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Bruce Cockburn Wanders Where the Lions Are

Hear they are ;-)(-;

Wondering Where the Lions Are

The inner twin world generate "pattern-clusters" that come in a myriad of forms.  For instance, since the beginning of June a prominent "Frank/Francis/Fanny/Franz..." pattern cluster has cropped up in regards to notable persons added to Wikipedia's Deaths in 2013 site during this month.

Another prominent one is the "Identical Number Sequence" pattern-cluster which has been ongoing since 2009... ie: 22 and 888, have also cropped up as a result of following the inner twin lead.   

From the year 2001-2012 a particular type of Identical Number Sequence has occurred with regards to certain dates, that most people are already aware of, beginning with January 1, 2001, the numeric version being 01/01/01; progressing along re 02/02/02; 03/03/03... 11/11/11... and finally 12/12/12.  The inner twin world's strategy was to coincide their "coming out" and "communicating" to us at this precise point in time when this numeric phenomena would occur in the 2nd millenia.  The fact of the matter being that they influenced the Gregorian Calendar... they've planned and orchestrated certain events over the last 2000 years and earlier, in such a way that set us on this path.  This also means that they had a hand in the story of Jesus', since the Gregorian Calendar is tied to this event (whether real or fictional).  Simply put, the inner twin world moved us along through history... shaping events so that we would arrive at where they wanted us ... where we are at today.

 So with much of this playing on my mind last night, and also knowing that certain days in the year are unique given that they fall into the "Identical Number Sequence" pattern cluster, I decided to investigate the most prominent ones, beginning with the first identical triplets occurring in the year on April 21:
April 21  is the 111th day of the year (112th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 254 days remaining until the end of the year.
It's interesting to note that during a leap year, April 20th is the 111th day of the year and April 21st would then be the 112th day of the year.   On following the link to Wikipedia's April 21st wiki page, I immediately went to the bottom of the section re: notable deaths at 2013, and began perusing back through the years to see if anything in particular stood out.  Then I arrived at:
It was his middle name Francois that grabbed my attention... and that he died in 1998 given that this falls into the prominent "Off By One" pattern-cluster ... as in one off from the triplet 999 in 1999.    In fact an Off By One pattern-cluster occurred in the last 24 hours: yesterday my post involved Margherita Hack, who was added to the Deaths in 2013 site under June 29th...  and following the inner twin lead I investigated her further by going to her wiki page where I discovered that she was born on June 12th... a date that falls into the "Off By One" pattern-cluster, given that it's one off from my birthday, June 13th.  Then first thing this morning, Cathy and I did about 4- cryptoquotes from the Puzzle Baron site, two of the quotes were by notable persons, where one was born on June 12th and the other passing away on June 12th (Note photo's at right).

Okay, so now getting back on track with Jean-Francois Lyotard, note the following from his wiki page:
       Jean-François Lyotard (French: [ʒɑ̃ fʁɑ̃swa ljɔtaʁ]; 10 August 1924 – 21 April 1998)
So note the following info regarding his birthday:
August 10 is the 222nd day of the year (223rd in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 143 days remaining until the end of the year.
Since 1924 was a leap year, he was born on the 223 day of the year... which happens to fall into the "Off By One" pattern-cluster, and in so far as his death, 1998 wasn't a leap year, and so he died on the 111th day of the year.

When thinking about his surname Lyotard, I'm reminded of "leotards"... something that trapeze artists and ballerina's wear under their tutu's.  And of course when divided into two syllables you get "Leo-tard", which in turn reminds me of a "tardy lion"... a slow and sluggish lion.  So I wonder where the lions are?!

