Thursday, April 27, 2017

Adele's Bull of Seville

Thinking about where the "February 22nd" pattern-cluster began led me to some interesting connections.

After venturing back through my recent posts it "appears" to begin with two recent deaths (April 23 and 24) listed on Wikipedia's Deaths in 2016 site whose surnames Barber and  Bearde generates a "Beard Theme" pattern-cluster.  I made the connection with the opera "Barber of Seville"... and to the short animation, hence my April 25th post, Rabbit of Seville.   And then it occurred to me that "rabbit" is related to "hare" that has a cryptic (phonetic) connection to "hair"-- another design influence of the inner twin world.  This reminded me of a major cluster found in my previous blog (Toumai) that involves my following leads and connecting the dots re: "Hare/ Hair/ Heir/ Harry/ Harriette (Henry)" via a number of posts that I referred to as the "Harried Series".

On my Toumai blog, I used the word "Barber" in the search box that brought up a number of related posts, the first one being:  (Harried Part 14) Canada's "Bearded Lady" (poste on April 25, 2011)...WOW... it was posted EXACTLY 6 years from my Rabbit of Seville post!!  I scrolled down through the other posts in my Toumai blog that the search engine had brought up, and one thing caught my eye from the post, Behind the Hair (Harried 33):

As a final, on page A10 of the Chronicle is a photo-— a “Harrier”, bird of prey, making off with a starling…
The photo at right was included in the post, and as you can see, there's a "Hawk"... and as per the above, it's referenced as a "Harrier"!!  Now note the title of my recent May 25 posts:
A "Hawk Theme" pattern-cluster had cropped up!!  I consider this a prompt, note the etymology:
buzzard (n.) ...  harrier... a kind of hawk...-art suffix ... 
harry (v.)  Proto-Germanic *harjon (... "lay waste, ravage, plunder,"... Gothic harjis "a host, army"). 
Returning now to my recent "Rabbit of Seville"  post, note this excerpt:
And of course we have the opera "Barber of Seville":   
Premiere20 February 1816
And so we now have a "February 20,__, 22(x4)/ Date Sequence" pattern-cluster.   ... and cutting to the chase:
The opera "Barber of Seville" connected then to the "February 22" pattern-cluster... which at the time was at 4 (the number of times the date had recently cropped up ... included in the number is my grandson's February 22nd birthday).  Keep in mind that in just 6 more years, February 22 will be 2/22/22... and keep in mind as well that sequences of 2's are a particular inner twin signature.

It also occurred to me that the inner twin world are prompting us to consider "Seville"... after all it's a place, and places have wiki pages that can be investigated.  In the contents column of the Seville wiki page, I found a section entitled "Famous Natives", and once there I found:
And it immediately clicked... my earlier post this month that involved Bull's... and artist Adele who painted a series: a big bull that is pressing dangerously forward and appears to be fought  back by a woman.  Note my recent April 14 post:
Adele's Waaa Waaa Waugh 6ABUL6
Tou Bee Continued...