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Lowell... Low L

While investigating for my previous post,  L. Tom Perry RIIP: Low Elle... Low Well, the focus moved from L. Tom Perry to James Russell Lowell  (February 22, 1819 – August 12, 1891).  
There was something else about Lowell that I think is worth mentioning, butt first I intend to investigate the man further.  On reading his wiki page, one name in particular, a friend of Lowell's, stands out: Leigh Hunt.

The name stands out given the recent "Hunt/ Hunter" pattern-cluster, which had also cropped up in my first post of today, note this excerpt:
 His mother and younger sister, Naomi Christina Biden, were killed in an automobile accident in 1972, in which he and his brother Hunter were seriously injured. 
As well, his name is an addition to the "Lee/Leigh/Field" pattern-cluster  ( Lee means field in origin).  Now note from Leigh Hunts wiki page: 
James Henry Leigh Hunt (19 October 1784 – 28 August 1859)
Hunt's date of death stands out given this next excerpt again from the same post:
Note from John Peel's wiki page:
  • John Robert Parker RavenscroftOBE (30 August 1939 – 25 October 2004)
Going back to Beau Biden's wiki page, note the following information regarding his  predecessor:
  •  Carl C. Danberg (born August 29, 1964)
His birthday together with  that of JohnPeel's generates an "August 29, 30/ Date Sequence" pattern-cluster .  
So what we now have is an expanded "August 28, 29, 30/ Date Sequence" pattern-cluster
Note this next excerpt from Lowell's wiki page: 
in May, he left The Atlantic Monthly when James Thomas Fields took over as editor
Note his surname, another addition to the "Lee/Leigh/Field" pattern-cluster. Note from Fields wiki page:
James Thomas Fields (December 31, 1817 – April 24, 1881) was an Americanpublisher, editor, and poet.
He was born on the last day of the year... and so communicating a cryptic "end"... of something.

Now for the other cryptic phrase that I noted in the surname Lowell: Low L.  This has to do with events that are happening at this very moment and has been happening since the end of the last glacial period- the land in the Northern Hemisphere is still rebounding from the effects of having miles high glacial ice piled on top the land.  This immense weight of ice caused the earths plate where the ice lay, to curl up at the edges... so not only are sea levels rising as a result of melting glaciers,  butt we have land that is springing back up... rebounding from where the weight of ice had caused it to sink.  As somewhat of an equalizer/offset to sea levels rising is the fact that land at the equator is resettling back down after having bulged out (an equal reaction to the lands in the northern hemisphere that had pressed down).

Now think of the letter "L" and the name we call it, one that is phonetically identical to French "elle".   In order to say either, one has to curl the edges of the tongue upward... so the entire tongue becomes "bowl" shaped.  AND, what we also have by saying "elle",  is that it also becomes a cryptic representation of what had occurred to the land in the Northern  Hemisphere during the last glacial episode.  Now with this in mind, the cryptic phrase re "low L" and/or "low elle" communicates the "lowering of L"... or in other words: the land at the plates edges that are now lowering is almost at an "end", which means we will then be entering into the next phase of the ice age we are still in... our interglacial episode is coming to an end and we need to seriously stop and take stock to what this will mean for those of us the world over.