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Margherita Hack RIIP

The Deaths in 2013 site lists under June 29th:
Margherita Hack, 91, Italian astrophysicist and popular science writer, suspected heart failure
There's two things that stand out, with the 1st being her first name, Margherita... which my name "May" is a diminutive of.   The second thing that stands out is her surname "Hack", which to me sounds like "Hag"... especially meaningful because of a mention in my previous post of Dan Brown's Chapter 88 in his book, Inferno... given that the 8th wonder referred to is the "Hagia Sophia" which means "Holy Wisdom".  Note the following etymology:
haggle (v.) Look up haggle at Dictionary.com1570s, "to cut unevenly" (implied in haggler), frequentative of haggen "to chop" (see hack (v.1)
hag (n.) Look up hag at Dictionary.comearly 13c., "ugly old woman," probably a shortening of Old English hægtesse "witch, fury" (on assumption that -tesse was a suffix), from Proto-Germanic*hagatusjon-, of unknown origin. Similar shortening produced Dutch heks, German Hexe "witch" 
Note the following from Margherita's wiki page:
Margherita HackDame Grand Cross OMRI (Italian: [marɡeˈriːta ak]; 12 June 1922 – 29 June 2013) was an Italian astrophysicist and popular science writer. The asteroid 8558 Hack, discovered in 1995, was named in her honor
She celebrates her birthday one day before mine... hence falling into the "Off By One" pattern-cluster.   And the year in which she was born re twin '22, happens to bee a particular inner twin trademark signature.  The asteroid number re 8558 is interesting, when divided in two 85 and 58 they are reversed from one another... another inner twin trademark signature, falling into the "Opposites" pattern-cluster.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Byron Looper RIIP and Dan Brown's 8th Wonder of the World (UPDATE 2)

Just added to the Deaths in 2013 site under June 26th is: 
Byron wasn't listed on the site when I last checked yesterday afternoon.  What immediately stood out was the "loop" in his surname... very audd considering that yesterday my post involved me making a  "loop" back to when I began this blog, note this excerpt  re Sammy Lagmay RIIP: A Last Wish (UPDATE 2 Double Peace):
Naturally I was puzzled... what is the inner twin world referring to... how am I lagging... or being lagged?!  It suddenly occurred to me that I couldn't remember when I started this blog, so I went back to Check... it was June 19th... I missed the anniversary by 8 days, I guess that would be lagging... so is that what the inner twin world are referring to?!  And it appears that they had actually set up my little lag... as well as the death of Lagmay to occur in a timely manner. 
Another thing that stood out was Byron Looper's age at death, 48.  Normally when I see the number combination 38 or 83, I take note, given the inner twin cryptic infiltration re: 3+3=8 as much as 4+4=8, given that 3 is the 'picture' half of 8 in the graphical sense where as 4 is half of 8 in the mathematical sense.  Perhaps I should be taking note when 48 crops up as well.   I can't help butt wonder if the inner twin are trying to bring attention to our divided world... after all this seems to jive with  the significant "Opposites" pattern- cluster occurring in the last while.  And when I think on it further and after reading his wiki page, Byron Looper was a pretty bad guy... he was a "villain",  and so is opposite to the "Hero" pattern cluster which has also cropped up in the last few posts.   Note the title of my recent June 24th post re
Heroes logo.png
The logo for the series featuring a solar eclipse
And you may remember this logo for the tv series, "Heroes", that cropped up inmy June 27th post:
 Do you see now, how the inner twin twists, turns and "loops" things around, creating distinct and intricate patterns?!

I recollect a story that my nephew, an architect, had shared with me:
 Leonardo Davinci was asked to submit a piece of artwork as part of a competition, the prize being a very big commission.  Leonardo arrived at the interview with no art work, butt just a large blank sheet of paper and a stick of charcoal.  He mounted the paper on the wall, stood back at arms length and proceeded to draw a circle, while informing the interviewers that this was his submission.  As Davinci made his way to the door, the interviewers began whispering to one another in disbelief , "it's only a circle"?!   Davinci, knowing full well what they were thinking, turned to the group, " Measure it", he challenged, and then left the room.  The interviewer's measured and to their astonishment, Davinci had drawn nott just a circle, butt a "PERFECT" one.
Davinci's inner twin is his inspiration... this is where his genius comes from, and in fact, all genius comes from the inner twin world.  They are genius beyond what we in our outer world can even begin to imagine.  They are super genius because they've evolved that way, and we in the outer twin world owe our amazing advances to the fact that we are connected to this source both directly and indirectly.  The inner twin world have the uncanny ability to influence our thoughts and our actions so great discoveries are made, and they can also do the opposite if and when they choose.

This next claim I've made in previous posts: the inner twin world have staged events in such a way that they are able to "come out" and "communicate" to us today.  Let me put it to u in the inner twin cryptic way: my Toumai and Pronoiasecret blogs is their figure 8... nott just any 8, butt a perfect one.

