Sunday, April 23, 2017

Saint Adela's Key

Note the following from my earlier post today,  Adele Key:
 Originally a short form of names beginning with the Germanic element adal meaning "noble". Saint Adela was a 7th-century Frankish princess who founded a monastery at Pfazel in France. This name was also borne by a daughter of William the Conqueror.
And note from Saint Adele's wiki page:
Adela of Normandyof Blois, or of England (c. 1067[1] – 8 March 1137), also known as Saint Adela in Roman Catholicis
Note her date of death and note this excerpt from myprevious post:
 a "March _, 6, 7, _/ Date Sequence" pattern cluster. 
So one of the gaps is bridged:  a "March _, 6, 7, 8/ Date Sequence" pattern cluster.  And then investigating the March 5 wiki page... using the formula as per usual... and taking into consideration the "one off" curve ball: 

  • David Stuart Sheppard, Baron Sheppard of Liverpool (6 March 1929 – 5 March 2005)