Friday, April 21, 2017

Her O... OH-OH

Continuing on, note the following excerpts from my previous post:
 Agee's birthday is one off from the 222nd day...
This morning Cath and I were on the Puzzle Baron's cryptoquote site, and as we often do, we kept tapping the "play" button on the Puzzle Baron's site until It provided us with a woman's quote.  Sometimes it takes awhile ... sigh.  Finally we arrived at a quote by Doris Lessing... it was short and sweet:
  • What is a Hero without love for mankind? 
What stands out in that is the cryptic "Her O" with "O" being phonetically identical to "Oh" and French "eau" meaning "Water"... so "Her Water"... and this ties in with the "Ocean/Water Theme" pattern-cluster... and the warning that I won't go into detail except to say that it involves "water rising as land (ie Florida) is resettling", and that further detail is included in many posts in this blog if you care to investigate.   Note  from her wiki page:
  • Doris May Lessing (née Tayler; 22 October 1919  – 17 November 2013)   
Her name and Tom Agee's contain a cryptic phrase re: twin agree door is may lessening .  And, we have another 22nd Day to add to the cluster... how timely!! We now have a "January 22, February 22, __, __, May 22, __, __, August 22, __, October 22/ 22nd Day, Month Sequence" pattern-cluster.   I included February 22 due to this day being the birthday of the elder of my two grandson's, and keep in mind, that when he turns 8, it will be 2/22/22!!!  And so within the cluster is a smaller one, an "August 22, __, October 22" ... a "gapped cluster that once bridged will be a group of 3 (as per the inner twin world's propensity).  This cluster is designed as a means of prompting us to investigate the wiki page of September 22, using the formula as per usual, while taking into consideration the "one off" curve ball... and so we arrive at:
The first one, Thomas de Mowbray wasn't my goal as per the usual formula, butt asI was scrolling
down through the Deaths section his name Thomas caught my eye... and because it means "twin" in origin... and with sequences of 2's in the works, it seems to me a prompt.  And the "Norfolk" also stands out... an addition to the recent "North Theme" pattern-cluster... and we in North America are Norfolk's too.  So when I ventured to his wiki page and saw his birthday, March 22nd, I realized he most certainly 'fitz'.  And so back to the September 22 wiki page and the Deaths section, I continue scrolling and came to John Bartram (above), who was my goal as per the usual formula.  And note his
birthday... we now have a "March _, 22, 23, _/ Date Sequence" pattern cluster and a "January 22, February 22, March 22, __, May 22, __, __, August 22, __, October 22/ 22nd Day, Month Sequence" pattern-cluster.  And using the formula... and cutting to the chase:
1999  Chan Canasta, Polish-English magician (b. 1920)
2002  Linda Lovelace, American porn actress and activist (b. 1949)
Note from their wiki pages:
  • Chan Canasta (born Chananel Mifelew, 9 January 1920 – 22 April 1999) 
  • Linda Susan Boreman (January 10, 1949 – April 22, 2002)
My stepson's birthday is January 8th, and so we now have a "January 8, 9, 10/Date Sequence" pattern-cluster.