Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Doris Singleton and Don Grady RIIP

Doris Singleton as RitaSo what are the chances of two actors from the same tv show passing away within a day of each other.

Doris Singleton, 92, American actress (I Love LucyMy Three Sons)
Don Grady, 68, American actor (My Three SonsThe Mickey Mouse Club), cancer.

The show originally had four sons, but the number one son was written out of the show during the first year, so Don Grady, who was number two son in the beginning became number one son in the end.  He's the one doing the shadow hare ... peace symbol... v for victory... two hand signal. 

Patrick Michael Cummings RIIP

American professional basketball player Patrick (Michael) Cummings  (July 11, 1956–June 26, 2012) passed away yesterday at 55 years of age.  The evidence of inner twin infiltration is apparent.  Note the twin 11 in his day of birth, and his twin 55 age at death.  He was only 15 days away from turning 56.  

Note his Jersey, even though he played under two other numbers, the only photo's I could find were these two of him sporting the number 42.  Considering that my last post involved the play with words ie (W=double you=U2=Ewe2).  Now let's take it a bit further, the number 42 can be seen as "for 2"... "for Tou"... and if you consider mixing in some French--"For tous" translates as "For You" (4 U 2).  

There is meaning in other numbers as well.  The numeric date of death is 6/26/12 which equates with the symbols ^@^!@  ... an emphasis on the "double ROOF" and "double AT" is an expression of their urgency... they are sacrificing lives... their own in the process, in order to demonstrate our conjoined need to work together in building adequate shelter against what's to come. 

The fact that his middle name is Michael is another piece of evidence given the cluster synchronicity around this name (note: both my children have the middle name Michael and the french version Michelle).  The original cluster synchronicity around this name involved Michael Jackson's death in 2009 and note, he gave all of his 3 children the middle name "Michael".  This is no mere coincidence.

His surname Cummings brought up two similar names in the etymology source:

The name Cummings was not found. Names that sound similar to CUMMINGS:
Possibly comes from the Gaelic cuinneag meaning "milk pail", or coney and hame meaning "rabbit home"
KONING Dutch cognate of KING.
Note the following word etymology when breaking down Cunning-ham
cunning (adj.) early 14c., "learned, skillful," prp. of cunnen "to know" (see can (v.))
home (n.)  O.E. ham "dwelling, house, estate, village," 

So as you can see this is yet more influences/infiltration's of the inner twin world--  all of which circles back to another emphasis on our need for a "HOUSE" ... a "cunning" house suggests that this house be designed with our greater knowledge in mind.  I don't quite understand the implication of "King" in all of this, but I get the sense that they are coming out to people they consider to be "leaders" -- people they have placed in positions of power, keeping in mind that this power can come in a myriad of forms.   I regard my voice and portrayal of inner twin world activities (via synchronicity) here and in my Toumai Blog, as my particular form of power... and the fact that the inner twin world can so easily work through me... something that I have absolutely no say in and neither do you.  

The twin numbers are bothersome to me.  In my own family of 5, my partner and I are 55 and one son is 33.  
I certainly don't like the fact that the inner twin world use twin numbers as a particular trade mark signature.  Although there are clusters around 23 and 27... and there's now the "one off" cluster synchronicity (you'll have to go to my Toumai Blog to understand more).

My hope is that by continuing to do my part with getting this out there as best and as quickly as possible, the inner twin world will no longer resort to the drastic measures that result in death --suicide/sacrifice on the part of their inner twin that causes one of our own in the outer world to perish simultaneously as well.   They do this in a bid to wake us up to their existence and so they can communicate the dangers that they see (and we do not) that poses as a threat to our conjoined future.  Essentially, they need our helping hands-- our full cooperation as the best hope of preventing our annihilation.  

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

U2 - With or Without you - lyrics

Seems like a good time to bring in U2 , big guns on the inner twin music scene.

