Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Frank Pastore RIIP

Wikipedia's Deaths In 2012 site includes the following:
Frank Pastore, 55, American baseball player (Cincinnati Reds), injuries from a traffic collision.[103]
Since a great majority of the posts found on this blog as well as my Toumai Blog involve cluster synchronicity's, one of which fall under what I refer to as the "Identical Number Sequences" category, then the twin age of '55',Frank's age at the time of his death, constitutes as a little heads up.  This blogs mandate is to record notable deaths that contain evidence of what appears to be synchronicity, with the premise being that they are in fact not synchronicity, butt purposefully generated patterns that constitute as a cryptic communication from an intelligent hidden source ... a sign language of sorts designed to reveal the intelligent source as well as to communicate to us.

Essentially, Frank's age of 55 can be regarded as a potential clue that along with other "synchro-clues" that  present themselves, warrant further investigation and inevitably constitutes as part of the overall communication.

In the case of Frank Pastore, there are other clues, such as that found in his name, "Frank".  The fact that this very name has featured in recent posts enables it to be added to this particular cluster synchronicity category.  By simply keying "Frank" into the search box located at the top of this blog,  two posts are then revealed:
On perusing the posts, you'll see that both involve the name "Frank" and that they also tie in with "franc"-- the French monetary unit. Note the following excerpts taken from the first post:

So, what are the chances that my previous investigation of how the phrase (idiom)-- "Girl Friday",  had been "coined", and lo and behold, a notable person with the surname, "Coyne" had passed away and was now on the list just before William C. Friday?!  And to boot, James Coyne was a banker-- Governor of the Bank of Canada!!
Note how the name "Coyne" is phonetically identical to the word "coin", and note as well, that before and after this, the subject of "money" had cropped up via synchro-connections, forming a distinct cluster synchronicity.  As an example, note the three post titles/links and excerpts below:Now getting back to the underlined sentence above, note the name, Frank Nicklin.  What strikes me is that the name "Frank" is also a word for a French currency and the surname "Nicklin" sounds very much like "nickle", a word that also describes money...  

Of the movies that Ruben directed, two of the titles  stood out as having possible synchro-connections:  The Good Son and Money Train...

It is no coincidence that wikipedia references Bill Dees having written songs for Johnny "CASH"!!  As you can see, the "Money" cluster continues to pile higher.  Now that I think of it, the Henny Penny fable no doubt factors in as well, with the little Hen's concern about the "sky falling", as well as the synchro-connection no doubt planted by the inner twin world, re:  her surname "Penny" that also happens to go along with the MONEY flow, albeit in this case, just little bits of money.
So taking into consideration the above excepts, you can begin to understand the reason behind why I would consider the relevance of  yet another "Frank" now cropping up in the Deaths of 2012 site as having "synchro-significance".   On perusing Frank Pastore's wiki page, I noted as well that he had  played with the Cincinnati Reds, and considering another recent cluster synchronicity surrounding the word/color "red", this can be considered yet another clue pointing in the direction of this other intelligent source-- the hidden world that I speak about is not entirely foreign to us as we have long considered it as "our" subconscious, butt in reality it is that of our inner/conjoined twin who are independent from us and fully able to influence our thoughts and actions without our being in the least bit aware.  The new additions to various clusters surrounding the death of Frank Pastore are plentiful enough to regard these as "signature trademarks" of the inner twin world and hence warranting further investigation.  Note the following excerpt taken from his wiki page (Here):  

Later life 
After baseball, Pastore (a former atheist [1]) went back to school, earning degrees in business administration, philosophy of religion and ethics, political philosophy, and American government from various universities with graduate degrees in both theology and political science.[4] During this time, he became a born-again Christian.[5] and authored a book with Tyndale House and Focus on the Family titled "Shattered: Struck Down, But Not Destroyed."[6] On January 5, 2004 Pastore became the host of the KKLA 99.5 FM Los Angeles Frank Pastore Show, which became among the largest Christian talk shows in the United States.[7] 
On November 19, 2012, Pastore was seriously injured on the Foothill (210) Freeway in Duarte, California when a 56-year-old woman from Glendora, California inexplicably collided with his Honda VTX 1800, throwing him off the motorcycle. He suffered serious head injuries and was hospitalized in critical condition.[8] On December 17, Pastore passed away as a result of his injuries.[7][9] Only hours before the accident, Pastore had made comments about how at any moment, especially with the idiot people who cross the diamond lane into my lane, all right, without any blinkers – not that I’m angry about it – at any minute I could be spread all over the 210.[7] 
Such statements led people to speculate that he had predicted his own death.
Keep in mind that Frank's wiki page also reveals that he played with the Minnesota Twins, which is synchro-significant when you consider the cluster synchronicity surrounding "Twins" and the fact that I have evidence that proves without a shadow of doubt (at least to thinking/truth seeking/brave individuals) that synchronicity such as these are not "true" synchronicity, butt the smoke and mirrors of an INNER TWIN WORLD, a world revealed adequately enough through the thousands of pages of my blogs... if you care to read.

