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Eric Bennett Hertz RIIP, and Twin Hurts

Note the following taken from the Deaths in 2013 site under March 30th:
Eric Hertz, 58, American telecommunications executive, CEO of 2degrees (since 2009), plane crash.[4]
The fact that his surname "Hertz" is phonetically identical to our word "hurts" fallows the "name/word doppelganger" pattern-cluster theme as of late... and then there's the mention of "2 degrees" are  enough of a heads up to warrant further investigation, so I clicked on the link to his wiki page where I noted the following:
 Eric Bennett Hertz (1955-2013) was CEO of 2degrees, New Zealand's third largest mobile telecommunications company. Under his leadership the company grew its customer base to over one million connections.[1] He and his wife, Katherine Picone Hertz, are missing believed deceased[2][3] following the ditching of their twin-engine Beechcraft Baron near Kawhia Harbour on Saturday, 30 March 2013 NZDT.
The name of my partners father, who is deceased, is "Eric Bennett".  This is not the first time that the name "Bennett" has cropped up.  Note the most recent being from my March 2nd post entitled, William Bennett RIIP and Peter Bennett Doppelgange....

The name Bennett comes from Benedictus,  etymology
From the Late Latin name Benedictus which meant "blessed"
Continuing to follow the next lead re "blessed", note the following etymology,

bless (v.) Look up bless at Dictionary.comOld English bletsianbledsian, Northumbrian bloedsian "to consecrate, make holy, give thanks," from Proto-Germanic *blodison "hallow with blood, mark with blood," from *blotham "blood" (see blood).  
  • blood (n.) Old English blod "blood," from Proto-Germanic *blodam "blood" (cf. Old Frisian blod, Old Saxon blôd, Old Norse bloð, Middle Dutch bloet, Dutch bloed, Old High German bluot, German Blut, Gothic bloþ), from PIE *bhlo-to-, perhaps meaning "to swell, gush, spurt," or "that which bursts out" (cf. Gothic bloþ "blood," bloma "flower"), in which case it would be from suffixed form of*bhle-, extended form of *bhel- (2) "to blow, inflate, swell" (see bole). 
If you've been following my posts then you will be aware that this now interconnects with the "Bell/Bloom/Flower/Flora" pattern-cluster that began with my recent January 29th post entitled, Bell Starr (Myra Maybelle) and Sally Star (Alleen ....   I would have never guessed that the word "blood" and "bloom" came from the same original source.  Maybee the original sense had to do with the fact that sap enables blooming as does blood.

The etymology of the name Hertz, , shows the original meaning to be "Heart".

heart (n.) Look up heart at Dictionary.comOld English heorte "heart; breast, soul, spirit, will, desire; courage; mind, intellect," from Proto-Germanic *khertan- (cf. Old Saxon herta, Old Frisian herte, Old Norse hjarta, Dutch hart, Old High German herza, German Herz, Gothic hairto), from PIE *kerd- "heart" (cf. Greek kardia, Latin cor, Old Irish cride, Welsh craidd, Hittite kir, Lithuanian širdis, Russian serdce "heart," Breton kreiz "middle," Old Church Slavonic sreda "middle").
hurt (v.) Look up hurt at Dictionary.comc.1200, "to injure, wound" (the body, feelings, reputation, etc.), also "to stumble (into), bump into; charge against, rush, crash into; knock (things) together," from Old French hurter "to ram, strike, collide," perhaps from Frankish *hurt "ram" (cf. Middle High German hurten "run at, collide," Old Norse hrutr "ram"). The English usage is as old as the French, and perhaps there was a native Old English *hyrtan, but it has not been recorded. Meaning "to be a source of pain" (of a body part) is from 1850. To hurt (one's) feelings attested by 1779. Sense of "knock" died out 17c., but cf. hurtle. Other Germanic languages tend to use their form of English scathe in this sense (cf. Danish skade, Swedish skada, German schaden, Dutch schaden).

hurl (v.) Look up hurl at Dictionary.comearly 13c., hurlen, "to run against (each other), come into collision," later "throw forcibly" (c.1300); "rush violently" (late 14c.); perhaps related to Low German hurreln "to throw, to dash," and East Frisian hurreln "to roar, to bluster." OED suggests all are from an imitative Germanic base *hurr "expressing rapid motion;" see also hurry. The noun is attested from late 14c., originally "rushing water." For difference between hurl and hurtle (which apparently were confused since early Middle English) see hurtle.