Denslow's Humpty Dumpty 1904.jpg
Humpty Dumpty as illustrated
W. W. Denslow in 1904
Getting back to Villains and Heroes, Byron Looper would be regarded by most in our outer world as a villain, butt in all fairness, that's how his inner twin and the inner twin world had influenced him.  It's scary for me to think this, butt it happens to bee the truth so why nott say it for what it is.  The inner twin are playing us and they have been for a very long time in history... we are being moving across the board like pawns, horses, knights, bishop, king, queen... all of us, right down to humpty dumpty .

So why would the inner twin world influence people to be villains?!

A very long time ago, the inner twin world became aware of a situation occurring in our world and solar system that we outer twins were not privy to.  The situation was a great nemesis that put them in a triage situation-- a fight for survival... a fight to avoid extinction.  As with any triage situation, extreme measures are often what's needed... actions that in the best of times would never be taken.

The one thing about genius is that it comes more readily to those who are least likely to bee distracted by the outer world.  So, with the triage situation being what it is, a group from the inner twin world were singled out to withdraw as much as possible from their outer twin's and the outer twin world in order to concentrate on the problem and begin solving it.  Unfortunately, from this group, the outer twin's have a hey day given that they now control of the outer body and without the inner twin's "moral compass", they wreck havoc as any self centered psychopath would...  these individuals have a strong "hunter instinct"... essentially they are "lions" on the loose.

With a great portion of the inner twin world withdrawing, the outer world became chaotic, butt always  manageable. The inner twin world's actively protected the group who have a very poor to no connection to their inner twin, hence enabling the inner twins of this group to accentuate their already genius capabilities into "super genius".  The super genius inner twins retained their ability to communicate with inner twins who have the ability to influence the thoughts and actions of their outer twin... and that is how they transfer the greater knowledge to us.   The inner twin world allowed this "villainous" group to flourish only because of the need... the triage.  This is why our world has become "patriarchal" ... and of course why violence and war are the order of the day.   Still, the inner twin world managed to "sway" the world and bring about the inventions that serve their ultimate agenda.

The inner twin world retained control and also made plans to eventually turn the patriarchal tide when the time was right, and as part of that plan some inner twin's able to influence their outer twin, went underground... in other words they infiltrated (a double agent if you will), influencing their outer twin to play the part of villain in order to gain acceptance by this group in order to protect them and at the same time to retain control.

Given what they have to work with, the inner twin world are creating a masterpiece and they're still at it, with the difference being that the part that they're working on now involves "coming out" and "communicating" to us right here and right now.   For the first time our outer world has the ability and is being given the chance to bee aware of the inner twin world.  Their coming out in this manner enables all of us... including those who have little to no connection to their inner twin, to see the inner twin world and hear what they have to say.  And in fact, the inner twin world are nott about to take no for an answer... everyone will come to hear.

There are lions and lambs among us-- the bible verse and metaphor was influenced by the inner twin world... this is who we are as a people.  The inner twin world are in the process of bringing these traits        together in peace... the lion and lamb lying down is a symbol of peace.  In other words, a time when t ruthless preying on innocent others won't occur any longer, nott because human predators are wiped out, which will never be the case, butt because intelligence and the new knowledge of the inner twin world will act as a deterrent, and so the lions of the world will learn to manage and keep in check their predatory instinct.

Note the etymology of Byron
 From a surname which was originally from a place name meaning "place of the cow sheds" in Old English.
So, the word "barn" immediately comes to mind.  And now, when applying "loop" to "barn" I regard this as the inner twin world's way of saying, "loop around... go back in time... to a  historic barn... to a  stable"... to a stable under a bright star... to a stable where Jesus was born."

