Monday, January 15, 2018

Painful Feet Feat

 Wikipedia’s Deaths in 2018 site lists under todays date, January 15:
  • N. Vembusamy Sankaran (4 January 1954 – 15 January 2018)
Before continuing, I should mention that the month of January is significant in that members of my immediate family except myself, were born in January—  my son and life partner born on the same day 22 years apart on January 15... so, TODAY is their birthday; my daughter is born on January 21, my grandson on January 23, my brother on January 19, and my  dog on January 5... all uneven number days.

Whenever a notable persons dies before his birthday and in the same month of his birth, and according the the rules, this is a prompt for us to go back to the Wikipedia’s Deaths in 2018 site to seek out the intended person(s) found in the January 4th list.  First I limited my search to any who like Sankaran was of Indian Nationality, and so bringing us to just one:
Ulhas Bapat, 67, Indian santoor player
  • Pandit Ulhas Bapat (31 August 1950 – 4 January 2018)   
His birthday stands out in that it’s also the birthday of Megan MacGregor— another key player (along with her parents— Rob and Trish) in the inner twin worlds “Starr Family Production”.  If you key “August 31” in this blogs search box the evidence presented verifies what I say.  According to his wiki page, Bapat made his debut with R.D. Burman in film Ghar.  Note from Burman’s wiki page:  
  • Rahul Dev Burman (27 June 1939 – 4 January 1994)
So Bapat died on Burman’s Birthday.  This is no coincidence or synchronicity (as the MacGregor’s would tend to refer to it), butt yet another slight of hand influence of the inner twin world as per their mandate that involves “coming out” and “communicating” to us at this point in time... and what I refer to as the “Starr Family Production”.  And as you can see by this, the inner twin world influence “timely” deaths... and in this case their intent was to generate a “January 4(x2)” pattern-cluster.  And since the inner twin world tend to generate clusters in groups of 3 or more, this is a prompt for us to seek out a third or more notable persons with January 4th date of death, using the formula that they have provided, that in turn brings us to the following 4 notable individuals:
Each of the names contain a cryptic communication ... not to mention that Les Brown is mentioned in my previous post— an addition to the recent “Brown” pattern-cluster.  By influencing his name to crop up twice in a row, is way for the inner twin world to reiterate “less brown” that’s found in his name... and that it’s their “fear” (as per the name “Tom Fears” that deciphers further as “twin fears”,  the name Tom meaning “twin” in origin).  The inner twin world influenced the design of names and then influenced lives in such a way that generates a cryptic communication.  Some names are a little harder to decipher,  for instance the surname Burman breaks down into a cryptic “bur man”— a cryptic way of saying “agitate man”... with “man” being a reference to our outer twin “patriarchal” world.  The name Pandit is a combination of “pan/bandit”... that decipher further using  etymology:
PanArcadian shepherd god with upper body of a man and horns and lower part like a goat, late 14c., a god of the woods and fields... , literally "nourisher." Similarity to pan "all" (see pan-
bandit (n. "lawless robber, brigand" (especially as part of an organized band)... ," from Proto-Germanic *bannan "to speak publicly" ... , "command ... , forbid" (see ban (v.)
Note that I highlighted “woods” in brown... as I’ve been doing lately with any addition  to the recent “Wood Theme” pattern-cluster.  There is one thing that comes immediately to mind when it comes to a connection between “wood” and “brown”  — wood is essentially a dead tree,  the natural progression of which is to decompose into “brown” soil/earth .  Much of the soil we use to grow food, is a result of clearing forests in order to make use of the soil that in turn is made from decomposing wood and leaves .    Now consider the cryptic communication where  “less brown” deciphers into  “less soil ”.  This is a way for the inner twin world to reiterate another of their fears— the onset of the next glacial period (a cyclical event),  a time that will result in “less soil ” as the glacial fields that covered most of North America and Eurasia during the previous glacial period (that ended about 11,700 years ago) revisits  us.  With the world population being what it is today, we need that soil... and keep in mind, that soil has a limited life.  We shouldn’t just sit and wait for the next glacial period to pounce, robbing us of precious soil— soil buried under so much snow that we can’t retrieve it.  We need to make efforts TODAY,  to safeguard soil.  We won’t be able to do that without the public being informed as to the danger and then able to address the situation.  What the public will do as long as they remain “blind/ignorant”,  is resist deforestation for the purpose of freeing up  soil for use today and especially  future use— soil that can more easily be gathered and stored away as the next glacial period falls on us ... dropping so much snow that it’s everything we can do to dig our precious selves, loved ones ...  and soil (for survival)out.

