Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Kevin Moore RIIP and Don't Get Bogged Down!!

Note the following from Wikipedia's Death in 2013 site under April 29th:
Kevin Moore, 55, English football player (Grimsby TownSouthampton), Pick's disease.[9]
Three things immediately stood out to me, indicating that Kevin Moore's death had been "timely": his surname "Moore"; his twin age, 55, at death; his cause of death re "Pick's" disease.   Now it gets even more interesting, note this excerpt taken from his wiki page:
Kevin Thomas Moore (29 April 1958 – 29 April 2013)[1] 
Kevin passed away on his 55th BIRTHDAY!! And note his middle name "Thomas", the etymology of which means TWIN (http://www.behindthename.com/name/thomas).  His middle name is particularly meaningful because of the fact that the "cluster-patterns" this blog records are generated by inner "twin's".  

If you read my April 25th post entitled Helicopters 44 and Deadlocked Deadland, you'll note that a notable person named "More" had just passed away and that twin numbers also factored in. Note this excerpt:

As to there being more on Nicholas More, the House of Names site gives the following etymology (Here):
  • The English surname More is derived from the personal name"More" which is itself derived from the Old French word "Maur" meaning "Moor"
As you can see, the surnames More and Moore are related, and note my interpretation of the meaning:
Again, the sense is to be tied up... a stand still... bogged down... and at the very end is "dead land". 
That Kevin died of Pick's disease is somewhat meaningful when considering the fact that he was "picked" ... selected to fit into the communication equation, and because it tend's to go with the "alliteration" theme as of late when considering one of the most common alliteration that I'm familiar is "Peter Piper Picked a Peck of Pickled Peppers".

By simply keying in "Peter Piper" to the search box of my blogs, related posts are brought up, and there's no doubt in my mind that these somehow factor in:
  WV's and A Jazzy Kokopelli Update (January 23, 2010 from my Toumai blog)
 Ramon Dekker RIIP, Sidney Dekker Take a Peek (February 28, 2013 from my Proniasecret blog)
One other post had been brought up, which is audd because nothing in it contains "Peter Piper", although I did see the mention of "pied piper", so I'll mention anyhow:
 Bobby Smith R!!P 6th Notable Smith Die's in March 2013 (March 19, 2013 from Pronoiasecret) 
Twin things cropping up are often leads that when followed reveal more... as with Kevin Moore's information page revealing further that he died on his birthday... which in itself is a "twinning".   The fact that his particular surname "Moore" spelled with "twin 'oo'" is another indicator, especially when considering that the origin was "mor" and before that, "mora".
moor (n.) "waste ground," Old English mor "morass, swamp," from Proto-Germanic *mora- 
Keep in mind that our inner twin's and their secret parallel world have been with us for many thousands of years, perhaps even hundreds of thousands. That gives them alot of time to make plans of bringing about their "coming out" and "communication" to us.

When doing research for my Toumai blog it became apparent to me that  inner twins were sacrificing their lives (and hence the lives of their outer twin) on a consistent basis in order to serve as a catalyst for "coming out" and "communicating" to us.  In short, drastic measures are being taken in order to generate meaningful "cluster-patterns" designed to grab our attention... at least some of us for now.   For that reason I decided to focus my research on this one particular area where inner twin infiltration/influence is predominant-- generating pattern-clusters that tie in with the "timely" deaths of notable persons.   People are generally still not aware of the inner parallel world and so consider the patterns to be things like synchronicity, coincidence, manifestations from a deity, aliens, etc.  For whatever reason, the inner twin world have chosen to come out in the manner they have... right here and right now.   Without question, the pattern-clusters are much too intricate to be anything other than communication from a highly intelligent source.

The recent Genetic Discovery of Tetragametic Chimera Humans enables a much clearer picture on the feasibility of the human brain being a product of not just one, butt a merger of two brains.   The subconscious brain is not "ours" butt that of our inner twin who is able to think independently and since  they can influence our thoughts they also influence our actions, seamlessly--  without our being aware.