Now going back to "8"...  the "double loop", the number that shares the same key on my keyboard as the * asterisk... the star.  So consider now the biblical reference to "the second coming"... and now consider that the inner twin world coming out is the second coming.  Most consider Jesus as a literal figure and perhaps this is true, butt whether he was a real person or not, doesn't discount the truth couched within... what the inner twin world generated (as per the master plan of god/goddess/nature).  Jesus was "male" and also referred to as a "lamb", both of these were designed as metaphors, with "male"  representing our "patriarchal" outer world, and the second, "lamb",  representing a time when our world was "young".  The second coming is a metaphor for a new time... a time when people in our outer world have reached maturity, a time when the lamb has grown to a "ewe" (u/you... w/you you).  That time is now.   A ewe is a mature female sheep... a design incorporated by the inner twin world who consider themselves "matriarchal", in order to symbolize the time when we become aware of them and their inner parallel world... a time when we will get on board with their mandate.

All is nott as it seems in our world and lives... so what else is new under the sun/son.      

  Note the following from Byron Looper's wiki page:
 After being convicted for the October 1998 murder of his election opponent, incumbent Tennessee State Senator Tommy Burks, he was given a life sentence in prison
Tommy Burks ... the etymology of Thomas is "twin", and indication that this whole scenario... his death had been staged, and to drive it home that much further, note the following excerpt from his wiki page:
Tommy Burks (May 22, 1940 – October 19, 1998) 
Note the following re his dated of birth:
May 22 is the 142nd day of the year (143rd in leap years)... 223 days remaining until the end of the year.
As of the last stroke of midnight on May 22nd, there are 222 days remaining in the year!!  This is evidence of inner twin infiltration... this is their voice... this is their coming out... we have no choice in the matter of how they choose to speak and reveal themselves, it's simply our part to become aware.

While writing this post,  I took a break with Dan Brown's Inferno in tow, and it suddenly occurred to while on the porcelain throne, that I should venture to chapter 88... the *double star* chapter.   I was surprised to read how it began:
The Eighth Wonder of the World, some had called this space, and standing in  it now, Langdon was not about to argue with that assessment. 
Audd that the 88th chapters 2nd word is "Eighth".   My Tou sense for what it's worth, is that Dan Brown's inner twin influenced him ... or his editor... to put the word "eighth" as the second word of the 88th chapter for the purpose of looping around to usurp it when the time was right.  The underlying inner twin world's tou sense being:
The Eighth Wonder of the World, is in cyber space-- the Pronoiasecret and and Toumai Blogs, two loops circulating in a way that will bring all to the truth.


The "D" and "B" in Dan Brown's signature look a bit like a wonky sideways 8... the infinity symble



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Green Wix Unthank RIIP, John L. Nickels RIIP

The Deaths in 2013 lists under June 25th and 24th respectively:

I have noticed a that a number of Judges have passed away again this month, it's just an observation though...I haven't done the math to determine if the numbers are out of the ordinary.   There is more however.  First of all, the surname "Nickels" is an obvious addition to the recent "Money" pattern-cluster theme as per today's earlier post re:
Then we have "Green Wix Unthank" has various elements that speak well enough.    Green today means "environmentally friendly" and the name "wix" is phonetically identical to "wicks" so note the etymology:
  wick (n.2) Look up wick at"dairy farm," now surviving, if at all, as a localism in East Anglia or Essex, it was once the common Old English wic "dwelling place, lodging, abode,"
So the communication becomes "environmentally friendly abode"... which reminds me of the TUSSH-- the Two United Structure System Home that has cropped up a number of times in recent posts

Essentially the TUSSH is environmentally friendly given that it has the potential to greatly reduce our foot print on the earth... and where we become the guardians of an amazing garden.  Now the "Unthank" surname fits into the communication as well, butt it appears to be negative.  It seems to me to bee a way for the inner twin world to express that we in our outer world have yet to acknowledge them in the way that shows appreciation-- on the whole, we are still nott doing anything toward building the TUSSH and this appears to bee their "unthanks".

There is another etymology/definition of wick:
 wick (n.1) Look up wick at"bundle of fiber in a lamp or candle," Old English weoce, from West Germanic *weukon (cf. Middle Dutch wieke, Dutch wiek, Old High German wiohha, GermanWieche), of unknown origin, with no known cognates beyond Germanic. To dip one's wick "engage in sexual intercourse" (in reference to males) is recorded from 1958, perhaps from Hampton Wick, rhyming slang for "prick," which would connect it rather to wick (n.2).
As to how it fits into the communication scheme of things, your guess is as good as mine.

