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Wenn V. Deramas RIIP: From The Heart

The Deaths in 2016 site lists under February 29:
  • Wenn V. Deramas, 49, Filipino film and television director, heart attack.
Note from his wiki page: 
  • He died a few hours after the death of his sister on February 28 at the same hospital due to heart attack.[8] 
So what are the chances of that!?  Their deaths are not coincidence or synchronicity, butt a "February 28, 2016/ February 29, 2016 Date Sequence/ Brother & Sister Deaths" pattern-cluster.  His list of filmography is long and so as per usual, I limit my search by investigating only the films Released during a year having 3 identical numbers at the end, note the following:
Note from the films wiki page:
  • Mula sa Puso (lit. From the Heart
So again, what are the chances?!  Their inner twins sacrificed their conjoined lives in a "timely" manner so as to facilitate with the inner twin world's "coming out" and "communicating" to us at this point in time... here and now, with the ultimate goal being to save the future for one and all.  This is truly  a gift "From the Heart".  

Note this next excerpt from

  • Edwin Villanes Deramas (May 11, 1966 – February 29, 2016),

 As you read this blog, you'll learn the cryptic meaning behind his birthday.  

Andy Bath Gate (Part 4) RIIP: Noah's Water Shed Moment

I recently posted this image on my FB page with the message: Happy b-day, Noah. Age 7 and looking good. Noah attracted a surprising number of likes and a few comments.
Then I received a series of private messages from FB friend Fiona. She began by asking me:
“Would you like to hear about how you were either part of a synchronicity today, or were helpful in getting a message to someone from spirit?”
A few minutes later, the followup message arrived:
“I have a friend who lost her son, Noah, 8 years ago. He was 7 years old. She just phoned me this morning to tell me that she has breast cancer. The very second that she phoned me, I opened up my Facebook account and your post, saying happy b-day to Noah, seven years old and looking good, was the VERY FIRST POST that I saw, the very second that I heard her voice on the line. Also, Noah died on his 7th birthday. I told her what I was seeing even before she told me her news.
“She and I both think that it was a message from Noah, just showing that he is around, and still able to see what is going on in his parent’s lives.”
Definitely a meaningful coincidence. In this case, it wasn’t my synchronicity. Instead, I conveyed information that someone else saw at a critical moment and passed the information on to a third party, the mother of Noah, who died on his seventh birthday.  It’s interesting how these things come together…and in this case right at the precise moment.
Of course I can’t forget the roles played by Noah, our big red Golden, and Trish. Noah posed on the pipe, and Trish snapped the photo with her phone. It all came together.

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6 Responses to Noah’s B-day Synchro

  1. The world moves in mysterious ways, we never fully know how we are being used by the ‘universe’ at times.
  2. Nancy says:
    Our world works in such mysterious ways. What a wonderful syncho for that mother.
  3. c.j. says:
    Beautiful/happy/sad story. Your Noah looks like a Red Setter in this photo. He is gorgeous!
  4. This a tears-to-my eyes synchro. Love it.
  5. Jane says:

Andy Bathgate (Part 3) RIIP: Ace Bailey Dog

continuing from my previous post, on investigating Andy Bathgate, I found myself venturing to  the New York Rangers wiki page where  I came across the following excerpt that stood out:
After a loss to the Bruins in the 1928–29 finals[2] and an early struggle in the early 1930s, the Rangers, led by brothers Bill and Bun Cook on the right and left wings, respectively, and Frank Boucher at center, would defeat the Maple Leafs in the 1932–33 best-of-five finals three games to one to win their second Stanley Cup, exacting revenge on the Leafs' "Kid line" of Busher JacksonJoe Primeau and Charlie Conacher. The Rangers would spend the rest of the 1930s playing close to 0.500 hockey until their next Cup win. Lester Patrick stepped down as head coach and was replaced by Frank Boucher
Each of the names stand out due to the cryptic "other" meaning.  Without going into a lot of detail, at this point in regards to each of the five, I will say this about two: the surname Boucher is a cryptic reference to "mouth" given that French "bouche" means "mouth" in English, and the 'r' at the end makes it "mouther" which in turns gives us a cryptic "mouth/mother".  Since the inner twin world associate theme selves as being "matriarchal" in complimentary opposite fashion to our "patriarchal" outer twin world, this is their way of saying "our inner twin world words".   And then Boucher's first name "Frank" communicates "blunt truth", hence giving us "blunt truth, our inner world words".   It's interesting to note that French "boucher" means "butcher/slaughter", and that the word "bouche" is pronounced "bush", and so made that much more meaningful given that the next name in the excerpt is 'Busher' Jackson... and if you consider the above his name also communicates "slaughter Jackson"!!  This is frightening, especially considering the very first post to this blog that investigates "timely deaths", cconcerns a lie surrounding the truth behind the death of Michael Jackson (to read the post: Censoring Around Michael Jackson's Death (RIIP)).  

Note the following info from Busher Jackson's and then from Michael Jackson's wiki pages:
  • Ralph Harvey "Busher" Jackson (January 17, 1911 – June 25, 1966)
  • Michael Joseph Jackson[1][2] (August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009) 
Michael had passed away on the anniversary of Busher's death, hence generating a "June 25 (x2)" pattern-cluster!!   And yes, Michael Jackson's death was "timely" as well, his inner twin sacrificing their conjoined lives for a cause... that which brings us here to this point in time and to this blog where they "speak" to us.  Note from Busher's wiki page:
He was named to five NHL All-Star Teams and played in three benefit all-star games, including the Ace Bailey Benefit Game, the first all-star game in NHL history.
What stands out is the name "Bailey", given that this is the name of my dog (since passed)... and she has cropped up a number of times as of late... including "dogs" in general, part of a "Dog Theme" pattern-cluster.  So what's up with THAT?!  And there's the "Ace"... a name that also serves to communicate level of "number 1" importance.  Since Ace Bailey is a person note from his wiki page::
  • Irvine Wallace "Ace" Bailey (July 3, 1903 – April 7, 1992) 
  • Bailey's career came to an abrupt end on December 13, 1933, when he was hit from behind by Eddie Shore of the Boston Bruins, apparently in retaliation for having been tripped by King Clancy moments earlier, and hit his head on the ice, fracturing his skull
  • Bailey's #6 sweater was the first ever to be retired by an NHL team, and is one of only two to have been permanently retired by the Maple Leafs (the other being Bill Barilko's #5). Bailey, however, would later ask Ron Ellis to wear the number. 
  • He was the leading scorer and goal scorer in the NHL in the 1928–29 season, with 22 goals in 44 games.  Over his career, Bailey totalled 111 goals ...
Each of the excerpts mean  something-- a cryptic communication derived from some of the date, numbers and names.  Note from the wiki pages of those mentioned in the above: 
  • Edward William Shore (November 25, 1902 – March 16, 1985)
  • Francis Michael "King" Clancy (February 25, 1903 – November 10, 1986) 
  • William "Bashin' Bill" Barilko (March 25, 1927 – c. August 26, 1951
  • Ronald John Edward Ellis (born January 8, 1945)
Noote the second name re  the   "Frank and Michael, and his birthday of February 25 th being just one day off from Andy Bathgate's date of death.  There is more, butt  I'lll save that for later.  

Tou Bee Continued... 

Andy Bathgate (Part 2) RIIP: Bath Gate Name Sake

Continuing on from my previous post, note these excerpts from the wiki page of Andy Bathgate:

  • Andrew James Bathgate (August 28, 1932 – February 26, 2016
  • His grandson and namesake, Andy Bathgate, born February 26, 1991, was drafted by... 
He had died on his grandson's 15th birthday, hence generating a "February 26" pattern-cluster.  What his grandson is not likely aware of yet, is that this is no mere coincidence or synchronicity, butt a purposeful act: he sacrificed his life... a 'timely' death, for the same of his grandson... for the sake of his future.  Pattern-cluster's are a means for the inner twin world to "come out" and "communicate" to us at this point in time.  What we have long considered to be "our" subconscious mind is really the conscious mind of our inner/conjoined twin's who are able to influence our thoughts and actions without our being aware.  

