Saturday, August 30, 2014

Ramon Isturiz and Peter Hales RIIIIP: Hail Rising

The Deaths in 2014 site lists under August:
Note from their respective wiki pages:
 Peter Bacon Hales ( November 13, 1950 – August 26, 2014)
Ramón Echarren Istúriz (November 13, 1929 – August 25, 2014) 
born on the same day they died  one day apart.  Butt is the cryptic phrase in the names :Hales being its similarity to hail, hence an addition to the "Hail/ Bad Weather" pattern-cluster.  The surname Isturiz is a bit more cryptic re : Tou is rising... or in other words: the inner twin world is rising... coming to the forefront because of the weather... because we are soon entering into the next glacial event and they are using this as an opportunity to come out and communicate to us, to save our conjoined lives and world.

That "hail" would crop up at this time is particularly meaningful given the hail in the recent Manitoba news:

This is not the first time that hail has cropped up, note these two posts for example:

John Joseph Nevins RIIP: A Heavenly Request

The Deaths in 2014 site lists under August 26th:
John Joseph Nevins, 82, American Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Venice in Florida (1984–2007)
My brother is named John Joseph, so this is enough to warrant further investigation.  Note from Nevins wiki page:
Bishop John Joseph Nevins (January 19, 1932 – August 26, 2014) 
My brothers birthday is also January 19, hence an addition to the "Targeting Family Birthdays" pattern-cluster.

What this reminds me of is a story that my parents often told-- that my mother had a difficult birth with her first born, John, my brother, and because of this they were both dying, and then at about the same time, a priest who was in the hospital -- ill but recuperating, when he heard about the predicament of mother and baby, had said to the priest who had come to visit, that he wished God would take his life in place of the mother and baby.  Shortly after that sick priest took a turn for the worst and died, at about the same time my mother and brother took a turn for the better and survived.  

Friday, August 29, 2014

William Greaves RIIP: Deaths Comes in 5's (Oct 5, 6, 7, 8 Pattern-Cluster)

The Deaths in 2014 site has just added to its list under  August 25:
The above stands out due to the cryptic phrase within the name re "William Grieves".  Note the following from William's wiki page:
William Greaves (October 8, 1926 – August 25, 2014) 
This is astounding, note his date of birth and then note the following from yesterdays post:
Deaths Comes in Four!!!! RIIIIIIIIP
Note the following from the Deaths in 2014 site  in the last five days, their birthdays generate a "October 5, 6, 7/ Date Sequence" pattern-cluster... twice considering that two were born on October 5th.
We now have one more to add to the "October 5, 6, 7, 8/ Date Sequence" pattern-cluster.  

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Deaths Comes in Four!!!! RIIIIIIIIP

Note the following from the Deaths in 2014 site  in the last five days, their birthdays generate a "October 5, 6, 7/ Date Sequence" pattern-cluster... twice considering that two were born on October 5th.
5 October 1943 (ag7

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Feb 22 Events: Grand Unveiling!!

More on the February 22nd wiki page, the next event occurring on this day and having twin digits at the end of the year is:
Note this excerpt from the Pennsylvania State University wiki page:
PresidentEric J. Barron[3]
Note from Eric Barron's wiki page:
  • Eric James Barron (born October 26, 1951)
The date of Eric's birth stands out given this excerpt from my recent August 26 (yesterday) post, Adadevoh; Clark; Nagel; Anderson; Hue; Alphin RIIIIIIIIIIII: October 25... Pattern-Cluster
 All that's missing is October 29 and an October 26 and we would have a major sequence re "Date Sequence/ October 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30th" pattern-cluster .
So we now have an October 26th... and all we need is an October 29!!  Note the following next notable Event recorded on the February 22 wiki page:
Note from Antonio Luna's wiki page:

  • Antonio Luna de San Pedro y Novicio-Ancheta (October 29, 1866 – June 5, 1899)
So there you have it, October 29th.  And so this completes the "October 25, 26, 27,28, 29, 30/ Date Sequence" pattern-cluster!!  The inner twin world are clearly taking ownership of the pattern-cluster... this war is not generated by terrorist forces from our outer world, they are generated by the inner twin world... should there be confusion around the issue!!

