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Lolita Rodriguez RIIP : Big Cat Claws

Wikipedia's Deaths in 2016 site lists under November 28:
He surname is another addition to the recently formed "Names Ending in 'z'" pattern-cluster, a cluster that began with three recent additions to the Deaths in 2016 site: the November 26 deaths of Fritz Weaver and Peter Hintze, followed by Dener Assunção Braz who died along with most of his football team in a plane crash on November 28. All of their deaths are "timely"-- meaning that the deaths were perpetrated as part of a war strategy.  There are other tell tale signatures left behind by the perpetrators.
Note from Lolita's wiki page:
Note the cryptic phrase in the surname of Director Lino Broka: "li no B rock a" (lie no be rock)... in other words, do not lie, be strong like a rock. Note from his wiki page:
  • Catalino Ortiz Brocka (April 3, 1939 – May 22, 1991)
He died on May 22, which is one off from the 222nd day of the year (occurring on May 23), and so this is an addition to the "Off By One" pattern-cluster.  As well, my name being "May", and the twin "22" is still an addition to the "Identical Number Sequence" pattern-cluster... keep in mind that sequences of 2's are a particular signature of the inner twin world (the perpetrators of the "timely" deaths).    Note the "z" at the end of Broka's middle name, Ortiz, and note the cryptic  "cat a lion" in his first name Catalino... which happens (not by chance, butt by design) to jive with the surname of one of the films actors, note from the films wiki page:
Tinimbang Ka Ngunit Kulang (Weighed But Found Wanting)... The films stars Christopher De Leon
So, note the "lion" in De Leon.  Venturing to Catalino Brocka's wiki page we arrive at:
Note the "claws" in the title and then another "de Leon" surname-- two more additions to what is now an obvious "Big Cat Theme" pattern cluster.  Note from Mike de Leon's wiki page:
  •  Mike de Leon (born May 24, 1947)
His birthday is also an addition to the "Off By One" pattern-cluster... like Brocka's birthday-- one off from the day of the year where 222 days remain.  His birthday and that of Brocka's together with the significant date of May 23, we now have a "May 22, 23, 24/ Date Sequence" pattern-cluster... the inner twin world have a propensity for generating clusters in groups of 3.

Note this next excerpt from Broka's wiki page:
  • The film Jaguar (1979)   
The Jaguar is another "big Cat" and so an addition to the "Big Cat Theme" pattern-cluster... and another inner twin world design influence that now serves as a lead.   Note this excerpt from the films wiki page:
Release dates
  • 31 August 1979
The date is an addition to the "Notable Day" pattern-cluster given that it's also the birthday of Megan MacGregor who is a key player in the inner twin worlds"Starr Family Production".  As well, August is the month of Leo, when taking into consideration both astrology systems.   Note from the wiki pages of the Jaguar (film) cast/crew:
  • Nicomedes Márquez Joaquín (May 4, 1917 – April 29, 2004) 
  • Ricardo "Ricky" Lee (born March 19, 1948) 
  • Phillip Mikael Salvador (born August 22, 1953)
  • Amy Austria-Ventura (born December 13, 1961)
  • Anita Linda (born November 23, 1924)
  • Juan Marasigan Feleo (Feb 28, 1948 – November 19, 2009)
  • Mario Escudero Jiménez...( Oct 11, 1928 – November 19, 2004)
  • Roi Vinzon (born September 20, 1953)
Even though standing out are the two who died on the same day, generating a "November 19 (x2)" pattern-cluster,  the other highlighted dates and names need to be considered.   The names highlighted in gold are additions to the "Names Ending in 'z'" pattern-cluster;  Anita Linda's birthday of November 23 is also my mothers birthday, and what makes it even more meaningful is the following excerpt that indicates the character part she played in the film:
Amy's date of birth, December 13 is also meaningful to me personally given that on December 13, 2000, I was involved in a car crash that changed my life forever-- the effects of Post Traumatic Stress and the symptom of "hyper-vigilance" enabled me "see" my inner twin and the inner twin world at play in my life and world, hence this blog.  It's important to understand that I have been selected (whether I like it or not) to play this role: war correspondent... and key player in the "Starr Family Production" that the inner twin world have staged for us.  What this means on the personal level, is that  major events in my life have been influenced, ie: my date of birth, the date of my accident, the birthdays of family members ... and deaths, that in turn connect (as part of a "domino" effect) in a cryptic albeit meaningful way with other events that unfold as per the inner twin world influence/direction .  