Andy Bathgate RIIP: Bath gate

The Deaths in 2016 site lists under February 26: 
The surname "Bathgate" stands out for two reasons, the first being it's similarity to "Watergate", a word that cropped up in my recent (Feb 17) postElias Demetracopoulos RIIP (Part 2): See Sea Slingnote this excerpt from the post: 
The Deaths in 2016 site lists under February 17:
There are several things that are trade mark signatures: his twin age, 88; Watergate being a "political" scandal involving US President Nixon... and we've been on a bit of a "President" pattern-cluster theme, albeit the last one involves a Presidents dog.
 The second reason why "Bathgate" stands out, is a watershed moment that occurred with my 2 year old grandson, Easton, that involves the "bath", a little history is required:
For the last two years I've been worried that a bond with my grandson, Easton, who just turned 2 years old, is not forming as I would like.  I live over 100km away and so I don't get to see my son and his family very often, butt when I do, it's usually for an entire weekend and so it's quite intense, leaving my partner Cath and I totally drained afterwards.  The minute I come through their door my 7 year old granddaughter, Addie, runs straight in my arms, my grandson on the other hand tends to run in the opposite direction and into his mothers arms.  He's hesitant ... not sure if he likes Cath and I being around, because even though he loves to play with us, he also knows that when we're around, his parents tend to also take the opportunity to go out for a little "WOK(WithOut Kids) time", and THAT is what he doesn't like-- he's a big time mama's boy.  So for the past 2 years, whenever his parents left him, he screamed... sometimes for the entire duration they're gone!!  There have been many nights where he's sobbed himself to sleep in my arms.  Around the time that he was a year old however, I discovered that his love of water (bath) is so great that it can turn him around, deterring the watershed of tears.   
So one of the things that  I find important in "bonding", is eye contact, and this is something that Easton was not doing with me even when we're playing happily together doing all the things he loves.  The water shed "eye contact" moment came on the evening of his 2nd birthday party and his mother brought him in for a much needed bath to wash away icing that covered a good portion of his face and hair.  He was in the bath and I was playing with Addie and I heard what sounded like "Nanny, Nanny", this is what Addie calls me.  I didn't think any more of it, until his mother comes out, and with a puzzled look says, "he's calling for you".  My first thought was that, no... he must be trying to say something else, butt in I went and sat on the floor as I normally would, to watch him play.  This time though there was no playing, as I sat there on the floor, he did it-- he initiated eye contact... not just for a few seconds, this was for a very long time... his big blue "old soul"  eyes  stared in my own with such clarity and gentleness that brings me to tears as I now recollect.  Coming to the edge of the tub Easton then took his forefinger and touched the outside corner of my eye and proceeded to say "eyes".  And that was it, he then reverted to his two year old  self and  handed me his bucket of water.  So now you know why  "bathgate" is so meaning to me.  

Tou bee continued.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Ryszard Bender RIIP (Part 2): Liar's Moon

continuing on, note the following excerpt from my previous post:
 An "October ___, 28, 29/Date Sequence" pattern-cluster.  
 This type of pattern-cluster is designed to prompt us to bridge the gap by investigating the October 27 wiki page.  Since the lists at the site are long, I limit my search by investigating only the years having 3 identical numbers at the end.  I selected two who stand out:
Note from Hubert's wiki page:

It's the second part that stands out due to "Pudding lane", not just that it's a silly name, butt 2 of my recent posts involve a  "Plum Pudding" pattern-cluster which I also include in one of the titles:

The "Li-on" in each title is a cryptic combination of "lion" and "lie on", with the "lie" in this case being "non truth" and then note that Robert Hubert was executed for what was known even then by authorities, as a "lie"... he was used as a scapegoat.  Note this excerpt from the second post above: 
On Deschamps wiki page, 3 other notable persons mentioned also have wiki pages, and of these, 2 have birth/death dates recorded:

  • Geoffrey Chaucer ( c. 1343 – 25 October 1400)
So things connect in more ways than pudding, Chaucer's October 25 death and then by bridging the gap, the cluster expands:  "October 25, __, 27, 28, 29/Date Sequence" pattern-cluster, leaving us with another gap to bridge.  I should also mention at this time, that 3 members of my life partners family are born on October 25 during different years.  

