Thursday, April 6, 2017

Esther Hicks 5555....

Since so many of my posts as of late relate to the MacGregor's, I decided to pay a visit to their blog.  Their post today, Synchronicity, Abraham-Hicks, & the Rock, involves Esther Hicks, who happens to have a wiki page, so a good enough reason to investigate her:
 Her birthday stands out, due to the following excerpt from my previous post:
  • Two were born on the same day, and given that my dog "Bailey's" (do note the cryptic bail) birthday is January 5, we have a "January 4, 5, 6(x2)/ Date Sequence" pattern-cluster.
So we now have a  "January 5, __, March 5/ 5th Day, Month Sequence" pattern-cluster.  On her wiki page is the following excerpt:
  • She has co-written nine books with her husband Jerry Hicks, presented numerous workshops on the law of attraction with Abraham Hicks Publications and appeared in the original version of the 2006 film The Secret.[1) 
Films are always a wealth of info, so I ventured to wiki page of The Secret, and perused the name for anyone who may stand out and came to :
If you check out my recent post titles, you'll see that there's a "Morris/More Rise" pattern-cluster in the works.  Note from his wiki page:
  • Morris E. Goodman (born November 9, 1945) 
Note his birthday, 11/9... the reverse of 9/11... a cryptic sense: "reverse 9/11 trend"!!  Note this next excerpt:

  • A large part of Hicks' work centers around the law of attraction, a concept which William Walker Atkinson (1862–1932) wrote...
Note from Atkinson's wiki page:

  • William Walker Atkinson (December 5, 1862 – November 22, 1932)  
We now have a "December 5, January 5, __, March 5/ Date Sequence" pattern-cluster .  So, a definite heads up to bridge the gap!!  So venturing to the February 5 wiki page, then using the "Formula" as per usual, and so arrive at:
The "Leon" in Leontief is an addition to the recent "Lion/Lie On" pattern-cluster.... and in a roundabout way connects with Megan MacGregor (I won't go into detail).  Now note from their wiki pages:
  • Wassily Wassilyevich Leontief (August 5, 1906 – February 5, 1999)
  • Claude Autant-Lara (5 August 1901 – 5 February 2000) 
The were also born on the same day, August 5 which could be Leo... depending on which Astrological system, such as the two listed below:
ConstelSidereal Date.                  
Cyril Fagan.       
Tropical date       Based on IAU boundaries
Walter Berg[2]
Leo.svgLeoAugust 16 – September 15July 23 – August 22August 10 – September 16

So they're  Leo's according to the Tropical system.  And this brings us to Megan MacGregor, her birthday being August 31st , who the inner twin world consider as "Leo" as per the "Sidereal" system.  This is  a bone of contention to the MacGregor's of course, since they adhere to the Tropical System ... in a big way-- they write Astrology books ... and so have big money $$$$ tied up in their belief.  The inner twin world intend to "rock" the MacGregor's astrology boat... not out of animosity, butt as per their "Starr Family Production".  And whenever names crop up such as Cyril Fagan under "Sidereal" as per the above excerpt, I always check out their wiki page, note the following:
  • Cyril Fagan (May 22, 1896 - January 5, 1970)    
AND, do note his date of death!!  As well, May 22 is one off from the day of the year where 222 days remain... and so the cryptic communication here is that the MacGregor's are "off track" inso far as where the inner twin world want them "at" @@@ (the number 2 shares the same key on my computer keyboard as the @ symbol... yet another design influence of the inner twin world), in other words  their censorship campain against theinner twin world (see first post to this blog) is not where they want them to be a AT!!  

AND, we recently had a "5th Day" pattern-cluster that involved Trish a couple days ago, note the following excerpt from the post:

Monday, April 3, 2017

Omarr = Eau Marr= Water Mar/War (UPDATE)

My previous post resulted in my venturing to Trish MacGregor's wiki page, and as I located the info I was looking for, I happened to note the following: 
  •  In 2003, with the death of renowned astrologer Sydney Omarr, MacGregor took over the writing of his astrology books.
First of all, "astrology" factors in again, secondly, his surname contains a cryptic phrase "O(eau/water) mar (war/harm)"... "eau" is French for "water".  Again, the inner twin made this strategic design influence with his name and the cryptic phrase within to serve as a warning (see/sea recent posts)... of course as part of their "Starr Family Production".  Note from Sydney Omarr's wiki page:
  • Sydney Omarr (5 August 1926 – 2 January 2003)
His date of birth stands out, note the following excerpt from my previous post: 
  • Manu Tupou (January 5, 1935 – June 5, 2004) 
We now have a "June 5, __, August 5/ 5th Day, Month Sequence" pattern-cluster.  And so investigating the July 5 wiki page using the "formula" as per  usual, we then take into consideration the "one off" curve ball (as indicated by Omarr's date of death: January 2 being "one off" from the first day of the year).  We arrive then at:
2012  Rob Goris, Belgian cyclist (b. 1982)
Two more additions to the "Rob/Bob Theme" pattern-cluster... actually make that three: note the cryptic phrase in Probert: P robert!!  Rob, that would be the inner twin worlds way of saying "pee or get off the pot"... butt don't poo your pants in the meantime!!   I did mention that Trish's husband is named "Rob" did I not!!  Note from their wiki pages: 
2010  Bob Probert, Canadian ice hockey player and radio host (b. 1965)
  • Robert Alan Probert (June 5, 1965 – July 5, 2010)