Thursday, April 20, 2017

111!!! Lead In

On investigating additions to the Deaths in 2017 site over the last three days, I found the following:
  • Yip Kai Foon (12 June 1961– 19 April 2017
  • David Standish Ball (June 11, 1926 – April 18, 2017)  
  • Guy Ébrard (13 July 1926 – 17 April 2017)  
  • Walter William "Bill" Anderson (July 13, 1936 – April 18, 2017)
Their birthdays generate clusters.  First we have a "June 11/12(x2), 13, 14/Date Sequence" pattern-cluster (added as well are:my step granddaughters birthday, my birthday (13th.. one off from Foon's)... and President Trump's birthday). And then we have a "July 13(x2)" pattern-cluster, and a "__, June 12, July 13/ Day, Month Sequence" pattern-cluster.  I chose May 11 as the gap to investigate given that tomorrow is the 111th day of the year.  And so bridging the May 11 gap... using the formula... and then given the  little "11" twist, we arrive at:
AND, he not only died in '11, he was born in '11!!!  Note from his wiki page:
  • Maurice Goldhaber (April 18, 1911 – May 11, 2011)
His birthday stands out, given that two of the notable persons above, Ball and Anderson, died on his birthday, generating an "April 17, 18(x3), 19/ Date Sequence" pattern-cluster.

One other recent death caught my eye... given that today is his birthday:
  • Robert Boyd Hibbs (April 20, 1932-April 17, 2017) 
He was born on a leap year, and so the 111th day of the year.  This is not a leap year and that's why today is not the 111th day of the year.  Tomorrow is the 111th day of the year.