Note this next excerpt from my post re, Nelson DeMille RIIP (Part 2): ... and Plum Pudding Li-On 

So think about it, the word "plum" crops up, reminding me of a "Plum Pudding" pattern-cluster, which I post about, and then on following the leads, we come to "Pudding Lane"!!  And there's the cryptic phrase in his name re "kneel son of the mill"... and keep in mind, that it was a "bakery" (connects with mill  as in "flour mill")that started the Great Fire!!
As for the second person above from the October 27 wiki page, note the following info:
  • Charlotte Perriand (24 October 1903 – 27 October 1999) 
So her birthday is another addition to the cluster:  October  24, 25, __, 27, 28, 29/Date Sequence" pattern-cluster.  On venturing to the October 26 wiki page, I come across the following: 
October 26 is the 299th day of the year (300th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 66 days remaining until the end of the year.
So whether a leap year or not, we have two additions to the "Identical Number Sequence" pattern-cluster.  Remember, the inner twin world designed our numbers as well, and as such they have designed them to contain cryptic elements-- hidden communication.   By using my keyboard as a cypher each number is assigned "other//cryptic" meaning.  For instance the numbers focussed on at this time: 9, 0 and 6, communicate via the symbols sharing the same key, ie: 9 shares the same key ast the left bracket and this in turn is used to make the down turned mouth of the "unhappy" emoticon; the number 0 is the opposite given that it shares the same key as the right bracket and so the "happy" emoticon; the number 6 shares the same key as the ^ roof symbol and so it communicates "shelter/house".

So on the October 26 wikii page, one person stands out:
1999  Hoyt Axton, American singer-songwriter, guitarist, and actor (b. 1938)
From his list of Filmography one stands out:  
The title can also be translated as a cryptic  "Liar's Butt", given the "mooning"(baring one's butt and waving it  in the face of others  ).  And then there's the "liar's butt"  of Rob MacGregor, which you
  can read about  in my Toumai Blog's March 9, 2010 post, ":-)(-; "... (yep that's title and link), and as  well, there are other related posts such as my Jan 2, 2012 post, again taken from my Toumai Blog re: A Robert Rabbit, Robert Butts, Jane Roberts Snaffu.

Note from the wiki page of Liar's Moon 

Even though 3 of the above have their date of birth mentioned that stand out in their own right, Cindy Fisher who doesn't have a birthday listed on her wiki page ends up standing out the most, note this excerpt from her wiki page: 
she met actor Doug Davidson, who became her husband in 1984.
Douglas Donald "Doug" Davidson (born October 24, 1954

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Ryszard Bender RIIP

The Deaths in 2016 site lists under February 24:
  • Ryszard Janusz Bender (February 16, 1932 – February 24, 2016)
There's definitely a cryptic phrase in his name re : "rise z ard Janus z bender"... the 'ard" meaning earth in origin hence "aardvark" (earth pig), Janus is the two headed god hence "twin"; and so: "rise the earth twin the bender".   My Tou Sense Worth interpretation is that as the inner twin world rises our outer twin world arises from our slumber (hence the two z's) to face the truth.

