Saturday, April 15, 2017


The Deaths in 2017 site lists under April 14:
  • John Thomas Curtin (August 24, 1921 – April 14, 2017) 
His birthday stands out given that it's one off from my granddaughter's birthday of August 25 and so an addition to the "Off By One" pattern-cluster.  As well, his birthday is an addition to a cluster arising in my previous post, hence expanding it now into an:
  •   "August 20, 21, _, _, 24, 25/Date Sequence" pattern-cluster
This is a prompt for us to investigate the August 22 wiki page.  The lists found there are long so we're expected to limit our search to th Deaths section and then using the "Formula" as per usual, and taking into consideration the "one off" curve ball, we arrive at:
  • Casey Ribicoff (Lois Ruth Mell; December 5, 1922  - August 22, 2011)
  • John James "JohnnyCarey (23 February 1919 – 22 August 1995 )   
For one, we have our second John and so the "John/Jeune/Young" pattern-cluster resurfaces.  Very early on as I was learning to decipher the inner twin world's cryptic language, I discovered via an amazing pattern-cluster that connected the French word "jeune" (meaning "Young") to the name
"John", and so the cryptic communication now, taking into consideration their entire names: "young Care/Car y(why)" and "young twin curtain".  As well, Casey Ribicoff contains a
cryptic phrase re "case y(why) rib I cough/cuff/coffin".  It is cryptic.  And on looking at case/rib now, I see "rib cage"... and  I'm reminded of a time after my daughter was born, that I caught Mononucleosis and along with it came a terrible cough... at one point the coughing became so consistently violent, that I broke a rib.  As well, the related "cuff" is like the word "hem" in that the inner twin world connects it to the "Hem/Rim/Edge" of the North Ameridcan Plate that they so often include in their communications... such as now.  I take this to be a means of communicating that the Plates edge is wearing -- rubbing agains adjacent plates (hence the warming of the Ocean), and this activity will continue until the last exponential ...violent "cough" that rebounds the central portion of the Plate to be followed with an equal and opposite reaction to the Plate Edges that resettle, an action so violent, portions of will breaking... and fall into the molten core... just imagine what kind of devestation will follow!!

And speaking of "Young", the surname Jung is a German form of the name, and reminding me of Carl Jung who's name recently cropped up on the I Ching wiki page that I had investigated for yesterdays post, I Ching I Chang...Change.  Note from the I Ching wiki page:
  • The psychologist Carl Jung took interest in the possible universal nature of the imagery of the I Ching...
  • Carl Gustav Jung (26 July 1875 – 6 June 1961) 
 Jung's birthday is one off from Trish MacGregor's of June 7, hence generating a "June _ 6, 7_/ Date Sequence" pattern-cluster.  

John Carey's birthday is an addition to the "Off By One" pattern-cluster, in more ways than one as
the following from yesterdays post reveals:
And so the cluster expands into a :   
  • "February 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, _, 26/ Even Number Date Sequence" pattern-cluster
I added February 22 because it's the birthday of my grandson... a particularly important date to the inner twin world given that in just 5 years time, it will be 2/22/22... sequences of 2's being a particular inner twin trade mark signature.  
  •  Patrick Peter "PatSullivan (22 February 1885[1] – 15 February 1933)   
As you can see, February 23 is one off from my grandson's birthday ... and it's also one off from  the date needing to be bridged in the Date Sequence pattern-cluster: February 24.  And so now we have a "February 22, 23, _/Date Sequence" pattern-cluster. I suggest we investigate February 24.  So cutting to the chase, we arrive at:
  • Joseph I ( 6 June 1714 – 24 February 1777)
  • Henry "HennyYoungman (16 March 1906 – 24 February 1998)
  • Andre Jules Dubus II (August 11, 1936 – February 24, 1999) 
Joseph I's birthday is one off from Trish MacGregor's of June 7 too, hence we now have a "June _,  6(x2), 7, _ /Date Sequence" pattern-cluster.    and Henny Youngman together with Rob MacGregor's birthday, generates a "March 16, _, May 16/ 16th Day, Month Sequence" pattern-cluster.  Note from the wiki pages of notable persons mentioned on Dubus' wiki page:
  • Alfred Abraham Knopf Sr. (September 12, 1892 – August 11, 1984) 
  • Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. (November 11, 1922 – April 11, 2007) 
  • John Hoyer Updike (March 18, 1932 – January 27, 2009) 
  • William Todd Field (born February 24, 1964)
  • Mary Elizabeth "Sissy" Spacek ( December 25, 1949) 
  • Thomas Geoffrey Wilkinson (born 5 February 1948)
  • Marisa Tomei ( born December 4, 1964)
So note all the 11's... and Nov 11 is 11/11!!!!  and Field's birthday adds to the cluster.  The last four are cast/crew of a film that one of his books was made into, and if you venture to the films wiki page, you'll find more:
After Dubus's death, his story "Killings" was adapted into Todd Field's In the Bedroom (2001) starring Sissy SpacekTom Wilkinson, and Marisa Tomei .