Henry Myers (6 February 1843 – 17 January 1901).  
His date of death cropping up is "timely" given the following excerpt from my earlier post today entitled, Susan Sontag's and Steve's Stingray Sonata 444:
  • Ray Stark (October 3, 1915 – January 17, 2004) 
We now have a   "January 12,_13_, 14, 15, 16, 17/ One Day Off" pattern-cluster in the works. 
And so now going to Frederic Myers wiki page, note the following two excerpts:
So we have two more "Thomas'" to add to the "Thomas/Twin Things" pattern-cluster.  Note from the wiki pages of Frederick's father and son  :
  • Thomas Myers (13 February 1774 – 21 April 1834
  • Dr Arthur Thomas Myers (16 April 1851 – 10 January 1894) 
First of all, Thomas Myers date of death is an addition to the "111/Identical Number Sequence" pattern-cluster, given the following information regarding the day:
  • April 21 -is the 111th day of the year (112th in leap years)
The opposite end of the 111 date spectrum is 9/11 that has 111 day remaining .  His date of birth is also an addition to the "Off By One" pattern-cluster, as in one off from Valentines Day... the day of love!!!

Concerning the death of Arthur Thomas Myers, we now have a  "January 10, __ 12,13, 14, 15, 16, 17/ One Day Off" pattern-cluster in the works... as in one off due to there being no "January 11th" that would expand the cluster to include this January 10th.  Note as well, that January 11th is 1/11!!!  So we need to check out the January 11th wiki page... butt maybe later.  

There was one other Thomas that I didn't yet investigate as mentioned above:
Thomas Clayton Wolfe (October 3, 1900 – September 15, 1938) 
Note his date of death... and then note the following also from above:
James Fenimore Cooper(September 15, 1789 – September 14, 1851)
"Týr" by Lorenz Frølich (1895).
So not only do we have a "September 15" pattern-cluster now in the works,  we also have another "September 14, 15/ Date Sequence" pattern-cluster.

The name "Thomas Wolfe" reminds me of Týr, the one handed God of Norse mythology (his hand bitten off by a wolf) from which "Tuesday" gets its name:
So the word "Twin" seems to be related to "Tuesday"... and "two".   Note from Tyr's wiki page:
  • An early depiction of Tyr is found on the IK 190 bracteate found near Trollhättan, Sweden. The figure is shown with long hair, holding a sceptre in his left hand, and with a wolf biting his right
The image at right was taken from Týr's wiki page.  Note the following information regarding the artist,  Lorenz Frølich:
Lorenz Frølich (25 October 1820 in Hellerup – 25 October 1908, Copenhagen) 
He died on his birthday, so generating an "October 25" pattern-cluster... and not only that, they are also two additions to the "Targeting Family Birthdays" pattern-cluster, given that three of my partners family members are born on October 25th during different years.  

So Tyr reminds me of the word "tire" and so note what was brought up by an etymology source:
  • tire (n.) late 15c., "iron plates forming a rim of a carriage wheel," probably from tire "equipment, dress, covering" (c.1300), a shortened form of attire (n.). ...
  • tire (v.1) "to weary," also "become weary,"... root *deu- (1) "to lack, be wanting." 
  • tier (n.) "row, rank, range,"...  also "likeness, image; state, condition," probably from tirer "to draw, draw out" (see tirade).
  • tirade (n.) ...  "a volley, a shot; a pull; a long speech or passage; a drawing out" (16c.), from tirer "draw out, endure, suffer,"
And yes I'm tired... tired of being alone in all of this... tired of having no tier-- no other ducks in a row!!  I know people are just too afraid of being labeled a quack... so put head in sand like the dumb ostrich that's then unable to see what's about to kick its very exposed, vulnerable and well lined up TUSSH!!

Norman Panama, Melvin Frank, Dore Schary RIIIIIIP: Frank Scary Door Panama to Northman

As a followup to my previous post and researching the wiki page of January 13, I decided to go through the names and choose one in particular that stands out for the name alone:
The cryptic phrase in his name, according to my Tou Sense Worth is "North man Panama of Isthmus".  Because I know that the formation of the Panama of Isthmus is what experts believe to be the reason for our present day Ice Age to which at the moment, we are in the tail end of a interglacial event.  Essentially, the Isthmus joining North and South America affected the Ocean currents  ... and we have been on a "Ocean/Sea/Shark/Stingray/Herring..." pattern-cluster theme as of late.

The currents that once circumvented the globe is now being sent northward where during winter the result is snow... and during glacial times BIG SNOW!! Snow that accumulates in great sheet of ice--glaciers that cover continents.  So this is obviously a concern of anyone living in the North.

So note from Norman Panama's wiki page:
  • Norman Panama (April 21, 1914 – January 13, 2003)
His date of birth is an addition to the "111/Identical Number Sequence" pattern-cluster because in the year 1914, April 21st was the 111th day of the year.  The opposite end of the 111 date spectrum being 9/11-- the day of the year where 111 days remain... and of course we know full well the other cryptic meaning behind this date (as influenced by the inner twin world).

Note this next excerpt from Panama's wiki page:
Now we have an addition to the "Frank/Deep Dark Blunt Truth" pattern-cluster.  Note from his wiki page:
  • Melvin Frank (13 August 1913 – 13 October 1988)
Definitely in keeping with the "13" pattern-cluster theme that's occurred as of late... and note, my birthday is June 13!!   From Melvin Frank's and Norman Panama's wiki page the following stands out:
The cryptic phrase in the title: "Mr. Boring builds his dream house".  Which jives along with the inner twin world who are aware that we outer twins have not yet gotten on board with designing and building the TUSSH-- the Two United Structure System Home that they have proposed.   A home that will provide for those of us living in the North when our land becomes buried in sheets of ice miles high!!  We are definitely on the "wright" track.  One of the three producers of Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House is :
Produced byDore Schary
Melvin Frank
Norman Panama
Note the name Dore Schary...  the cryptic phrase in her name re "Scary Door"... not to mention the recent "Brown Door/Money/4/for/four/phore ..." pattern-cluster. Note from her wiki page:
  • Isadore "Dore" Schary (August 31, 1905 – July 7, 1980)
an addition to the recent "August 25, 26, 27, 28,29, 30, 31/ Date Sequence" pattern-cluster.  Of course it's also the birthday of Megan MacGregor and so the investigation that started the cluster.  

Note the following information regarding an actor  involved in the film: 
  • Henry Codman Potter (sometimes II or Jr; November 13, 1904 – August 31, 1977) 
Note the "cod man" middle name... cod is a fish in the sea too, albeit not as terrifying as the ones that have cropped up previously.  Another 13  re his date of birth, and note his date of death  ... he died on Dore Schary's  birthday!!! So we have another  addition to the recent "August 25, 26, 27, 28,29, 30, 31/ Date Sequence" pattern-cluster and a new "August 31" pattern-cluster.   Of course it's also the birthday of Megan MacGregor who started the cluster.