That Bender was born in the same month as his death, is a prompt for us to revisit those who passed away on February 16 on Wikipedia's Deaths in 2016 site.  One stood out:

His name is an addition to the recent "Jesus Theme" pattern-cluster.   Note from his wiki page:

1999Toy Story 2Rex
Release dates
  • November 13, 1999
The release date and the date of my vehicle crash in 2000 generates a "November 13, December 13, _____/Date Sequence" pattern-cluster.  So to bridge the gap following the same format as per usual:
  • William Henry "BillGates III (born October 28, 1955)  
  • Charles the Fat[1] (13 June 839 – 13 January 888)
Charles the Fat's birthday is the same as my own... and so also in keeping with the "13th Day Theme" pattern-cluster, butt then Bill Gates birthday connects with my previous post via:
  • Robert "Bob" Bingham (born October 29, 1946)

 An "October ___, 28, 29/Date Sequence" pattern-cluster.  

Slocombe & Murphy RIIIIP: Jesus Murphy !@#$%^&* :-(( Wake Up Ward Up

continuing from my previous post, note this excerpt:
Note this next excerpt from the wiki page of Angela's Ashes:
Release dates
  • 25 December 1999
And not just Jesus' birthday, butt Justin Trudeau, Canada's new Prime Minister... and his brother's birthday to boot as well!! 
The above information comes as a result of investigating the "timely" death of musician/actor Johnny Murphy who died yesterday on February 23rd.  The December 25 Release Date stands out, given that British cinematographer, Douglas Slocombe, who passed away two days ago on February 22nd, is renown for his part in the film, "Jesus Christ Superstar", hence generating a "December 25/Jesus Theme" pattern-cluster.   It's interesting to note that a slang/curse word that's popular here in Canada is "Jesus Murphy", I have no idea of its origin, butt what I do know is that we have another addition to the "Jesus Theme" pattern-cluster.   For the record, the etymology of the surname "Murphy", is "Sea Warrior".

