Friday, April 28, 2017

33 Sevillian's

This one is a dust bunny that I'm pulling out from the cyber space hat.  Another leg of the investigation that took me to the the Spanish city of Seville's wiki page includes this excerpt:
  • Spal is the oldest known name for Seville. It appears to have originated during the Phoenician colonisation of the Tartessianculture in south-western Iberia and, according to Manuel Pellicer Catalán, meant "lowland" in the Phoenician language(similar to the Hebrew Shfela)
It's the "lowland" that stands out, and only because I know that this is an addition to the "Low" pattern-cluster... and a cryptic reminder of the danger of certain land being "low"... namely land on the northern plates that are also too close to the outer perimeter... ie Florida.  Now note this next excerpt:
 The Common Council of Seville has 33 councillors
The number 33 is also meaningful... as my previous post points out 3+3=8... in the graphic sense that is-- another inner twin world design influence.  This is a heads up... we need to continue.  Note this next excerpt:
... Since 2011, the government of the city has been by the conservative People's Party or Partido Popular (PP), and Juan Ignacio Zoido Álvarez has been mayor. 
We finally have two leads: the People's Party and Alvarez:
 My daughter was born on his birthday.  And I should mention that January 21 has cropped up numerous times lately in following the leads.