Bert Stern RIIP: Nautical Theme

The Deaths in 2013 site lists under June 26th:
Bert Stern, 83, American celebrity photographer (Marilyn Monroe at The Last Sitting) and documentary maker (Jazz on a Summer's Day)
It was his surname that stood out, and before you can begin to understand why, you'll have to read the following excerpt from my previous post , Mark Fisher RIIP: Fishing in the Park
The death of Harry Parker as per my previous post, was influenced by his inner twin in order to generate "pattern-clusters" that serve as a means of revealing themselves as well as to communicate.   Via deaths of certain notable persons, the inner twin world tapped into the recent flood in Calgary where miles of "parkland" became inundated by the Elbow river.  As per the post, Harry Parker and his wife were Olympic "rower's" which also factor into the "Water Way" pattern-cluster theme... and note as well, Harry's wife's maiden name was Keeler which contains the word "Keel", another addition to the pattern- cluster.  The same is true with Mark's surname "Fisher"... after all, fish live in water ways of the world.
The surname "Stern" obviously falls into the "Water Way" pattern-cluster theme occurring among notable persons recently added to Wikipedia's Deaths in 2013 site.  Note the following definitions:
Keel1. Nautical a. The principal structural member of a ship, running lengthwise along the center line from bow to stern, to which the frames are attached.b. A ship.
stern 2 : 1. Nautical The rear part of a ship or boat.
Note the etymology:
stern (n.) Look up stern at Dictionary.comc.1300, "hind part of a ship, steering gear of a ship," probably from Old Norse stjorn "a steering," related to styra "to guide" (see steer (v.)). Or the word may come from Old Frisian stiarne "rudder," which is also related to steer (v.). 
Keep in mind that the Elbow flows into the Bow River ... and note this definition of "bow":
 bow 1  (bou)n. Nautical1. The front section of a ship or boat.
So the theme has expanded into a "Water Way/Nautical" pattern-cluster.  Many of the words have "other" meanings and there's no doubt in my mind that these factor into the communication as well.  

Sammy Lagmay RIIP: A Last Wish (UPDATE 2 Double Peace)

The Deaths in 2013 site lists under June 26th:
Sammy Lagmay, 55, Filipino comedian, complications of diabetes
Sammy Lagmay's inner twin had influenced their conjoined death in a timely manner that facilitates with "coming out" and "communication" to us in the outer twin world and at this precise point in time.

There are two thing from the above excerpt that stands out, hence indicating inner twin infiltration.  First of all, when broken down into two syllables his surname becomes has other meaning: "lag May" ... since my name is May, I consider this to communicate that "I'm lagging".  Note the etymology:
lag (v.): "fail to keep pace," 1520s, earlier as a noun meaning "last person" (1510s), later also as an adjective (1550s; e.g. lag-mon "last man"), all of uncertain relationship, possibly from a Scandinavian source (cf. Norwegian lagga "go slowly"), or some dialectal version of last, lack, or delay. Related: Laglagging. The noun meaning "retardation" is from 1855. 
Keep in mind as well that my first blog "Toumai" which is an African word meaning "Hope for Life", is also a combination of "Tou" and "Mai"... with Mai representing me and/or our outer twin world and Tou representing my inner twin and/or the inner twin world.  So the communication appears to be that I and/or our outer twin world are lagging... or being lagged.  Note the etymology of the name Sammy:
From the Hebrew name שְׁמוּאֵל (Shemu'el) which could mean either "name of God" or "God has heard". Samuel was the last of the ruling judges in the Old Testament
Note the following excerpt from an interview with Sammy
Last wish: Late last year, the comedian said his greatest regret was not being able to express his love for his children.
Sammy Lagmay's last wish was heard and granted, albeit he wasn't aware of it at the time.  Sammy's inner twin shared the same wish and so orchestrated their conjoined death in a timely manner with the end result being to save their conjoined children and futures.

Since lag and leg are phonetical identical, note the following etymology:
leg (n.) Look up leg at Dictionary.comlate 13c., from a Scandinavian source akin to Old Norse leggr "leg, bone of the arm or leg," from Proto-Germanic *lagjaz, with no certain ulterior connections, perhaps from a PIE root meaning "to bend" [Buck]...The meaning "a part or stage of a journey or race" (1920) is from earlier sailing sense of "a run made on a single tack" (1867 To be on (one's) last legs "at the end of one's life" is from 1590s. 

