Friday, August 31, 2012

Patrick Sercu / Megan MacGregor Synchro-Cycle

File:Patrick Sercu 1964.jpgThis post doesn't concern any mishap per se, at least not directly, but it does relate back to yesterday's post involving a date that had cropped up twice within two days-- June 27.  It may be a small cluster synchronicity, but worthwhile investigating further non the less.  

Since this cluster had emerged in relation to a post that involved cycling mishaps, I decided to take this a lead, a  prompt for me to venture over to Wikipedia's June 27 site.

On perusing the long list of notable births and deaths on this day, I did find one individual that stood out, given that he was the only cyclist... and given the twin number 44 in the year he was born. 
1944 – Patrick Sercu, Belgian cyclist
Note this next excerpt taken from his wiki page:  
Patrick Sercu (born 27 June 1944 in RoeselareWest Flanders) is a former Belgian cyclist, best known for his exploits on the tracks.
In 1964 aged 19 he competed as the star attraction at the Manchester Wheelers' Club Race Meet at the Fallowfield track in Manchester.[1]He won a gold medal at the 1964 Summer Olympics in Tokyo.
Sercu is the record holder for the number of six-day track race victories, having won 88 events out of 223 starts. Several of these wins were with cycling great Eddy Merckx.[2]  
As you can see, we have yet another set of twin numbers cropping up, recording his 88 wins.  Even the "223 starts" fits in when you consider that it fits into the "off by one" cluster synchronicity category.  "Off by one" in the sense that cluster synchronicities are usually sequences of identical numbers are  like 222,   but every now and then the sequence is 223... in other words, "off by one".   The numbers 22 and 222 have factored in to a number of synchronicities posted to this blog and my Toumai Blog, so I consider this mention of "223 starts" as being a significant part of the overall communication. 

The recent cluster synchronicity involving 22 and 222 had begun with a post written by Rob MacGregor (co=author's of the Synchrosecrets Blog).  In his post, Rob explained how he had discovered the number 22 on the front of a Trolley pictured on the front cover of a book he had been commissioned to write ( which the publisher neglected to publish in the end).  Rob remarked as well, about his daughter, Megan,  being  22 at the time.

If you go to my post (Here), you'll find an interesting cluster synchronicity involving the twin number 22... a  great little 'hat trick' tying in with the cover of Rob's book. 

Better yet, if you meander over to the synchrosecrets blog and read the MacGregor's post for today,  things get evern stranger... given that they announce today as being their daughter's 23rd birthday (see photo at left).    Consider as well, that one of the June 27's cluster-dates mentioned in yesterday's post, involves Rob MacGregor, and to boot, Megan comes into the picture as well.   

As you can see, things are becoming interconnected.   What this means and where it's heading however, is another question.


 Following another prompt, I decided to check out what I had posted on June 27 in this blog.  It appears that I posted twice, but only one stands out... because it concerns yet another Patrick... creating a new cluster synchronicity.   This time, a death IS involved.  I've decided to ad the entire post here because it more than fits.  

Patrick Michael Cummings RIIP

American professional basketball player Patrick (Michael) Cummings  (July 11, 1956–June 26, 2012) passed away yesterday at 55 years of age.  The evidence of inner twin infiltration is apparent.  Note the twin 11 in his day of birth, and his twin 55 age at death.  He was only 15 days away from turning 56.  

Note his Jersey, even though he played under two other numbers, the only photo's I could find were these two of him sporting the number 42.  Considering that my last post involved the play with words ie (W=double you=U2=Ewe2).  Now let's take it a bit further, the number 42 can be seen as "for 2"... "for Tou"... and if you consider mixing in some French--"For tous" translates as "For You" (4 U 2).  

There is meaning in other numbers as well.  The numeric date of death is 6/26/12 which equates with the symbols ^@^!@  ... an emphasis on the "double ROOF" and "double AT" is an expression of their urgency... they are sacrificing lives... their own in the process, in order to demonstrate our conjoined need to work together in building adequate shelter against what's to come. 

The fact that his middle name is Michael is another piece of evidence given the cluster synchronicity around this name (note: both my children have the middle name Michael and the french version Michelle).  The original cluster synchronicity around this name involved Michael Jackson's death in 2009 and note, he gave all of his 3 children the middle name "Michael".  This is no mere coincidence.

His surname Cummings brought up two similar names in the etymology source:

The name Cummings was not found. Names that sound similar to CUMMINGS:
Possibly comes from the Gaelic cuinneag meaning "milk pail", or coney and hame meaning "rabbit home"
KONING Dutch cognate of KING.
Note the following word etymology when breaking down Cunning-ham
cunning (adj.) early 14c., "learned, skillful," prp. of cunnen "to know" (see can (v.))home (n.)  O.E. ham "dwelling, house, estate, village," 
So as you can see this is yet more influences/infiltration's of the inner twin world--  all of which circles back to another emphasis on our need for a "HOUSE" ... a "cunning" house suggests that this house be designed with our greater knowledge in mind.  I don't quite understand the implication of "King" in all of this, but I get the sense that they are coming out to people they consider to be "leaders" -- people they have placed in positions of power, keeping in mind that this power can come in a myriad of forms.   I regard my voice and portrayal of inner twin world activities (via synchronicity) here and in my Toumai Blog, as my particular form of power... and the fact that the inner twin world can so easily work through me... something that I have absolutely no say in and neither do you.  

