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Howard Baker RIIP: Cook, Baker && Ducks In a Row 2 Row (Boeing 777 Update...)

The Deaths in 2014 site lists the following under June 26:
Three things stand out indicating that  Howard's death had been "timely", meaning that it was 

purposely generated by the under world-- his inner twin and/or the inner twin world.  The first and most important clue is with his surname, an addition to the recent "Cook, Koch, Cock, ... " pattern-cluster, it's not hard to see the "Baker/Cook" connection.  Note this excerpt from yesterdays post re Ian Cook & Ivan Plyushch RIIP: Getting Our Rowing 777&&&&&&Ducks in a Row (Boeing 777 Update): 

  • David James Koch (born 7 March 1956)

 Ian Cook had died on the same day as Baker, both listed on the Deaths in 2014 site under June 26.  On Baker wiki page the inner twin world left a number of clues-- prompts to ensure that I continue investigating, for instance, he was proceeded and succeeded by two different Tom's.   The name Tom means "twin" in origin and so a particular signature of the inner twin world.  That the name "Bearman" is in the title of the law firm that Baker works for, is an addition to the recent "Bear/Baer/Bahr/Barr..." pattern-cluster... and note, every lawyer must pass the "Bar"!!

There are also two notable Robert's mentioned on Baker's wiki page, meaningful considering the recent "Robert/Bob/Cut Short..." pattern-cluster.  Note the following excerpt: 
Preceded byRobert Byrd
Succeeded byBob Dole

Both stand out, for one Byrd died on June 28, 2010... today is June 27 so this constitutes as an addition to the "Off By One" pattern-cluster.   Robert Dole was born on July 22nd... twin 22 being another particular inner twin calling card.  There's another interesting pattern with the two Robert's surname re: Byrd and Dole, considering the recent "Bird/Duck..." and "Money/Pay/Cost/$$44..." pattern-clusters.  And note this excerpt from Dole's wiki page: 
special counsel at the Washington, D.C., office of law firm Alston & Bird.
A definite "Byrd/Bird..." pattern-cluster in the works!!  On venturing to the Aston & Bird wiki page, I discover another Robert: 
  • Famed golfer Bobby Jones's father was a founding partner of Alston & Bird's predecessor firm, Jones, Bird and Howell. Bobby Jones himself also practiced law at Jones, Bird and Howell.
Note from Bobby Jone's wiki page:
Robert Tyre "Bobby" Jones Jr. (March 17, 1902 – December 18, 1971)  
For one, note the "Tyre" in his middle name, which jives with my recent post re , note this excerpt:

  • chakra (n.) Look up chakra at Dictionary.com1888 in yoga sense, from Sanskrit cakra "circle, wheel," from PIE root *kwel- (1) "wheel" (see cycle (n.)).
Okay so note the triple 888... that's one clue.  As you can see, it's a "yoga" term... and guess what, Rob is not only the author of 7 Indiana Jones novels, he's also a Yoga enthusiast and teacher!!  What's more, Rob had broken his foot while riding his dirt bike... he lost control of his "chakra" ... in other words: his wheels went amiss.  
As you can see, we have a "Tyre, Chakra, Wheel" pattern-cluster.  Perhaps the inner twin world are trying to communicate "cycle"... and what immediately comes to mind, is the cyclical events in an Ice Age... for instance we are presently in an interglacial portion of our present ice-age... which is due to end soon... and that appears to be the point that they are communicating-- that we aren't adequately prepared.  

Combining the two surnames re "bird dole", I'm reminded of the phrase "chicken feed", which suggests that the money is inadequate... money being designated to address the problems in the event of the next glacial event.  