Aquarius and Ewe II

Note the following other information that I found in wiki's June 25 site under deaths: 
§  2009 – Farrah Fawcett, American actress (b. 1947) 
§  2009 – Michael Jackson, American entertainer and pop icon (b. 1958) 
§  2009 – Sky Saxon, American singer (The Seeds) (b. 1937)
Note the following:  
Sky "Sunlight" Saxon  was born Richard Elvern Marsh,  an American rock and roll musician in the band,  The Seeds.  
Saxon died unexpectedly of an infection that had spread throughout his organs due to a simple infection contracted at some point that was never treated. At the time of his death, he had been scheduled to commence his "California '66" tour.
His last name "Marsh" is a word that has come up a couple other times recently, which in a roundabout way fits in with the cluster synchronicity around the words/names "field" and "Lee"(meaning field in origin).  

 Note the etymology:
sky   from P.Gmc. *skeujam "cloud, cloud cover" (cf. O.E. sceo, O.S. scio "cloud;" O.H.G. scuwo, O.E. scua, O.N. skuggi "shadow;" Goth.skuggwa "mirror"), from PIE root *(s)keu- "to cover, conceal" 
RICHARD Means "brave power", derived from the Germanic elements ric "power, rule" and hard "brave, hardy". 
 I see another side to the name Richard... "Rich Ard"-- "rich earth".  
earth  O.E. eorþe "ground, soil, dry land," Du. Aarde,  from PIE root *er- (2) "earth"

It's all there when you think about it-- Sky, Sunlight, Marsh/field, Rich Earth, Seeds... AND, a Greenhouse cover to protect it all.   And if you doubt the inner twin world have infiltrated here even after all this, how about Sky sporting the shadow hare... and his buddy emphasizing to us by pointing very specifically at it... 

We are TOU... We are TWO... and You are TOO... and Ewe 2, II!!

Let's think a bit more about this... about "EWE II".   Do you really believe that the pattern around many "2" is mere coincidence?!  Perk up those ears, open those eyes, think again and do a major double take!!   These little gems were put there on purpose-- infiltration by the inner twin world via their amazing ability to influence our thoughts and actions to create patterns and synchronicity

Now here is the real shocker.  I'm going to reveal another not so little truth behind Jesus.  Consider this, if he is a lamb, then his inner twin was a lamb too (Tou)... one that just wasn't quite ready to "come out" because their outer twins-- we and our world, weren't mature enough to understand the truth.  But that was over 2000 years ago and they have made it their mandate to prepare us and speed our growth along.

Jesus' "second coming" is a cryptic reference to the inner twin and their parallel world planning for the time... and day when they would finally "COME OUT".   Just like Richard Marsh is able to speak beyond the grave via the above photo's and evidence found in his name, Jesus can speak beyond the grave too.    

As much as Jesus was very much a person (with an inner twin), the inner twin influenced his life so he would stand to symbolize the world and each person in it at that time-- when the world and people were young -- mere lambs.  

Now the world is not so young, which makes "us"  more like mature sheep-- EWE, or more precisely for those of us who now know better, EWE II.  The inner twin world influenced the design of our alphabet so that it would serve as a parallel reflection of this "youth to maturity" growth pattern.  Consider the evidence: in our English alphabet there's a "U"  and we also have a "W".  Now think of the play with words -- the letter "U" is pronounced the same as the words "YOU" and "EWE".  Now consider the "W" which is pronounced virtually "Double You", and note the play with words-- the inner twin worlds way of saying "You are not just a single person, you are a double you".

What the inner twin world are communicating to those who are aware (those of us who are now "double you"), is that the single "U" symbolizes a time when even though each human was chimera--twins, only one half-- the inner twin, were aware... only one was a mature "EWE", the other twin being yet unaware, was that way only because they were yet too young to know, and so can be equated as a lamb (which is reflected in the story of Jesus).  As those from our outer twin world become aware of the inner twin world, they  are upgraded as a  EWE II... and as symbolized with the letter "W" (Double You).  

