Thursday, April 6, 2017

Ending 101

The Deaths in 2017 lists under April 3:
What stands out is his surname Thero, a cryptic "the row... there o (eau/water ... ocean). This jives with the communications found in my posts over the last few days.  Note from his wiki page:

He was born on the last day/end of the year... a cryptic "ending" of sorts... as in "Ending 101... an Introduction to an Ending"!!!   Since the topic as of late has centered around the MacGregor's, this "END" relates to them.  So going to their blog, I key in "end" into the search box, and the first post brought up is:

Ghostwriting and Impulses (posted on March 21, 2017 by Rob and Trish)
Note the following from the post:

  • Jerzy Kosinski used to write his endings first, a process that actually makes sense, even if the ending changes. You have a beginning, an end, and what lies in between is the mystery, the weirdness, the clues, the character and plot development.         
Note from Jerzy Kosinski's wiki page:
Jerzy Kosiński (June 14, 1933 – May 3, 1991), born Józef Lewinkopf, was an award-winning Polish-Americannovelist and two-time President of the American Chapter of P.E.N.,
First of all, do note the P.E.N.!! And his birthday is one off from my own, June13, and then June 14 IS also the birthday of President Trump... AND, Jerzy's date of death is one off from 2 May... an important day in the scheme of things when it comes to the inner twin world.  My name is "May" and my inner twin's name is "Tou"-- I was introduced via a series of cluster immediately after I first came to realize the truth about the inner twin world... and my inner twin, the cluster involved the African word, Toumai, meaning "Hope For Life"... the sad part is that May 3 is an addition to the "Off By One" pattern-cluster... an indication that the MacGregor's are "off track" from achieving "Hope for Life"... not just for them, butt for others residing and visiting Florida ... at the time of it's "end" ... when it becomes nothing more than a "water park"!!   (See my recent posts).

Perusing Jerzy's wiki page one name stood out, Terence Blacker, note from his wiki page:
Terence Blacker (born 5 February 1948)
So we get a cryptic "terrifyingly blacker"!! And note his date of death and then note the following from my post today,  Esther Hicks 5555...  :

  • "December 5, January 5, __, March 5/,  __, __, June 5, __, August 5 (x3)/ 5th Day, Month" pattern-cluster. 

Note the excerpt where Blacker cropped up:
Terence Blacker, a profitable English publisher (who helped publish Kosiński's books) and author of children's books and mysteries for adults, wrote an article published in The Independent in 2002:
The significant point about Jerzy Kosiński was that... his books... had a vision and a voice consistent with one another and with the man himself. The problem was perhaps that he was a successful, worldly author who played polo, moved in fashionable circles and even appeared as an actor in Warren Beatty's Reds. He seemed to have had an adventurous and rather kinky sexuality which, to many, made him all the more suspect. All in all, he was a perfect candidate for the snarling pack of literary hangers-on to turn on. There is something about a storyteller becoming rich and having a reasonably full private life that has a powerful potential to irritate so that, when things go wrong, it causes a very special kind of joy.[23] 
Hmm,  Should investigate Warren Beatty and the film Red's .