Thursday, April 13, 2017


The inner twin world work in ways so profound that it seems magical, and indeed they have, and continue to work, their "slight of hand magic" in all walks of life.  And yesterday, as I ploughed ahead with compiling a myriad of posts, a "Magic Theme" pattern-cluster evolved on the sidelines.  I caught sight of it, and so I wouldn't forget, I started a new draft and entitled it "Abracadabra Gonna Reach Out and Grab Ya"... a catchy reminder don't you agree!!

It began with two individuals that crop up in yesterdays post, Bobby's Buckle's Bubble's:
  • Thomas Fears (December 3, 1922 – January 4, 2000) 
  • Lester Raymond "Les" Brown, Sr. (March 14, 1912 – January 4, 2001)
Okay, now this is a bit of a side track, butt note the cryptic "less ter brown" in the second persons first and last name.  Yesterday, as things progressed, one of the posts that followed, includes an image of the worlds 15 major Tectonic Plates, where each was assigned a colour... ie: "brown" for the North American Plate.  And with this in mind, I now see the "ter" as short for "territory"... as well "terrible" when you consider the implications of  what is being said "twin fears less territory brown".

Now getting back on the "Magic" track, the "December 3, January 4, ___/Day, Month Sequence" pattern-cluster generated by Tom Fears Birthday and date of death, led us to another individual, note this next excerpt from the post:
  • Wassily Wassilyevich Leontief (August 5, 1905 – February 5, 1999)  
 His name is ... well,  'silly'.  It certainly smacks of inner twin shenanigans, and note the cryptic phras within: "was silly/sill y(why); was silly/sill y(why)evict/Vichy; Leon tie/thief".  Without a doubt the MacGregor's via "Leo(n)" ... the MacGregor's being authors of astrology books, and their daughter Megan birthday being Aug 31 makes her a Leo according to  the Sidereal Astrology system; and then  "thief" connects to them as well given that their blatant     robbing of the inner twin world's voice (see first post to this blog).  It's a strategic influence, that Leontief  has Leo in his name and was born a Leo... according to the Tropical Astrology system.
So this is where things get spicy and dicey... I knew the MacGregor's wouldn't like that one!!  Butt then again I'm not here to pleas, this is first and foremost about interpreting as precisely as possible, the cryptic meaning behind the inner twin world's communications to us.  The inner twin world are poo-pooing "astrology"-- pointing out the contradictions such as the conflicting sidereal and tropical astrology systems... hence why the inner twin world continually makes reference to their daughter Megan, as being a "Leo"(born August 31) using the sidereal system, knowing full that the MacGregor's use the tropical system that designates Megan a "Virgo".

And then things starte to really heat up on the Magic Theme, with the following from Yesterday's post, High Man Low Man Rich Man Poor Man:
Minsky's wiki page contains a list of names in the sidebar, four stand out due to the cryptic communication, note from their wiki pages   
 If you read the post, you'll see that I had just interpreted the name Hyman Minsky... and hence the posts title.  And since there were a vast number of name as of late that contain obvious words/phrases ie :  Robert Solow (Robert so low... so slow... solo).  And now we come to the second one of the above group, Abraham Lerner, where his surname is obviously a cryptic "learner".  And then I considered his first name... in the cryptic sense that breaks it down into "Abra ham", where "ham" is a word.  And so this leaves "Abra"... not a word that I know of, and so as per usual in a case like this I turn to the on line etymology dictionary, and then keying "abra" into the sites search box, the search engine spits out the following:
  • abracadabra:magical formula...  Abraxas, name for god...  a word of power. It was written out in a triangle shape and worn around the neck to ward off sickness
  • abrade (v.)...  from ab "off" (see ab-) + radere "to scrape" (see raze). 
  • Abraham" ...  Abram "high father,"...  ram "high, exalted." 
And there you have it, ABRACADABRA...  MAGIC... and do note the abrasive fighting words:  found in the other two definitions: "scrape off" and "ram"!!!

So I venture now over to the MacGregor's blog and see that they've already put up a post today re:
Essentially, the post is about how Adele had thought the I Ching reading was wrong-- didn't warn her of her car accident that happen later in the day, butt when she reread, she realized that there was a warning, butt had misread.    Anyhow, you can read if you like butt it's all hocus pocus to me.  Here's a photo that they put up of the license plate from  Adele's wrecked car, with the caption  "Tombstone of Adele's Car".