Jesus' second coming is a symbol, a metaphor that the inner twin world planted, in order to communicate "maturity"...  a time when we would gain enough knowledge so that we could then better understand the concept of the inner twin world and their means of communication.  Note this etymology: 
ewe O.E. eowu, fem. of eow "sheep".
But now look a bit further to this other etymology, the word ewe with an "R":  
ewer early 14c., from Anglo-Fr. *ewiere, O.Fr. eviere "water pitcher," parallel form of aiguiere (Mod.Fr. aiguière), from fem. of L. aquarius "of or for water," from aqua "water" (seeaqua-).
Do you remember the song ...This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius ... Age of Aquarius... Aquarius.  Taken literally, This is the dawning of the age of water pitcher.
So now enters Farrah Fawcett -- representing a means by which water in a ewer (aquarius) can flow or be stopped.  

The inner twin world wrote their song religion, myth, song, poetry, our alphabet and numeric systems, the mapping of the stars, and the list goes on.  Now the science is there to lend support-- they're presence is revealed by examining our very genetics, and namely with the findings of Chimera Humans, and finally via synchronicity, we are able to see their inner workings and outer activities, as well as begin to recognize that they use this as a means of communicating to us.   We have the ability to comprehend and comprehend we must.  There's no choice in the matter, if we are going to survive more heads need to come out of the sand and  more hands need to come out on deck.

And so here I am on deck... with or without you, but sure could use other U2's...  EWE II's. 


Monday, June 25, 2012

Queen - 'We Are The Champions'

Proof is in the Synchro Pudding

More than my dislike of confrontation, is my disgust at being bullied.   

The following is an email that was just sent to me by the MacGregor's as well as my response: 
Date: Mon, 25 Jun 2012 13:55:28 -0400
From: macgregors
To: twomayocean

Are you out of your mind?
Our blog is copyrighted. If you're planning on putting our posts on your blog - comments and all, as you did with one post - I'll file a copyright complaint with Google.

MY response:$live.controls.images/is/invis.gif

To Rob and Trish MacGregor
Herein lay the dilemma: how does one copyright another's voice?!   Synchronicities are proven to be the realm of the inner twin world, a voice that you censor according to your own whim.  You have also censored my voice and maligned my character, leaving me to try and set the record straight via my own humble blogs.   

I'm really not your enemy and I've tried to put that out there, short of selling my soul.   I know your difficulty... you have been hoodwinked by the inner twin world... we all have been in one way or another.  This has been difficult for me as well.   So do what you must and we'll go from there, and hopefully Google will do a better job examining the evidence.

Wake up MacGregor's, the proof is in the 'synchro-pudding".    Now, THAT was an audd thing for me to say.  Reminds me of a synchronicity post.  

I just retrieved the plum pudding synchro (below) and then found this on wiki (below).  Puts a whole new 
 meaning to "We are the Champions... of the world"...  yet another song by Queen.  This is a very sad time for all of us, but it's something we have to face up to sooner or later and judging by all the deaths circumventing around synchronicity, better sooner than another death later.  

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Deschamps (
French pronunciation: [deʃɑ̃]) is a common family name of  French origin, which means "from the fields", from the French word  champ = "field".

Log on to the MacGregors post entitled " Plum Pudding" (HERE) .  But wait a minute, the MacGregor's might do their "here one moment, gone the next" trick, so here's a little synops taken from wiki's synchronicity page: 

The French writer Émile Deschamps claims in his memoirs that, in 1805, he was treated to some plum pudding by a stranger named Monsieur de Fontgibu. Ten years later, the writer encountered plum pudding on the menu of a Paris restaurant and wanted to order some, but the waiter told him that the last dish had already been served to another customer, who turned out to be de Fontgibu. Many years later, in 1832, Deschamps was at a dinner and once again ordered plum pudding. He recalled the earlier incident and told his friends that only de Fontgibu was missing to make the setting complete — and in the same instant, the now senile de Fontgibu entered the room

Ann Sullivan Puts The Fire Out With W-A-T-E-R

A previous post  records a cluster synchronicity that includes WC Fields and his wife "Hattie Fields", which was an odd synchronicity given the recent "Hatfield" cluster synchronicity.       
Since WC Fields real name is "WC Dukenfield", her name would really be, "Hattie Dukenfield" then,  which reminds me of Patty Duke... they rhyme ... really, at least in part-- Hattie Duke/Patty Duke.  