On Bob Dole's wiki page, I discover another Bob: 

Succeeded byBob Packwood
Again, his surname communicates something:"pack wood".  Wood is used for cooking and baking and heating fuel.  As well, in North America, and if the next glacial event comes in like a lion-- inundating all: man, beast, flora and fauna, then all the trees still covering the land will be lost, buried under a rubble of ice and snow and so unretrievable.  We in the north need to come up with a new system of forestry farming ... which can be done if we put our heart, mind and money to the task...if.  Note this excerpt from Bob Packwood's wiki page:  
Robert William "Bob" Packwood (born September 11, 1932)
Another addition to the "9/11" pattern-cluster... keep in mind as well, that as of the date Sept 11, there are 111 days remaining in the year!!!  The inner twin world influenced this event... influenced the recent disappearance of MH Flight 370, influenced my accident of 2000 and influenced the death of  countless notable persons ... like Howard Baker.

Of course there is more... butt I've given out more than enough for the chicken feed doled out. It's becoming more than obvious to me that I can't keep up... and sorely need other ducks in a row to row!!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Bob Mischak RIIP: Mis-Chakra Mistake &&&&& (Boeing 777 Update...)

The Deaths in 2014 lists under June 26:
With the recent "Robert/Bob/Cut Short..." pattern-cluster, Bob Mischak's death has gained my attention, especially since he was a football player... considering the recent "Foot/Broken Foot..." pattern-cluster, a cluster that also connects with one of the notable "Roberts" in question-- Rob MacGregor.  In fact, Bob's surname also jives when considering the cryptic phrase:  a  twist to our word "mistake"(mis-take),  giving us "mis-chak" which is short for "mis-chakra"... which all makes sense when you know the etymology of Chakra and you also have a little inside edge on Rob MacGregor.  First of all, note the etymology:
  • chakra (n.) Look up chakra at Dictionary.com1888 in yoga sense, from Sanskrit cakra "circle, wheel," from PIE root *kwel- (1) "wheel" (see cycle (n.)).
Okay so note the triple 888... that's one clue.  As you can see, it's a "yoga" term... and guess what, Rob is not only the author of 7 Indiana Jones novels, he's also a Yoga enthusiast and teacher!!  What's more, Rob had broken his foot while riding his dirt bike... he lost control of his "chakra" ... in other words: his wheels went amiss.  I should also bring up the fact that I've mentioned to Rob as well as in earlier and recent posts, that he should do more "mind yoga" bends and twists in order to follow the inner twin world. He ... as well as many other people spend way too much time worrying about being out of shape physically while giving little though to what kind of shape their mind is in.   All that aside, the bottom line is that there's definitely enough evidence of inner twin infiltration in the life and death of Bob Mischak to warrant further investigation.   Note this excerpt from his wiki page:
Robert Michael "Bob" Mischak (born October 25, 1932 )
Bob's date of birth is an addition to the "Targeting Family Birthdays" pattern-cluster given that three members of my partners family were born on this day, each during different years, two of whom are brother and sister (her niece and nephew), with the third being her brother in law, Bob.  So what are the chances?!   Well out of the ball park!! Simply key in October 25th to the search box at the top of this blog and you can easily verify this claim.

Note this next excerpt from Bob Mischak's wiki page that stands out:
Note from David Marniss' wiki page:
David Maraniss (born 1949) is an American journalist and author, currently serving as an associate-editor for The Washington Post. 
He was a journalist and author, and due to the recent rash of "Journalist/Media Mogul"  targeting by the inner twin world, I consider him to be our next lead.  Since there's no birth date included in David's wiki page, I decided to go straight for the heart-- note the following from The Washington Post's wiki page:
First of all we have a twin 77 in the year, hence an addition to the recent "77/777/&&&&&/ Identical Number Sequence" pattern-cluster.  Getting their ducks in a row!! Note this next excerpt:
Note the following from Eugene Meyers and Philip Graham's wiki page:
  •  Eugene Isaac Meyer (October 31, 1875 – July 17, 1959)

  • Philip Leslie "Phil" Graham (July 18, 1915 – August 3, 1963)
Meyer died one day before Philip's birthday, hence generating a "July 17, 18/ Date Sequence" and a 

"Off By One" pattern-cluster.   Now note the following excerpt from the wiki page of Eugene's 

daughter who is also Philip's wife :
She, died on the same day as her father albeit 58 years later!!  This is no coincidence, their deaths 

were "timely"-- the slight of hand activity of inner twin's who very subtly and very profoundly influence 

 outer thoughts and actions, hence generating in this case, not only a "July 17" pattern-cluster,  butt

 another "July 17, 18/ Date Sequence" and "Off By One" pattern-clusters.  