The twin numbers are bothersome to me.  In my own family of 5, my partner and I are 55 and one son is 33.  
I certainly don't like the fact that the inner twin world use twin numbers as a particular trade mark signature.  Although there are clusters around 23 and 27... and there's now the "one off" cluster synchronicity (you'll have to go to my Toumai Blog to understand more).

My hope is that by continuing to do my part with getting this out there as best and as quickly as possible, the inner twin world will no longer resort to the drastic measures that result in death --suicide/sacrifice on the part of their inner twin that causes one of our own in the outer world to perish simultaneously as well.   They do this in a bid to wake us up to their existence and so they can communicate the dangers that they see (and we do not) that poses as a threat to our conjoined future.  Essentially, they need our helping hands-- our full cooperation as the best hope of preventing our annihilation.  

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Ray Booty, Rob's Boot and Getting The Synchro-Boot!! (UPDATE)

This post involves a synchronicity that connects my previous post entitled, "Ray Booty RIIP...Why Cyclists Are Being Given the Boot !?" (Here), to a post made to the Synchrosecrets Blog on June 27, 2009 (Here).   I took this photo of the post (at right), just in case it gets deleted... seeing that co-authors Rob and Trish MacGregor have deleted various posts and comments in the past. 

As you can see, the synchrosecrets post focuses on Rob MacGregor's left foot that was broken while "trail biking".   The reason Rob's mishap that occurred three years ago had come to mind just now, has to do with more recent happenings that triggered the recollection.  

The first trigger being a cluster synchronicity involving the mishaps of professional cyclist (bicycle and motorcycle) that have cropped up over this past month.  If you read the 4 post below in the order presented, you'll be able to see for yourself, the evolution of this cluster: 
  1. Simon Whitfield, Leonardo Chacun and Alistair Brownlee's Common Ground 
  2. RIIP Lee Vernon #18 and 222 Synchronicity  
  3. Pontus Schultz RIIP..and a Wheely Tired Road (UPDATE 3) 
  4. Ray Booty RIIP...Why Cyclists Are Being Given the Boot!?
The second trigger has to do with my previous post (fourth in the above list), which  concerns record breaking cyclist, Ray Booty, who passed away just recently (albeit not due to a cycling mishap).    Not only was he the third notable cyclist to have passed away during in August, another thing that stands out, is his unusual surname ... definitely odd ... and to boot, there's his nickname "the Boot".  While I was pondering this, a particular "boot" cropped up in my mind, a term that I had heard for the first time from a synchrosecrets post. 

This next photo at left, is from another of the MacGregor's post, re:  July 23, 2009, and as you can see,  Rob's broken foot is in "the boot".   This in turn reminded me of yet another of their posts, one that involved their daughter who had also broken her left foot (Here), where the MacGregor's state the following:
Yes, her foot was broken – a metatarsal bone near the fourth toe. Her foot is still so swollen, though, that he recommended a heavily padded splint for a week, then a cast for a few weeks, then a boot.  
The synchronicities don't just begin and end there, and this is where the date, June 27, comes in.  The day that  Rob broke his foot... or at least when they posted about the incident, is June 27, and If you read my previous post, you'll note that I reference another recent synchronicity surrounding the death of Don Raleigh.... note this excerpt from his wiki page:
Donald James Raleigh (June 27, 1926 – August 21, 2012) was a professional ice hockey player who played centre.
Since I always check the date of birth when researching a synchro-death, so I was already aware from the day before that Raleigh's date of birth was June 27. I immediately noted the cluster synchronicity.  Consider as well, that the name "Raleigh" also refers to a famous racing bicycle manufacturer... which happens to be the make of bike that Booty raced on... hence why I had gone back to retrieve the above information so I could include this little interconnecting cluster synchronicity in my previous post    

As you can see, things are interconnecting.  It's simply not possible for me to make any of this up... the clusters are simply falling into place as I move along... as I follow up on connections (not matter how slight) that I consider to be possible leads.  As far as I can make out, everything is perfectly timed.  As an example, if I hadn't gone back through my posts to dig up the above excerpt to include in yesterdays post (making the Raleigh cluster connection), this date would not been so fresh in my mind, and because it was so fresh, I was then able to make the May 27 cluster connection.

The interconnecting patterns remind me of another pattern-- of how our words are connected to form sentences that enable a more intricate and broader form of communication.  The synchronicities involve patterns that are precisely and purposefully interwoven in such a way that a fluent communication can be garnered, all that one needs to do at this point, is begin the process of learning the language, and because of the cryptic nature, deciphering is required. 