On perusing Patty Dukes wiki page, I discover that she played the part of Helen Keller in the old movie "Miracle Worker", my favorite of all the oldies.  So I was right to follow my in-stinct.  This in turn reminded me of one of my earlier posts in 2009 (Here), where I stated : 
The life and times of Helen Keller had a part to play in my ultimately being able to ‘hear’ and then ‘see’ the workings of this parallel world.
Note the following excerpts from Helen Keller's wiki page:
  • Helen's paternal grandmother was the second cousin of Robert E. Lee
  • Coincidentally, one of Helen's Swiss ancestors was the first teacher for the deaf Helen reflects upon this coincidence in her first autobiography, stating "that there is no king who has not had a slave among his ancestors, and no slave who has not had a king among his."
  • 1900, to Radcliffe College
  • The Helen Keller Hospital in Sheffield, Alabama is dedicated to her
  • Helen Keller understood her first word: W-A-T-E-R, as signed into her hand by teacher Anne Sullivan

Consider the following: 
  • the name "Lee" means "Field"
  • A cluster synchronicity with the name "Lee" is recorded in Toumai April/May/June of 2012.
  • The recent cluster synchronicity surrounding the name "Robert E. Lee"  
  • The cluster synchronicity around the name "Field" was generated in April 19, 2012,  which the MacGregor's were involved in. 
  • The MacGregor's recent June 21, 2012 post to their synchrosecrets blog entitled A Civil War Synchro (Here) mentions General Lee.
  •  Radcliffe means "Red Cliff", Toumai records the recent cluster synchronicity around the words "RED" and "CLIFF"... one of which involves a bottle of  RED wine named Cliff 79, which shows a picture of Uluru.  Reminding me of the song "Beds Are Burning" that I recently posted... which was written in recognition of lands that were wrongfully taken from the Australian Aborigine's. 

As you can see, it all circles around.  And so what to make from all this... the barren red rock cliffs of Uluru?!  I'm reminded of the Inuit peoples... how they deal with psychopaths in their own midst... one day these psychopaths are simply "coaxed" over a cliff.   I think the inner twin world consider our outer world to be as cold and uncaring hard as rock... barren like this cliff... and without the ability to truly do what's right.  Hence they are communicating their intent-- they are waging war against us as a means of steering us in the right direction, knowing that we won't stay asleep for long... not while the bed is burning.  

"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt with the heart."-- Helen Keller

There is more to Helen Kellers name that meets the eye... there's tell tale evidence of the inner twin world working in her life.  Consider the fact that It's interesting that Helen's surname "Keller" in origin means "cellar"-- a dark and dreary place -- standing to reflect the tragedy that would come into the young girls life that would leaver her deaf and blind.  Now consider her first name -- Helen, and it's original meaning-- a Torch.  The inner twin world worked to include a torch as a light in the cellar of darkness.  These are symbolism that speak to us today ... as does the life of Helen Keller in another deep and meaningful way. 

KELLERFrom Middle High German këller meaning "cellar"

HELEN  English form of the Greek ‘Ελενη (Helene), probably from Greek ‘ελενη (helene) "torch" 

 If you still need more, consider the surname of Helen's teacher Anne Sullivan who herself was half blind:

SULLIVAN  From the Irish surname Ó Súileabháin which means "descendent of Súileabhán". The name Súileabhán means "little dark eye".
HANNAH  From the Hebrew name חַנָּה (Channah) meaning "favour" or "grace".  ( Ann is a Diminutive)
The inner twin world brings darkness to our lives and world, this is perfectly obvious, but in their way, they are letting us know that, they provide a torch, not hoping for us to burn given that they burn with us... although this is a risk they take, but in the hopes that we will emerge from our own dark cellar to... W-A-T-E-R... like TOUMAI, spells HOPE FOR LIFE... at least that's what my heart KNOWS.  