Now let's consider the "November 19(x2)" pattern-cluster.  Made up of only 2, this type of cluster, another design influence of the inner twin world, has a purpose.  Because they have a propensity for generating clusters in groups of three or more, this serves as a means of prompting us to look for a third... or more.  So, from here we venture to the November 19 Wikipedia page, that as with any day of the year, consists of 3 lists of Notable Events, Births and Deaths.  Because the lists found are long, the inner twin world have provided us with a formula to limit our search: beginning first by investigating only the Deaths Section, and then limiting our search again to only those who died during a year that has three identical numbers at the end, which is in keeping with the inner twin worlds pattern of 3 propensity.  Now keep in mind that the inner twin world often throw curve balls (it's part of their signature) that will change the rule of the game slightly.  In this case the "Off By One" is an indication of one such little curve coming up.  So using the formula and taking into consideration the "curve", we arrive at:
There was only one who passed away on November 19, 1999-- during a year having three identical numbers at the end... butt, remember the curve ball.  This is where Thompson comes in, he is listed just above Liberman... so technically he's "one off" from 1999!!  And keep in mind that Thompson is a shortened "Thomas Son" which means "twin son" in origin and so an addition to the "Twin Things" pattern-cluster, and like sequences of 2's this cluster is a particular signature of the inner twin world.   So we're on the "wright" track.  On Thompson's wiki page is a filmography section where I found the film: I Didn't Know You Cared (1975-1979).  
I selected the film because of the following info regarding one of the actors who stood out:

Her name Liz, is an addition to the "Names Ending in 'z'" pattern-cluster.   And, her birthday falls on the 11th-- an addition to the "Identical Number Sequence" pattern-cluster, one that also connects to another birthday above re:

  • Mario Escudero Jiménez...( Oct 11, 1928 – November 19, 2004)
Their birthdays, together with the significant date of 9/11, generate a "September 11, October 11, __, December 11/ 11th Day date Sequence" pattern-cluster.   To bridge the "November 11" gap we use the formula as per usual ... which I then leave to you to find the intended missing person(s)... and to contend with the "curve ball".  Note the following info from the wiki pages of three other cast:
And now we have another type of 11th Day pattern-cluster emerging on the scene:  "October 11, __, December 11, __, February 11, ___, April 11, ___/ 11th Day & Every Other Month Sequence" pattern-cluster.

For the record note the following info regarding other cast members of the film  I Didn't Know You Cared (1975-1979):

Also for the record, Note from the wiki pages of the cast from the above film,  "Weighed But Found Wanting":
  • Christopher Strauss de Leon (born October 31, 1956)
  • Hilda Koronel (born Susan Reid; January 17, 1957) 
  • Eduardo Verchez García (born May 2, 1925)
  • Mario Herrero O'Hara[1] (April 20, 1946[2] – June 26, 2012) 
  • Laurice Guillen (born January 31, 1946)
  • Orlando Nadres (born November 1938 - died July 14, 1991)
We have a perfect run of four re :  "August 31, October 31(x2), January 31, March 31/ 31st Day Sequence" pattern-cluster.   All butt 3 are covered... a  remaining sequence-- April 31, May 31 and July 31

