Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Gasper Scott!!

Continuing on from my previous post, note this excerpt:
And now note from yesterdays post, Col Itz Funeral:
  • Eugene Francis Deckers (22 October 1917 – 1977) 
  • Guy Doleman (22 November 1923 – 30 January 1996) 
We now have a "__, October 22, November 22/ 22nd Day, Month Sequence" pattern-cluster.

And so bridging the gap ... using the formula as per usual, we arrive at:
  • John Bartram (March 23, 1699 – September 22, 1777) 
The cryptic communication in his name re "young bar tram" stands out, and I explain why in last weeks post, Bar Tram 22.  The post makes reference to a post in the MacGregor's blog re:
The Lost Indiana Jones Novel 
Posted on  by Rob and Trish
I posted the new link because the old link doesn't seem to work anymore.  It's not uncommon for the MacGregor's to make the changes to their blog as a means of trying to thwart.  Anyhow, here's the excerpt and photo that reveals the 22 on the Trolley:

I wrote this story for our Thriller-Chiller blog, but  Trish it migrated over here. I was wondering if there was a synchronicity involved with this post. I couldn’t see one. But then I looked at the departing tolley car in the cover art by Christian Guldager and saw that it was #22. Megan is 22 and soon leaves home for her new job at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Which just happens to be a short distance from Universal Studios, and the on-going Indiana Jones performance. A stretch, but there it is. 😉

So I had investigated September 22 not that long ago.  This time I decided to look at the September 22 Deaths section  (to the names of those in the vicinity of 1999 and 2000) differently.  And I came across the following:
  • Jan de Hartog (April 22, 1914 – September 22, 2002) 
  • Marcel Marceau ( Marcel Mangel 22 March 1923 – 22 September 2007) 
  • Leonard Geoffrey Feather (13 September 1914 – 22 September 1994
  • Hugo John Smelter Young (13 October 1938 – 22 September 2003)
  • Edwin John "EddieFisher (August 10, 1928 – September 22, 2010
The names contain a cryptic phrase: "young heart eye(og) ;  her war  war water(eau) ; lion I offer freedom feat/feet at her ( feather)  ; Hug eau/water (o) young fisher (smelter) young ; swirling water (eddy)  win young fisher.

As you can also see, their birthdays jive.  Fisher was born on a leap years and so one day off from the 222nd day of the year.  And,  we now have an "February 22, March 22, April 22/ 22nd Day, Month  Sequence " pattern-cluster,  as well as a "September 13, October 13, __, December 13/ 13th Day, Month Sequence" pattern-cluster.

Bridging the November 13 gap... anCutting to the chase:
  • 1998 – Red Holzman ( August 10, 1920 – November 13, 1998) basketball player and coach 
  • 2001 – Cornelius Warmerdam ( June 22, 1915 – November 13, 2001)pole vaulter 
Holzman's birthday is also an addition to the "Off by One" pattern-cluster... as in one off from the 222nd day of the year.... generating an "August 10" pattern-cluster.  And Warmerdam's birthday adds to the cluster: " February 22, March 22, April 22, __, June 22/ 22nd Day, Month  Sequence " pattern-cluster.

     - Gaspar Schott (5 February 1608 – 22 May 1666)
     - Thurl Arthur Ravenscroft (February 6, 1914 – May 22, 2005) 

Audd, the "gasper scott"... as in a cryptic combination of Casper/Gasper/Great Scott...  Casper the friendly  ghost.  We have a "February 5, 6, __/ Date Sequence" pattern-cluster.  And cutting to the chase:

     - Douglas James Henning (May 3, 1947 – February 7, 2000)

Tomorrow is May 3!!   And the name Henning certainly speaks volumes: as in do the Henny Penny .