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Miki Roque and Darrel Akerfelds (RIIP)

Wiki's Death's of 2012 for June 24th (Here) records: 
Their deaths can be linked to  3 cluster synchronicities.   To begin, let's consider Miki Roque, given that his name is  equivalent to English  "Michael Rock".  Note this etymology:
rock (n.)   "stone," O.E. rocc (in stanrocc "stone rock or obelisk"), also from O.N.Fr. roque
His name adds to a cluster synchronicity around  "Michael" and "Rock".   In the Toumai blog, on March 25, 2012  my post was entitled, "Pierre LaRoche, Mick Rock and the Rocky Horror Picture Show" (post found HERE).  So note the name in the title, "Mick Rock", and then note this excerpt taken from the post:
 note this excerpt from The Rocky Horror Picture Show wiki page: 
In the stage productions, actors generally did their own make-up, but for this film the producers chose Pierre La Roche to redesign the make-up for each character (he had previously designed make-up for David Bowie). Production stills were taken by 1970s rock photographer Mick Rock, who has published many calendars and photo books from his Rocky Horror work.
Okay, so unless my French fails me, the last name La Roche means "the ROCK"... and also take note: the photographer who took the movie's production stills is named Mick ROCK... and apparently, Rock is his given/birth name.  That's three Rocks in a row!!!
So not only does this repeat of the same name create a small cluster synchronicity, but his first and last name tie in with two separate major cluster synchronicities which can be determined just by reading the posts in Pronoiasecret.

Then we have Darrel Akerfelds.  The surname Akerfeld is a combination of two words both of which mean " field", hence adding to a cluster synchronicity around this word.  Again, this can simply be determined by reading my posts here in Pronoiasecret.    Note the following etymology:
acre (n.) 
O.E. æcer "tilled field, open land," from P.Gmc. *akraz "field, pasture"  from PIE*agro- "field" (cf. L. ager "field, land," Gk. agros, Skt. ajras "plain, open country"). 
field (n.) Look up field at Dictionary.comO.E. feld "plain, open land" 
Keep in mind as well, as per their celebrity status, both Miki and Darrel played on "fields".  

The most important thing in all of this is to be aware that the synchronicity surrounding these individuals now at the time of their deaths, happened for a reason.  I won't beat around the bush.  The deaths were  timed by their inner twin's in conjunction with their  inner twin world's mandate.   Our inner twin's will continue to use their influence to bring about synchronicity, including ones that involve death.   These deaths are to be regarded in two ways as a major sacrifice and a war being waged against us -- the outer twin in the outer parallel world.  

Deaths and synchronicity have coincided for a very long time, it's just that up until recently, we weren't aware of what lay behind it all.   The truth being that many synchronicities good and bad are generated by our inner twin and their inner world (collective), for a reason they consider to be of utmost importance.   

From what I can gather, the bottom line is this: as long as we don't face up to this truth, to the concerns of the inner twin world, and to their demands, then synchronicities will continue in the same manner... with sacrifice/war being part of the order of the day.  This war will continue and likely escalate until for once and for all, it simply can't be avoided by our world any longer.  My hopes and I'm sure the inner twin world feel the same way, is that these horrific sacrifices... this dreadful war will come to an end NOW!!

My own inner twin has influenced me to produce this blog and my Toumai blog, as they influence the MacGregor's Synchrosecrets blog.  You may not realize this just yet, but your own inner twin brought you here.   All of this is being revealed to us first, and somehow, with the help of our inner twins and their inner world, we are expected to bring this to the rest of the world.  If you decide to shake your head and say "go FY", be prepared for the ride of your life... if they haven't already taken you on one.

When you do come to your senses and you realize the truth, this blog and my Toumai Blog will help you to understand things better... will help you put your anxiety and fear aside for the purpose of getting on board to help your inner twin and their world in their bid to save our conjoined lives... saving not only our future, but that of our children.