Frank didn't predict his own death in the way that some tend to think.  His inner twin influenced Frank (the outer twin) to state what he said only hours before his death leading some to regard his words as a premonition.  Essentially, his inner twin had let it be known that their conjoined lives would soon come to an end as per the design of this inner twin and the inner twin world... a design that would further their "coming out" as well as their all important message to us.

His surname also factors in to the cryptic inner twin message-- Pastore, the etymology of which means "shepherd".  Simply put, this is the inner twin world's way of saying that they are in the process of "shepherding" us.  Sadly, the process involves the timely deaths of notable individuals... the sacrifice of lives for a great cause-- to save our conjoined futures.


It's also worthwhile mentioning this excerpt from my previous post that also concerns "money":
Perhaps the off by one is a way for the inner twin world to then bring a focus on the "144th" day of the year... and notably the twin "44", which by using my computer keyboard as cipher equates with $$ (the dollar sign sharing the same key as the 4).  What the dollar sign conjures up is either "cost" or "pay", so go figure?! 
As well note this etymology:
frank (adj.) Look up frank at Dictionary.comc.1300, "free, liberal, generous," from Old French franc "free (not servile), sincere, genuine, open, gracious; worthy" (12c.), from Medieval Latin Franc "a freeman, a Frank" (see Frank). The connection is that only Franks, as the conquering class, had the status of freemen. Sense of "outspoken" first recorded in English 1540s.
frank (v.) Look up frank at"to free a letter for carriage or an article for publication," 1708, from aphetic form of Fr. affranchir, from the same source as frank (adj.). Related: Frankedfranking.
Frank Look up Frank at Dictionary.comone of the Germanic people that conquered Celtic Gaul from the Romans c.500 C.E. and called it France, from Frankish *Frank (cf. O.H.G. Franko, O.E. Franca). The origin of the ethnic name is uncertain; it traditionally is said to be from the old Germanic word *frankon "javelin, lance" (cf. O.E. franca; also Saxon, traditionally from root of O.E. seax "knife"), their preferred weapon, but the reverse may be the case. In the Levant, this was the name given to anyone of Western nationality (cf. Feringhee)
The emphasis on "money" as well as "cost/pay", is a way for the inner twin world to communicate to us the reality behind why lives are being sacrificed.  It is the price paid for freedom... ours and theirs.  Their aim is to "come out" as well as to "communicate" to us and in doing so, they are  in the process of making it our mandate as well.  Simply put, they are shocking us awake, using these strong measures because they know only full well that our tendency would be to turn a blind eye to their existence.  This is not a truth that we in our outer world want to accept, and so the inner twin world are doing what they consider necessary in order to gain our undivided attention as well as participation in matters that they consider to be of utmost importance.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Thomas McGee RIIP

Presently I’m visiting with my daughter and her husband who live in the United Arab Emirates, and since we've done a lot of camping, I haven't been able to post or venture to Wikipedia’s Death of 2012 site as per usual.

On perusing the Deaths of 2012 site, one stood out as having synchro-significance:
Thomas W. McGee, 88, American politician, member of the Massachusetts House of Representatives (1963–1991) and Speaker (1975–1984).[25]
First of all there’s the name Thomas which has the etymological meaning of “twin”, which happens to be one of the inner twin trademark signature's.  Also, his twin age of 88 at the time of death is another signature as well as other twin and multiple sequences of identical numbers (with 22 and 222 being most prominent).  As well, the place “Massachusetts” has factored in a number of times as of late in many posts, and then there's his surname “McGee”, which is the surname of my children’s paternal great grandparents... which hits a little close to home... not to mention the fact that my first name is "May".  I've often wondered if the many "twin letters" ie: Massachusetts and McGee are meant to serve as another inner twin signature.  I also find it interesting, the fact that he has a son named Tomas M. McGee... interesting when you consider their middle initials, one being "W" and the other "M" (with the "W" consisting of "double 'u' and "M" consisting of double 'n')... not to mention that these two letters are somewhat of a "mirror image" of the other.  These "little synchronicities" are actually much more, and if you've read this Blog as well as my Toumai Blog you would get a better sense of what I mean by this.   These are clues that serve as enough of a "heads up to warrant further investigation.    

