Thursday, April 27, 2017

Thumbs UP

Continuing on, while on the Rorschach Inkblot wiki page, I found the following Inkblot (card VII), meaningful (see below at right).
Rorschach blot 07.jpg

So what most people saw when looking at the image... according to the wiki page, wasthe heads of two women.  It's hard to see unless you expand on the image, butt about two-thirds of the way up it does look a bit like two goofy heads hacking at one another.  Butt why the "women"... why not men?!  Their faces form a snout like a dog, and that may be the connection, what with women being second class citizens in this world (just above a dog), and so it can't possibly be two dog faced men eh!!

Now what I saw at first glance (at the top half ), were two thumbs up .  And this could be that just a couple of days ago when investigating Brent Hawkes, I wound up on the wiki page of his political riding re 
St. George—St. David page and this in turn brought me to this excerpt: 

... former electoral districts of St. George and St. David...
And by clicking on the St. George link I came to the following image:

Toronto Provincial Ridings 1926a.pdf.

Sure looks like a thumbs up to me!!  Now grant you, not everyone has a creative artz mind to see it, butt for those of us who do, all the power to us.  And now Note from Hawkes wiki page:
  • Brent Hawkes (born June 2, 1950)
And there's one of our June 2 that make up the "June 2" pattern-cluster that I mentioned in my previous post.