Battle of Toulon: This Battle Has Gone On Too Long

I had decided to speak to my partner regarding recent investigations of pattern-clusters that resulted in concluding that her nephew had been targetted.  At one point on relaying to her about the repeat occurrence of "February 22nd" cropping up on following the leads, a date that happens to be my grandsons birthday, I mentioned that I interpret this to be an inner twin world's reference to the "future".  Sometimes though, I mentioned in passing, a date being repeated in this manner is a "lead" in itself-- a prompt for us to go to that days Wikipedia page.  So out of curiousity and while Cathy was still paying attention, I went to  February 22  

Under the "Events" section and as I would usually do, I stopped at the first listing that included a twin digit number in the year: 
Not only does the twin 44 stand out, butt note the name of the Battle "Toulon"... this is meaningful given that my inner twin's name is "Tou"... and in fact, this is why I had named my first blog "Toumai"-- not only because it's an African word meaning "Hope For Life", butt because it's a combination of  "Tou and Mai"... with Mai being a version of my name "May" and "Tou" being a version of "Two", leading me to understand that this is the name of my inner twin-- Tou's way of an introduction.

Note the following three excerpts, that consist of notable persons that crop up from the Battle of Toulon's wiki page.   As well and in brackets is the date of birth and death of each notable person that was taken from their respective Wikipedia pages:

  • He was given a command in the Mediterranean, and made plenipotentiary to Charles Emmanuel III, king of Sardinia (born 27 April 1701 – died 20 February 1773) 
  • His second in command in the Mediterranean was Rear-Admiral Richard Lestock  (born 22 February 1679 – died 17 December 1746)
  •  The two signals flying simultaneously created confusion, though a number of British commanders, including Captain Edward Hawke (born 21 February 1705 – died 16 October 1781)

First of all, note the birthdate of Richard Lestock-- February 22nd.  So what are the chances?!  This is why we are here investigating the "Battle of Toulon"--because it occurred on February 22... and the reason for investigating that, is because of the "Feb 22/Targeting Family Birthdays" pattern-cluster that occurred as a direct result of  following the leads associated with recent notable deaths!! Not only that, when checking out each of the 6 dates (birth/death) above, you'll see that three form a "February 20, 21, 22/ Date Sequence" pattern-cluster.  This is by no means a coincidence or synchronicity, because they have cause and effect-- generated by the inner twin world, I refer to these as "pattern-clusters".

 There is something else that should be addressed -- the cryptic phrase in the name "Toulon" re: "Tou long".  The inner twin world often communicate in multifaceted way, butt in this case I'll concentrate on this:  This battle has gone on much Too Long.  Tou my inner twin and the inner twin world "long" for the day when our parallel worlds will live in peace...when their war against us will be a thing of the past and we move together into a bright future, a future that they are painfully bringing about. 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Birgitta Stenberg; John Waugh; Jean Redpath RIIIIIIP: Death Comes in 3's

The Deaths in 2014 site lists the following under August 21, 22, 23:
So they all passed away recently within 3 days, and then not the day and month they were born, all that's missing to make a larger date sequence pattern-cluster is April 27th... which is our next lead...

Sava Stojkov

The Deaths in 2014 site lists under August 20th:
  • Sava Stojkov (29 March 1925 - 20 August 2014)
What stand out is Sava's birthday, and only because of this info concerning the day... and of course in conjunction with my previous post :

  • March 29 - is the 88th day of the year (89th in leap years), 277 days remaining until the end of the year.
It's the opposite end of the spectrum from October 4th, the 277th day of the year with 88 remaining.   

