Monday, April 24, 2017

Bar Tram 22

Continuing on from my previous post... and due to the cryptic communication in the name Bartram re "bar tram", I'm reminded of a tram... or trolley that had cropped up in my Toumai blog ... a 2011 post re , Much Ado About 22 'n MacGregor's Two.. Too.. Tou :

Now on December 16, 2011,  the MacGregor's posted a sychronicity called the Lost Indiana Jones Novel around the number 22,  note the photo and excerpt taken from the post :

I wrote this story for our Thriller-Chiller blog, but  Trish it migrated over here. I was wondering if there was a synchronicity involved with this post. I couldn’t see one. But then I looked at the departing tolley car in the cover art by Christian Guldager and saw that it was #22. Megan is 22 and soon leaves home for her new job at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Which just happens to be a short distance from Universal Studios, and the on-going Indiana Jones performance. A stretch, but there it is. ;-)

YES MacGregor's there it is indeed.  Butt, they really need to wake up and consider the truth -- that synchronicities are the means by which the inner twin world of TOU (2), communicate.  They need to come to terms with the fact that we are in the same boat, that we are being targeted by the inner twin world, nott only we, butt our loved ones and so many others like us who will continue to be used in ways that may bee or may nott bee good!!  Unless you don't really care about yourself or your loved ones, then THAT means we are on tender hooks!!

It also occurred to me that I had posted three times December 22 -- "Hives"; "Little Drummer Girl" and "All Canadian Little Drummer Boy"... hmmm, I wonder if these factor in somehow?!  And there is also the MacGregor's December 22nd post... perhaps that factors in too.   Anyhow, maybe its really not for us to understand the message... maybe we are simply the conduit... the messenger.  Maybe the message is for the "Powers that Bee"... at least until the next cyclical paradigm shift that sees the people backed so far into the corner that they are finally forced to awake... AND RISE UPP!!