Note this next excerpt from Katharine and Philip's son's wiki page: 
Note the twin 22, this is a particular inner twin trade mark signature, butt as well, April 22nd is "Off By One",  from being the 111th day of the year!!
Note this next excerpt from Katherine Graham's wiki page:

Note from President Richard Nixon's wiki page: 

  • Richard Milhous Nixon (January 9, 1913 – April 22, 1994)
Nixon died on Donald Grahams birthday, hence generating an "April 22" and  another "Off By One"

 pattern-cluster.  Richard Nixon's birthday is also an addition to the "Off By One" pattern-cluster given 

that it is one off from my step son's birthday, January8th.  

Ivan Cook versus Leigh Hatcher

As a followup to my earlier post today re Ian Cook & Ivan Plyushch RIIP: Getting Our Rowing ... , note the following name that stands out from the Sky News Australia wiki page:
Two things stood out, the first name is an addition to the "Lee/Leigh/Field ... " pattern-cluster, and then there's the name "Hatcher" which is an addition to the recent "Door/Gate..." pattern-cluster... AND, note the cryptic phrase in Ivan's surname "Plyushch"-- what I get is "ply us hch"... with the first two words easily understood, butt the "hch" a bit more vague... and it did occur to me that by adding a vowel we could come to the meaning: hich.. hach... very similar to "hitch" and "hatch".  I get the sense of "hitch up to go through the hatch".  Note the etymology of hitch:
hitch (v.) Look up hitch at Dictionary.commid-15c., probably from Middle English icchen "to move as with a jerk, to stir" (c.1200)... in notion of "hitching up" pants or boots with a jerking motion. Sense of "become fastened," especially by a hook, first recorded 1570s, originally nautical. Meaning "to marry" is from 1844 (to hitch horses together "get along well," especially of married couples... 

Note this next excerpt from Leigh Hatcher's wiki page: 

Leigh's birthday is an addition to the "Targeting Family Birthdays" pattern-cluster given that this is the birthday of my granddaughter.  As well,  note the twin 55.  

On investigating the rash of  notable deaths associated with the name "Lee/Leigh" and other diminutives of the name that means "field" in origin,  I was able to determine that the inner twin world influenced these deaths in order to convey without doubt, that they have arranged a "battle field"... in other words, they are waging a war against our outer world... while most are yet unaware, the inner twin world have enabled some of us to be privy to the war.  Essentially, they are in the midst of coming through the hatch and becoming more apparent to us: they are coming out and communicating to us.    That Leigh Hatcher was a journalist means that this is another addition to the "Targeting Journalist" pattern-cluster, which thanks to his lucky stars, he didn't have to die like so many of the other' in order generate and keep the cluster going... butt with that said, Ivan Cook paid that price!!  There is no question about it, putting motivation aside, the inner twin world are terrorizing us... sending a message that they have enormous power over our lives and deaths!!  The only way to end the war, is to meet their demands, and it seems that part of that means to encourage Journalists, media moguls and other related powers that be who control the media, to stop censoring the Truth.  It's the only way.  Which brings us back to this blog where they so obviously speak and lay down the terms for peace.  

Not that I want to be part of it all, I didn't choose this lot in life, the inner twin world disrupted my life over and over until it sunk in and I see no other choice butt to do my share in the truth printing category... even if it means that the only ones reading are a small motley ... butt powerful group.  

... to be continued...

Filling the Gap inc. && Two Ducks Make a Row

On checking my emails just now I noted the following:

You Could Be Seeing An Image Here!