L. Tom Perry RIIP: Low Elle... Low Well

The Deaths in 2015 site lists under May 30:
L. Tom Perry, 92, American apostle of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, thyroid cancer.
Since Tom means "twin" in origin, this alone means his wiki page needs investigating.  Note the following:
Lowell Tom Perry (August 5, 1922 – May 30, 2015)
His first name forms a cryptic phrase re "low elle" and "Low well".  As well, his birthday stands out, due to this excerpt from my recent May 28 post, Erik Carlsson RIIP: Left Foot "Braking" Technique 
And now we come to John Gardners surname... which jives with "George" that means "farmer" in origin (see above), and so note the following from John Gardner's wiki page:
  • (20 November 1926 – 3 August 2007)
Note his date of death re August 3rd, and then note this excerpt from my previous post:
  • ...George Ronsse (hmmm, see ron... run)  who died on July 4th!!!  So another addition to the "July 4" pattern-cluster... and I'll say it again-- 3 US Presidents died on July 4th and one was born on this day... and Obama's eldest daughter was born  on July 4 too... and he's the 44th President... born on the 4th (august... so a leo) 
So John Gardner died one day before Obama's birthday and now via the "timely" death of Erik Carlsson, the inner twin world were able to generate an "August 3, 4/Date Sequence" pattern-cluster.
So given the above, we now have an "August 3, 4, 5/Date Sequence" pattern-cluster in the works.
On going to the etymology of names site I discover that the name Lowell means "wolf" in origin... and so a predator... like Leo the lion.    The site also mentions James Russell Lowell, so note from hsi wiki page:
 James Russell Lowell -  (/ˈloʊəl/; February 22, 1819 – August 12, 1891) 
My grandson's birthday is also february 22nd... and keep in mind that when he  turns 8, it will be 2/22/22,  sequences of 2's being a particular inner twin signature.   And speaking of "Low well", what comes to mind is that my grandson has just gotten over being "low well"-- very sick with a stomach flu that Cathy caught.

Of the notable persons mentioned on Tom Perry's wiki page, note the following information:

The first two-- the 11th and 12th Presidents are born one day after the other in the birthday scheme of things. 

Beau Biden RIIP: Good Bidding

The Deaths in 2015 site lists under May 30:
Joseph Robinette "Beau" Biden III (February 3, 1969 – May 30, 2015)  
His birthday stands out given that just this morning, previous to reading about Beau's death, Cath and I had just completed a cryptoquote (generated by the Puzzle Baron) by Muriel Spark whoI discovered by the write-up, was born on February 1, the day of the year where "333" days remain and so an addition to the "Identical Number Sequence" pattern-cluster.  ... another prominent inner twin signature.  As well, between Muriel and Beau's birthdays we now have a "Feb 1, __, 3/ Date Sequence" pattern-cluster.   This type of cluster is often used by the inner twin world to direct us to the missing date's wiki page in order to determine the missing person and/or event to bridge the gap.

Note this next excerpt from Beau's wiki page:
44th Attorney General of Delaware
Another addition to the "Identical Number Sequence" pattern-cluster.  This reminds me... Obama is the 44th President.  Note this next excerpt from Beau's wiki page stands out: 
 His mother and younger sister, Naomi Christina Biden, were killed in an automobile accident in 1972, in which he and his brother Hunter were seriously injured. 

Again, we have an addition now to the "Hunter" pattern-cluster.  Note from Hunter's wiki page: 

Robert Hunter Biden (born February 4, 1970)
So the brother's birthdays are one day apart... hence generating a "February 1,__3, 4/ Date Sequence" pattern-cluster.   As well, between Beau's middle name re "Robinette" and his brother "Robert", we have two additions to the "Rob/Bob/Steal/Float/Cut Short" pattern-cluster.   These clusters may seem like nothing much butt they are in fact, part of a greater communication.  This is how the inner twin world is communicating to us at this point in time. 

Beau's wiki page lists his successor as  Matthew Den

What we have is a "Den in Surnames" pattern-cluster... from the surname Denn and then Beau's surname "Biden"... which is a cryptic "bi-den"... or "in two ways den"... reminding me of the specialized system home as proposed by the inner twin world, what they/I refer to as the TUSSH (Two United Structure System Home).  Building this home is their ultimate mandate... hence why they are coming out and communicating to us at this point in time... and unfortunately, why they are waging a war against us as a means of waking us to the danger and what needs to be done to avert it.  The first name Matthew also contains a cryptic phrase re "matt hew" or "tangled mass cut", and it's interesting to note that the word "hew" is most often used in reference to "hew timber/wood" and so in keeping with the recent "Wood Timber" pattern-cluster.  This is not the first time that the inner twin world have communicated, more or less, that it's time to "Cut Wood", with the sense being (according to my Tou Sense Worth) that the time will soon come when it will be buried under so much snow and glacial ice and before that, as with what we are experiencing now with sea levels rising, is that so much land (tree lined areas) along the shore will be inundated whereby losing valuable plant life ... trees (beech) and soil, rich fertile land that then becomes "beach... barren sand".  Now with all this new input, I'm getting more of a sense of "cutting the tangle mass of timber reclaim soil for growing plants and trees in the TUSSH).  