Matheus Biteco RIIP: Rock Struck Part 7

My investigation of the LaMia Airlines Flight 2933 crash that occurred on November 28,  had resulted in a post, Dener Braz RIIP: Rock Struck Part 5concerning  one member of the football team.  And now, investigating further I find more evidence pointing to the crash as not being an accident.  Note the following info regarding two of the team members:
I singled out Braz in yesterday's post  because his surname ended with a "z", making it an addition to the recent "Names Ending in "z"" pattern cluster.   Note this excerpt from a news article, Colombia plane crash: 71 dead and six survivors on flight carrying Chapecoense football team;

Mayor of Medellin: Plane crash is 'something that is unthinkable

On the Medellín  Wikipedia page I am able to locate the mayor:
• MayorFederico Gutiérrez
First of all, note the "z" at the end of his surname!!  Note from his wiki page:
The plane crashed on his birthday!!

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Keo Woolford RIIP Part 3: Opening the Dor

continuing from my previous post, note from the Hawaii wiki page:
We have another addition to the recent "Names Ending In "z"" pattern-cluster.  Note from his wiki page:
  • Brian Emanuel Schatz ( born October 20, 1972) 44
He's a twin 44 as of October 20, 2016... and since the number 4 shares the same key on my computer keyboard as the $ dollar sign, we know that the communication has to do with money.  Note the name Schatz is a cryptic "scats"... so "loss of money".  

So let's venture to the October 20 wiki page using the same investigative formula:
He was listed just one off from 1999 which is off track from the norm, butt the inner twin world every now and then throws a curve ball... his surname is a pretty strong "hintz" that this is the direction we're intended to take.  Note from his wiki page:
The title of the film jives with the "Bomb Theme" of this series of posts.  On the film's wiki page there's more ... simply dare to open the dor.  

Keo Woolford RIIP: Hawaii Oh (x5)

continuing on from my previous post, note this excerpt:
The film title re Hawaii Five-0 is a cryptic "Hawaii Oh (x5)".  On the films wiki page one of the actors stands out:
Her surname "German" jives given the recent (earlier posts today) "German Surnames" pattern-cluster...  most notably, names ending with "z" ie: Hintz, Schultz...

Note from German's wiki page:
  • Lauren Christine German (born November 29, 1978)
Today is her birthday!!  Well at least when I started this post it was.   

Keo Woolford RIIP: Godzilla

The Deaths in 2016 site lists under November 29:

Note from his wiki page:

  • His film and TV work include Godzilla
Godzilla had cropped up in my recent November 22 post, Badilla RIIP: Badzilla Godzilla Part 1, note this excerpt:
Godzilla was conceived as a metaphor for nuclear weapon
The Godzilla film that Woolford acted in is the most recent one, note the Release date:
Godzilla was released worldwide in 2D, 3Dand IMAX on May 16, 2014 
May 16 is also Rob MacGregor's birthday, and he is a key player in the inner twin world's "Starr Family Production"... he and the other members of his immediate family crop up frequently as a result, and in fact, on reading the very first post in this blog, you'll see that Rob inspired me to create this blog and even its name, pronoiasecret.  Note the following info on 3 of the cast/crew of the film that stand out:
  • Aaron Taylor-Johnson (born Aaron Perry Johnson;[1] 13 June 1990)
  • Richard Timothy Jones (born January 16, 1972)
  • Victor Rasuk (born January 15, 1984)
My birthday is June 13.  Both my son and life partner are born on January 15, so we have a "January 15 (x3), 16/ Date Sequence" pattern-cluster.  This time I decided to do something different in the ensuing investigation.  Instead of placing a gap representing a sequence of three ie: "January __, 15, 16, __/ Date Sequence" pattern-cluster , I would look instead for a second and third January 16 to go along withe the three January 15.

