Saturday, April 1, 2017

Rainbow Ray Hope

Continuing on from my previous post, note this excerpt
That Baker created the "Rainbow" flag makes his death 'timely', considering  two recent posts.  Note first from my March 27th post, Hens and Chickens Shoals:
  • John Raymond Hope (May 14, 1919 - June 13, 2002)
And from my March 29th post, George Lucas and Hope:
Still in the Film Career section of Lucas's wiki page, I quickly peruse, looking for anything that stands out... anything connected to "Hope", note the last 2 words of the last paragraph:
  • Lucas was awarded a student scholarship by Warner Bros. to observe and work on the making of a film of his choosing: Finian's Rainbow  
Because Rainbow's are a symbol of Hope, we now have a "Hope/Rainbow Theme" pattern-cluster in the works that began on March 27, cropping up again in another unrelated post on March 29, and a third time with the death of Gilbert Baker.  As well, the cryptic phrase in the name John Raymond Hope :  "young ray of hope", speaks volumes.

Note from Gilbert Baker's wiki page:
The colors on the Rainbow Flag reflect the diversity of the LGBT community. When Baker raised the first rainbow flags at San Francisco Pride (his group      raised two flags at the Civic Center) on June 25, 1978 
Anyone reading my post over the past week is aware that June 25 is a significant date to the inner twin world and their "Starr Family Production", so I'll leave it for you to investigate.  What I will say though is that it connects once again to the MacGregors (see previous post), and so I consider this a prompt to investigate their post (here) further.  Because their post involved Hemingway, I'm reminded again of the cryptic communication in the surname "Baker" and it's relationship to the cryptic communication in the surname Hemingway (aka "heming way").  The word "hem" has been used before by the inner twin world to convey more precisely the outer EDGE of the "Bowl" a word/name that cropped up In yesterdays post, Miles Made New:
As for Paul Bowles.  His surname is an addition to the same cluster -- remove the "e" and you get "bowls".  As well, his surname is an addition to the "Bowles/Bowls/" pattern-cluster and it too was made synonymous with an event that immediately precedes the next glacial period-- the North American Plate had become "bowl shaped" as a result of the previous glacial period -producing miles of Ice that in turn pressed its weights and so generating the shape... this shape still exists albeit much more subtly -- so some land is rising while other lands are sinking.  The inner twin world     have warned of this danger, pointing to places like Florida.  
So the "hem of the bowl" translates into: "the outer edge of the North American Plate".  And more precisely, the outer edge of the Plate that's in the process of sinking as a direct result of the massive glaciers of the last glacial period having melted.

Two of the names mentioned in the MacGregor's post are connected in a cryptic sense:
Henry Graham Greene (2 October 1904 – 3 April 1991)
Hilary Hemingway (born 1961)
 Since Hilary's wiki page does not include her birthday, this is a prompt for us to investigate further, note from her wiki page:
daughter of Leicester Hemingway  
And from her fathers wiki page:
  • Leicester Hemingway (April 1, 1915  – September 13, 1982)
So  Green's date of death and Leicester's birthday generates an " April 1, __, 3/ Date Sequence" pattern-cluster.   The gap is April 2... meaningful given the following from my previous post:
  • So we now have a "May 2, June 2, July 2/ 2nd Day, Month Sequence" pattern-cluster.