Naturally this brings to us to a very important question.  If this is indeed a language, then there must be an intelligent source... but who, where, how?!  I do have the answers if you allow me the time to explain.  Before I begin with that however, I encourage you to keep your mind focussed on new and complex scientific discoveries as well as simple logic that I bring forward no matter how foreign it may seem, because what I have to say is a highly controversial subject and dilemma that quite simply, is extraordinarily hard to fathom.  Before you find yourself about to slam the door, and it's highly likely that you will want to, let me first remind you that a good many discoveries were regarded as ludicrous by the majority before becoming widely accepted  (ie: when it was  first discovered that the earth rotates around the sun, the religious order of the day promoted claimed that our world was the center of all things, and that the sun and other planets circumventing the earth).  The truth won over of course, with the religious leaders and general public changing their tune, and the truth will win over in regards to this new discovery as well:  

First of all I need for you to take into account a recent discovery in the field of Genetics, what is now referred to as "Tetragametic Chimer Humans".  This entails evidence of an  "absorbed/inner twin" hidden within what appears to be a regular/single human body.  With the two separate cases of Lydia Fairchild and Karen Keeghan, geneticists were able to determine that these women had given birth, much to their surprise, to children that belonged to a fraternal twin.  In other words, the womb of each of these women contained the same DNA as that of the children they thought was theirs, but the rest of their body-- blood, tissue, etc, was of an entirely different DNA.  The only logical explanation, is that at some point during the early gestation period of development, one twin absorbed the other.
This discovery gives a solid foundation in which to consider that if a person is able have an entire organ, such as the womb of their twin within their body, hence giving birth to children that are not their own but that of their "absorbed" fraternal twin, then it's also feasible to consider that other complete organs of an absorbed twin, an organ such as the brain for instance, could become absorbed in a simlar  manner, one that enables it to be alive and functioning within the single appearing body-- an "inner twin brain" that is intricately merged with the "outer twin brain", but still able to think  independently.  
So, consider the subconscious mind.  We know that it exists, and yet what do we really know about it... why is it so mysterious and allusive, what makes it work, how did it evolve?!  And now, consider that the subconscious mind is not really "ours", but that of a twin (whether fraternal or identical), that had been absorbed during the early stages of gestation.  Consider as well that this inner twin brain is independent, but is also able to infiltrate via influencing our thoughts and actions so subtly, that we are virtually unaware. 
Now here's what ties it all together: This genetic discovery coupled with research documented in this blog and my Toumai blog, are solid pieces of evidence that proves the existence of inner twins and their parallel world. There is one way that the inner twin world can reveal that they do indeed exist, and that is by communication.  

So now getting back to the synchronicity at hand.  I guess one could say that Rob had been given "the sychro-boot", as influenced by his inner twin.  Obviously this is yet another synchro-jive session between the MacGregor's and I (this is not the first time that our  completely separate synchronicity experiences and posts have interconnect in such a way that a cluster synchronicity emerges.

Interesting enough, if you read some of the comments made to their post re: "Rob's Left Foot", you'll find evidence of the fact that the MacGregor's have deleted comments and posts that have anything to do with me.  Note in this photo, Rob is commenting to a comment I had made (my name is May by the way) ... but look as you may,  you won't find my comment.  If you care to do the math, at the top of the comments there is a reference to 16 comment having been made, but there are only 15 that are showing.

I guess you could say that the MacGregor's gave me the BOOT!!

As you can see, our inner twin's are working through us-- influencing these synchronicities to occur in our lives in order to achieve their mandate.  This is not something we control... in fact the evidence proves that our inner twins and their world,  have much  control over our thoughts and actions... so much so that they can influence us  in such a way that mishaps such as these occur.

The message is clear enough,   it's time for each of us to become aware of what is transpiring in our world... and the parallel world within, and the sooner the better,  because if you didn't care to notice,  keeping one's head in the sand doesn't solve anything and it certainly doesn't prevent our butts from getting the synchro-boot!!    

Ray Booty RIIP...Why Cyclists Are Being Given the Boot!?

Three separate posts in this blog during August have formed a  cluster synchronicity surrounding "cycles"(bicycles and motorcycles).   Two of these  center around recent deaths that occurred while racing and a third involves injury from the recent Olympic bicycle race.  This post, is a fourth.

Ray Booty
Ray Booty
It should be noted that in so far as the posts mentioned,  I  was not aware of the cluster occurring until yesterday.

Note the following posts/links regarding the three posts:
This morning, as I usually do every morning, I ventured  to the Deaths in 2012 site to see if any  notable deaths have been added, keeping in mind that I am looking for evidence of synchronicity.  Thats when I noticed this death recorded on August 25th:
Ray Booty, c.80, English cyclist, cancer.[41]
Note, Ray Booty, a famous cyclist, passed away on the same day as another notable cyclist-- Pontus Schultz.  So what are the chances?!  This is synchronicity and his death, albeit didn't occur while racing his bicycle, it still remains that he is a famous cyclist.

If you follow the link that takes you to Ray Booty's wiki page, you'll discover that  he was given the nickname "the Boot".  Which is bit of a "play with words", especially when you consider how the phrase is used in the sense of being "given the boot".  Death is one way of being given the boot!!

It should be noted as well that Booty rode a Raleigh bicycle... the name "Raleigh" fits into yet another cluster synchronicity occurring as of late.  Note the title of my August 25th post :

Don Raleigh and J. Frank Raley (RIIP) Rally Together 

All of these deaths are linked via synchronicity.  There is definitely a "rallying" (uniting) going on in our world that we need to open our eyes to.    