Note this study, Akron Law Review, on Chimera Human's:   http://www.uakron.edu/dotAsset/727954.pdf, where at the bottom of page 441 it states the following: 

Other chimeras, however, are not visually distinguishable at all.  Without extensive DNA testing, there is no way to know that their bodies contain different strands of DNA.  That is what makes them the most fascinating and elusive of the natural chimeras.  They are not visually distinguishable, like hermaphrodites, because there is no "sex discordance" in the cell line and there are no other cues such as patchwork skin of different colored eyes.
Then on page 442-443 it states:
Dizygotic twins do not have the same DNA.  On the other hand, monozygotic embryos, which result in identical twins, have the same DNA.  Thus if monozygotic embryos merge in utero, only one genome of identical DNA would be present.  With chimeras, what started out as multiple embryos could end up as a "singleton" at birth, and virtually, no one would be the wiser. When this occurs, the DNA from the vanished twin can become enmeshed with the DNA of the surviving twin.  However, a completely new single DNA genome is not introduced.  Instead, the two genetically distinct DNA lines from both embryos survive intact in one body.  Thus a chimera is born that has no visible signs of the genetic condition.
On page 443-444:
In a 2005 New York Times article discussing chimerism, Dr. Ann Reed of the Mayo Clinic suggested that fifty to seventy percent of the entire population could be chimeric.
When considering the above excerpt that is underlined/bold, it is understandable that determining the number of chimera's in the human population would be difficult using DNA alone.  However, there is one other way that Chimerism can be proved other than this method and that would be via evidence of  dual brains in apparently single bodies-- given that the "absorbed twin's brain" is able to do the following: is able to think independently; is able to connect to the outer twins brain; is able to influence  the outer twins thoughts without their being aware; is able to influence the outer twin's actions without their being aware; is able to communicate freely and unencumbered to other inner twin brains, hence forming a network-- a world community that parallels our own.  With all these factors added to the over all picture, an inner twin working in conjunction with other inner twins are able to generate "pattern-clusters" and are able to bring about events... such as deaths and accidents... such as the accident of 2000 whereby Mr. Sullivan's inner twin and my own inner twin (Tou) conspired along with the inner twin world to bring about this accident that would inevitably give them the venue to come out and communicate ... as is evidenced by the research ... and PROOF gathered in my Toumai and Pronoiasecret blog.

The accident is ultimately caused by this inner twin conspiracy.  The reason they did so was to cause PTSD, because they knew full well that with the assistance of my own inner twin, that I would be able to manage the hyper-vigilance, a symptom of PTSD that would enable me to "see" the "coming out" and "communication" of my inner twin and the inner twin world.

Note this next excerpt taken from section [54] page 14 of ACJ Smith's most recent Decision (2013 NSSC 120) written on April 25, 2013:
[54] ...  Accordingly, if Mr. Sullivan had been racing with an insured vehicle prior to the collision, this may have affected Economical's liability to Ms. Ocean under Section D of her policy.  In my view, it was reasonable for Economical to participate in the trial to ensure that they could deal with these types of issues as they arose. 
What ACJ Smith fails to mention is that should I have made a claim and have proven during trial that the accident was in fact caused by the inner twin of Mr. Sullivan and my own inner twin conspiring together in conjunction with a greater "inner twin world" conspiracy to "come out" and "communicate" to our outer world.   ACJ Smith "view" would follow through:  that it would also be reasonable for Economical to participate in the trial to ensure that they could deal with these types of issues as they arose.

I was not able to tell and/or bring forward the truth at trial because ACJ Smith forbade... she ignored the evidence as presented to her in my Expert Report.  In other words she forbade the testimony of my inner twin, Tou, and the inner twin world.

On June 10, 2010, I gave sworn evidence to a Commissioner of the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia, Bonnie Mac Mullin, in regards to my 9 volume Affidavit/Exhibit "Expert Report" that was also copied and submitted to ACJ Smith and parties relating to this case Hfx 190673.  This is my "Expert Report" that I have refer to in the above.  It consists of hundreds of pages of hard copy and digital files of my Toumai Blog posts during this time as well as posts from another blog called Synchronicity (at the time)-- a blog written by Rob and Trish MacGregor.  As well it consists of articles/papers written by experts in the field of genetics and notably on the subject of  and implications of Chimerism within the human population.