On the January 16 wiki page and then applying the usual investigative formula, we arrive at:
Note from their wiki pages:
  • Will J. "Dub" Jones (May 14, 1928 – January 16, 2000) 
  • Robert Rathbun Wilson (March 4, 1914 – January 16, 2000) was an American physicistknown for his work on the Manhattan Projectduring World War II 

Dener Braz RIIP: Rock Struck Part 6

Continuing on from my previous post, note this excerpt:
Their birthdays generate a "June 21, July 22, August 23/ Day, Month Sequence " pattern cluster.
The cluster connects to another in today's post, Peter & Peter RIIIIP: Rock Struck Part 3:
  •    " __, June 22, July 22, __/ 22nd Day, Month Sequence"
The inner twin world leaving a signature.

There is  a war being waged against our outer twin world that we need to become aware of.

Dener Braz RIIP: Rock Struck Part 5

Continuing on from my previous post.  On investigating the Deaths in 2016 site further I see that there has been a major plane crash : LaMia Airlines Flight 2933 crashwhere many on board were famous footballers:
 Firstly, note the following info regarding the date of the crash:

The plane crashed on the 333rd day with 33 remaining, so two additions to the "Identical Number Sequence " pattern cluster.

Venturing to the teams wiki page I investigate the players, looking for a player that has "z" ending their name (as per the inner twin lead).  Sure enough, I locate one:
Note from his wiki page:

  • Dener Assunção Braz (28 June 1991 – 28 November 2016)

That he was born and died on the 28th is another signature of the inner twin world-- generating
A "28th Day" pattern cluster.  Venturing to the "June 28 " wiki page and then applying the formula provided we arrive at:
2000 – Jane Birdwood, Baroness Birdwood, Canadian-English publisher and politician (b. 1913)
2000 – Nils Poppe, Swedish actor, director, and screenwriter (b. 1908)
I will investigate one and leave the other for you.  Keep in mind the cryptic communication generated by their names.  Note from Birdwood's wiki page :
  • Jane Birdwood, Baroness Birdwood (18 May 1913 – 28 June 2000)
Her birthday stands out given the following from my earlier post today,  Peter & Peter RIIIIP: 2 Rockz Part 2:
Pope Saint John Paul II (18 May 1920 – 2 April 2005)
So now we venture to the May 18 wiki page in search of one or more.  Using the formula we arrive at the following info:
1999  Augustus Pablo, Jamaican singer, keyboard player, and producer (b. 1954)
1999 – Betty Robinson, American runner (b. 1911)
2000  Muhammad Yusuf Ludhianvi, Indian-Pakistani scholar (b. 1932)
2000 – Stephen M. Wolownik, Russian-American composer and musicologist (b. 1946)
Note the info from their wiki pages:
Horace Swaby (21 June 1954 – 18 May 1999
 Elizabeth ("Betty") Robinson (August 23, 1911 – May 18, 1999
Stephen M. "Steve" Wolownik (July 22, 1946 – May 18, 20000

Their birthdays generate a "June 21, July 22, August 23/ Day, Month Sequence " pattern cluster.

Lolita Rodriguez RIIP: Rock Struck Part 4

Continuing from my previous post, I decided to investigate the Deaths in 2016 site to see I anyone else with "z" ending their name recently died:
  • Lolita Rodriguez (January 29, 1935 – November 28, 2016)
One of her films stand out:
Only two others mentioned on the film's wiki page have Wiki pages, note info garnered about the two:
  • Catalino Ortiz Brocka (April 3, 1939 – May 22, 1991)
  • Nora Aunor (born Nora Cabaltera Villamayor;May 21, 1953)
Note how their dates jive with the following excerpt from my previous post, Peter & Peter RIIIIP: Rock Struck Part 3 :
  •    " __, June 22, July 22, __/ 22nd Day, Month Sequence"
  •   "April 2, 3, __/ Date Sequence "
Both clusters expand:
  •  " May 22, June 22, July 22, __/ 22nd Day, Month Sequence"
  •   "April 2, 3(x2) __/ Date Sequence "
As well, because May 23 is the day of the year where 222 days remain-- a particular signature of the inner twin world, we have a "May 21, 22, 23/ Date Sequence" pattern cluster.  My name happens (not by chance) to be May!!