Ray Booty's death was also purposely timed to fit into this cluster synchro equation.   Synchronicity is masterminded and created by a mysterious "other" world that parallels our own-- the world of our  inner twins.  They created this synchronicity as they did the entire cluster... and to boot, the great majority of synchronicity that we see occurring come directly from them.  This can be regarded as a signature mark to indicate that this rash of cycling mishaps resulting in deaths and/or injury, are of their doing.   It is also their way of expressing how desperate their/our conjoined situation is.  Their intent is to "come out"... to "communicate"... and to "bring us around".  Obviously they are already aware that many will resist and so they have gone through great pains to make it known in a forthright manner as possible, that they have immense power over our lives and world-- they can make us and/or they can break us.  They are able to influence our thoughts and actions.  Obviously, they have gone through great pains to communicate that they won't take no for an answer.

 Of course, that's my "Tou sense worth"!!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Lee, Lisa, the Whale and Smeagol in Disguise

I don't often get sidetracked, but as I was looking for video's of Madeira Island, I just happened to notice this youtube video and decided to view.  Much to my surprise the two people involved are named Lee and Lisa (note: pronounced "Lee-sa").  Not only that, Lee's last name is Tepley (the suffix "ley" being a diminutive of Lee which means "a clearing/field".  So, what are the chances that after recording a major cluster synchronicity involving the name "Lee" and the word/name "field", I would find myself watching this particular video?!

It's interesting to hear Lisa's perception of this event where the whale after allowing her to pet him for a time, took her by the leg, and brought her down about 45 feet into the sea.  She goes on to explain how she felt that she was somehow able to communicate her dilemma to the whale as she looked into his eye,  that she desperately needed air, at which point he immediately brought her back up to the surface where he released her unharmed.

Given that synchronicity often involves animals,  I have periodically wondered if our inner twin's are able to communicate with various animals.   It's also interesting to note that the MacGregor's recently documented a synchronicity involving animals in their blog, Synchrosecrets, (Here and Here).  
What comes across in these posts is that the MacGregor's appear  to care about animals, but I've experienced first hand their lack of concern toward a fellow human being... a friend who was being abused... a friend who approached them for a simple helping hand... a friend they not only turned their back on, but have since deleted her membership to their blog and have even gone so far as to delete entire posts and portions of posts and comments associated with this person.

 In one of their posts the MacGregor's berate a politician claiming him as being cruel to his dog for having put it in a kennel atop his vehicle while on a road trip, and in the same breath, they mention in another post, how their daughter's dog jumps through her open car window as her car approached their home.   So, obviously the dog is not secured while she's driving and they have no qualms about this?!  I recollect having posted a synchronicity involving author Steven King who was hit by a vehicle who's driver lost control due to a dog distracting him.  So tell me, what's worse really?!  I'll tell you what's worse, hypocrites who are full of nothing but liies, hypocrites who turn their back on and go so far as eradicating evidence that clearly points to the inner twin world because it doesn't fit into their money making smeagol deceiving  mandate.   For more detail click on the link to my post entitled: Censoring Around Michael Jackson's Death RIIP (Here)

With all that said, it's important to keep in mind that the inner twin world have influenced the MacGregor's lives in such a way that they fit into their overall communication scheme, so don't bee too hard on them.

There are certain people that the inner twin world are able to influence more profoundly than others, the MacGregor's and I happen to fit into that category.  They pit us against one another in order to communicate-- to convey the dilemma that they face as they "come out" and  "communicate" to us why they are waging a horrific and deadly war against us.   

RIIP Lee Vernon #18 and 222 Synchronicity

My recent synchronicity posted of August 26th,  connects back to an earlier cluster synchronicity concerning 16 notable individuals (as per Wikipedia's Deaths in 2012 site) who passed away between May 13-June 11, all of whom share in common the name "Lee" or a diminutive (ie: "ley" at the suffix of their name).

Also noted in the post is that on May 23rd, there are 222 days remaining in the year.  Given that August 10th is the 222 day of the year, I decided to check out what the Deaths in 2012 site records show for this date.  Note this excerpt:
  • Tia Sharp, 12, British murder victim.[242] (body discovered on this date)

Lee Vernon in action at the Ulster Grand Prix meeting before his crash on ThursdayAs you can see, another notable death involving the name Lee is recorded at the bottom of the list-- Lee Vernon.   Not only that, this can be seen as connecting to the recent "Wheely Tired" synchronicity (Here). 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Pontus Schultz RIIP..and a Wheely Tired Road (UPDATE 3)

This morning I ventured to the Deaths in 2012 Site to check for updates, and in particular any sign of synchronicity that may have occurred in the last few days.   The following had caught my eye:

     Pontus Schultz, 40, Swedish journalist, ravine fall during 2012 Haute Route bicycle race.[26]

This notable figure stood out on two accounts.  Number one, his surname Schultz happens to be my daughters married name, and  second being that his death was the result of crashing his bicycle during a race... somewhat of a synchronicity when you consider my recent Aug 9 post involving another synchronicity concerning a cycling accident that occurred during the Olympics: click on the link to read this post: "Simon Whitfield, Leonardo Chacun and Alistair Brownlee's Common Ground",  (Here).
I consider the death of Pontus Schultz to be a synchro heads up...  enough to warrant further investigation.

On viewing the names of the various cycling teams in the Haute Route  race, one team in particular rea stood out because of its cheeky, "Wheely Tired".  Since a particular trademark of the inner twin world involves "play with words", this is another meaningful clue, but not for that reason alone.  If you read  my recent post of Aug 25 post  (Here), you'll discover that on further investigation of the synchronicity there, that the word "weary" had kept cropping up, so the play with words "Wheely Tired" can be regarded as more of a synchro-emphasis.

Could it be that the inner twin world are getting weary?!   Could it be their way of emphasizing to us that they attempt to break and wear us down?! Or could it be both?! 

One news articles reporting on Pontus' death remarks that such an accident is very rare.  What concerns me is that he was so young-- only 40 years old ... not like most of the other synchro-deaths that involve much older notable figures.  It's disturbing enough when older individuals sacrifice their lives for a cause, but it's particularly sad when you see young lives thrown into the mix.

The name Schultz likely keys into the communication in more ways than one,  so I went to the Etymology of name site.  Note the following:
Schultz: Occupational surname derived from Middle High German schultheiße meaning "mayor, judge".
I also followed the link to Pontus Schultz wiki page and discovered:
Nils Axel Pontus Forsström Schultz (22 August 1972 – 25 August 2012) 
Note this excerpt from Pontus' Bio (Here):
to celebrate my 40th birthday with a time trial (sub 1h) up alpe d'huez. together with my best friend mattias fyrenius. 
This pretty much says it all, when you consider the date of his birthday: August 22nd.

I have stated many times in previous posts in both my blogs, that twin numbers ... and especially the twin 22, cropping up in manners such as this, are a particular trademark signature of the inner twin world... and indicating that I'm on the right track.

There is much more synchronicity concerning Pontus Schultz that lay beneath the surface, and in order for me to bring this to light, it's important to give this bit of history:
Wikipedia's Death in 2012 site records  6 notable persons having passed away, one each day between May 21-27, all of whom have either "Lee" or the diminutive of  Lee --"ley"(suffix) within their names.  Note, there was a seventh notable death during this week that I considered to fit in somewhat, albeit his name was "Leo" (although I would discover that his only child, is named Lee).   This constitutes as a major cluster synchronicity and so I documented this in my Toumai Blog in a post entitled : 7 Celebrities Die May 21-27, All have "Lee" in their Name (Here).   
Note: the primary purpose of creating my blog Toumai in 2009 was to research and record synchronicity. 