Exhibit "D" of this Report is entitled "Resume and Overview 1(A- 1(D).  Note the following that I wrote in the section entitled 1(A) OVERVIEW at the end of page 9 and the beginning of page10:

I also believe, that my accident of 2000 was in fact orchestrated by this inner twin world for the purpose of creating a synchronicity for one and for the purpose of creating the intense fear adrenalin that would heighten my awareness enough so that I would then notice the interactions-- the highly unusual synchronicities.   It is what it took to break through.  Now, I can look back through my life and see moments where they were interacting and were perhaps trying to wake me up to the reality, but I was giving it no attention.  My accident of 2000 and the resulting fear fired adrenalin would serve to literally knock me to my senses. 
For a brief on the synchronicities surrounding my accident, you can read my story which is entitled "The Subconscious Twin", located in the DVD file at 2) SYNCHRONCITY BLOG, and then document -- Synch 2 (page 116-126).  I had sent the story out  and it was posted to the blog called SYNCHRONICITY, which is owned by Rob and Trish MacGregor...  
As you can see, under oath before the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia Commissioner I testified to believing that the accident of 2000 was orchestrated by the inner twin world!!  ACJ Smith refused to allow this Expert Report which essentially was the voice of the inner twin world.  They were trying to come forward and they were essentially denied.  It would not suffice for me to simply get up and ramble on the stand about having proof of an inner twin world that conspired to cause the accident without being afforded the opportunity to bring forward the proof and offer my expertise as translator... which after many years of deciphering I have become expert... at least more expert than anyone else at the moment.  Trust me, I wish there were other Experts in this field that I knew of, but given this not being the case, I have no choice but to be that expert voice on behalf of the inner twin world.  Had ACJ Smith allowed the Report, justice would have been served, however this was not the case, and justice was thwarted,

So back to the pattern-cluster communication as brought about by the death of Kevin Moore-- do not allow yourself to be bogged down by ACJ Smith and her entourage-- Defendant parties-- Economical and Raymond Sullivan and their respective lawyers who have no intention of  justice and truth prevailing at the end of the day because in it all, they're caught with their pants down.



Monday, April 29, 2013

Janos Starker RIIP, Robert Soro RIIP, Parekura Horomia RIIP and Judges (UPDATE)

The "alliteration" pattern-cluster theme continues.  Note from Wikipedia's Death in 2013 site and listed under April 28th :
When combining their surnames: "Starker Soro", it seems to say "a darker, more complete sorrow".  Of course, Starker could also be a way for the inner twin world to say "Star Stalker"... which, when you consider that the inner twin world are "stalking stars"... hence why most of my posts reference "star deaths".

Last night when checking the Deaths in 2013 site, the surname Janos Starker had stood out and so I made a mental note to do a little more digging tomorrow.  So now here it is the next morning and I've just revisited the site where I noted a few more had been added, among them Robert Soro who is presently listed immediately before Janos Starker .

When I first noted "Starker", it wasn't just his surname that grabbed my attention, butt his twin age at the time of death being 88, especially considering the "Sequence of 8" pattern-cluster mentioned in an earlier post that I made yesterday re:  888 Abuse of Process?!, note this excerpt:
The 888 is meaningful, and what immediately comes to mind is Civil Rule Procedure 88-- the rule and guideline for bringing forward an Abuse of Process motion in the Courts.  The eight also shares the same key on my computer key board with the asterisk *.  Butt the real question is, what do the inner twin world mean by this?!
So the number 8 and the asterisk... or "star" symbol shares the same key on my key board. So, don't you think it audd that the surname "Starker" has the word "star" in it and that he died at 88?!  Since the word "stark" is evident in the name I decided to follow the lead, note the etymology:
stark (adj.) Look up stark at Dictionary.comOld English stearc "stiff, strong" (related to starian "to stare"), from Proto-Germanic *starkaz (cf. Old Norse sterkr, Old Frisian sterk, Middle Dutch starc, Old High German starah, German stark, Gothic *starks), from PIE root *ster- "stiff, rigid" (see stare). 
Since the word stare is related, I ventured here as well:
 stare (v.) Look up stare at Dictionary.comOld English starian "to look fixedly at," from Proto-Germanic *star- "be rigid"
The etymology of the name is found at http://surnames.behindthename.com/name/stark:
Stark: From a nickname meaning "strong, brave" in Old German and Old English.
Now, in regards to the Robert Soro, note the following etymology of his surname:
Recorded as Soro, Sorro, Zorro, the diminutive Zorilla, this is a Spanish medieval nickname. It originates either from the word 'zorra' meaning a vixen and hence a fast moving and cunning person, or from 'zorro' which means almost the complete opposite being apparently given to somebody was rather sedentary in their habits. 
Read more: http://www.surnamedb.com/Surname/Soro#ixzz2RqgN3bow
It's interesting that "Zorro" would crop up at this time since the name has been the subject of many posts.  On keying in "zorro" to this blogs search box, the search engines brought up three posts, two that are dated February 25, 2013, and one referring to the date, note their titles/links: Judge Schultz and January 15 Pattern-Cluster , Judge Polozola RIIP /January 15 Pattern-Cluster and Mary Ann McMorrow Chief Justice RIIP and Tou-Morro....