A key design aspect of the TUSSH is that it is able to "float" atop either water or snow/glaciers, and that is why the "Rob/Bob/Steal/Float/Cut Short" pattern-cluster.

As for the July 2nd wiki page other than it being the "middle of the year", note the following:
He's the only one either born or died on the July 2 wiki page that included 3 identical numbers.  And note his surname McComb... sure jives with the above "Matt/Tangled MassOn"!!  So there's a sense of "untangling the matted mess of hair with a comb".

Perusing  McComb's wiki page, the following stood out:
The group were hailed by the British media, were featured on the John Peel 
Since there's been a recent and very prominent "John/Young" pattern-cluster this name stands out, not to mention that his surname is an actual word, which gives us a cryptic "young peel".  Note the etymology:
peel (v.) Old English pilian "to peel, skin,... from  Latin pilare "to strip of hair," from pilus "hair" (see pile (n.3)). Probably also influenced by Latin pellis "skin, hide." Related: Peeled; peeling. Figurative expression keep (one's) eyes peeled be observant... 
Note from John Peel's wiki page:
John Robert Parker RavenscroftOBE (30 August 1939 – 25 October 2004)
Now we have another "Robert" and the "Raven" is an addition to the recent "Raven/Crow/  Black Bird" pattern-cluster.  And note the date of birth-- One day before the Birthday of Megan MacGregor which had begun a recent and burgeoning "August Date Sequence" pattern-cluster.  There is definitely a MacGregor focus/connection in all of this... and if I recall correctly, one of Rob MacGregor's books is called Romancing the Raven!! Ravencroft's date of death is also meaningful, an addition to the "October 25" pattern-cluster, given that 3 of my partners family members.

Going back to Beau Biden's wiki page, note the following information regarding his  predecessor:
 Carl C. Danberg (born August 29, 1964)
His birthday together with  that of JohnPeel's generates an "August 29, 30/ Date Sequence" pattern-cluster .

Finally, leaving no stone unturned,  we should take in consideration that  Biden's name "Beau" is a nickname that is an actual French word meaning "Good".  It is phonetically identical to "bow" (bending) and so communicates "good bending /bow".    And,  in similar manner,  surname "Biden" also  sounds like the words  "bidding" , "bitten"  and the French word "bedain" (belly).  Each of the words were designed this way  -- once bitten, we are expected to do the inner twin worlds bidding-- the "bi-den" or the TUSSH (the Two United Structure System Home)  that is essentially designed after the gastronomical system-- the belly/bedain.

My Tou Sense in all of this:  the MacGregor's don't want to believe that the inner twin world really exists, and as they fight this, they become more at risk.  They are being given a "heads up" and lives are being sacrificed in the process.  After all , Florida is one of the first  areas that will lose massive amounts of fertile land as  sea levels continue to rise.  So my question is... will the  inner twin world see fit to influence them  to get on board in the nick of time, or is the intent to have them  serve as yet another example of what NOTT to do for survivors.  My hope is that they learn the mind bending yoga before it's too late.    

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Leo Drey RIIP: Young Lion's Beech Beach

The  Deaths in 2015 site lists under May 26:
Leo Drey, 98, American timber magnate.
That a notable Leo and timber magnate died while in the midst of a "Leo/Lion..." and a "Wood, Beech..." pattern-cluster, indicates the likelihood of his death being "timely"-- generated as part of the inner twin worlds mandate of coming out and communicating to us at this time.  Note from his wiki page:
Leo A. Drey (January 19, 1917 – May 26, 2015)
His birthday is an addition to the "Targeting Family Birthdays" pattern-cluster given that January 19 is my brothers birthday.

