Friday, April 14, 2017

Black Magic and Bad Luck Blacky

Note this excerpt from my recent April 13 post, Abracadabra:
The inner twin world work in ways so profound that it seems magical, and indeed they have, and continue to work, their "slight of hand magic" in all walks of life. 
And this brings me to a little Magic that I found while making preparations for my previous post, a journey that took me to the blog of Adel Aldridge for the first time. Wanting to know more about this artist, I clicked on: About Adele Adridge, and came across a photo (see at right), and note the caption :
Adele with her cat Magic.
And so it appears that Magic was hangin' around waiting to happen before my Abracadabra post, especially when you consider that a focus of the post had to do with a photo that the MacGregor's put up in their post :How Adele Sensed the Future , where Adele is holding up her mangled license plate.

As it turns out there was more to the photo than meets the eye-- a little Black Magic looming overhead... literally.  I zoomed in on the photo so you could get a better look. Yep, there in the upper portion of the photo is a painting of Adele and Magic:

The only Magic that I believe in where this is concerned, is the "slight of hand" magic played out by the biggest trickster of all-- the inner twin world.

And so this opened up another can of cats. On the Black Cat wiki page is a list of notable black cats, and since the MacGregor's have both won the Edgar Alan Poe award, I'm sure they'll like this one:
Illustration for "The Black Cat" by 
Aubrey Beardsley (1894–1895) 
And the illustration found on  the site is a bit... well, audd!!

The first notable cat found on the Black Cat Wiki page, Bad Luck Blacky, seem's to apply... given Adele's rash of bad luck. Note the following info regarding notable person mentioned on Bad Luck Blacky's wiki page:

  • Frederick Bean "TexAvery (February 26, 1908 – August 26, 1980)
  • Clarence Charles "Ducky" Nash (December 7, 1904 – February 20, 1985)  
  •  William Denby "BillHanna (July 14, 1910 – March 22, 2001)
The two dates highlighted in pink stand out given the following from my previous post:
  • Richard James "Dick" McDonald (February 16, 1909 – July 14, 1998) 
  • Gary C. "Gar" Samuelson (February 181958 – July 14, 1999)
  • René Ríos Boettiger (15 December 1911 - 14 July 2000)
  • William Roscoe Estep (February 12, 1920 – July 14, 2000) 
 We have a "February 12, 14, 16, 18/ Even Number Date Sequence" pattern-cluster. It's interesting to note that it's all even numbers... even numbers are synonymous with the inner twin world and uneven with our outer twin world... and so they use this not to emphasize that they are more in tune to "love" that we are... we have a long way to go.
And so the cluster expands into a :
  • "February 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, _, 26/ Even Number Date Sequence" pattern-cluster
I added February 22 because it's the birthday of my grandson... a particularly important date to the inner twin world given that in just 5 years time, it will be 2/22/22... sequences of 2's being a particular inner twin trade mark signature.  

Note the Release date of Bad Luck Blacky:
Release date(s)January 22, 1949 (USA)
The date stand out, given that together with the January 23, the birthday of my new grandson and the January 21st the birthday of my daughter gives us a "January 21, _,  23/ Uneven Numbers Date Sequence" pattern -cluster.

And as for the second cat in the list:
Note the following info on the creators:
Patrick Peter "PatSullivan (22 February 1885[1] – 15 February 1933)Otto James Messmer (August 16, 1892 – October 28, 1983)
okay, dates aside, ... think about the names ... the cryptic aspect: Auto Mess/mesmerize.  And the surname Sullivan sure as heck stands out, given that Sullivan is the surname of the driver who crashed into my car on December 13, 2000 .  You can verify  here ... or just key "Sullivan" in this blogs search box and he'll come up enough times.