So on further investigation, note the following taken from Thomas McGee’s wiki page:
Thomas William McGee (May 24, 1924 – December 21, 2012) was a U.S.politician who served as a member of the Lynn, Massachusetts City Council 
Now note what Wikipedia has to say about the date of his birth:
May 24 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaMay 24 is the 144th day of the year (145th in leap years) in the Gregorian  calendar. There are 221 days remaining until the end of the year.
For those of you reading this blog for the first time, you may not be aware of what I immediately see in the above. You will need to be aware of what I refer to as the “Off By One” Cluster synchronicity as well as the fact that this particular cluster can be found occurring numerous times in both my blogs and especially in many of my recent posts.  What you need to be aware of, is that May 23rd has factored prominently in many recent posts and that as of this day, there are 222 days left in the year, which enables it to fit into what I refer to as the "Identical Number Sequence" cluster synchronicity.   Now with this in mind, consider Thomas' birth day of May 24th where there are 221 days remaining... a sequence of numbers that fits under the "Off By One" category (one off from 222).   Perhaps the off by one is a way for the inner twin world to then bring a focus on the "144th" day of the year... and notably the twin "44", which by using my computer keyboard as cipher equates with $$ (the dollar sign sharing the same key as the 4).  What the dollar sign conjures up is either "cost" or "pay", so go figure?! 

The inner twin world have focused on “Off By One” cluster synchronicity's as of late (if you read my last few posts you’ll see what I mean).  The question remaining to be asked, is WHY?  So, what is the meaning behind the “Off By One”, and why the sacrifice-- why the “timely” deaths of notable individuals to relay their message... why not some other less horrific means?!  Answers to these questions are found in this Blog as well as my Toumai Blog, and if you care and are brave enough, you will come to face this difficult truth along with me.  In which case, new questions then arise, such as  are we mature enough to handle it and where do we go from here?! 

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Barbara Alby RIIP 66

Wikipedia's Deaths in 2012 site notes the passing of Barbara Alby on December 9th: 
Barbara Alby, 66, American politician, member of the California State Assembly (1993–1998).[6] (death announced on this date)
Barbara Alby's passing away encompasses what I refer to as "synchro-significance" surrounding numbers.  For instance, note that she was 66 at the time of death, a twin number that has played a major part in many of my previous posts, and then note the following  excerpts taken from Barbara's wikipedia page: 
 Barbara Alby (August 9, 1946 - December 9, 2012) was an American politician fromCalifornia and a member of the Republican Party.
December 9, 2012 (aged 66)[1]
 Barbara Alby died of a heart attack the morning of December 9, 2012.
 Note the following information regarding her reported day of death, December 9th:
December 9 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaDecember 9 is the 343rd day of the year (344th in leap years) in the Gregorian  calendar. There are 22 days remaining until the end of the year.
Again, "twin" numbers are obvious... since 2012 is a leap year, this day is the 344th day of the year, with 22 days remaining.  As I've stated numerous times, twin numbers and especially twin "22" are a particular trade mark of the inner twin world.  So, due to her "timely" death, we have three sets of "twin numbers-- 66, 44 and 22.  Now check out this next information involving the day of August 9th,  Barbara's day of birth:
August 9 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaAugust 9 is the 221st day of the year (222nd in leap years) in the Gregorian  calendar. There are 144 days remaining until the end of the year.
Since her year of birth was 1946, and so not a leap year, she had been born on the 221st day of the year with 144 days remaining.  This fits into yet another cluster synchronicity that has occurred as of late in many of my posts-- the "Off By One" cluster synchronicity category, and in the case of Barbara's day of birth, she was one off from 222.  The patterns are consistent and in keeping with recent posts and so her death can be regarded as further evidence atop countless evidence that more than adequately proves my claim which essentially means that Barbara's death along with so many other notable deaths are perfectly timed in such a way that synchronicity "appears" to occur.   I emphasize the word "appears"  because these are in fact not synchronicity, butt the smoke and mirrors of the inner twin world-- an intelligent world that has been hidden from us, and which runs parallel to our own "outer twin world".

My use of  the term "inner twin world", means exactly that-- inner/conjoined twins that reside within each of us.  What we have previously regarded to be "our" subconscious mind, is really that of our inner twin who are able to influence our thoughts and actions in such a way that these patterns which then appear to most of us as synchronicity, emerge.   We are being influenced without our being the slightest bit aware, in such a way that various synchronicity are created (or what I have recently coined as "synchronciity").  The inner twin world use synchronciity as a means of "coming out" and "communicating" to us here and now.   

