Sunday, April 30, 2017

The Blade

The Deaths in 2017 site lists under
  • Ueli Steck, 40, Swiss rock climber and mountaineer
  • Ueli Steck (October 4, 1976 – April 30, 2017) 
That he was a mountaineer stands out given  that the film I watched last night, Seven Years in Tibet, is about a mountaineer.  The "seven" in the title stands out given that it's an addition to the "Add a Letter Makes a Name" pattern-cluster... as in add a "t" make "Steven", and so another addition to the recent "Steven/Stephanie" pattern-cluster.   Note the following regarding the film and some of its cast/characters/crew:
Release date
  • October 8, 1997 
  • Jean-Jacques Annaud (born 1 October 1943) 
  • Yo-Yo Ma (born October 7, 1955) 
  • Peter Aufschnaiter (2 November 1899 – 12 October 1973)
  • Bradley Darryl "BDWong (born October 24, 1960) 
  • Heinrich Harrer (6 July 1912 – 7 January 2006)
  •  Tenzin Gyatso (6 July 1935) current Dalai Lama  
The October dates stood out due to the following from yesterdays post, 333/33 Awakening, and April 28 post, Shaver #3:
  • "October 1(x3), 2, 3, 4, 5(x2), 6(x2), 7(x2),8, 9(x2)/Date Sequence" pattern-cluster
  • "October 16, 17, 18/ Date Sequence" pattern-cluster   
 So the cluster expands.   Note from the films wiki page:
  • Heinrich Harrer was in fact a committed Nazi Schutzstaffel (S.S.) NCO
The word "Schutzstaffel" stands out, given the following from Trish MacGregor's wiki page:
  • Patricia Janeshutz MacGregor    
Notably the "shutz" in her middle name.  Trish is a key player in the inner twin world's "Starr Family Production", and in fact, she factors in the very first post in this blog.  On the Schutzstaffel wiki page:
He's the first notable person mentioned and so our next lead, note from his wiki page:
  • Ernst Kaltenbrunner (4 October 1903 – 16 October 1946)    
Steck was born on his birthday. AND his date of birth and death add to the cluster:  "October 1(x3), 2, 3, 4(x3), 5(x2), 6(x2), 7(x2),8(x2), 9(x2), ...16(x2)17, 18.../Date Sequence" pattern-cluster.

With the SS cropping up, we should check out the birth/death info of Adolf Hitler:
  • Adolf Hitler ( 20 April 1889 – 30 April 1945) 
The anniversary of Hitler's death is TODAY... how  timely!!

There is the issue of two dates that need investigating, July 6 and October 6, given that this will then give us a group of 3 or more (as per the inner twin worlds propensity).  Using the formula as per usual and cutting to the chase we arrive at:
  • Barry Winchell (August 31, 1977 – July 6, 1999) 
  • Robert James "Bob"/"Gino" Marella (June 4, 1937 – October 6, 1999
  • Arnold H. Harris (22 May 1934 - 6 October 2001)
  • Amália Rebordão Rodrigues (23 July 1920 – 6 October 1999) 
  • Mark Henry Belanger (June 8, 1944 – October 6, 1998)nicknamed "The Blade,"
 Belanger's nickname "The Blade" is an addition to the "Barber/Shaver Theme" pattern-cluster.  And note the cryptic phrase in his name re :  mark Harry bel anger... Harry is a nick name of Henry;  the "bel" is shot for French "belle" meaning beautiful and "bell"... as in "alarm bell", so we get:  Mark Harry/hairy beautiful alarm anger.  The  highlighted dates stand out.  For one, my mother passed away on July 23.  As for Winchell's birthday, note again, from my April 28 post, Shaver # 3: 
  • Gwendolyn Willow Wilson (born August 31, 1982
 Wilson  was born on Megan MacGregor's birthday... and I'll leave it there except to say that she's another key player in the inner twin world's "Starr Family Production"... just like her mom and dad:  Trish and Rob.  Of the clusters formed by the dates the most obvious is a "December 6, January 6, ___/ 6th Day, Month Sequence
As for the June 8 and May 22, they are additions to clusters in yesterdays post, expanding into:
  • "June 3, 4, 5, 6(x4), 7, 8(x3), _, _, _,12, 13, 14(x3), 15, 16, 17, 18,19, 20, 21, 22, 23/ Date Sequence " pattern-cluster. 
  •  "May 15, 16(x2), 17(x2), 18(x2), ..., 22/Date Sequence" pattern-cluster.  
Keep in mind that Trish MacGregor's birthday is June 7 and Rob's is May 16.