What made the "Lee" cluster more astounding, is that the original etymological meaning of the name Lee is:  "a clearing", coupled with the fact that I had previously recorded another cluster involving the word/name "Field", a major cluster synchronicity that began with my April 19 post (Here).  It's not hard to see the similarity between "a clearing" and a "field", hence broadening the cluster synchronicity into a group of words that mean "field/clearing".  If you follow the link to my April 19th post, you'll discover that the synchronicity involves a book entitled "Dark Fields" by Trish MacGregor (co author of the Synchrosecrets blog).   Considering the 7 notable  deaths that had soon followed, all having "Lee"/"ley"/Leo in their names, the "Dark Fields" had definitely been a forewarning of what was to come.
The question remains, why are our inner twins... the inner twin world orchestrating these deaths... why is this horror ... why is this battlefield necessary?!  With that said, this is not your usual battlefield for the simple reason being that the inner twin, in having influenced the death of their outer twin, brings about their own demise in the process.  Hence why I consider this dark field of deaths to ultimately be sacrifices.
It is worthwhile noting that the etymology dictionary defines the origins of the word "lee" as meaning "shelter", and I consider the two definitions, "shelter" and "field" as a meaningful part of the cryptic communication, but why this focus on shelter and field?! 
Note the following excerpt taken from Behind the Name (etymology of first names) 
Lee: From a surname which was derived from Old English leah meaning "clearing". 
Note the following excerpts taken from the online Etymology dictionary:
lee (n.) Look up lee at O.E. hleo "shelter, cover, defense, protection," from P.Gmc. *khlewaz (cf. O.N. hle, Dan. , O.S. hleo, Du. lij "lee, shelter").   Might link  to PIE *kele- (1) "warm."  
 lea (n.) Look up lea at O.E. leah "open field, meadow, piece of untilled ground," from P.Gmc. *laukhaz (cf. O.H.G. loh"cluster of bushes," from PIE *louquo- (cf. Skt. lokah "open space," L. lucus "grove," Lith. laukas "open field"), perhaps from or related to *leuk- "to shine, be bright"
The cluster of Lee deaths didn't stop there.  Note this excerpt taken from my June 15 post entitled Robert Lee Washington III and Static Shock RIIP (Here):
The list below was compiled from the Wikipedia Deaths of 2012 site (Here), and record celebrities with "Lee" or diminutive of Lee in their name from May 13 - June 11 (note the suffix "ley" is a diminutive of "Lee"):
1.       Lee Richardson, 33, British speedway rider, race crash. (May 13, 2012)
2.      Alan Oakley, 85, British designer of Raleigh Chopper bicycle, cancer.
3.     Leela Dube, 89, Indian anthropologist.
4.     Ezell Lee, 74, American politician, cancer.
5.     Wesley A. Brown, 85, US naval officer, first African-American graduate U.S. Naval Academy.
6.     Janet Lees Price, 69, British actress.
7.       T. Garry Buckley, 89, American politician 
8.      Leonel Mitchell, 81, American liturgical scholar.
9.     Lee Rich, 93, American television executive/ producer (The Waltons, Dallas),  cancer. (May 24)
10.  William Hanley, 80, American screenwriter and playwright. (May 25)
11.  Leo Dillon, 79, American comic book illustrator (May 26)
12.  Stephen Healey, 29, British Army officer and footballer (May 26)
13.  William Lee Miller, 86, American author. (May 26)
14.  Johnny Tapia, 45, American boxer   John Lee "Johnny" Tapia (May 27)
15.  James Leslie, 89, Australian businessman, Chancellor of Deakin University.
16.  Robert Lee Washington III American writer of comic books, known for co-creating Static 17.  Lee Allen, 77, American Olympic wrestler and coach, heart failure (June 11)
I consider the day of May 23rd to be of special significance due to the fact that there are 222 days remaining in the year as of this day.  Note, the person who passed away on this date as per the above list is T. Gary Buckley.  Note as well, that he was born in 1922 AND, the first initial "T" in his name is for "Thomas", the etymology of which means "TWIN".
It should also be noted that prior to the "Lee" cluster, I had also recorded another cluster synchronicity around the twin number 22 that began (Here), a synchronicity that involved the cover of yet another book, this time written by Rob MacGregor (co author of the synchrosecrets blog).  The 22 cluster continues over a series of posts, one that includes the discovery of the fact that in the time commencing from the stroke of midnight on May 22nd to the stroke of midnight on May 23rd, the very day in the year when there are 222 days remaining in the year.   Since the rash of notable Lee deaths had occurred in the week that includes this day, I consider this to be yet another meaningful synchronicity and  connection... all part of an intricate and cryptic form of communication.
 So you see, Pontus Schultz's birth date of August 22nd is much more meaningful in light of all of this, and not just because of the twin 22, but with the month of August as I explain further: 
From there, and more recently (recorded in this new blog Pronoiasecret), a cluster of notable deaths involving the name Leo had then emerged... thus adding to and giving more significance to the "Leo" that I had included in my post involving the rash of Lee Deaths.  Note my July 10th post entitled "A 3rd Leo Celebrity in 3 Days Dies Before His Time" (Here) and then my July 9th post entitled "2Leo's: Lionel Batiste and Leon Schlumpf RIIP" (Here).  The two posts reveal that within 3 days, three notable figures named  Lionel, Leon and Lowen had passed away.  Again, unless one did an etymology check on the names, you wouldn't be aware of the fact that each of their names in origin meant "LION"...hence related to Leo which also means lion in origin.   
The name Lee and especially Leo don't rank very high in the popularity chart, so these clusters are definitely meaningful and fit somehow into the over all communication. 
 I then thought to check out what day the 222nd day of the year fell on, and much to my surprise, I found that it occurred on August 10th... which of course leads us to the astrological sign LEO!?  This connection is by no means an accident... this is synchronicity... meaningful communication from the inner twin world.  Very disconcerting  is the fact that in order to create these synchro-connections, the inner twin's of these individuals had to influence their conjoined deaths to occur at very specific times, hence why one of the titles includes "... Dies Before His Time".   
It's interesting to note as well that of all the dates listed in the chart below, only Leo (tropical date) contains double/twin 22's (Chart found Here) .  It should be noted that though that my newspapers horoscope column uses the date of July 22-Aug 23.

ConstellationSidereal Date
Cyril Fagan
Tropical dateIAU Definition
Walter Berg[2]
Aries.svgAriesApril 15 - May 15March 21 - April 20April 18 - May 13
Taurus.svgTaurusMay 16 - June 15April 21 - May 20May 13 - June 21
Gemini.svgGeminiJune 16 - July 15May 21 - June 20June 21 - July 20
Cancer.svgCancerJuly 16 - August 15June 21 - July 21July 20 - August 10
Leo.svgLeoAugust 16 - September 15July 22 - August 22August 10 - September 16
Virgo.svgVirgoSeptember 16 - October 15August 23 - September 22September 16 - October 30
Libra.svgLibraOctober 16 - November 15September 23 - October 22October 30 - November 23
Scorpio.svgScorpiusNovember 16 - December 15October 23 - November 21November 23 - November 29
Ophiuchus zodiac.svgOphiuchusN/ANovember 29 - December 17
Sagittarius.svgSagittariusDecember 16 - January 14November 22 - December 21December 17 - January 20
Capricorn.svgCapricornJanuary 15 - February 14December 22 - January 20January 20 - February 16
Aquarius.svgAquariusFebruary 15 - March 14January 21 - February 19February 16 - March 11
Pisces.svgPiscesMarch 15 - April 14February 20 - March 20March 11 - April 18
The following information was taken from Wikipedia's "Leo (Astrology) site (Here): 
Zodiac SymbolLion
Duration (Tropical,Western)22 July – 22 August (2012, UTC)
Zodiac ElementFire
Note from the above that the Zodiac element of Leo is "fire".  This also factors in when you consider that once again, the MacGregor's and I were involved in a cluster synchronicity that concerned the word "fire", note my June 3rd post (Here), albeit the MacGregor's fire has to do with flames and mine had to do with fire as in firing a gun. 