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Joe Cool 's 222 and 223 Cluster Synchronicity Ciity

Given my previous post that mentions "Joe Cole", I'm reminded of the title "Joe Cool" and wondered where it came from, note the following from wikipedia:

Joe Cool may refer to:
  • Snoopy of Peanuts fame, whose aliases included Joe Cool
  • Joe Montana, a former NFL quarterback who earned the nickname
  • A New-York-based jazz-fusion band of the 1980s featuring Rob Mounsey, Jeff Mironov, Will Lee, and Christopher Parker
  • John Dorahy an Australian former professional rugby league footballer and coach.

The first Joe Cool-- Snoopy,  synchro-connects since he has cropped up a number of times recently, so much that I know his birthday of August 10 is the 222 day of the year!!!  Keep in mind that the last few weeks have primarily concerned a cluster synchronicity of identical numbers sequence.   When multiples of 2's such as this crop up, it's a particular tell tale sign/signature of the inner twin world.  Note the following info  regarding the other three:
  • Joseph Clifford "Joe" Montana, Jr. (born J[4]une 11, 1956), nicknamed Joe CoolGolden JoeThe Golden Great andComeback Joe,[1]    Montana was elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2000, his first year of eligibility.    One of Montana's most notable performances during his high school years was during his senior year in a game against Monessen High School. Although Monessen scored a game-tying touchdown in the final moments,[11]Montana's performance garnered attention from college recruiters, particularly those from Notre Dame.[9] In the game, Montana completed 12 passes in 22 attempts, threw for 223 yards, and scored three passing touchdowns and one rushing touchdown.[11]
Keep in mind, the 223 number sequence falls under the "off by one cluster synchronicity"... as in one off from 222.
Born31 December 1967 (age 44)
Dorahy did play again in 2004, as part of the Rugby League Sevens tournament's Men of League team, alongside other retirees including Brett Kenny"Mary" McGregorAllan Langer and Russell Fairfax in an exhibition match.[3]
Note the following re: the other retirees:
  • Paul "Mary" McGregor (born 31 December 1967 in Dapto, New South Wales).  He had played 124 games with the Steelers club from 1991 to 1998, scoring 44 tries. was the foundation captain of the St.George-Illawarra joint venture from 1999, leading the team into the1999 NRL Grand Final against the Melbourne Storm.[1] 
 The surname McGregor stands out due to my connection with the MacGregor's, authors of the synchrosecrets blog, whose daughter is name Megan which shares a common root origin with Mary.. and May, which is my name.
The name Russell stands out given the cluster synchronicity surrounding this name and the color "red", given that Russell's original meaning is "little red one".  Note the following re: his birthday:
March 29 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaMarch 29 is the 88th day of the year (89th in leap years) in the Gregorian
calendar. There are 277 days remaining until the end of the year.
It's interesting to note the number of "foot ball" players mentioned in the above, which follows the theme as of late in the Deaths of 2012 site re: the rash of deaths concerning sports figures who use the "foot/leg" in their sport, ie: foot ball, footballer/soccer, rugby,  most of whom are footballers. 

Mitchell Cole RIIP and Joe Coal (UPDATE)

When I looked earlier this morning there was only one name on the the Deaths in 2012 site listed under December 1st:
Mitchell Cole York City v. Stevenage Borough 03-10-09.png Mitchell Cole, 27, English footballer (Southend UnitedStevenage Borough).[3]
His surname stood out to me because just two weeks ago, I recorded a cluster synchronicity concerning the name "Cole" and the word "coal", each having cropped up under completely different circumstances albeit in relation to recent notable deaths occurring within the same week.   To locate the posts I keyed in the name "Cole" to Pronoiasecret's search box, which then brought up three posts (see at bottom of page, the three titles and excerpts).

This was enough of a synchronicity to warrant further investigation. Note this excerpt from Mitchell Cole's wiki page:
Personal life 
Cole had two children with his wife, Charly, who is the sister of fellow professional footballer and England international Joe Cole.[64]
That's Audd.  So he married the sister of fellow footballer Joe Cole... who has the same surname.  So what are the chances?  So it would be redundant for Charly to change her name after marrying Mitchell.  So then note these two excerpts from Joe Cole's wiki page:

  • Cole was born in Islington, London[1][4] and lived there until he moved toCamden at the age of six. He was educated at St. Mary's Primary School, Bryanston Square in Marylebone along with brother Nicky and sister Charly. 