Note this excerpt taken from  Judge Polozola RIIP /January 15 Pattern-Cluster :
Today I noticed that another Judge had passed away, having just been added to the list under February 24th in Wikipedia's Deaths in 2013 site.
The date mentioned, February 24th is extraordinary!!  Note the underlined sections of excerpts taken from yesterdays post:
  • The name "Tim Taylor" also reminded me of "Tinker Tailor", an alliteration post in my Toumai Blog.  I considered this to be a lead and so keyed "tinker tailor" in Toumai's search box, which brought up my February 24, 2010 post entitled, Sinker Sailor to Tinker TailorThe date of the post immediately stood out, given that the same date had cropped up in my recent April 25th post entitled Helicopters 44 and Deadlocked Deadland, note this excerpt:
    The twin 44 mentioned in the first excerpt can be added to the 44 pattern-cluster, AND, this is not the first time that a helicopter with the number 44 has been involved in a "suspicious" accident.  Note the following excerpt taken from my February 24, 2010 post entitled: 2 Sea King's; 9/11; 444; and K-9 (Here):
    Now, here's the second page of the article.  Note the visible # 44 on the tail. 
So, within the 4 days between April 25th to April 28th the date of February 24th has cropped up three separate times under COMPLETELY different circumstances!!

"Star" individuals who have gained notoriety of one sort or another are dying-- their inner twin's sacrificing their lives for a cause.  What I also note at this time, is the reference to "Judges" in the above mentioned posts -- Judge Pozolo and Judge McMorro... and of course on reading the posts you'll note the mention of Associate Chief Justice Deborah K. Smith (ACJ Smith).

With names like Soro, Zorro, Pozolo and McMorro cropping up in this one sitting, I can't help butt note the rhyming, so we not only have alliteration, butt rhyme.  The cluster-patterns are actually taking on "poetic" form!!  This brings to mind another notable person just added to the Deaths in 2013 site  under today's date, April 29, 2013:
Note this excerpt taken from his wiki page:
 Parekura Tureia Horomia (9 November 1950 – 29 April 2013) was a New Zealand Labour Party politician, and served as Minister of Māori Affairsbetween 2000 and 2008.[1]
Note his date of birth 9 November or 11/9... the reverse of 9/11!!  If I were to read anything into this, I would say that inner twin world are saying that they can bring starker sorrow and horror our way  or they can do the opposite, depending on our response.  AND/OR, it could be their way of saying that it doesn't matter what we do, and that starker sorrow and horror are coming our way for no other reason than it being what it takes to fix us.  I still get the sense that they're choosing to "come out" to us in the process and at this intricate point in time because our actions in the here and now DO factor in... and in particular, the actions of those who have had the privilege of  being one of the first approached and to become aware.  Seriously folks, this is not a good time to be hanging onto confirmation and/or cognitive biases... its time to get our heads out of the sand and MOVE!!

So, now we have  Soro, Zorro, Pozolo, McMorro and Horomia!!  Oh Mama Mia... what to make of it all?!  Hmm, maybee the word "borrow" factors in, note the etymology:
borrow (v.) Look up borrow at Dictionary.comOld English borgian "to lend, be surety for," from Proto-Germanic *borg "pledge" (cf. Old English borg "pledge, security, bail, debt," Old Norse borga "to become bail for, guarantee," Middle Dutch borghen "to protect, guarantee," Old High German boragen "to beware of," German borgen "to borrow; to lend"), from PIE *bhergh- "to hide, protect" (see bury)
Personally, I think this does factor in, and that it's a reference to the TUSSH-- the Two United Structure System Home that I refer to countless times in posts, and this seems to be seconded by "Butte" the surname (and recent notable death) that as per my recent April 26th post  Rüdiger Butte RIIP ... butt.  To read a bit about the TUSSH go to my post re Flora Thibodeau 111, Acadian Canadian from Rogersv....

