Thursday, April 27, 2017

Adele's Bull Fighter (UPDATE)

Continuing on, my previous post left off with:
In the contents column of the Seville wiki page, I found a section entitled "Famous Natives", and once there I found:
And it immediately clicked... my earlier post this month that involved Bull's... and artist Adele who painted a series: a big bull that is pressing dangerously forward and appears to be fought  back by a woman.  Note my recent April 14 post:  Adele's Waaa Waaa Waugh 6ABUL6
What catch's my eye is the surname Gallo.  It reminds me of "gallows", butt that's not all, note the title of my recent April 24th post; Oak Gall.  The post goes on to explain how gall's are formed (sores from chafing)... and in reference to "oak gall", the post points out that it was once a primary source of ink, which I consider to be a cryptic/metaphor generated by the inner twin world as a means of prompting listeners (certain ones at least), to "wright" (as in "write right" - the truth about the inner twin world).  And just as oak gall that's used to make "ink" comes fromthe suffering of an Oak tree, the inner twin world uses this now as a metaphor to say that the "wrighting" they expect WILL be brought about by suffering... and I can personally attest to that... thanks to my "car crash" on December 13, 2000-- the pivotal event in my life that enabled me to become aware of the inner twin world for the first time.

 Note the following excerpts from my April 14 post (as per the above excerpt):
  • The sacred bull survives in the constellation Taurus... And since the MacGregor's are Astrologer's (the Tropical system), I venture to the Sidereal and Tropical Astrology wiki page and come to:
May 16 – June 15
April 21 – May 21
           Either way, Rob MacGregor's birthday, May 16, is TAURUS.
  • Adele has a web site (here), and on venturing there, I noticed that her last two posts made on April 6 and 10, depict a "BULL".       
So you see, a "Bull" pattern-cluster in the works.  And keep in mind that according to the Tropical Astrology system, April 21st was the first day in Taurus... the BULL!!  And if you venture to Adele's blog (Here)you'll find a "third" addition to her recent Bull series of paintings (the inner twin have a propensity of generating clusters in groups of 3... or more).  Adele's painting shows the bull running off in the distance, and under it is the caption:

Nine in the Last Place

Energy stored by the use of restraint is released.
The path ahead is open.
Have no doubt about getting what you worked for.
You deserve it
 And now to investigate the famous Bullfighters of Seville:
  • Juan Belmonte García (April 14, 1892 – April 8, 1962)
  • Francisco Romero López (December 1, 1933) 
  • Ignacio Sánchez Mejías (6 June 1891 – 13 August 1934)
  • José Gómez Ortega (8 May 1895 — 16 May 1920)
The highlight dates stand out... for one, my post that I mention above involving Adele and her bull, was made on April 14, and secondly, Rob MacGregor's birthday crops up yet again... ROB the BULL!!  And Ignacio's birthday is an addition to the "Off By One" pattern-cluster, as in one off from Trish MacGregor's birthday of June 7.  If you follow this blog you will see that the MacGregor family factor in quite a bit... and in fact they factor into the first post and had something to do with my switching gears-- moving from my Toumai blog to this blog.

The name of the first bull fighter above, re Juan Belmont Garcia contains a cryptic "young bell/pretty mountain Gar/Guard ci/see/sea a...".  My Tou Sense Worth in the deciphering department: the "young" is a reference to the future... and to our outer twin 'patriarchal' world who the inner twin 'matriarchal' world considers to be "young" (as in too young/small to "see"
what they see), and so this communication ... this blog, is like a "beautiful mountain" that they lift us up on (metaphorically speaking) so that we too can see: that we need to guard against the sea.  There is a reason why the inner twin world influenced many of our words to be phonetically identical... and note the "ci" in Garcia is pronounced the same as Spanish "sí" that translates into "yes"... and so:
"yes, see the sea C"!!
From the list of famous Seville Bull fighters,  two of the dates generate an "April 8, May 8, __/ Date Sequence" pattern-cluster.   One the June 8 gap is bridged it then connects with bull fighter Ignacio's birthday of June 6... and Trish MacGregor's birthday of June 7, generating a "June 6, 7, 8/ Date Sequence" pattern-cluster.  To bridge the gap we venture to the June 8 wiki page, and because the lists found there are long, the inner twin world has devised a  "Formula" to limit the search, and because of the "one off" curve ball thrown into the mix (via  June 6), we arrive at:
  • Maria Reiche (May 15, 1903 – June 8, 1998)
We now have  a "May __, 15, 16/ Date Sequence" pattern-cluster:
  • Keizō Obuchi (  25 June 1937 – 14 May 2000 ) 
His birthday stands out: the death of Michael Jackson occurred on June 25... which brings us back to the very first post to this blog that involves the "timely" death of Michael Jackson and the MacGregor's attempt to censor it: Censoring Around Michael Jackson's Death (RIIP).