Sunday, April 30, 2017

Stephen and Autism

Given the every growing "Steven/Stephanie" pattern-cluster, I'm reminded of the boy Stephen that I read about many years ago, and mentioned in my rencent "Autism" related posts... hmmm, shortly before the cluster took off.   Note this excerpt from the post made on April 24, Savant Strategy:
I am reminded of a book I read over 30 years ago about a young boy named Stephen who was institutionalized, butt because his  Dr. had taped him and others at play, and then replayed it back in "slow motion" by accident, she was able to discover that Stephen' seeming "jibber-jabber" talk was actually "super speed": and so what appeared jibber to regular folk, when slowed down made perfect sense.
So I tried Googling to see if the search engine would bring up "autistic person names Stephen who talks super speed".   There were some interesting articles by autistic persons named Stephen.  I then remembered speaking with someone who is highly intelligent person who I believe has aspergers (savant/high functioning), however the person doesn't make this claim.  I get this sense of the person because of the obvious  difficulty they have with eye contact and the lack of social etiquette... big time.  The person has a sibling who is diagnosed with asperger's.  This person did mention to me of being sent to a government run school that had been set up for gifted children, butt that it had been closed down and she was then sent to public schools.  Now I find THAT interesting.   Why would the government set up this type of school... and then shut it down.  So I googled again, this time keying into the search box, "Government run special shools for gifted children in Canada".  I didn't find information about the school, butt I did find more recent articles, like this one:

Why Is Government Increasing Funding for Private Special Needs Schools? | The Tyee

Note this excerpt:
  • But an Oct. 4 announcement of $1 million in additional funding for 15 private Special Education Services or SES schools in B.C. was met with outrage. 
  • On Oct. 4, Education Minister Mike Bernier announced nine more schools would be eligible for SES designation, and the $2,000 additional funding per student. 
First of all note the date, and note from my previous post:
  • Ernst Kaltenbrunner (4 October 1903 – 16 October1946)    
Steck was born on his birthday. AND his date of birth and death add to the cluster:  "October 1(x3), 2, 3, 4(x3), 5(x2), 6(x2), 7(x2),8(x2), 9(x2), ...16(x2)17, 18.../Date Sequence" pattern-cluster.

And guess who are part of the SES designation, note from the bottom of the list mentioned in the second excerpt above:
  • PALS Autism, for autistic students
  • Choice School for the Gifted and Exceptional, for gifted students
  • Fawkes Academy, for students with autism and other “complex disorders.”
Very interesting... the government getting with the "making genius" program--making sure that autistic savants ... and those others in hiding/waiting, don't slip through the cracks, by getting more than the funding/more than the curriculum provided in "regular" schools.