Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Buckle Up for the Buckle Down

The MacGregor's post today, A Synchronicity with Biggest Bookinvolves a "Buckle" pattern-cluster, which they consider to be synchronicity, even though they know better.  The inner twin world influenced the cluster ... and they know that I will run with it.  First of all its interesting to note that the word has a few definitions that seem "auddly" conflicting ie: to buckle up (fasten) and to buckle under (fall in).

It's also interesting to note that it involved a vehicle crash (not an accident because it was influenced by the inner twin world).  So as her car "buckled" from the impact she had been "buckled" up and so less damage to her person.  And now where to go from here?!  That's not hard, because there's a "Notable Persons Surnamed Buckle" wiki page.  On the page is a list of 19 Buckle's, and so easy to peruse the names for anyone who stands out, and one immediately did:
Think about the first name... with  your cryptic thinking cap on: hairy buckle... it was a hairy scarey ordeal after all.  His name fits... and guess what... so does his birthday.  Note from Harry Buckle's wiki page:
  • Harry Buckle (born 6 March 1882 )
That may not seem much to you, butt it will after reading the following from the MacGregors post:
  • On March 6, a woman rear-ended her car on a busy intersection 
And of course the "March 6(x2)" pattern-cluster is a prompt... we're to seek out a third or more individuals.  This requires a visit to the March 6 wiki page, and then using the "1 Main Formula" as per usual, ... and stretching just a bit, we arrive at:
Note form their wiki pages;
  •  John Colicos (December 10, 1928 – March 6, 2000)
  • Michael Norman Manley (10 December 1924 – 6 March 1997