So, Pontus Schultz falls under the astrology sign "Leo", but just barely making it in the tropical Zodiac which ends on August 22nd... the day of his birth.  Keep in mind that the Olympic cycling accident as per my previous post had involved a cyclist by the name of "Leonardo" (yet another name that includes the word "Lion") who was involved in the crash that took away any hope for placing first or even close to first.  This wasn't simply bad luck on his part, but perfect timing-- all fitting into the inner twin world scheme of things-- their strategic process of "coming out" and "communicating" to us at this point in time.

Coming back to the surname Schultz.  I can't help but feel that the inner twin world has made this "name" connection with my daughter for a reason.  I think the connection has to do with a particular "Lee" that had come into her life during her early teens ( a Lee that had wrecked havoc in her's and so many other lives).  I consider that event in her past to have been life threatening and I also realize that because of my diligence, I managed to pull her away from of a very dangerous situation.

Could this be the inner twin world's way of saying that they had set the stage in regards to that particular event with my daughter and the Lee that had come into her life?!  Are they encouraging me to do the same in this matter that involves the name Lee?!  Am I expected to remain diligent and consider all of this to indicate that a bigger threat to the future exists... the future of all?!  

So, what of the original meaning behind the name "Schultz"-- "mayor, judge, how does that fit in?!

Note the following etymology:
mayor (n.) Look up mayor at Dictionary.comc.1300, from O.Fr. maire "head of a city or town government" (13c.), originally "greater, superior" (adj.), from L. maior, major, comparative of magnus"great" (see magnum
judge (v.) Look up judge at Dictionary.comc.1300, "to form an opinion about; make a decision," also "to try and pronounce sentence upon (someone) in a court," from Anglo-Fr. juger, O.Fr. jugier "to judge, pronounce judgment; pass an opinion on," from L. iudicare "to judge, to examine officially; form an opinion upon; pronounce judgment," from iudicem(nom. iudex) "judge," a compound of ius "right, law" + root of dicere "to say" (see diction).
I find it strange how the letters "y", "i" and "j" are interchangeable via the myriad of connected words (maior, major, mayor...  Judge, iudicare).   The same can be said with my name May... which is often spelled as Mai... having come from  Margaret  hence the relation to the name Megan also originating from Margaret.
Margaret:  Derived from Latin Margarita, which was from Greek μαργαριτης (margarites) meaning "pearl", probably ultimately a borrowing from SanskritSaint Margaret, the patron of expectant mothers, was martyred at Antioch in the 4th century. Later legends told of her escape from a dragon, with which she was often depicted in medieval art. The saint was popular during the Middle Ages, and her name has been widely used in the Christian world.
The etymology of Margaret as found in the online etymology dictionary:
 Margaret Look up Margaret at Dictionary.comfem. proper name (c.1300), from O.Fr. Margaret (Fr. Marguerite), from L.L. Margarita, female name, lit. "pearl," from Gk. margarites (lithos) "pearl," of unknown origin, "probably adopted from some Oriental language" [OED]; cf. Skt. manjari "cluster of flowers," also said by Indian linguists to mean "pearl," cognate with manju "beautiful." Arabic marjan probably is from Gk., via Syraic marganitha. The word was widely perverted in Germanic languages by folk-etymology, cf. O.E. meregrot, which has been altered to mean lit. "sea-pebble."
The etymology of the "word" may:
 may (v.1) Look up may at Dictionary.comO.E. mæg "am able" (infinitive magan, past tense meahte, mihte), from P.Gmc. root *mag-, infinitive *maganan (O.Fris. mei/muga/machte "have power, may;" O.S. mag/mugan/mahte; M.Du. mach/moghen/mohte; Du. mag/mogen/mocht; O.H.G. mag/magan/mahta; Ger. mag/mögen/mochte; O.N. ma/mega/matte; Goth. mag/magan/mahte "to be able"), from PIE*magh- (1) "to be able, have power" (cf. Gk. mekhos, makhos "means, instrument," O.C.S. mogo "to be able," mosti "power, force," Skt. mahan "great") 

Note the etymology of the name Pontus
Roman family name possibly derived from the name of the ancient province of Pontus in Asia Minor, itself probably derived from Greek ποντος (pontos)"sea". Alternatively, the Roman family name could be related to Latin pons meaning "bridge". 
The fact that Pontus could be a derivative of two sources: sea and bridge are both meaningful.  For one, my surname is Ocean... and bridges are factored into the "Leo" and "222" cluster synchronicities via my post entitled "Twin Cities, Twin Bridges, Angus L. MacDonald and 222" (Here).  Note, research for this post uncovers the fact that Angus L. MacDonald (famous politician here in nearby Halifax), for whom one of the twin bridges were named after (connecting the twin cities of Halifax and Dartmouth), had been born on August 10th... the 222nd day of the year.  The post reveals further that the designer of the bridge, Phillip Pratley, had also designed the "Lion's Gate Bridge"... named after the twin mountain peaks in Vancouver.  Note this excerpt taken from the post: 
I had posted about this "twin" mountain not that long ago (HERE)... and note also, the word "Lion" cropping up now at this time, adds to the cluster synchronicity surrounding  Lion/Leo/August (Leo), words/names recorded in previous posts).
So what do all these connections mean... given that the inner twin world had secretly infiltrated our world in such a way that they would be able to make connections that enable them to reveal themselves and to communicate with us?!

