Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The Truth About Vaccines

Of the Seven Part Series: The Truth About Vaccines, it was mostly Medical Doctors interviewed. The final Episode includes a conversation with Dr. Paul Thomas, pediatrician and author of many books including "The Vaccine Friendly Plan".  Dr. Thomas see's about 13,000 patients in his clinic: Interactive Pediatrics, and because of his concern that vaccinations are causing great harm, he has conducted his own research that provides enough evidence for him to take charge: inform parents so they can then take charge and make an informed choice.  As well, he has streamlined his clinic so  they offer a selective and delayed vaccine schedule for those patients who want to vaccinate, although not according to the full CDC schedule

  I took photos of some segments (with the hearing impaired caption on)so I could share.  Here are 13 segments from the first part of the interview that speak volumes :

They Don't Do the Hepatitis B vaccine.