Gap Went For Fairer Pay Even Though The Rest Of The Country Wasn't Really Doing It? Cool.

It It has to do with "$$/Money/Pay/Cost", and because they sell clothing similar to what we all "bear/wear"... which brings us to the recent "Bear/Baer.../Wear" pattern-cluster.  So I thought I might as well investigate further.  Note from the Gaps wiki page: 
It was founded in 1969 by Donald Fisher and Doris F. Fisher 
What immediately struck me is the surname "Fisher"... since my previous post involved "ducks", this is meaningful, after all ducks eat small fish as part of their diet and so are "fishers".  And then there's the first name "Donald" ... reminding me of Donald Duck, and no doubt there are likely an array of interesting pattern-clusters there, butt for now lets stick with the Gaps Fishers.  Note the following excerpt from the Gaps wiki page:
Fisher's wife and their son,Robert J. Fisher, also serve on Gap's board of director
We have another addition to the recent and vast "Robert/Bob/Cut Short ..." pattern-cluster.  Note from  his wiki page:
Robert J. (Bob) Fisher (born August 26, 1954)
His date of birth is an addition to the "Off by One" pattern-cluster, given that August 25th is my granddaughters birthday.   He's one lucky dude... his inner twin and/or the inner twin world could have just as easily influenced his "timely death" to bring about this pattern-cluster... could it be that the Fishers are trying to do their part in filling the 'gap' between our world and the inner twin world... and perhaps... perhaps, enabling the inner twin world to reconsider "cutting short" any of the lives of notable persons connected with the Gap inc?!

Now on with Donald Duck.  Note this excerpt from his wiki page re

First appearanceThe Wise Little Hen (1934)

The Wise Little Hen made me think of "Henny Penny" which also jives with the recent "money/honey" rhyming  inner twin  scheme of things... and didn't Henny Penny try to warn everyone something about the "sky"!!  Well it's not Henny Penny, butt note from the Wise Little Hen's wiki page:
Note from the actors respective wiki pages:
  • Florence Gill (born 27 July 1877 - 19 February 1965) 
  •  Clarence Charles "Ducky" Nash (December 7, 1904 – February 20, 1985) 
  • Vance DeBar "Pinto" Colvig (September 11, 1892 – October 3, 1967) 

As you can see by the deaths of the first two, Gill and Nash day of death generate a "February 19,20/Date Sequence" pattern-cluster and Colvig's birthday is an addition to the vast "9/11" pattern-cluster.
Note this next excerpt from The Wise Little Hen's wiki page:

Animation byArt Babbitt
Dick Huemer
Dick Lundy
Ward Kimball
Note from their respective wiki pages: 
  • Arthur Harold Babitsky (October 8, 1907 – March 4, 1992), 
  • Dick Huemer (January 2, 1898, New York, New York – November 30, 1979, 
  • Richard James "Dick" Lundy (August 14, 1907 – April 7, 1990) 
  • Ward Walrath Kimball (March 4, 1914 – July 8, 2002)
Art Babbitt died on Ward Kimball's birthday!!  Note the numeric version of March 4th is "3/4", both numbers share the same key as #/$ respectively.  The cross hatch image of the # sign conveys "weave/fabricate/build"... hence why the Free Masons hold twin 33 in high esteem... after all, Mason's are builders... albeit nott doing the job they were designed to do  (according to the inner twin world scheme of things).  And the fact that we have two Dick's: a Dick Huemer and a Dick Lundy, isn't entirely designed for our "humour", butt a matter of great seriousness... you see, "Richard" breaks down to communicate "rich ard"-- meaning "rich earth"... which we don't have... at least not in the inner twin world's scheme of things... what we have at the moment, is just "two dicks"... or "dick all" if you will... what the inner twin world wants is two ducks... just two ducks ... it's nott many, butt two ducks can form a row... a short one, butt a row non the less.  