The connection with my brother and the fact that the first name "Leo" factors in means that my brothers first name factors into the cryptic communication as well.  Via earlier a series of unique and personal pattern-clusters the inner twin world communicated that the name John and variants ie: Joanne, Jack, Ian..., have the cryptic "other meaning" of "young" and in fact, the original word for young sounds like John:
young (adj.) Look up young at Dictionary.comOld English geong "youthful, young; recent, new, fresh," from Proto-Germanic *juwunga- (cognates: Old Saxon and Old Frisian jung, Old Norse ungr,   Middle Dutch jonc, Dutch jong, Old High German and German jung, Gothic juggs),  from PIE *yuwn-ko-, suffixed form of root *yeu- "vital force, youthful vigor" (cognates: Sanskrit yuva "young," Latin juvenis "young," Lithuanian jaunas, Old Church Slavonic junu, Russian junyj "young," Old Irish oac, Welsh ieuanc "young"). 
So the cryptic communication becomes "young leo".   I decided to google "young Leo", and note what cropped up:
Leonardo DiCaprio - (born November 11, 1974) is an ....  in Parenthood and the daily soap earned him a nomination for the Young Artist  ...
I would venture to say then, especially after noting his birthday re 11/11 --an "Identical Number Sequence" pattern-cluster, that Leonardo is our next lead.

As usual, and to limit my search I looked for a film from the list of DiCaprio filmography, that premiered during either 1999 and/or 2000 given that the inner twin world have a propensity for identical number sequences and triple trumps over twin so this is where to begin.  Note the following film that fits the bill:
The Beach2000Richard[23]
Two other things stand out from the above-- the word "Beach" is phonetically identical to "Beech" which is part of the recent "Wood/Beech..." pattern-cluster.  Word Dopplegangers like this are for the most part, influences of the inner twin world-- fodder in which they can generate pattern-clusters that in turn communicates to us in a cryptic manner.  The other thing that stands out is the ‎addition to the recent "Richard" pattern-cluster that communicates "rich ard"... or "rich earth".  What comes to mind given "beach" and "beach" is that they represent two types of "earth", one that doesn't have much in the line of nutrients and so can't support the growth of beech trees, and then there is "rich earth that does.  As we are aware, rich earth is below us...and that of lions, in the food chain, so without it we cannot survive.  We treat rich earth as worthless pennies and yet it should be regarded as a valuable resource that needs to be well guarded. 

Since the word "dry" sounds like Drey, I thought to investigate the etymology:
dry (adj.) Look up dry at Dictionary.comOld English dryge, from Proto-Germanic *draugiz (cognates: Middle Low German dröge, Middle Dutch druge, Dutch droog, Old High German trucchon, German trocken, Old Norse draugr), from Germanic root *dreug- "dry." 
Meaning "barren" is mid-14c. Of humor or jests, early 15c. (implied in dryly); as "uninteresting, tedious" from 1620s. Of places prohibiting alcoholic drink, 1870 (but dry feast, one at which no liquor is served, is from late 15c.; colloquial dry (n.) "prohibitionist" is 1888, American English). Dry goods (1708) were those measured out     in dry, not liquid, measure. Dry land(that not under the sea) is from early 13c. Dry run is from 1940s.dry (v.) Look up dry at Dictionary.comOld English drygan, related to dry (adj.). Related: Drieddrying. Of the two agent noun spellings, drier is the older (1520s), while dryer (1874) was first used of machines. Dry out in the drug addiction sense is from 1967. Dry up "stop talking" is 1853.dryad (n.) Look up dryad at Dictionary.com1550s, from Latin dryas, from Greek dryas (plural dryades) "wood nymph," from drus (genitive dryos) "oak," from PIE *deru-"tree, wood, oak" (see tree (n.)).
Again, the above moves us along  from "barren " lands to tree/wood (aka rich land) and in particular oak: The family Fagaceae includes beeches and oaks.  As I said, the inner twin worlds coming out and communicating to us has been a long time in the planning. 