Since "May" is also a word and month, note the etymology:
 may (v.1) Look up may at Dictionary.comOld English mæg "am able" (infinitive magan, past tense meahtemihte), from Proto-Germanic root *mag-, infinitive *maganan (Old Frisian mei/muga/machte "have power, may;" Old Saxon mag/mugan/mahte; Middle Dutch mach/moghen/mohte; Dutch mag/mogen/mocht; Old High German mag/magan/mahta; Germanmag/mögen/mochte; Old Norse ma/mega/matte; Gothic mag/magan/mahte "to be able"), from PIE *magh- (1) "to be able, have power" (cf. Greek mekhos, makhos "means, instrument," Old Church Slavonic mogo "to be able," mosti "power, force," Sanskrit mahan "great"). Also used in Old English as a "auxiliary of prediction."
May Look up May at Dictionary.comfifth month, early 12c., from Old French mai and directly from Latin MajusMaius mensis "month of May," possibly from MajaMaia, a Roman earth goddess (wife of Vulcan) whose name is of unknown origin; possibly from PIE *mag-ya "she who is great," fem. suffixed form of root *meg- "great" (cognate with Latin magnus). Replaced Old English þrimilce, month in which cows can be milked three times a day. May marriages have been considered unlucky at least since Ovid's day. May-apple attested from 1733, American English.
It just dawned on me that the month of May is the 5th month... and this coincides with Sammy's death at the twin age of 55-- another meaningful communication from the inner twin world.   I decided to check previous posts that concern a notable person who died on the previous May 5th , note this excerpt from my post entitled Greg Quill (66) RIIP, and Quintilis Quintilis (5/5) :

Wikipedia's Death in 2013 site has added to its list under May 5:
There are two things that stand out as having "other"/|"inner twin" meaning-- his surname, Quill, and his twin age at death, 66. 
Those of you who have followed my posts are aware that the number 6, because it shares the same key on my computer key board as the ^ (roof symbol), its other meaning as designated/influenced by the inner twin world is "home/shelter".  when twin 66 (or more) occur, such as in this case, the reference is to the TUSSH -- the Two United Structure System Home.  An image of the TUSSH is found in my February 26 , 2010 post entitled, HELP IS KELP ? .  As you can see from the images, it is essentially a clear hollow structure.  This design is not only a basic schematics of the proposed future home, butt this particular design was the home of our distant ancestors who lived on the frozen tundra adjacent to the giant mile high glaciers that had spread across their Eurasian homeland during the last glacial even that ended about 20,000 years ago. Evidence of this lay in the fabric of our words and etymology (word origins). In many posts I often refer to the word "quill" as being symbolic for this home given that it's  clear/hollow nature.  By examining the patterns, such as similar sounding words, it becomes clear that even though their etymological/original meanings appear to be vastly different on first glance, they DO follow a pattern when held under the light of this discovery-- the specialized home that enabled our ancestors to survive the harsh glaciated north.


Naturally I was puzzled... what is the inner twin world referring to... how am I lagging... or being lagged?!  It suddenly occurred to me that I couldn't remember when I started this blog, so I went back to Check... it was June 19th... I missed the anniversary by 8 days, I guess that would be lagging... so is that what the inner twin world are referring to?!  And it appears that they had actually set up my little lag... as well as the death of Lagmay to occur in a timely manner.

Note the three posts I made on June 19, 2013:
Perhaps they factor in somehow, butt I can't think of how at the moment.  Perhaps the inner twin world did this on purpose in order to single out todays date... I wonder what I posted on this day in 2012, note the following excerpt from my post entitled Patrick Michael Cummings RIIP
American professional basketball player Patrick (Michael) Cummings  (July 11, 1956–June 26, 2012) passed away yesterday at 55 years of age.  