  • Personal lifeCole married fitness instructor[68] Carly Cole (née Zucker) in June 2009.[69] Joe had been dating Carly since 2002 and proposed to her in 2007. The couple have a daughter, Ruby Tatiana Cole, born in March 2010, and a son, Harrison "Harry" Cole, born in October 2012.[70] [71]
So how strange is that?!  Joe Cole marries Carly, and his sister Charly Cole (same as Carly minus an "h") marries Mitch Cole.   For a minute when I read the various Wiki articles, I thought that they may have made a mistake, butt  now after reading it a second time this evening, it appears not.  It appears to bee a genuine synchronicity... butt then nott everything is as it appears... especially synchronicity surrounding notable deaths.  This most recent death was perfectly timed... in other words, the inner twin of Mitchell Cole sacrificed their conjoined lives for the inner twin world cause.

Here are the post titles/excerpts re: "cole"/"coal":

MONDAY, NOVEMBER 5, 2012William White RIIP, Kaptain Keen and Kan's of...(UPDATE)

Coming back now to the origin of the word kale re: "cawul" (aka "Cole"), I'm reminded of  someone who I know well that goes by the surname "Cole".  A few days ago, started an Etzy store page where I highlight a pewter design that I created (Here), which in the attached description, this person is well mentioned as well  the connection we share, note this excerpt:

WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 7, 2012Tommy Godwin (RIIP), Twin Good Friend
Now then look at the last excerpt, namely the "Stone Wheelers".   Audd don't you think, considering this excerpt from my previous post entitled, Errol Black (RIIP) and Small Black Stones
  The name Errol was not found. Names that sound similar to ERROL:
ARRIOLABasquefrom places named Arriola, from arri "stone"(s) and -ola "place of". 
So I clicked on Stone Wheelers and found the following:
Stone is an old market town in StaffordshireEngland, situated about 7 miles (11 km) north of Stafford, and around 7 miles (11 km) south of the city of Stoke-on-Trent. It is the second town, after Stafford itself, in the Borough of Stafford, and has long been of importance from the point of view of communications. Stone gave its name to both an urban district council and a rural district council before becoming part of the borough in 1974. In 2001 it had a population of 14,555.The local story is that the town was named after the pile of stones taken from the River Trent raised on the graves of the two princes, Ruffin and Wulfad, killed in AD 665 by their father, King Wulfhere of Mercia, because of their conversion to Christianity.As you can see, there are more twin and triplet number sequences ie: 11 km twice and 14,555.   On then venturing to the Staffordshire site, I noted the following:
 Throughout the entire county there are vast and important coalfields.
Note the following from Wikipedia (Here):
Coal is the largest source of energy for the generation of electricity worldwide, as well as one of the largest world wide anthropogenic sources of carbon dioxide releases. In 1999 world gross carbon dioxide emissions from coal usage were 8,666 million tonnes of carbon dioxide.[3]
Note the triple triple re: 1999 and 8,666. 

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 10, 2012Cleveland Duncan RIIP, a synchro-KOOL Penquin!! (UPDATE)
On going back through the Deaths of 2012 list, I noticed the following name had been added under November 7th: 
Cleve Duncan, 77, American singer (The Penguins).[25]

Note this excerpt from the Penguins wiki page:
The Penguins were one of a number of doo-wop groups of the period named after birds (such as The OriolesThe Flamingos, and The Crows). One of the members smoked Kool cigarettes, which, at the time, had "Willie the Penguin" as its cartoon advertising character. They considered themselves "cool," and accordingly decided to call themselves "The Penguins."[1]Nott so KOOL Penquin!!  Butt definitely some inner twin shenanigans ... note the "K" replacing the "C" re: "cool", hence falling under the letter "K" cluster synchro as of late (not to mention the letter K is the 11th letter of the alphabet)!!  Audd too, how the "OO" join together to make the vesica piscis... hmmm if the "OO" join together completely, you would only see the one, hence giving us --"KOL"... which can be added to the recent "Cole/Coal" cluster synchronicity!!  Seems to fit... KOOL cigarettes produce the same effect as COAL!! Old King Cole may make a ton of money off coal and kool, butt what is all the money in the world if it causes cancer and all big and little "Cole's" alike become susceptible.
  Toumai at  

UPDATE: Although there is a main message in all of this, many other synchro-connections can be made.  One has to ask the question "what is coal".  Coal is important to us because it creates heat, and power... essentially, it BURNS.  Could this be the "fire" that so many people are talking about (religious and otherwise)... people who garner from their various sources that the end of time is at hand.  Perhaps the sources simply didn't understand the truth, as in what the inner twin world were about doing-- their smoke and mirrors.  Perhaps the "fire" is a metaphorical one, with people like Mitchelle Cole beeing the fodder that lights a beacon leading to the inner twin world and enabling them to communicate and come out.