You see, what people ... powers that bee like the Gap inc Fishers seem to be missing, is that I'm the first duck ... or more precisely, the inner twin's Toumai and Pronoiasecret Blogs is the beginning of the row.  So no more beating around the Bush and no more censoring of the truth-- it's the people... ALL people everywhere that needs to sign up ... to put their 2 billion or even 2 sense worth if that's all they have.   So who's going to  be the next wise one in this "Little Wise Hen" pecking order...row. 

Ian Cook & Ivan Plyushch RIIP: Getting Our Rowing 777&&&&&& Ducks in a Row (Boeing 777 Update)

At the moment, the Deaths in 2014 site has two notable persons listed under yesterdays date, June 26:

Last night, before writing my previous post, Ivan Plyushch was the only one on the list and I immediately had the sense that his death was "timely"... as in meaning that it was influenced by his inner twin and/or the inner twin world as part of a vast scheme involving their "coming out" and "communicating" to us in the outer twin world. 

 When I investigated Ivan's wiki page last night I noted the following: 
Ivan Stepanovych Plyushch (September 11, 1941 – June 26, 2014)
His birthday is an addition to the "9/11" pattern-cluster... another very good indication that the inner twin world had been at work in the life and death of Ivan Plyushch. 
 In this case, the use of 9/11 means that the inner twin world are about to relay "bad news", and when you decipher the cryptic communication from the above  re: (Sky News Australia, Nine News, Seven News), the message of "bad news" is confirmed.   Butt the problem that I saw last night as to why I decided not to post, is that I felt it had nothing to do with the "Boeing 777" series of posts... which is all that I decided to post about as I attempt to eventually stop posting for "free" altogether. 

Butt then this morning on visiting Wikipedia's Deaths in 2014 site, I noted that another person had been added under June 26-- Ian Cook.  Again, I immediately knew that the inner twin world were beckoning... you see, the names Ian and Ivan are both related to John... hence both are additions to the vast "John/Joanne/Jack..." pattern-cluster.   So, this is enough of a prompt for me!!

Beginning with Ian, take note of the numbers in his excerpt above.  The inner twin world often use numbers in order to communicate their own "news", and so the "Nine" and "Seven" in the News agency names is meaningful, bringing us to the cryptic communication "Australia Sky, 9, 7".  The number 9 and 7 on my computer key board share the same key as the left bracket, "(", and the and, "&", symbol, which are cyphers enable us to understand the hidden meaning behind the numbers. In the case of the left bracket, it's use in making the "unhappy" emoticon :-( is a design influence of the inner twin world for the purpose of communicating that they are unhappy.  This is where "Australia Sky" and the "&symbol come in.   In much the same way that the left bracket forms the image of a down curved "unhappy" mouth, the "&" symbol forms the cryptic image/line-drawing of a "duck".  

So how does a duck factor into the communication?!  First let me bring you to this last portion of my Oct 16, 2013 post title: ...Lucky Ducks &&&&&&&&'s in a Row.  Our tendency to say "Lucky Duck" and "Lucky 7" is another inner twin design influence, and the reason they would do this, is so we can make the obvious connection that lucky 7 and lucky duck is "a good thing".  So how does this jive with the "unhappy" part of the communication?!  Of course the more 777's and the more ducks &&&& the luckier one can bee, which brings us now to another inner twin design... this time in a phrase : "getting your ducks in a row".  The expression conveys: organizing your tasks and schedule so that you are ready for the next step. The inner twin world are communicating to us in typical cryptic fashion that the reason for their unhappiness is that there is only one 7... only one duck "&", ... which I presume to be little ole me.  Bottom line is that you can't make a row with only one duck!!  And so without an adequate row of ducks, the problem with the "Australia Sky" can't be properly dealt with.  So, calling all ducks!!

