Friday, April 14, 2017

Adele's Waaa Waaa Waugh 6ABUL6

Her Car's Tombstone:
I would like to speak a little more in regards to the photo that I included in yesterdays April 13 post, Abracadabra.  I had copied it directly from the MacGregor's April 13 post.   This time, I took a photo of it on their site (see at right).  Just above the photo on the MacGregor's post was, " Her Car's Tombstone: ".      

So I assume that the license plate had been on Adele's demolished car, and so I also assume that she is holding the plate.  Butt then again, maybe it's Rob.   How do we know for sure?! ... Just sayin'... and it really doesn't matter to me one way or the other.

Now on the license plate, note the number 6 on either side.  And now note the title of my April 12 post, "Now We Are Six".   The post involves a "Six/6" pattern-cluster.  The MacGregor's post the next day that includes the two 6's in the photo is a good example of how inner twin's manipulate things so that we "jive" together... for the purpose of their "coming out" and "communicating" to us in the moment.

It also occurred to me that the licence plate: 6ABUL6, with the two six's on either side of the letters, ABUL, are like horns... and ABUL can also be seen as a cryptic "a bull".  It's interesting when you consider the title of my recent April 10 post, 7 Doctors and Maxwell Buttram, and the fact that I mention horns in the post, note this excerpt:
  • ...the sheep need to sharpen some serious horns and ram the big wolfish butts!!
The "Maxwell  Buttram" ties in, because the name had cropped up in the previous post, 7 Robert's, note the following excerpts from the post:
  • 2001  James Carr (June 13, 1942 – January 7, 2001)   singer
And James Carr's birthday is also my birthday, so generating a "June 13(x2)" pattern-cluster.  And the surname Carr stands out, note the following from my previous post that involves a "Car Theme" pattern-cluster:
    Viles Bodies.jpg
  • Maxwell  Buttram (June 19, 1915 – January 8, 1994) 

Also included in the post, is an image of a book (see at left) that cropped up as a result of my investigation for another post made that same day (four days ago now,  on April 10).  The cover... interestingly enough, depicts a car crash... and now here the MacGregor's are posting about a car crash!!  Note the following info from the authors wiki page:    
  • Evelyn Waugh/ Arthur Evelyn St. John Waugh (28 October 1903 – 10 April 1966) 

So how 'timely' is THAT?!  Not only did Waugh die on April 10, butt in in the year '66!!  I had picked up on the "13" on the car and connected it to my car crash that occurred on December "13", 2000.  Now note this next excerpt from Waugh's wiki page:
What immediately stands out is the surname "Sykes", and you will see why after reading this excerpt from my June 4, 2014 post, Karl Harris RIIP: Cut Short:
  •  He crashed in the first round after being struck by Tom Sykes
Not only do we have another "Tom", butt note his surname "Sykes"... reminding me of the word "psych" ... and of another car accident, note this photo from a post in my Toumai blog dated August 19, 2010, entitled "Psyched out Car Accident!! Update":
The photo's are of my accident that occurred in 2000, where I was struck by an uninsured driver and note his license plate: CYK 633... the "CYK" is phonetically identical to "psych", given that the letter "c" and the letter combination "ps"( ie "psych")are often pronounced as "S"
And so another license plate crops up... a "License Plate Theme" pattern-cluster.  On reading the excerpt from the June 4th post, I noticed that I neglected to provide the birth/death info of Tom Syke's, and so I took the liberty to do so now, and I found a Pattern-cluster:

The first was taken from the above excerpt, and  the other from Syke's wiki page.  So we have an "August 19(x2)" pattern-cluster. , and because my fathers birthday is August 20th, we also have an "August "_, 19(x2), 20, _/Date Sequence" pattern-cluster.

On Christopher Syke's wiki page is the following:
Christopher Sykes (17 November 1907 – 8 December 1986)... the second son of the diplomat Sir Mark Sykes (1879–1919), and his wife, Edith (née Gorst).  
Sykes father "Mark" hits the mark, and so note from his wiki page:
  • Colonel Mark Sykes(16 March 1879 – 16 February 1919)
His birthday stands out.  Since Rob MacGregor's birthday is May 16, we now have a"February 16, March 16, ___, May 16/ 16th Day, Month Sequence" pattern-cluster.  

Now getting back to The MacGregor's and Adele's license plate 6ABUL6.  So, with the the 6 and 6 being horns, then the letters, ABUL, represents the head... of "a bull".  I'm reminded now of the creepy reference to 666 in the Bible being associated with the Devil... who is often depicted as a bull with horns (check out the Christian Demonology section of the Horned Deity wiki page.  Of course, Satan is also sometimes depicted with a goat head or human head with horns.  And so one thing leads to another and I find myself on the "Sacred Bull" site, and to the following:
  • The sacred bull survives in the constellation Taurus
And since the MacGregor's are Astrologer's (the Tropical system), I venture to the Sidereal and Tropical Astrology wiki page and come to:

May 16 – June 15
April 21 – May 21

Either way, Rob MacGregor's birthday, May 16, is TAURUS.  So maybe Rob IS holding up the license plate... and maybe Adele is fictional.  Of course I think she's real.... and she's commented on the MacGregor's post:
What struck me is the "Waaa waaa waaa"... obviously mimicking crying... and if you replace the "w" (double you) with a "b", you get "Baaa baaa baaa"... as in SHEEP.   And note the similarity of Waaa to the name Waugh that cropped up above.  Unfortunately, it's more than likely that the Waaa waaa waaa synchro's are going to continue until she (and the rest of the world) wake up and see/sea the inner twin world at work... and get the message hopefully in time to save the MacGregor's sinking butts... not to mention all those unlucky enough to be in Florida when the "bowl" collapses (see my recent April 2 post, Bolles and Bowls )-- that's my Tou Sense for what it's worth.  Note the etymology of the name:

And note the cryptic "wall ace" in Wallace.  And now note the title of my October 26, 2013 post: Marcia Wallace RIIP: From Wall Flower to Wall Ace.  

Adele has a web site (here), and on venturing there, I noticed that her last two posts made on April 6 and 10, depict a "BULL"(see at right)!!   The first image (April 10) shows the bull in the background just above the girls left hand, and in the image below it, the bull is much closer... dangerously so, butt the girl's stance is warrior like... poised... to take the bull by the horns.

As for ABUL, it's a word according to the Urban Dictionary:
Abul: cool headed
Abul is not in the etymology dictionary butt if we break it down into "a bul", and then use "bul" as the search word, we get:
  • bulk (n.) ... "ship's cargo"...  from Proto-Germanic *bul-, from PIE root *bhel- (2) "to blow, inflate, swell" (see bole). 
  • bull (n.1) "bovine male animal... from Proto-Germanic *bullon...  The other possibility [Watkins] ... *bhel- (2) "to blow, inflate, swell" (see bole). 
  • bowl (n.) "pot, cup, bowl," from Proto-Germanic *bul- "a round vessel" ... from PIE *bhl-, from root *bhel- (2) "to blow, inflate, swell" (see bole). 
And do note BOLE and BOWL... I reiterate, you need to read  my post Bolles and Bowls