Perhaps my other posts involving February 24th factor in note the following title/link : 111 Alive and Kicking ! ! ! (Feb 24, 2011).  After reading, I'm quite sure it factors in.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Tim Taylor RIIP and Tinker Tailor...

Standing out from Wikipedia's Deaths in 2013 site and listed under yesterdays date of April 27th:
Tim Taylor, 71, American Olympic ice hockey coach (1994), cancer.[11]
Tim Taylor's death stood out because the "alliteration" in his first and last name is consistent with a recurring theme as of late.  As an example, note the titles of my recent posts made on April 21st and April 24th:
Nicholas More RIIP and Jim Mortimer RIIP... More Morts
The names mentioned in the titles are notable individuals also listed on the Deaths of 2013 site, and who died in the past week.  As you can see, by combining their surnames, ie-- Holding Hope and More Mortimer, an alliteration occurs... as well as 2 phrases, with More Mortimer obviously meaning "more deaths".

The name "Tim Taylor" also reminded me of "Tinker Tailor", an alliteration post in my Toumai Blog.  I considered this to be a lead and so keyed "tinker tailor" in Toumai's search box, which brought up my February 24, 2010 post entitled, Sinker Sailor to Tinker Tailor.   The date of the post immediately stood out, given that the same date had cropped up in my recent April 25th post entitled Helicopters 44 and Deadlocked Deadland, note this excerpt:
The twin 44 mentioned in the first excerpt can be added to the 44 pattern-cluster, AND, this is not the first time that a helicopter with the number 44 has been involved in a "suspicious" accident.  Note the following excerpt taken from my February 24, 2010 post entitled: 2 Sea King's; 9/11; 444; and K-9 (Here):
Now, here's the second page of the article.  Note the visible # 44 on the tail. 
As you can see from the above excerpt, the post I referred to is February 24, 2010.  In other words I had made two posts on that day over three years ago.  The reason why helicopters had cropped up to begin stems from the recent April 23rd death of Nicholas More who is also listed on the Deaths in 2013 site, after having noted from the referenced article, the following:
The article (Here), entitled Lion Sands co-owner killed in crash, reveals the following:
  •       More, 45, was piloting the Robinson R44 helicopter when it crashed 
The article excerpt above reminded me of an earlier post involving the number 44 and Sea King helicopters, which I considered a lead, hence resulting in locating the post made on February 24th, 2010.

So what are the chances that out of the nearly 700 posts recorded in my Toumai Blog since 2009, that two unrelated notable deaths occurring this past week would result in my following 2 completely separate leads taking me to two separate posts that just so happen to be dated on the EXACT same day just over 3 years ago?!  

Obviously, this is a little tinkering on the part of the inner twin world.

888 Abuse of Process?!

Patience is of the essence when it comes to trying to make out what the inner twin world are trying to communicate... and sometimes it feels like hit and miss.

Yesterday I received a package in the mail from Associate Chief Justice Deborah K. Smith, the judge presiding over my case.  This is her final slam dunk as was expected.  There's no point in going into any detail whatsoever.  I just went to the very back of the page... I've simply learned to use this tactic as a means of conserving energy when it comes to legal papers, anything before that is nothing more than a smokescreen set in place for those who wish to continue ignoring this situation (for whatever reason), and there are plenty.

After that, I decided to check the statscounter to see who has logged onto my Pronoiasecret blog since I reset it so that anyone can access without having to seek my permission.   That's when I noticed the 888 hits as per the second one in the list... which is me (statscounter records every time I open a post, which is quite often due to frequent editing and because I often refer to earlier posts when writing new ones).  Click on the photo I took of the Statscounter page in question (at right) in order to expand and see for yourself, the 888.