Friday, May 29, 2015

Michael King & Andy King RIIIIP

So what are the chances of 2 notable persons with the surname "King" passing away on the same day?!  Note from the Deaths in 2015 site under May 27:
And to top it off, they're both additions to the extensive "King/Royal Theme" pattern-cluster with a total of 12 posts in the King Series that began May 15 with,  B. B. King and B. E. King RIIIIP: Mayday Shrill is Far From Gone!!! (Kings Part 1)

I did post about Andy King earlier, and so that leaves Michael King.  What immediately comes to mind with him is Michael Jackson the "King of Pop", and in fact, he had cropped up in my recent post: Tanish Lee RIIP (Part 6): Michael Craze and Green Sands of Time.

John Buckner RIIP: Timing of 9/11

The Deaths in 2015 site lists under May 28:
Note from his wiki page:
John William Buckner[1] (September 12, 1947 – May 28, 2015)
Note his date of birth and note the following  excerpt from my earlier post todayRey Rey RIIP(Part 2): White Men Can't Jump, Butt Can Bee Hoppy!!
  • Robert  "Bob" Lanier, Jr. (born September 10, 1948) basketball coach
So between their two birthdays, we now have a "September 10, __, 12/Date Sequence" pattern-cluster ... and I don't think we need to investigate the 9/11 wiki page to locate the missing event and/or person!!  I investigated Bob Lanier because he was mentioned on the wiki page of Reynaldo Rey's film White Men Can't Jump--  they used his expertise for the film.  
Note this next excerpt again from my earlier post today as mentioned above: 
The first two are additions to the "Off by One " pattern-cluster given that April 21 is  one off from the 111th day of the year, and September 10 is one off from "9/11" and the "111" pattern-clusters   (9/11 is the day of the year where 111 days remain)....
So, September 12th is an addition to the "Off By One" pattern-cluster too-- one off from "9/11" and the "111" pattern-clusters.  

Timing, is everything for the inner twin world who use their influence over our thoughts and actions in order to generate the "timely" deaths of notable persons as part of their mandate to come out and communicate to us in our outer twin parallel world, and because they are just as capable of generating pattern-clusters that don't involve death, this is also an indication that they are waging a war against us... a war that demands the sacrifice of one from their own world as they take out one of ours!!    

Rey Rey RIIP (Part 4): Little Richard... little plot of rich earth

Of course there is another Rey Rey film that stands out given its triple identical numbers:
Okay so note Little Richard's surname:
Richard Wayne Penniman (December 5, 1932)... stage name Little Richard
Penniman!! Boy the MacGregor's won't like that!!   To get my meaning, read my recent posts and especially: Paying It Forward: Pennies From Second Heaven!! . As I've been saying all along, the inner twin world are about connecting the MacGregor's and I together... go figure... butt it's their show!!?  I'm really tired right now so need to take a break, butt  the following is what I got from investigating so far... and may bee you can work with it... or just go off on your own and I'm sure the inner twin world will bee only tou happy to help:
Garrett Gonzalez Morris (born February 1, 1937) is an American comedian and actor. He was part of the original cast of the sketch comedy program Saturday Night Live

Rey Rey RIIP(Part 3): ...Bee Hoppy After Robert Treat Paine When Tou Kadeem Fit

I guess a little explanation is in order concerning the title of my previous post, Rey Rey RIIP(Part 2): White Men Can't Jump, Butt Can Bee Hoppy!! . 

I'm just jiving along ...and I guess you can say, hopping down the cryptic inner twin trail.   Seriously though, I've learned how they work-- the connections they make and how to follow... it really is like a patterned dance... or "mind yoga".  So as to "Hoppy", there indeed has been a little "Hoppy/Hopi" pattern-cluster(s) that had cropped up in the past that began with "Rob MacGregor" who has factored in to recent pattern-clusters due to a "left foot break".  So you can read the post: Hopping Down the Hopi Trail with Rob MacGregor.   Butt I think you should note the following excerpt from the post:

Of course the "Don't Worry Be Hopi" is a play on the song: 
Note this excerpt from the songs wiki page:
  • "Don't Worry, Be Happy" is a song by musician Bobby McFerrin. Released in September 1988, 
Finally, there's the following excerpt from Bobby McFerrin's wiki page:
  • Robert Keith "Bobby" McFerrin, Jr. (born March 11, 1950)
His date of birth is an addition to the prominent "March 11" pattern-cluster, and so I keyed in March 11 into this blogs search box, one of the posts brought up was my March 27, 2014 post:
 Rodney Wilkes RIIP: Robert Treat Pain May Day (Boeing 777 Update 44 $$)
Robert Havemann - Wikipedia, the free Havemann (11 March 1910 – 9 April 1982) was a chemist, and an East ... His son Florian Havemann (born 12 January 1952 in East Berlin) fled to West ...
Robert Treat Paine - Wikipedia, the free others with the same name, see Robert Treat Paine (disambiguation). ... Robert Treat Paine was born in Boston, Massachusetts, on March 11, 1731. He was ... 
The last two in the above actually communicate "have man treat pain" via their surnames!! Note from Robert Treat Paine's wiki page:
 Note the second 11 re his date of death... definitely adds to the "May Day" pattern-cluster theme!!  So what is the pain treatment for "bright fame" persons?!  Since this is the 44th update to the Boeing 777 series, and since the number 4 shares the same keyon my computer key board as the $ dollar sign $, then it likely has to do with $$... money toward building the TUSSH-- the Two United Structure System Home as proposed by the inner twin world-- My Tou Sense for what it's worth.
So you see, the inner twin world are just saying it as it is: both our world's will be Hoppy/Happy/Hope Filled... when Robert Treat Paine!!  Now even though it Rob MacGregor is the focus to some degree... as is Robert Treat Paine, and they may one day bee required to do some of the pain treatment on the personal level, butt that is for the inner twin world to decide if and when,  butt for now it's what the names mean on another level... the one that I'm exploring here and now-- the "coming out" and  "cryptic communication " to be had from the pattern-clusters surrounding the lives of people who for the most part are either "oblivious" or down right "turning a blind eye" to the inner world.  I happen to be one of those who chooses to go beyond my own pride and prejudices because I seek the truth, as deep and dark as that may be, and even though I'm blind,  deaf and  dumb by inner twin world standards, I am willing to learn the cryptic language they have developed so just like Helen Keller, I can then be part of a much greater world.

As well, speaking of Helen Keller, the first pattern-cluster  I recollect from the MacGregor's now defunct synchronicity blog was about a blind man... and I had jumped in (commented in their blog), and if I recollect correctly, I mentioned something  about Helen Keller and made an analogy of sorts. All of that is gone though when they white washed their blog and then changed their blog to "synchrosecrets", likely hoping that I wouldn't find them and  making redundant links to their synchrosecrets posts many of which can be found in their new blog, butt.  Anyhow it doesn't really matter ... it doesn't stop the inner twin world and  it won't stop me.  It is what it is because this is how the inner twin world designed it to bee, and besides my frustration with the MacGregor's has resulted in some amazing pattern-clusters... I am that much more  free to speak "frankly" about these pattern-clusters designed to insult the MacGregor's now that we are no longer friends... and that is the point-- this is there show and they will run it as they "Kadeem" fit!!

there is a 

Rey Rey RIIP(Part 2): White Men Can't Jump, Butt Can Bee Hoppy!!