 Note the following info regarding cast and crew of Jesus Christ Superstar:
  • Teddie Joe "Ted" Neeley (born September 20, 1943)
  • Carl Anderson (February 27, 1945 – February 23, 2004)
  • Yvonne Marianne Elliman (born December 29, 1951)
  • Barry Dennen (born February 22, 1938)
  • Robert "Bob" Bingham (born October 29, 1946)
  • Joshua "Josh" Mostel (born December 21, 1946)
  • Robert LuPone (born July 29, 1946)
  • Douglas Slocombe (10 February 1913 – 22 February 2016) 
  • Andrew Lloyd Webber, Baron Lloyd-Webber (born 22 March 1948)  
  • Norman Frederick Jewison (born July 21, 1926) 
  • Robert Colin Stigwood (16 April 1934 – 4 January 2016)
  • Melvyn Bragg, Baron Bragg (born 6 October 1939)
  • Sir Timothy Miles Bindon "TimRice (born 10 November 1944)
  • Antony Gibbs (born 17 October 1925)
 There were two cast who have wiki pages butt with no record of birth /death dates.  This tends to be another design influence of the inner twin world, a prompt for us to investigate their wiki pages further.  To limit my search I chose the one who stands out the most:
His surname breaks down into "Tou bus", and/or "Tou b us".   Considering that my inner twin's name it "Tou", this is particularly meaningful... a name that is also synonymous with the greater inner twin community/world.  Note from Toubus' wiki page:
Her surname also breaks down into a cryptic "catch 'em".  Note from Ketcham's wiki page:
  • Jennifer "Jennie" Ketcham[5] (born February 22,[1] 1983[2]
Three of the cast and crew share February 22nd in common!! The inner twin world have left yet another signature indicating their presence/influence.  Note this excerpt from my previous post:
  • Alan Sidney Patrick Rickman, (21 February 1946 – 14 January 2016)
  • Julia Mary "Julie" Walters (born 22 February 1950)
  • Kelly Macdonald (born 23 February 1976) 
My grandson's birthday is on the 22nd of February so Walter's birthday is an addition to the "Targeting Family Birthdays" pattern-cluster, and note, that when my grandson turns 8, the date will be 2/22/22.  Walters is 66 years old, so will be 72 on 2/22/22.  We also have a "February 21, 22(x2), 23/Date Sequence" pattern-cluster, a perfect hand of three, which means a lot in the inner twin world scheme of things 
Combining the two sets of obviously related dates, we now have two more additions to the "Targeting Family Birthdays" pattern cluster, as well as expanding the above date sequence into a: "February 21, 22(x4), 23(x2), 24, __, __, 27/Date Sequence" pattern-cluster.  So I decided to bridge one of the gaps... February 25th, and what this entails is venturing to the February 25 wiki
page and then limiting our search to investigating only the years having 3 identical numbers at the end, note the following:
  • John Foster Dulles (February 25, 1888 – May 24, 1959)
  • Blanche Margaret MeagherOC (January 27, 1911 – February 25, 1999)
  • Glenn Theodore Seaborg (April 19, 1912 – February 25, 1999) 
  • Tucker Albrizzi (born February 25, 2000) 
Margaret Meagher was born and died here in Halifax, near where I live.  I decided to investigate Tucker Albrizzi ... he's still alive, and his name stands out-- a cryptic phrase within re "tuckered all bring/bright zz i/eye".  My Tou Sense Worth interpretation: "time to wake all the tuckered sleepy eyed ready or not".  Note from his wiki page:
I chose this film due to the play with words re "Chipwrecked" in place of "Shipwrecked" and the alliteration in the role he played re Kite Kid, both being signatures of the inner twin world.   The first thing I noticed on the films wiki page is:
Directed byMike Mitchell[1]
 This very name had cropped up in my recent February 23 post, Douglas Slocombe RIIP (Part 2): Touch and Go, note this excerpt:
  • Usually I only investigate the years having 3 identical numbers at the end, butt I made an exception in this case since I happened to note the name Mike Mitchell... and the 11 in the year is significant.  The name Mitchell is a diminutive of Michael and his name is Michael hence a "Michael Michael" twin addition to the "Michael/Versions of Michael" pattern-cluster .
It's a different Mike Mitchell, and so an addition to the "Name Doppelganger" pattern-cluster.  Note from the wiki page of  Mike Mitchell, Director :
  • Mike Mitchell (c. 1970) is an American film director, producer, actor and former animator. He directed the films Surviving Christmas 
The film "Surviving Christmas" is an addition to the "Jesus Theme" pattern-cluster.  And one of the actors of "Chipwrecked" is also an addition to the cluster due to his surname: David Cross as Ian Hawke.   Note from his wiki page:
  • David Cross (born April 4, 1964)
His birthday of 4/4 is meaningful given the twin day/month scenario, the number 4 shares the same key on my computer keyboard as the $... hence another addition to the "Money Theme" pattern-cluster.

Going now to Mike Mitchell's film re "Surviving Christmas", note from the wiki page of star  Ben Affleck:
  • Benjamin Geza Affleck-Boldt (born August 15, 1972)
His birthday stands out, Note from the wiki page of the film Jesus Christ Super Star:
Release dates
  • August 15, 1973
See how things come full circle!!  Info on some of the cast and crew:
  • Christina Applegate (born November 25, 1971) 
  • Bill Macy (born Wolf Martin Garber; May 18, 1922)
  • Udo Kier (born Udo Kierspe; 14 October 1944)
  • Peter Jason (born July 22, 1944
  • Phillip Akon "Phill" Lewis (born September 4, 1968)
  • Harry Elfont (born April 5, 1968)
  • Deborah Kaplan (born November 11, 1970)
The name Bill Macy has a cryptic phrase within re "money (bill) may see/why (Macy)".   And his date of birth generates a "May __,16, 18/Date Sequence" pattern-cluster... May 16 being the birthday of a key player in the "Starr Family Production"-- Rob MacGregor, who has cropped up a number of times as of late.  And the 22 in the year is a particular trade mark signature.   Bill Macy's birth name also stands out, a cryptic phrase as well: "predator war garb brr", again it's cryptic, butt if you care to read this blog further you will discover that it's a warning-- the next glacial period that's soon to come, so "ward up"!!   As in  "Jesus Murphy !@#$%^&* :-(( wake up and Ward up!!