Note his Jersey, even though he played under two other numbers, the only photo's I could find were these two of him sporting the number 42.  Considering that my last post involved the play with words ie (W=double you=U2=Ewe2).  Now let's take it a bit further, the number 42 can be seen as "for 2"... "for Tou"... and if you consider mixing in some French--"For tous" translates as "For You" (4 U 2). 
There is something else about 5... a cryptic relation to the number 2... given these encryptions by the inner twin world: note how Roman numeral 5 is a V and now note that when forming a V using the index and middle finger you make the peace/victory sign.  Note as well that this peace symbol could also simply mean "two" of something.  So the number 55 can bee regarded as having the cryptic meaning of  "double peace"

Mark Fisher RIIP: Fishing in the Park

The Deaths in 2013 site lists under June 25th:
Mark Fisher, 66, British stage designer and ceremony producer (20082012 Summer Olympics).
The fact that this is the second notable person named Mark passing away in 2 days is remarkable and the fact that he died at the twin age of 66 is also meaningful given that this number cropped up twice in my previous post from having simply followed the leads.   Note the following excerpt from Marks wiki page:
Mark FisherOBEMVORDI (20 April 1947 – 25 June 2013) was a British architect. He was born in Warwickshire, England.
Note the following info concerning his day of birth:
April 20 is the 110th day of the year (111th in leap years) ...255 days remain 
His birth date falls into the "Off By One" pattern-cluster (one off from 111).   The name of the place he was born is also meaningful, given that Warwickshire has the word "War" as a prefix... hence adding to the "War" pattern-cluster that cropped up in my previous post.  Note this next excerpt from Mark's wiki page:
He was a Unit Master at the AA School from 1973 to 1977.[3] In 1984 he set up the Fisher Park Partnership with Jonathan Park.[4] 
The twin "AA" is significant since the inner twin world have a propensity to generate "twin" things designed to serve as leads/communication.  The AA in this case is an acronym for Architectural Association That he was in partnership with a person with the surname "Park" is also meaningful given that it falls into the recently occurring "Park" pattern-cluster, note yesterdays post entitled: Harry Parker RIIP: Rowing Down the Godwin Gardom Park Water Way.

The death of Harry Parker as per my previous post, was influenced by his inner twin in order to generate "pattern-clusters" that serve as a means of revealing themselves as well as to communicate.   Via deaths of certain notable persons, the inner twin world tapped into the recent flood in Calgary where miles of "parkland" became inundated by the Elbow river.  As per the post, Harry Parker and his wife were Olympic "rower's" which also factor into the "Water Way" pattern-cluster theme... and note as well, Harry's wife's maiden name was Keeler which contains the word "Keel", another addition to the pattern- cluster.  The same is true with Mark's surname "Fisher"... after all, fish live in water ways of the world.

That Mark was an "architect" of sorts (designing stages) and the fact that twin 66 is the inner twin world's reference to the TUSSH, the Two United Structure System Home, I can't help butt consider this to be a way for the inner twin world to emphasize their activity: their setting up a "world stage of events" where certain inner twin's of notable persons around the world are sacrificing their conjoined lives in order to "coming out" and "communication" to us in the outer twin world.  The ultimate goal of the inner twin world is the building of TUSSH's, big and small, the world over.  

Sarah Charlesworth RIIP, Marc Rich RIIP: Worlds, Worth and War

Yesterday I took the photo at right of this blogs stats page.  Since twin numbers tend to be a tell tale signature of the inner twin world, I consider the 44 page views listed under the two days, a heads up, and because the number 4 shares the same key on my computer keyboard as the $ dollar sign, this also factors into the   communication.

It appears that the inner twin world are making a reference to money... pay and/or cost.  Then driving it home further are two additions recently made to the Deaths in 2013 site listed under June 26th:
  • Sarah Charlesworth, 66, American conceptual artist and photographer, cerebral hemorrhage 
Note the suffix "worth" in the surname Charlesworth, and the surname "Rich" have strong suggestions of "money".  So what are the chances of these two surnames cropping up on the same day as the twin/double 44's, and each including communicating "money"?!  In the first excerpt above re Sarah Charlesworth, her twin age at death, 66, is another lead.  Since the number 6 shares the same key as the ^ (roof/hat) symbol, then "shelter/house" is added to the communication... with multiples of 6's referencing a certain type of house, what I refer to as the TUSSH, the Two United Structure System Home (View Here).   I get the sense of communication being "money for the TUSSH". There's definitely enough leads to warrant further investigation.