There was just something about actor Rey Rey (Reynaldo Rey) who died yesterday and who I posted about, that warrants further investigation.  What I noticed is that Wikipedia's Deaths in 2015 site had made an addition to their little blurb on the man: 
They had added a third movie-- White Men Can't Jump.  And now that I think of it, the title jives with the recent "Foot Break/Brake..." pattern-cluster, in that one definitely can't  jump with a broken foot!! I consider this a prompt from the inner twin world, and who knows, maybe those at Wikipedia (outer twins) are getting with the program?!  I then turned to investigating 4 of the actors in the film whose names have more of that "cryptic" inner twin feel than the others.  Note from their wiki pages: 
  •  Louis Bernhardt Price (born March 29, 1953)  
  • George "Alex" Trebek (born July 22, 1940)
  • Woodrow "WoodyHarrelson (born July 23, 1961)
  • Kadeem Hardison (born July 24, 1965) 
The last three are the most meaningful because of their unique connection-- their birthdays generate a "July 22, 23, 24/Date Sequence" pattern-cluster.  This is not coincidence, synchronicity, god, goddess, celestial alignments, this is just the typical slight of hand activity from a hidden source-- our inner twins who are in the process of coming out and communicating to us.   Louis Price, the first actor in the above list has an interesting birthday when considering this next excerpt from the films wiki page: 
The film was released in the United States on March 27, 1992 by 20th Century Fox.
So Price's birthday and the films release date generates a "March 27, __, 29/Date Sequence" pattern-cluster.  I have discovered that this type of cluster is usually a strategy by those generating the cluster-- they want us to venture to the March 28th wiki page in order to find the missing event and/or person to bridge the gap.  At this stage, this is all about "coming out" (and demonstrating their power) and "communicating" to us.  They are simply doing it their way and we either follow along or nott.  I won't be following the "March 28" lead just yet because I'm on another roll.

When it comes to films, I usually check out its release date(s) first and then investigate the wiki page of key/notable persons involved in the film, such as the cast and crew and even those who made "appearances".  Often times the list of names is long, so I begin by investigating the names that "jive" along with recent pattern-clusters, and so at this time I'll walk you through why I chose the four actors listed above.

After perusing the films "Cast", the first person to stand out was Louis Price (as Eddie "The King" Faroo) -- the part he played jives along with the recent "King" pattern-cluster, and then there's his surname that jives with the recent "Money Theme" pattern-cluster.  And then Alex Trebek stood out  because his surname contains a cryptic phrase re "tree kiss" (beck being French-Acadian for "kiss") and this jives with the recent "Tree/Beech/Wood" pattern-cluster... which of course Woody Harrelson jives along with as well.  Butt the scariest name in the list is Kadeem Hardison that contains a cryptic phrase: "hard I son" (Hardison), and then his first name that breaks down into "Ka-Deem"... which will make more sense when reading the following excerpt from my recent May 28 post,  Tanith Lee RIIP (Part 7): Henny Penny Heads UP
 ... "Jay Kavance" is scarey ... Jay being "J" the 10th letter that when advanced becomes "11" (K)... and then the "Ka" prefix in "Kavance" is like that found in "Kaboom"!!  And do note the 11 in 9/11... the day of the year where 111 days remain!!
"Ka-Deem" is in keeping with the inner twin cryptic way, and they have made it more than clear that  they will do whatever they "deem" fitting for our conjoined lives/world even though this means that they have to be "hard on us(son-patriarchal outer twin world)" in a Kadeem Kaboom way!! 

Two other actors stand out, butt to a lesser degree than the above: 
  • Wesley Snipes (born July 31, 1962)
  • Calvin Cylk Cozart (born February 1, 1957)
We get a cryptic "West field snipes" from the name Westley Snipes... and there has been a bit of a "Gun Theme " pattern-cluster beginning to form as of late.  And then we have the cryptic phrase, "co zee art"/ "cozy art"/"cause art".  As for their birthdays, 1 stands out:

February 1 - the 32nd day of the year  ... 333 days remain  ... 
And then we have the crew and other notables that stand out as mentioned on the films wiki page:   

  • Russell Boyd (born 21 April 1944)cinematographer 
  • Robert  "Bob" Lanier, Jr. (born September 10, 1948) basketball coach
  • Gary Dwayne Payton (born July 23, 1968) pro basketball player 
The first two are additions to the "Off by One " pattern-cluster given that April 21 is  one off from the 111th day of the year, and September 10 is one off from "9/11" and the "111" pattern-clusters   (9/11 is the day of the year where 111 days remain).   Gary Payton's birthday along with that of Woody Harrelson, generates a "July 23" pattern-cluster  as well as expanding the above "July 22, 23(x2), 24/ Date Sequence" pattern-cluster.   And do note the "pay ton" in his surname!!