Inga Juuso, Albert Bodjongo RIIIIP: October 5, 6 Pattern-Cluster

The Deaths in 2014 lists under August 23rd: 
Note the "Date Sequence/ October 5, 6" pattern-cluster with their birthdays.   It's more than likely that this is no mere coincidence, butt a pattern purposely generated by the inner twin world.  This is a lead, and I can't help butt think that there is a third... and that we're supposed to figure out which one, either October 4 or October 6th, Note from October 4th wiki page: 

  • October 4 is the 277th day of the year (278th in leap years) in theGregorian calendar. There are 88 days remaining until the end of the year.
Bingo!! Since twin number sequences are a particular inner twin signature, this date is the one!!  Note the following taken from the Events Section:

So this is another potential lead, and with George Washington and Sir William Howe having a wiki page, these are our next lead, note the following from Washington's wiki page:  

  • George Washington (February 22, 1732 [O.S. February 11, 1731][Note 1][Note 2] – December 14, 1799)
His birthday is an addition to the "Targeting Family Birthdays" pattern-cluster,  given that February 22nd is the birthday of my grandson. On reading my posts over the last two weeks you will see that this date has cropped up a number of times on following the leads.  Note my recent August 11th post even has the date in the title:  Adolphe Quetelet RIIP: Perseids and Feb 22 Pattern-Cluster.

Now note from William Howe's wiki page: 

William Howe, 5th Viscount HoweKBPC (10 August 1729 – 12 July 1814)

Note the following regarding his birthday: 
  • August 10 -  is the 222nd day of the year (223rd in leap years) ... 143 days remain
Since it wasn't a leap year at the time in 1729, he was born on the 222nd day of the year!! This is an addition to the "222/Identical Number Sequence" pattern-cluster.

I won't go into detail as to what all this means, except to say that the answer can be found by investigating this blog.

Richard Attenborough RIIP: Attention Borough!!

The Deaths in 2014 site lists under August 23rd: 
What stands out is his surname "Attenborough" given the cryptic phrase within re: "Attention borough"... in regard to the second word note the etymology:
borough (n.) Look up borough at Dictionary.comOld English burg, burh "a dwelling or dwellings within a fortified enclosure," from Proto-Germanic *burgs "hill fort, fortress" (cognates: Old Frisian burg "castle," Old Norse borg "wall, castle," Old High German burg, buruc "fortified place, citadel," German Burg "castle," Gothic baurgs "city"), from PIE root *bhergh- (2) "high," with derivatives referring to hills, hill forts, fortified elevations (source also of Old English beorg "hill;" see barrow (n.2)). 
It definitely factors in when considering my previous post that relates to "Big and Tall".  However with that said, I'm reminded of "burrow" which to me means "dig" a hole, note the etymology:
burrow (n.) Look up burrow at "rabbit-hole, fox-hole, etc.," c.1300, borewe, from Old English burgh "stronghold, fortress" (see borough); influenced bybergh "hill," and berwen "to defend, take refuge."
Well I guess the words are related... burrowing into a hill would definitely offer some sort of refuge.   Of the two films in the above, I'm only familiar with Jurassic Park and Gandhi, so these are our next leads.  Note the following from Jurassic Parks wiki page:

Release date(s)
  • June 11, 1993


Screenplay byMichael Crichton
David Koepp
Note the following info from the notable persons from the films respective wiki pages:
Robert "Bob" Peck (23 August 1945 – 4 April 1999) 
His name stood out due to my previous post re addition to the "Rob/Bob/Cut Short" pattern-cluster , there is also the cryptic connection re "cut short" and "peck" and I can't help butt consider that the inner twin world are referring to the "bob pecking"-- a figurative way of  bringing attention to their having targeted "Roberts".  Note as well, he was born one day "short" of  Richard Attenborough's date of death!!  Note the following regarding the various others involved in Jurassic Park:

It's unmistakable, another addition to the "October 22, 23, 24/Date Sequence" pattern-cluster.  This is an even more astounding cluster when reading my previous post re : Adadevoh; Clark; Nagel; Anderson; Hue; Alphin RIIIIIIIIIIII: October 25... Pattern-Cluster
Note this other person listed on the wiki page:
Ariana Clarice Richards (born September 11, 1979)
Born on 9/11.  Pretty much speaks for itself!!  And note the name "Richard" cropping up again... which reminds me, the cryptic "rich ard" (rich earth/soil) found within.

