Thursday, April 6, 2017

ENDING 101 (2)

Continuing from my previous post, note this excerpt:

Note from the Red's (film) wiki page one of the cast who stands out:
There are many reasons why I was drawn to the name.  For one we have another Edward... and cryptic communication re "eddy ward" that is synonymous with the event: the end of Florida as we know it... and it's residents and visitors if something isn't done to divert the loss of life in time.  As for the surname, Herrmann, it's a cryptic "her man"... the inner twin world consider themselves as "patriarchal" in complimentary opposite fashion to our patriarchal outer twin world.  That both female and male are mentioned, its the inner twin worlds way of saying that we share a joint concern-- our loss of life is their loss of life equally.  The twin rr and nn are also signatures of the inner twin world.  Now note from Herrmann's wiki page:

  • Edward Kirk Herrmann (July 21, 1943 – December 31, 2014) 
Note from my previous post:

He was born on the last day/end of the year... a cryptic "ending" of sorts... as in "Ending 101... an Introduction to an Ending"!!!  
There's more, note the following from the films wiki page:
Note from their wiki pages:
Diane Keaton (born Diane Hall; January 5, 1946)
Louise Bryant (December 5, 1885 – January 6, 1936)
Speaks volumes... the dates, when considering this excerpt from my previous post:
Terence Blacker (born 5 February 1948)
So we get a cryptic "terrifyingly blacker"!! And note his date of death and then note the following from my post today,  Esther Hicks 5555...  : 
  • "December 5, January 5, __, March 5/,  __, __, June 5, __, August 5 (x3)/ 5th Day, Month" pattern-cluster. 
So the cluster now becomes a
  •  December 5 (x2), January 5 (x2), __, March 5/,  __, __, June 5, __, August 5 (x3)/ 5th Day, Month" pattern-cluster
And as well, we now have a "January _, 5, 6, _/ Date Sequence" pattern-cluster.