Audd the definition of hurl re: "rushing water", considering that the twin engine plane that Mr. and Mrs. Hurtz were flying had hurtled into the water!!

There are more connections, note this excerpt on following the link to the airplane that Hertz was flying at the time of the accident,
The Beechcraft Baron is a light, twin-engined piston aircraft originally developed by Beech Aircraft Corporation and currently manufactured by the Hawker Beechcraft Corporation, an Onex Holding Corporation. The Baron is a variant of the Beechcraft Bonanza, more specifically theTravel Air, and was introduced in 1961. Beech also offered a Twin Bonanza line
For one, the word "Baron" falls into the "Royalty" pattern-cluster theme as of late, and then there's the word "beech" and "Bonanza", two other words that has previously cropped up in pattern-cluster fashion, simply key in each of the words to this blogs search box and you'll see what I mean.  

As I've stated before, the inner twin world are definitely setting out to "hurt" us, albeit they have made it clear that this is not how they WANT it to be, butt because they have deemed it necessary in much the same way that a doctor has no choice butt to hurt a patient for example, when trying to set a broken bone.  The powers that bee from our outer world are being "coaxed" into stepping up to the plate.  In other words, the inner twin world are expecting them to help with their coming out and communication process... and inevitably to do their part in meeting their demands, which having read my posts you'd bee more than aware of.  The problem is that our outer world powers that bee don't want to come forward with the truth... especially the way that the inner twin world have planned and which they obviously believe to bee the best way.  Simply put, the powers that  bee don't want the world to bee aware of their dirty deeds... and that's what would happen if my case before the courts... and hence the truth about the inner twin world were allowed to come forward in a way that they want it to.  If the powers that bee eventually get enough courage to make the plunge, then its obvious to me that the general public will be more apt to follow.  Let's face it, many if not most in our outer world already  have a pretty good idea about the corruption and lies originating with the upper realms of power, their simply too afraid and/or too bought off in order to do anything about it.

I guess the real question is, how much coaxing will be required before the powers that bee stop their dirty deeds,  pull up their pants, have a change of heart and do whats right by the inner twin world... and of course our own in the process.  We should always keep in mind that the war being waged by the inner twin world may cause those from our outer world to hurt and/or die, butt in the process of having done so, they also hurt and die... hence the "z" in Hertz which coincides with the "s" in hurts... plural... in this case twins ... one outer and one inner.

Sydney Crow RIIP, Linda Shaw's King Insurance and a Vehicle Accident

You won't find Sydney Crowe on the Deaths in 2013 site, butt this local man's death shows all the signs of inner twin infiltration. 

When we arrived back from our trip to Fogo Island we became aware that a neighbor who lived across the street from my OceanArt Studio, had passed away.  The way we found out was audd-- we received a letter addressed to "Mrs. Sydney Crow and Family" in OceanArt's mail box, which is strange because in the 20+ years that my studio has been located across the street from Mr. Crowe, I don't  ever recall having received any of his mail by mistake.   My partner Cath noticed it first... how the letter was addressed... that it didn't include his name, hence suggesting that he had passed away.

We asked a friend who is usually on top of these things and who was also a neighbor of Mr. Crow, and sure enough, she confirmed that he had passed away about 2 weeks ago.

Mr. Crow was an elderly man of few words, butt a kindly person who would always wave to you from his yard.  The last I had seen Mr. Crow was in the fall when in a rare occasion he ventured across the street to ask what was going on since the building was obviously undergoing extensive renovation.   I like Mr. Crow and knew that his curiosity stemmed from the fact that the original portion of the building was built by his very own hands-- it was where he and his wife started their family.

Now here is the interesting twist.  For years I dealt with one insurance brokerage company-- King Insurance in Halifax, and in particular, insurance agent "Linda Shaw".  At one point in conversation, Linda Shaw mentioned to me that she is related to my neighbor Mr. and Mrs. Crow... and if my recollection is correct (the conversation occurred around 20 years ago), she mentioned that she was their daughter.  

When I saw the address on the letter that had been mistakenly put in my mailbox and after Cathy informed me that it suggested that Mr. Crow had passed away, it all came back to me... the connections... and the fact that Linda Shaw, when I was down and out after my motor vehicle accident of 2000 after which I was trod upon by the Economical( who my Insurance policy was with) had initially refused to go to bat for me, blatantly stating that if they did, Economical would drop King Insurance and they were the lowest insurers on the block, hence they would then be left at a competitive disadvantage. In other words, "I" the customer of 20 years was nothing... and Economical was everything!!  Not only that, she was responsible for having increased my daughters insurance "Double" at the time that I was experiencing difficulty with Economical.  

During the first trial my daughter testified to the fact of this had happened to her-- that at the time that I was experiencing difficulty with my insurance, her own vehicle insurance had been doubled... at a time when no one else was experiencing the same.  My daughter had even testified to this in a "sworn" written statement prior to the trial, a document that I procured because it became apparent to me that Associate Chief Justice Deborah K. Smith may refuse my daughter's testimony on the stand.

At the time that my daughters insurance had doubled, and because she also dealt with King Insurance, it was agent Linda Shaw that my daughter went to see to straighten out the matter.  My daughter had to sit for quite a time while Linda Shaw "checked it out" only to have her come back and say that there was nothing she could do... and that she simply had to accept her new rate!!  When my daughter asked for the reasons to be put in writing, Linda Shaw returned to her office to make a few more phone calls and came back to my daughter still waiting in the reception area, to say that she could reduce her rate back to normal for the next 6 months!!

In other words, it was important NOT to have any "written evidence" of what to me is obvious criminal activity.  In the meantime, their scam worked-- I received the message that they could and would make things difficult for my children.  By the way, my son also experienced the same increase through the insurance company that he dealt with, although he didn't have to fight as hard as my daughter to have his reduced back to normal.  Within a couple of weeks after the incidence where my adult children experienced the major hike to their insurance, vehicle insurance across the board went up in our province of Nova Scotia, an event that I considered to be a smokescreen designed to hide their activity where I and my children were concerned.

This is the kind of power that Insurance Companies like Economical wield, and now you can understand why King Insurance agent Linda Shaw would state that Economical had the lowest rates on the block!!

Now then I'd like to bring to your attention the previous posts that deal with what I refer to as a "Royalty/King/Shaw" pattern-cluster.  Even with the "Kings" and "Shaw" that cropped up, never once did I consider "Linda Shaw" of "King Insurance"... that is not until the audd means by which I became informed of Mr. Crow's death... and his relationship with Linda Shaw.  

Note the following post titles occurring in this last month that refer to "Royalty/King/Shaw/Shah":
So the question is, what does all this mean?!  From my perspective, I think the inner twin world will continue to strike us in order to get us in line with their program.  I believe that Mr. Crow's death is timely and that they are warning the "powers that bee" that I'm up against to essentially allow... and assist the truth to come forward.   Mr. Crow was a fairly elderly man although when I last saw him in the fall he seemed healthy and well.  With the circumstances surrounding his death being what they are, I believe that his death was timed... his inner twin influenced their conjoined deaths in order to factor in to the over all communication.  Essentially the inner twin world are making us aware in the only way they can, that they have us in check.

This is a very scary cross road that we are now at, and to be quite honest, the inner twin world are still being allusive as to the direction that the inner twin world wants me to take.  I believe that they are "holding my horses" for a reason... and that they are working on the "powers that bee"... so all I/we can do is wait and see what happens next.

It's also interesting to note that a previous patten-cluster involving a variety of  "black birds" can be found in my Pronoiasecret and Toumai blogs.  Note my september 16, 2012 post entitled, Don Binney and 5 Celebrities at Ages 22, 44, 55, 77....

Note the following etymology of the surname Binney, :
 habitational name from places in Kent called Binney and Binny, which have this origin.Scottish: habitational name from Binney or Binniehill near Falkirk, named in Gaelic as Beinnach, from beinn ‘hill’ + the locative suffix -ach.
This is not the first time that "Hill" has cropped up in name etymologies, Note the following excerpt taken from my recent March 21st post entitled, George Lowe RIIP and A January 15 Tall Order!!:
Note the following taken from his wiki page (Here)
  • Wallace George LoweCNZMOBE (15 January 1924 - 20 March 2013)[1]
January 15th birthday crops up once again!!
Note the following name and word definitions re: Lowe and low: 
  • low (n.2) Look up low at"hill," obsolete except in place names, Old English hlaw "hill, 
LOWE (2):  EnglishScottishVariant of LOW:  Variant of LAWDerived from old English hlaw "hill".

33 Notable Singers Die in March!! (UPDATED)

Wikipedia's Death in 2013 site reveals an unusually high number of notable Singers had  passed away in March.  For comparison, note the number of Singers found on Wikipedia's Death in 2013 and 2012 sites for the following months
  • 33 Singers out of 556 Notable Deaths in March 2013.    
  • 19  Singers out of 497 deaths in February 2013.
  • 14  Singers out of 531 deaths in January 2013.
  • 19  Singers out of  518 deaths in January 2012
  • 14  Singers out of 416 deaths in February 2012.
  • 13  Singers out of 458 deaths in March 2012.  
  • 14  Singers out of 408 deaths in April 2012 
  • 17  Singers out of 394 deaths in May 2012 
  • 11  Singers out of 399 deaths in June 2012
  • 13  Singers out of 405 deaths in July 2012
  • 13  Singers out of 535 deaths in December 2012.
The 33 notable singers dying in March 2013 is more than double the average of 14.7 singers dying per month as calculated from the 10 previous months !! 


Details re: 33 singer deaths as listed on Wikpedia's Deaths in 2013 site under March: 


  • Enzo Jannacci, 77, Italian singer-songwriter, actor and stand-up comedian, cancer.[18]

  • Eddie Bond, 79, American rockabilly singer, complications from Alzheimer's disease [2]

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Jay Smith RIIP, 9th Smith in the Cluster

The Deaths of 2013 site records yet another notable Smith, making it 9 over the course of this month who passed away, note the following found under March 26th:
Jay Smith, 34, Canadian guitarist (Matt Mays).[33]
Note the following from Matt Mays wiki page,
Matt Mays (born August 10, 1979) is a Canadian singer-songwriter and was the lead singer of Matt Mays & El Torpedo, a rock music group based in Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia and New York City
I live in Nova Scotia... not too far from Cole Harbour.  Audd too that my first name is May... Small world.

Note that out of the 522 Notable deaths on the Deaths in 2013 site that fall under the month of March to date, the following have the surname Smith:

1.     Manuel García Ferré, 83, Spanish-born Argentine cartoonist, complications of heart surgery.[1]2.     Jay Smith, 34, Canadian guitarist (Matt Mays).[33]3.     Bobby Smith, 76, American singer (The Spinners), complications of influenza and pneumonia.[192]4.     Subas Herrero, 69, Filipino comedian, respiratory failure.[202] (death announced on this date)
5.     Tommy Smith, 75, American jockey, won 1965 Grand National.[412]6.     Hobart Muir Smith, 100, American herpetologist.[430]7.     Toren Smith, 52, Canadian manga publisher and translator.[431]8.     Len Smith, 86, Australian racehorse trainer, heart disease.[472]9.     Alan Smith, 95, British World War II Spitfire fighter ace.[493]
 So what's up with all the notable Smiths passing away this month-- 7 Smiths and 2 surnames that mean Smith in another language?!  According to the site re:, note the 5 most popular surnames in the US:
Brown45Increase 11,380,145511.622649.5860.7134.540.410.831.861.64
Jones54Decrease -11,362,755505.173154.7557.6937.730.350.941.851.44
Now then note the names that coincide with the above taken from the 522 notable deaths recorded so far this month:

None of the names in the 522 matched any of the 5 names listed after Jones.   Even though Smith is a popular name, this certainly beats the audds.