The 888 is meaningful, and what immediately comes to mind is Civil Rule Procedure 88-- the rule and guideline for bringing forward an Abuse of Process motion in the Courts.  The eight also shares the same key on my computer key board with the asterisk *.  Butt the real question is, what do the inner twin world mean by this?!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Associate Chief Justice Deborah K. Smith in the Black

After I was rolled into the operating room, the only man present on the surgical team spoke.
"So, May-Moniqued Mary," he hesitated, "... your parents must like alliteration"
I responded with, "I just tell people to call me 'mmm-mmm-mmm' for short"
The women laughed butt he didn't. "it'd be even funnier if your last name was 'Good'", one of the women followed along.  Everyone laughed ... butt him.  Then as preparations continued he suddenly  chuckled.
"OH, I GET IT NOW," he blurted, "... it took awhile though" he grinned.  
I remember thinking that at least he's honest and then there was nothing until a woman's voice encouraging me to wake up... telling me to take some deep breaths and also telling me that I had experienced trouble breathing while under anesthetic.

I decided to mention this little "alliteration" episode because since leaving the hospital, the notable deaths mentioned in my posts have followed a similar pattern ie:  "More/Mortimer" and "Holding/Hope".   There's no doubt in my mind that the inner twin world had influenced the little pre-operative banter in order to draw attention to where they were headed next... to bee sure that I'd "get it".

Even the surname of the doctors involved re: Dr. Livingstone who made the diagnosis and Dr. Topp the surgeon, have that certain "inner twin feel" which I immediately picked up on,  note this excerpt from my April 24th post:
What else do you do on Earth Day (April 22nd)-- go to the hospital and have an emergency appendectomy!! The two doctors involved-- Dr. Livingstone and Dr. Topp... gotta love their names... could've been Dr. Gravestone and Dr. Bottomm ;-) (-; 
Funny... the part in the above where I mention,  Dr. Bottomm ;-) (-; , especially considering that the surname "Butte" was added to Wikipedia's Deaths in 2013 site on April 26th... just two days later .  Sometimes I'm a little slow on catching the finer pattern-clusters, butt that's okay, better late than never.  So we have "Bottomm" and "Butte" as another alliteration of sorts.  And there's another thing that I didn't catch until now.  Going back to yesterday's post, where I compiled a list of the etymology regarding the words "but"/"butt"/"butte", one in particular stands out:
  but (adv., prep.) from West Germanic  *be- "by" (see by) + *utana "out, outside
What I didn't see yesterday with the above, butt see clearly today, is the "*be".  "Be" is another word that I take "artistic licensing" with, in that just as I often write "butt" in place of the word "but" in my posts, I write "bee" in place of the word "be".   It began a   "Deborah/Bee/Be/B" pattern-cluster cropping up in my posts.  First of all, you should bee aware of the etymology of the name:

Deborah fem. proper name, prophetess and judge in the Old Testament, Hebrew, literally "bee" (thus the name is the same as Melissa).

Secondly, you should also bee aware that the name Deborah is particularly meaningful to me given that the Judge presiding over my case is Deborah (Associate Chief Justice Deborah K. Smith).  So with that in mind, let's look at the above etymology of the word "but" once again-- "be/by and out/outside"... or more precisely "be out"... and then let's consider the inner twin meaning of "bee out", or in other words "Deborah out"!!

So are the inner twin world in the process of giving  Bee's Butt a Big Beautiful Boot?!
I don't know about that, seems more to me like my butt is the only one getting kicked over the last 13 audd years!!