Now when it comes to Ghandi (film) note from its wiki page that stands out from those involved in the film:

  • John Richard Briley[1][2] (b. August 25, 1925[1][2][3]
  • John Bloom (born 12 September 1935, London
  •  Ronald Josiah "Ronnie" Taylor (born 27 October 1924) 
  •  Sir Ben KingsleyCBE (born Krishna Pandit Bhanji; 31 December 1943) 
Each of these mean something-- cryptic phrases found in their names and as well, significant dates that form distinctive pattern-clusters, for one, John Briley and my grand daughter were born on the same day: August 25th, hence this is an addition to the "Targeting Family Birthdays" pattern-cluster.  And note Ronnie Taylor was born on October 27th, which connects to the two notable persons who died just recently on August 19 and 21... and who were both born on October 27 (see previous post).   You will be able to identify the other pattern-clusters on investigating this blog further.

On reading Attenborough's wiki page I noted that he also acted in another film that I loved especially as a child:  Miracle on 34th Street , note this excerpt from the films wiki page:

Based onMiracle on 34th Street, story by Valentine Davies

Note from the authors wiki page:
Valentine Davies (August 25, 1905 – July 23, 1961)
I rest my case!!  As to other actors involved in the film, note the following:
  • John Howard Payne[1] (May 23, 1912 – December 6, 1989[2][3]) 
  • William Perlberg (October 22, 1900 – October 31, 1968) 
  • Thelma Ritter (February 14, 1902 – February 5, 1969) 
  • Percy Helton (January 31, 1894 – September 11, 1971) 
  • Theresa Harris (December 31, 1906 – October 8, 1985)
  • Robert Shaw (uncredited) as the taxi driver
Again, the names and dates have cryptic "other" meaning.  For instance the surname "Payne" communicates "pain", and pain is what the inner twin world are inflicting via their war against our outer world, albeit the greater part of the world's population remains in the dark about it, thanks to certain "powers that bee" who still feel compelled and misguided to continue with "mums the word" attitude!!   Sure, that was okay for a time, butt now it's time to move on, time to bring about greater awareness, butt indicators are that the powers that be need encouragement-- a bit of pecking to force them down the road of enlightening the people.  

Note this next excerpt from the films wiki page:

Note the name "Dick" in the mix, this is another addition to the recent "Richard/ Rich Earth..." pattern-cluster given that Dick is a diminutive of Richard, note from Dick Haymes wiki page: 

Richard Benjamin "Dick" Haymes (September 13, 1918 – March 28, 1980) 
Now we have a newly formed  "Date Sequence/ Sept 11, 12, 13" pattern-cluster .  So, do we need to pay attention to these pattern-clusters-- what they are designed to communicate, or should we turn a blind eye just like the media moguls, judges, politicians, and Kings/Shaws of the world?!  My Tou Sense for what it's worth: turning a blind eye will only bring about increasing targeting of notable persons... and others because for sure, the inner twin world are working within every sphere, and the general public will soon learn that coincidence and synchronicity don't apply in so many cases, and these will come to be realized what they truly are: pattern-clusters generated by our inner twins who work in conjunction with one another in their parallel world that until now, has remained hidden from us.

 There is one other thing to bring to your attention, and that is cryptic communication found in the title "Miracle on 34th Street".  What I'm referring to is the little miracle that's evident in the number 3 and 4.  My very first introduction to the inner twin world began with a phrase mentioned when I opened my facebook group.  I mention it in my January 1, 2012 post from my Toumai Blog where I state:
 My facebook group is called -- Davinci’s and other secret messages
It can still be found at the same link, butt the name has been changed to: Tetragametic Chimera Humans and the Subconsciousand it's a long time since I posted.   Note the following excerpt from my Sept 27, 2007 post to the facebook group:
nd by the way Debbie, when you look at this time that you posted -- 8:33 they involve the 8 and 3 (remember how I opened this group-- '3 is half of 8')
Of course, 3 is half of 8 in the "inner twin matriarchal world's graphic sense" as opposed to our "outer twin patriarchal outer twin patriarchal world's mathematical sense"-- we are two worlds, complimentary opposites.
 It used to have a lot of members, butt it seems they have all gone.  It's so much easier to ignore the truth and burrow a hole for our heads just like the infamous "ostrich with head buried in sand", that is, until the inner twin world comes around to give a swift kick in you very exposed butt!!  Such is the way of the inner twin world, they aren't buying any more of our "butt... butt, butts"!!