I can't help but gravitate back to the name Margaret and it's original meanings-- pearl and cluster of flowers.  Essentially the pearl is a form of defence by the mollusk when it encounters grit-- encrusting it with the same substance used in making its shell-- a hard albeit smooth surface that can no longer tear away at it's soft and vulnerable innards.  The structure of the flower is also a defence mechanism-- the petals are purposely designed to reflect the suns warmth toward the valuable seeds laying at its center... some flowers will even close up at night in order to retain the valuable heat a necessary aspect in seed production and growth.

The pearl and flower are the two key factors taken from nature that are used in the design of what I refer to as the TUSSH (the Two United Structure System Home).   In my Toumai Blog, there's a post  entitled "Toumai: Hope For Life" (Here) and (Here), where I give an introduction to this uniquely designed system home.  

I've said this in many a post and I will say this again, Synchronicity tends to circle around to the TUSSH-- our conjoined need for a more adequate shelter to protect against the dire times to come.

The diagram that you see above shows various aspects of the TUSSH at different stages of construction and function (very basic model).  Note how the "petal" portion can open just like a flower  (to reflect heat and sunlight) and close off at night in order to retain the heat and/or being that the petals are constructed of solid materials, closing it off, it then looks like a pearl... offering further protection to the home that lay within.
A cross section view of what I refer to as the
"Two United Structure System Home" (TUSSH)

Simply put, the inner twin world had "inspired" this design (which came to me while writing a fictional story back in 2001) for the  simple reason that it fits in with their  mandate-- to wake us up to the fact that both worlds needs to actively work at saving our conjoined butt/tush.


THE Deaths in 2012 Site records show that on August 10th (the 222nd day of the year), that motorcyclist Lee Vernon passed away due to injuries sustained in a crash. 


For no particular reason I decided to go back to the list of Teams for the Haute Route bicycle race and rescan (Here).  It's quite an extensive list.  When I reached the bottom, I simply decided to open the link for the last team on the list-- YDAF UK .  The link gave me a list of cyclists belonging to that team (Here).  One of the names immediately stood out: Lional Thomas.  The etymology origins of his name is "LION TWIN"!!  

So what are the chances considering all of the above that this name would crop up.  There is no doubt in my mind, that I was purposely led to Lional Thomas, as his name definitely ties in.  But the question remains, what is the meaning?!

I then decided to click on his "expand info" bar.  Note this excerpt regarding Lional's date of birth:
DATE OF BIRTH: 11/11/1968
As I've stated before, twin numbers such as these double-twin sequence of 1's (11/11-- November 11th)  are a particular trade mark signature of the inner twin world.  Not only that, this is the only day of the year that show double-twin numbers as per day/mo other than 11/22 (November 22), and its the only day that has identical double-twin numbers.  

There is another interesting twist concerning this date of November 11th, and that is with the fact that the etymology of the word "November" reveals that the original meaning as being "NINE"!!  The reason for this is because the calendar in days long past had been changed when Julius and Augustus Caesar decided to ad two more months bearing their names (hence July and August).  In fact, the months September, October, November,  and December all coincide with numbers Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten (via etymology).  

The twist is that November 11th, using etymology origins, is equivalent to 9/11 ... which brings us to the Twin Tower destruction of 9/11... which happens to be the 111th day of the year!!!

Using the computer key board as cipher, one can see that the number 1 falls on the same key as the exclamation mark (!)-- a punctuation that indicates surprise/shock (whether pleasant or unpleasant).  These number synchronicities were purposely set in place via the smoke and mirrors of the inner twin world.   A very long time ago, our inner twins began to set the wheels in motion ... wheels that would inevitably enable them to one day "come out" and to "communicate" to us.   This day has come.

What we need to do, is open our minds, as well as our hearts to their dilemma.  They must have endured much suffering on the evolutionary path that would cause them to become "absorbed" within our bodies, however in the process, they were able to eventually form their own community and parallel world. In having to take a back seat, our inner twins evolved to have a certain genius that we have benefitted from, given that our inner twin had learned the fine art of influencing our thoughts and actions so subtly that they feel as though they are our own.  

We need not panic ... even considering the fact that the inner twin world are sacrificing lives in the process of trying to reach through to us as well as effect the desired response from us, but what we do need to realize, is that they are desperate and so desparate means are being taken.  It's not that they want to harm us any  more than they want to bring harm to themselves, but they are most definitely doing so by influencing outer twins in such a way that results in the loss of life... including one of their own-- a sacrifice for a cause.  They are desperate because our conjoined situation is desperate and they have known that for a very long time... long enough that they had begun  formulating and putting into action, a plan that would help us to finally "see" them, and get on board in a tremendous joint effort to save our conjoined futures.

Think about it, all of this is coming forward at the same time that Geneticists have brought forward scientific evidence of Tetragametic Chimera Humans-- individuals who have a "hidden" twin... but hidden no longer.  The truth of the matter is that we all have a hidden twin.  What we have long considered to be "our" subconscious mind is really that of our inner/conjoined twin, which up until now, we had no way of knowing about.  

Terms  that we use such as "synchronicity" and the "collective unconscious" have been fascinating  mysteries, but they are mysteries no longer... these are pieces of the puzzle... evidence that points directly to our inner twin and their parallel/inner world.