From the excerpt above involving "Marc Rich", note the mention of the "Iran Hostage Crisis".  This event, holds particular meaning to me since my daughter was born only a few hours after the hostages were released, note this excerpt from my Toumai blogs September 12, 2011 post re
It was the wee hours of 01/21/81 when My doctor and the surgeon, both immigrants from the Middle East, began the c-section as well as a heated debate over the Iran hostage crisis situation which had just ended a few hours before, making it 444 days of captivity for American hostages.
So note the last part re: " 444 days of captivity...".  So what are the chances of multiples of 4 cropping up once again... "seemingly" out of the blue.  Note as well, this next excerpt from the same post: 
OKAY... so this is enough for me to heed the inner twin's call... and check the link for Richard Queen these excerpts from the wiki article :
  • On November 4, 1979 (11/4/79), he was among the 66hostages taken by Islamic militants 
As you can see, in the same post a twin 66 crops up... again, so what are the chances?!  

From Sarah Charlesworth's wiki page, note this excerpt:
Sarah Charlesworth (March 29, 1947 – June 25, 2013) 
Her day of birth leaves another clue when one considers the following:
March 29 is the 88th day of the year ... 277 days remaining until the end of the year. 
Twin numbers are a particular trade mark signature of the inner twin world and as you can see by the above, there are two sets... both 88 and 77 have played prominently in recent posts. The number 7 shares the same key as the & (and)... which to me suggests "more" and the number 8 shares the same key as the * (asterisk)... a "star" that could represent "notable/star people" and/or "celestial star".  In my previous post I considered the 8 to represent our dual/conjoined world and though this may be part of the equation, there appears to be more... so what is missing?!

Since the month of March is singled out, note the etymology:
Marchfrom Anglo-French marche, Old French marz, from Latin Martius (mensis) "(month) of Mars," from Mars (genitive Martis).   
Mars: Roman god of war, also the name of the bright red planet, late 14c., from Latin Mars (stem *Mawort-)
Note the similarity with March and Marc Rich's name, Marc... and note the various name/word etymology:
Mark: ...probably derived from the name of the Roman god MARS. 
mark (n.2) "unit of money or weight,"  
mark (n.1) Look up mark at"trace, impression," Old English mearc (West Saxon), merc (Mercian) "boundary, sign, limit, mark," from Proto-Germanic *marko 
 So we now have a reference to "money" (cost and/or pay), we have a reference to "shelter/house" and in particular the "TUSSH", and we have a reference to "war". Note the etymology behind Sarah Charlesworth's first and last name:
Sarah: Means "lady" or "princess" in Hebrew
Charles: From the Germanic name Karl, which was derived from a Germanic word which meant "man". However, an alternative theory states that it is derived from the common Germanic element hari meaning "army, warrior". 
worth (adj.) Old English weorþ "significant, valuable, highly thought-of, deserving,  honorable,  of high rank, proper, fit, capable," from Proto-Germanic *werthaz "toward, opposite," hence "equivalent, worth" (cf. Old Frisian werth, Old Norse verðr, Dutch waard, Old High German werd, Germanwert, Gothic wairþs "worth, worthy"), perhaps a derivative of PIE *wert- "to turn, wind," from root *wer- (3) "to turn, bend" (see versus). 
Again, Charles being associated with "Hari" is meaningful, given the prominent "Harry/Harriet/Hattie/Hare/Hair/Heir pattern-cluster.   Not to mention that the definition "army, warrior" is related to war/mars.
Note the etymology of Marc's surname:
rich (adj.) Look up rich at Dictionary.comOld English rice "wealthy, powerful, mighty," from Proto-Germanic *rikijaz (cf. Old Norse rikr, Old High German rihhi "ruler, powerful, rich," Old Frisian rike, Dutch rijk, German reich "rich," Gothic reiks "ruler, powerful, rich"), borrowed from a Celtic source akin to Gaulish *rix, Old Irish ri (genitive rig) "king," from PIE root *reg- "move in a straight line," hence, "direct, rule" (see rex).  
So what is my tou sense worth?!

The inner twin world need an army from both our worlds in order to build the TUSSH ... the shield  designed to protect our loved ones and ourselves as we battle what ever nemesis the inner twin world is aware of that we in our outer world are nott... or we simply choose to turn a blind eye to.