I keyed the name Deborah into this blogs search box that resulted in a number of posts being presented and from which I took special note of one post at:  http://pronoiasecrets.blogspot.ca/2013/03/flying-ace-alan-smith-riip-and-ass.html, and in particular, this excerpt:
So the recent "ill" pattern-cluster served as a beacon, bringing greater emphasis to Alan Smith's "illness" that would play such a pivotal role in World War I history, and as a means for the inner twin world to communicate today.So let's look at all the pertinent details and connections:
  • Alan Smith was "sick"... and not only that, this illness was perfectly "timed" by the inner twin world as a means of setting the stage for their communication down the road ... tomorrow (McMorro), with tomorrow being here and now where this event in history would become obvious as having "other" significance and meaning.
  • Alan Smith's main job in the "Dogsbody" was to keep German pilots off Ace Bader's tail.  Smith was pertinent in holding up the ass end... it's no coincidence that the abbreviation in the word "Associate" (as per Associate Chief Justice Smith) is "Ass.", and that it sounds like "Ace" (the difference being a long and short "A").   This is a small butt meaningful clue left behind by the inner twin world that helps to reveal their existence to us as well as to communicate.
  • From my perspective, the same is true with Ass. Chief Justice Deborah K. Smith-- she is "sick" and therefore unable to function adequately in her duties as judge.  
So then let's consider the illness ACJ Smith has from my perspective:  "Cognitive" and "Confirmation" Bias, note the following excerpts from an article (Here):
  • cognitive bias is a pattern of deviation in judgment that occurs in particular situations, which may sometimes lead to perceptual distortion, inaccurate judgment, illogical interpretation, or what is broadly called irrationality.[1][2][3] 
  • Confirmation bias – the tendency to search for or interpret information or memories in a way that confirms one's preconceptions.[14].  Confirmation bias is the tendency to search for or interpret information in a way that confirms one's preconceptions; this is related to the concept of cognitive dissonance.
Bias comes in many forms, with Judges and Psychiatrists being no exception to the rule. Note for instance the following excerpts regarding one of the most influential American Supreme Court justices in the 20th century, Hugo Black, in an article (Here):
  • Hugo Lafayette Black (February 27, 1886 – September 25, 1971) Black was nominated to the Supreme Court by President Franklin D. Roosevelt and confirmed by the Senate by a vote of 63 to 16 [3] 
KKK and anti-Catholicism: 
In 1921, Black successfully defended E. R. Stephenson in the sensationalistic trial for the murder of a Catholic priest, FatherJames E. Coyle. He joined the Ku Klux Klan shortly after, thinking it necessary for his political career.[12] Running for the Senate as the "people's" candidate, Black believed he needed the votes of Klan members. Near the end of his life, Black would admit that joining the Klan was a mistake, but he went on to say "I would have joined any group if it helped get me votes."[13] Black, along with fellow politician and friend, Bibb Graves, were known in Alabama Klan circles as the Gold Dust Twins.[14]Scholars and biographers have recently examined Black's religious views. Ball finds regarding the Klan that Black "sympathized with the group's economic, nativist, and anti-Catholic beliefs."[15] Newman says Black "disliked the Catholic Church as an institution" and gave numerous anti-Catholic speeches in his 1926 election campaign to KKK meetings across Alabama.[16]
As you can see, back in the day, being a member of the KKK was nothing to be too ashamed of... AND it according to Justice Black, the action could help you WIN an election!!  It all boils down to money-- people wanted slaves because it meant big $$$$'s return and they even justified slavery using verses in the bible that state to the effect:  "there will be hewers of wood and water". 
The "adversarial system" judicial system is unjust when the rich can afford top lawyers willing to manipulate loop holes within the system to the best interest of their wealthy clients and to squash any attempt of the average joe/jane public to seek justice.  And it gets scarier to think that considering as well that many of these lawyers become justices... like Hugo Black. 
Consider this:  Associate Chief Justice Deborah K. Smith has a bias because as a lawyer her pockets had been well lined by the many $$$$$$$$$$'s she made in representing giant corporations such as the likes of the Economical Mutual Insurance Company of Canada (one of the Defendants I am up against).  Putting it bluntly, she has an unfair bias in favor of Economical and this is evident in every decision she has made concerning my case.  Her true intent is to help Economical get away with their dirty deeds, actions that cause further harm to innocent victims of motor vehicle accident so they become malleable prey and can then be unfairly exploited-- big $$$$$'s garnered off the backs of innocent victims of motor vehicle accident!!  Their preferred prey are no doubt mostly women who are not as apt to fight back as would men.
It's audd that the name/word "black" should crop up at this time... given the "black/Schwartz" pattern cluster occurring in previous posts, butt not only that, there was another incident that occurred in the hospital involving the word "black".  After the operation I shared a room with a woman by the name of Miriam.  She was an elderly German woman who could barely speak a word of English.  She would sometimes buzz for the nurses and I couldn't help butt overhear what was said:
"ees black...ees black", Miriam kept repeating to the nurse. 
"I'm sorry, butt I don't understand", the nurse replied each time.  
Then as I was making my way to the washroom with intravenous in tow, I didn't realize that my johnny shirt was not properly tied in the back. Miriam watched as I painfully struggled along ... it couldn't have been a pretty sight, butt I wasn't thinking about anything other than getting my butt to the commode.
"gown ees black", Miriam said. 
I turned, "huh... what's black"
"black" Miriam said while touching her gown, motioning to her back and then pointing toward me.  I looked down at my johnny shirt which was a colorful print on a white background... definitely nott black.  Puzzled, I smiled and shrugged before continuing.   
When I came out from the washroom, the nurse had returned.
"ees black... ees black,"  Miriam repeated while rubbing her arm. 
"I'm sorry," said the nurse, "I don't understand".
At that moment it dawned on me that Miriam had tried to tell me that my gown wasn't properly fastened... out of whack and so referred to it as being "black"!!
"I think she's using the word 'black' to indicate that something's wrong"  I said, "... like when clouds are black its going to storm...  something might bee wrong with her arm." 
"Black" Miriam said again, this time running her hand along one side of her body.
You see, I believe that the inner twin world influenced this little scenario with Miriam as well.

