Saturday, April 1, 2017

Hokey Pokey Cokey...

Continuing from my previous post, note the following excerpts:
  • Edwin Parker "Cy" Twombly, Jr. (April 25, 1928 – July 5, 2011)
  •  Robert Ludlum (May 25, 1927 – March 12, 2001) 
  • We now have a "May 5, June 5, July 5, August 5, September 5/ 5th Day, Month Sequence" pattern-cluster
We have another cluster that I didn't mention, an "April 25, May 25/ 25th Day, Month Sequence" pattern-cluster.   So let's investigate the preceding date in the "5th Day" sequence, April 5th.  Using the formula we arrive at:
Paul David (December 25, 1919 – April 5, 1999) was a Canadiancardiologist
And note his birthday... another addition to the "25th Day" pattern-cluster.   If I recall correctly, December 25 has started the cluster a few posts back.  The name Paul David is a cryptic "humble day see/sea".   Also, there were two other names just above and below Paul David who stood out:
Their surnames are 'audd' enough, plus they generate a cryptic phrase: La price/prize the odour (coupled with "o door"... "eau door"... "water door"... "ocean door").  There is nothing worse than the odour of dead animals (including humans) rotting in water. Now note from their wiki pages:
  • Brother Theodore (born Theodore Gottlieb; November 11, 1906 – April 5, 2001) 
  • Larry LaPrise ( Roland Lawrence LaPrise) (November 11, 1912[1] - April 4, 1996[2])
There were born on the same day... 11/11!!!!  Grant you, LaPrise was "mistakenly" put on the April 5 wiki page... that is if his wiki page is right about his date of death.  Still, the inner twin world are renown for generating what appears to be "mishaps" and "accidents" when they are in fact another design influence.... and April 4th is significant given that its 4/4.  Note from LaPrise's wiki page: :

  • Larry LaPrise at one point held the U.S. copyright for the song "Do The Hokey Pokey".
  • The authorship of the Hokey Pokey is disputed, with European songwriter Jimmy Kennedy claiming to have written the original (entitled "Cokey-Cokey") during WWII. 

Now note from Jimmy Kennedy's wiki page:
  • Jimmy Kennedy OBE (20 July 1902 – 6 April 1984)
Note his date of death... we now have an "April 4, 5, 6/ Date Sequence" pattern-cluster.  

So we know how to do the Hokey Pokey, butt what about the Cokey Cokey?!