Because we’re prompted to investigate notable persons listed as having died on January 4, 2018, here are most of the others:
  • Joaquín Cortizo Rosendo (4 October 1932 – 4 January 2018) 
  • Gerard P. Conley Sr. (January 3, 1930 – January 4, 2018)
  • Bruce Thomas Halle (May 27, 1930 – January 4, 2018)
  • Lysiane (Lyli) Herse (6 January 1928 – 4 January 2018) 
  • Senichi Hoshino (22 January 1947 – 4 January 2018)
  • Rafiatou Karimou (2 May 1946 – 4 January 2018)
  • Prince Savang (22 January 1937 – 2 Jan 2018)death announced Jan 4 
  • Vladimir Yankilevsky (February 15, 1938 – January 4, 2018
  • Carmen Louis "Carm" Cozza (June 10, 1930 – January 4, 2018)
  • Philipp Jenninger (10 June 1932 – 4 January 2018) 
  • Edvard Johannes Brost Forssell (25 September 1946 – 4 January 2018)
  • Dick Bestwick (August 18, 1930 – January 4, 2018) 
  • Aharon Appelfeld (February 16, 1932 – January 4, 2018) 
  • Brendan Thomas Byrne (April 1, 1924 – January 4, 2018) 
  • Naby Laye "Papa" Camara (1951 – 4 January 2018)
  • Geoffrey Philip Eden (14 July 1951 – 3 Jan 2018)death announced Jan 4
  • Harry Landers (Sept  3, 1921 – Oct 2017)  death announced Jan 4
Again, keep in mind the cryptic communication found in their names and respective dates.  And note the clusters: “January 22(x2)” pattern-cluster; “June 10(x2)” pattern-cluster; “February 14, 15, 16/ Date Sequence” pattern-cluster (I included the 14th because it’s Valentines Day— the day of love).  “January 3, 4, 5, 6/ Date Sequence” pattern-cluster.    There were three others listed that connect to a wiki source , butt no birth is available , and in a case like this we’re prompted to follow the links:
Stan Fulton, 86, American casino owner (Sunland Park Racetrack & Casino)
 On his wiki page, one notable persons who has a wiki page stands out:
  • Jerry D. Bailey (born August 29, 1957 
For one, his surname is the name of my dog Bailey who was born on January 5.  Secondly His date of birth generates an “August 29, __, 31(x2)” pattern-cluster.   Another addition to the January 4th Deaths list:
Lewis Donelson, 100, American attorney, co-founder of Baker, Donelson, Bearman, Caldwell & Berkowitz

Again, no date of birth is available, butt note  the following info on notable persons listed on Donelson’s  Law Firms wiki page:
  • Howard Henry Baker Sr. (January 12, 1902 – January 7, 1964) 
  • Robb LaKritz (born July 8, 1972) 
  • Nancy Lee Johnson (born January 5, 1935)
  • Thomas Andrew Daschle ( born December 9, 1947) 
  • David Spears Addington (born January 22, 1957)
As you can see, some of the clusters are expanded on : “January 3, 4, 5(x2), 6, 7, ... 12/ Date Sequence” pattern-cluster, and “January 22(x3)” pattern-cluster.  Daschle’s birthday of December 9th stands out given that on the other end of the date spectrum (from January 22) it is the day of the year where 22 days remain... keep in mind: sequences of 2’s are a particular inner twin trade mark signature.  Another notable person listed as having died recently on January 4:
 Gail McIntosh (1955 – 4 Jan 2018)  New Zealand politician of the National Party.
Note from her wiki page:
She represented the electorate of Lyttelton 
The place name stood out because its is a cryptic “lie/little ton(big)”.  I will give a clue as to the deciphering of this cryptic phrase— the MacGregor’s (who live in Florida) and who are “antagonists” in the inner twin world’s Starr Family Production are “liars” having purposely censored the inner twin worlds voice from their blog... and that is why they influenced their lives in such a way that they play the part of antagonists in their Production.  As explained in many posts, their home in Florida (Wellington) also plays a part, butt I won’t get into that when you can easily research for yourself.  On the Lyttelton  wiki page I came to a number of notable persons with wiki pages and so could garner the following info:
  • Captain Charles Simeon (9 December 1816 – 29 May 1867)
  • John Thomas Peacock (1827 – 20 October 1905)
  • Crosbie Ward (10 February 1832 – 10 November 1867) 
  • Henry Richard Webb  (1829 – 11 February 1901) 
  • Hugh Percy Murray–Aynsley (8 October 1828 – 22 February 1917)
  • Harry Allwright (1836/37 – 18 July 1892)
  • John Joyce (1839 – 1 December 1899) 
  • James (Jimmy) McCombs (9 December 1873 – 2 August 1933)
  • Harry Robson Lake (29 September 1911 – 21 February 1967),
  • Norman Eric Kirk (6 January 1923 – 31 August 1974)
  • Melville Edwin Lyons  (27 February 1889 – May 1955)
  • Elizabeth Reid McCombs  (19 November 1873 – 7 June 1935) 
  • George Laurenson (1857 – 19 November 1913)
  • "Terry" Henderson McCombs (5 September 1905 – 6 November 1982) 
  • Thomas Malcolm "Tom" McGuigan  (20 February 1921 – 5 February 2013)
  • Colleen Elizabeth Dewe (30 May 1930 – 22 May 1993) 
  • Dame Margaret Ann Hercus (née Sayers, born 24 February 1942)
  • Ruth Suzanne Dyson (born 11 August 1957) 
  • Wilfrid Barry Owen (15 June 1898 – 9 August 1984) 
  • Henry Thomas Joynt Thacker (20 March 1870 – 3 May 1939) 
The most prominent cluster is the now  “December 9(x3)” pattern-cluster.  So think about it we have three January 22nd (the 22nd day), and three December 9 (the day of the year where 22 days remain). And we have a number of clusters expanded on :
  • “August 31(x3)” pattern-cluster
  • “August 9, __, 11/ Date Sequence” pattern-cluster  
  • “February 5. ...  14, 15, 16, ... 20, 21, __, __, 24, __, __,  27/ Date Sequence” pattern-cluster
  • “November 19(x2)”  pattern-cluster 
  •  “July 4(x3), __,  8, __, __, 14, __, 18/ Even Day sequence” pattern-cluster  
  •  “May __, 2, 3, ... 16,...,  22, ...,  27, __, 29, 30/ Date Sequence” pattern-cluster  
And the others I’ll leave for you .  As well, June 7 and May 16 are the respective birthdays of Trish and Rob MacGregor.  And keep in mind, each of the names highlighted in purple contain a cryptic communication.  I wish there were more hours in the day... or better yet, an army of people to help with this painful feat... hmmm “painful feet”!!  Oh how THAT has big time meaning, especially to two of the MacGregor’s.  If you key “ broken foot” in this blogs search box, you’ll learn about that both Rob and his daughter Megan, have each  broken a foot, Megan twice!!  And if you doubt me, check out their blog... and if you key “broken foot into their blogs search box the first 3 posts brought up will inform you:

What occurred to me just now, is how the Italian Car Company “Fiat”, pronounced “fee at” is similar to “feet/feat”... and feat breaks down into the same cryptic “fee at”... and “fille at”(a cryptic French/ English phrase re : “girl at”, aka — “ the inner twin “matriarchal”  world at”.  

On Fiat’s wiki page the first Twin names mentioned are worth investigating, note the following: 
  • Giovanni Agnelli (13 August 1866 – 16 December 1945)
  • Vittorio Valletta (28 July 1883  – 10 August 1967) 
Note how three of the dates connect with dates above.  And Valletta passed away on the 222nd day fo the year!!  And the fourth date,  Agnelli’s Date of death is meaningful considering the following from my previous post:
  •  Warren Carlos Sapp (born December 19, 1972)
  • Daniel Thomas Morgan, Jr. (born December 19, 1978)   
  • Herbert Charles Brown (May 22, 1912 – December 19, 2004) 
What I failed to mention was that my older sisters birthday is December 18 and my younger sisters is December 14 ... and my car crash (the pivotal event in 2000 that enabled me to become aware of the inner twin world for the first time) occurred on December 13,  hence we have a “December 13, 14, __, 16, __, 18, 19, ... , 25(x3)/ Date Sequence” pattern-cluster.  I included the three December 25 because our Prime Minister here in Canada, Justin Trudeau, and his younger brother of 2 years, were both born on December 25, Christmas Day (the third).

As a final, lets go back to the first person mentioned in this post, and to his surname Sankaran that breaks down into a cryptic “Sanka ran”... with sanka reminding me of the decaf coffee brand name.
Note the following information on three notable persons mentioned on the Sanka wiki page:
  • Ludwig Roselius (2 June 1874 – 15 May 1943) 
  • Robert George Young (February 22, 1907 - July 21, 1998)
  • Lena Mary Calhoun Horne (June 30, 1917 – May 9, 2010) 
February 22 is a biggy, butt then so are the two May dates... and note from my previous post:
  • Neave Brown (22 May 1929 – 9 January 2018)
  • Joe Ellis Brown (May 24, 1933 – January 7, 2018)    :
  • Thomas Brown (born May 15, 1986)  coach for the Miami Hurricanes  
And so the cluster expands:
  •  “May __, 2, 3, ...9, ...  15(x2), 16,...,  22(x2), __ , 24 , ...,  27, __, 29, 30/ Date Sequence” pattern-cluster