Those of you who've read my blogs on a regular enough basis know that I believe the inner twin world had influenced the accident of 2000 that I had been involve in.  What this means, is that the inner twin of the other driver involved conspired with my own inner twin (Tou) in such a way that the collision happened exactly as it had.  I also believe that the Judge--ACJ Deborah K. Smith, was also influenced by her inner twin so that the day would come when we would butt heads.

The inner twin world set up the entire scenario as a means of coming out and communicating to us today.  There will never bee a "good" time for this truth to come forward, butt with all things given proper consideration, there is a "best" time.  It appears to me that they inner twin world has designated the best time as now.     They are indicating to us that  something is "black"... that something is not right with one side ... which I presume to bee our "outer" twin world-- something is wrong with us and the inner twin world are in the process of fixing whatever that something is... and so for now, we wait, watch 'n wonder!?

Friday, April 26, 2013

Rüdiger Butte RIIP ... butt...

The Deaths in 2013 site lists the following under today's date, April 26th:
Rüdiger Butte, 63, German politician, shot.[1]
His surname, Butte, stands out because of my habit of writing the word "but" as "butt" in my blogs, a little twist that I started due to an incident involving Robert Butts as per my March 9, 2010 post (Here).  Butte passing away could bee sheer coincidence, butt then again it could be an addition to the communication puzzle.  Note this excerpt taken from http://www.surnamedb.com/Surname/Butte
The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Walter But, which was dated 1114 - 1130, in the "Cartularium Monasterii de Rameseia", Norfolk, during the reign of King Henry 1, known as "The Lion of Justice", 1100 - 1135.
Interesting re: "The Lion of Justice", especially when you consider that while compiling my post yesterday (Here), the word "lion" had cropped up twice!! Note this excerpt:

The name of the Police spokes person, "Leonard",  has Leo in it which means "Lion" and then note the name of the Resort -- "Lion Sands".  This is not the first time that the subject of lion's have cropped up, so it's always good to check the etymology:
lion (n.)  from Old French lion "lion," figuratively "hero," from Latin leonem (nominative leo) "lion

Note the following etymology:

  • but (adv., prep.) from West Germanic  *be- "by" (see by) + *utana "out, outside
  • butt (n.1) "thick end,"  Low German butt "blunt, dull," Old Norse bauta (see beat)
  • butt (n.3) "target of a joke," from Old French but "aim, goal, end, target, 
  • butt (n.4) "flat fish," c.1300
  • butt (v.) "hit with the head," "to strike, beat", from PIE root *bhau- "to strike"
  • butte (n.) from French butte, from Old French but "mound, knoll" 
I decided to key in "Butte" to this blogs search box and surprisingly my July 9th, 2012 post entitled, 2 Leo's: Lionel Batiste and Leon Schlumpf (RIIP) was brought up in the mix.  Interesting, the post even talks about my "Expert Report" presented during a pretrial hearing... a report that was snuffed out.  Perhaps the inner twin world are bringing this forward now as a means of encouraging ACJ Smith to reconsider her stance in this regard.