Even though one lucky duck is a good thing, it's hardly enough to save the day, so the inner twin world are doing what they need to do in order to wake other ducks up and get them in a row, and when there are enough, then with the inner twin world leading the way, we can deal with the problem with the "Australia sky".   So as to what's up with the sky over Australia, note the following excerpt from my April 16, 2014 post entitled, Mick Staton and Val Ogden RIIIIP: Twin 2/11 (Boeing 777 Update 76)

What stands out is her surname "Hale" in combination with her middle name that gives us the cryptic phrase "day of hail"... this is meaningful and fits into the glacial event scheme of things, and there's more, hail was the subject matter of a recent post involving Insurance Companies, note this excerpt from my recent April 10 post re Boniface Lele & Dominique Baudis RIIIIP: the Insurance Cue (Boeing 777 Update 59):

The inner twin world because of their greater intelligence and greater eye on the past, were perfectly aware that something was coming-- a cyclical weather pattern that at one stage would result in catastrophic hail storms in Australia. Because of this knowledge, and because of their ability to influence our thoughts and actions without our being aware, they were able to generate cryptic patterns like the ones I've just revealed, patterns that could one day be used to "come out" and "communicate" to us when the time was right, which happens to be now... that is, at least with some of us.  

Since "Hail" now factors in, I can't help butt feel that my previous post re: Lee McBee RIIP: Winters Honey Money, is connected.  

It's also meaningful that Ian's surname is "Cook" which to me conveys "heating"... which is a good thing ... and offset to icy "hail".  Note this excerpt from the online etymology dictionary:
cook (n.) ... Germanic languages had no one native term for all types of cooking, and borrowed the Latin word (Old Saxon kok, Old High German choh, German Koch, Swedish kock).
Then perusing through Sky News Australia's wiki page, I noted the following name:
So what are the chances... a definite "Cook/Koch... " pattern-cluster in the works?!   Note from David Koch's wiki page:
David James Koch (born 7 March 1956)
Now we have the "Boeing 777" connection!!  Note his date of birth, March 7, is the day that MH Flight 370 disappeared... Malaysia time that is (March 8th here in my Canadian Northern Hemisphere).  
... To be continued...

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Lee McBee RIIP: Winters Honey Money

The Deaths in 2014 site lists under June 24:
Note the following excerpts  from McBee's wiki page:
What stands out is the surname Winter-- an addition to the "Winter/Big Snow/Glacier..." pattern-cluster.  Note from Dawson's wiki page:
John Dawson Winter III (born February 23, 1944)
Note his date of birth and then note these two excerpts from my previous post:
  • On reading my recent June 23rd post (Here), you'll also note a "February 22nd" and"February 22, 23/ Date Sequence" pattern-cluster. which of course means that we have a"February 22, 23, 24, 25/ Date Sequence" pattern-cluster 

  • It is #44 on the American Library Association list of 100 books most frequently challenged during the 1990s
  • We now have a new "February 23" pattern-cluster in the works... also an addition to the "Off By One" pattern-cluster given that my new little grandson was born this year on February 22nd.  The inner twin world generated the one off's in order to convey that we have gone "off track"... hence this is why they are waging a war against our lives and world. The second excerpt from my previous post mentions the twin "44", which forms a "44/$$/Money..." pattern-cluster with the twin 44 in the year of Winter's birth and if you read the post, you'll see how "money" factors in. The inner twin world are letting us know that we are "one off the money when it comes to preparing for winter".  Another design influence of the inner twin world is the fact that "honey" and "money" also rhyme-- a means by which they draw comparison in this particular communication-- honey is like money to Honey Bee's

    In like manner, "Lee McBee" rhymes because it's another design influence by the inner twin world to assist in communicating to me/us now that they have my/our attention.  Note what Google search engine brought up when keying in "do bees store honey for winter": 

  • How Honey Bees Keep Warm in Winter - Insects - › ... › Flying Insects › Ants, Bees, & Wasps
    Honey bees remain active during the cold, winter months. It requires a team ... If the colony runs short of honey, it will freeze to death before spring. The worker  ...