Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Wright... Wright!!!

Continuing on from my previous post, the inner twin world have purposely held us back from knowing the truth about the threat looming on the horizon.  So the question is why?!  The answer is likely multifaceted, one perspective being that they could use it as an effective "tool/weapon" that facilitates with their "coming out" and "communicating" to us.  One of the things being communicated is that they are waging "war" against our world... and as with any war, there are demands.  Since this is obviously a war that we cannot even consider fighting against... or winning, we need to consider the other option that will stop their barrage: learn what it is that they are demanding and do it.  One of the things that they are demanding, is to stop censoring the truth... start "wrighting" (write right) the truth about the inner twin world.

The inner twin world have influenced our words in such a way that they have other meaning... such as the words "write" and "right" that I combine together into "wright" that adequately describes what I'm doing in this blog-- putting the truth out there about the inner twin world despite the difficult subject matter that most don't want to hear about let alone admit as true.  Another name that has cropped up in earlier posts that I learned is synonymous with "wright" is "Penn", and this now brings us back to the September 15 wiki page that gave us June Salter.  Note this excerpt:
As soon as I saw the name... the addition to the "Rob/Bob Theme" pattern-cluster for one, and then the Penn (wright the truth)... and then Warren (aka War Warn), I  knew that he's an important piece to the cryptic puzzle.   Now grant you, "warren" is also a word use to describe where rabbits/Hare's abound and breed, and with that in mind, note the following excerpt from my previous post:
  • ... the etymology of his surname comes from Hase which meant "Hare/Rabbit" in origin. 
So we now have a "Rabbit/Hare Theme" pattern-cluster in the works.   Note from Robert Penn Warren's wiki page:
  • Robert Penn Warren (April 24, 1905 – September 15, 1989) 
And again, we have yet another April, another addition to the cluster found in my previous post, expanding it now into an  
  • "April 15(x4), 16(x2), 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, _, _, 24, _, 26/Date Sequence" pattern-cluster.   
And so bridging the April 25 gap, and using the "Formula"..., we come to:
Of course it was the name "Wright" that stood out most of all.  As you can see, by following the leads set in place by the inner twin world, we now have a "Wright (write right) Theme" pattern-cluster .  Note from their wiki pages:
  •  Wright Marion Morris (January 6, 1910 – April 25, 1998) 
  • Michael Morris, 3rd Baron Killanin (30 July 1914 – 25 April 1999)
His birthday is an addition to the "Off By One" pattern-cluster in that it's one off from the birthday of my dog "Bailey".  The inner twin generate this type of cluster for a couple of reasons, one being to indicate that we are "off track"-- our outer twin patriarchal world is "off track" in terms of where the inner twin world want us to be.  His name generates a cryptic phrase: write right mar 
ion(shock)more rise.  It is cryptic, butt very meaningful when deciphered.

 I included Michael Morris because he follows on the heels of Wright Morris, and they have the same surname-- a "Morris/ More Rise Theme" pattern-cluster.  Even though his birthday doesn't speak to me, the birthday of his successor does :
Not only another addition to the April cluster, butt April 21st in 2010,  is the 111th day of the year. So the cluster expands now into a:
  • "April 15(x4), 16(x2), 17, 18, 19, 20, 21(x2) , _, _, 24, _, 26/Date Sequence" pattern-cluster.