Monday, May 8, 2017

Seventh Born

The Deaths in 2017 site lists under May 7, two notable persons who have more in common:
  Note from their wiki pages:
  • Svend Wam (5 May 1946 – 7 May 2017)
  • Shahpur Gholamreza Pahlavi (15 May 1923 – 7 May 2017)  
Both were also born in May, and their birthdays generate a "May 5, __, 15/ Increments of 5 Date Sequence" pattern cluster and a "May 5, _, 7/ Date Sequence" pattern-cluster.  

Before I ventured to their wiki pages, I had immediately picked up on the cryptic "seven/end wham/swam" in Svend Wam's name.  And also that his first name is another addition to the recent "Steven, Seven, 7, &/Lucky Ducks Theme" pattern-cluster.  I won't go into detail except to say that the communication is relevant and you will find more by investigating my "lucky ducks" related posts.

Beginning with the first cluster, the gap can be bridged by venturing to the deaths section of the May 10 wiki page where we limit our search using the  Formula as per usual that brings us to:
First of all I should mention that his name contains a cryptic "jewels des chiens" -- an English/French version that translates into "jewels the dogs".  Jules birthday stands out, note from my recent May 3, post, Gator Aid and my May 4th post, Master Debator Gator:
  • James P. Burt (born June 7, 1959 
  • Dunc Duncan (June 7, 1896 – September 8, 1976)
The one that speaks the loudest is "Dunk" aka "Dunc Duncan", and especially because it's associated with Florida's  "Trish MacGregor" (author) whose birthday is June 7 and who factors in many of my posts given that she's a key player in the "Starr Family Production. 
Note the cryptic "dunk dunk an" in Dunc Duncan... a "Duncan/Dunk Theme" pattern-cluster, and a definite twin heads up!!  As to why the inner twin world has generated the cluster, is explained somewhat in my recent May 2nd post, Gasp --Earth!!.   The surname "Burt" is an addition to the "Add a Letter Makes a Word" pattern-cluster... as in add an "n" makes "burnt", which is now an addition to the "Hot/ Cook... Theme" pattern-cluster, that connects with "dunk",  note my post:
As well, we now have a "__, May 7, June 7, __/ 7th Day, Month Sequence" pattern-cluster.  So bridging the gaps... and cutting to the chase, we arrive at:
  • Alex A. Schomburg (May 10, 1905[2] – April 7, 1998[1])
  • Richard Hirschfeld "Dick" Williams (May 7, 1929 – July 7, 2011) 
And now we have a "May 5, 10(x2), 15/ Increments of 5, Date Sequence" pattern-cluster.  And a "May 5, _, 7(x2)/ Date Sequence" pattern-cluster.

The "dunk" cropping up in relation to Trish MacGregor reminds me that there are other words that connect in relation to her.  For one, she and her husband Rob have a dog  "Noah"... named after a biblical character who as we all pretty much know, was saved from a big deadly "dunk" by building the Ark; secondly Trish and Rob have a blog called "synchrosecrets" that contains a cryptic "sink row secrets"; Thirdly they live in "Wellington" (Florida), a name that has "welling" within (as in waters welling up).    I decided to venture to the MacGregor's blog to see if Noah stands out, and the first post brought up by the search engine is ,  Noah’s B-day Synchro, note this excerpt:
  • I recently posted this image on my FB page with the message: Happy b-day, Noah. Age 7 and looking good
The first thing that stands out is the "7"-- Noah's age at the time.  I consider this a heads up.   The post involves a "pattern-cluster" that occurred shortly after Rob posted the Happy Birthday to Noah on his Facebook page, note this next excerpt from the post:
A few minutes later, the followup message arrived:
“I have a friend who lost her son, Noah, 8 years ago. He was 7 years old. She just phoned me this morning to tell me that she has breast cancer. The very second that she phoned me, I opened up my Facebook account and your post, saying happy b-day to Noah, seven years old and looking good, was the VERY FIRST POST that I saw, the very second that I heard her voice on the line. Also, Noah died on his 7th birthday. I told her what I was seeing even before she told me her news.
“She and I both think that it was a message from Noah, just showing that he is around, and still able to see what is going on in his parent’s lives.”
Well, okay... so I don't really know what happens in the after-life (assuming there is one), butt what I do know is that this sure smacks of inner twin infiltration, and that the death of Noah had been "timely"-- strategically designed to communicate something to our outer twin world.  And that's what this blog is about: getting to the bottom of the communication with my prime objective being to hopefully stop the barrage of "timely deaths"... and to make peace with the inner twin world!!

I decided to venture to Rob's Facebook page to locate the post ... and find Noah's birthdate.

So His Facebook page reveals it to be February 14... hmmm Valentines Day!!  As I scrolled through his Facebook posts,I came across two more 7's-- his last facebook post was made on March 7, 2016, and: